How to connect a column via Bluetooth to a computer. How to connect a Bluetooth column…

Connecting a wireless JBL column with Alice to a laptop or Windows computer via Bluetooth, USB, AUX

In this instructions we will figure out how to connect the JBL column to a laptop or computer running Windows operating system. Depending on the specific model, the jib speakers can have two or three methods of connecting with PC-via USB or AUX cable, as well as Bluetooth wireless communication. Consider each of them so that the article is useful for all JBL acoustics series. Clip, Flip, Charge, Xtreme, Music, Portable.

If you have a JBL wireless column, then it is best to connect it to a laptop via Bluetooth connection. This will relieve the need when moving from one room to another to carry not only acoustics itself with you, but also a laptop along with the wire. The distance up to 10 meters supported by the modern Bluetooth standard is enough for the Jibiel column does not lose contact with the computer almost throughout the entire area of ​​standard small apartments.

However, for this type of connection, 2 conditions must be met:

    The JBL column should be wireless, that is, with Bluetooth support. It is quite simple to distinguish it. a button with the “B” icon will definitely be placed on the case, which includes wireless detection mode.

If your laptop and JBL column meets these requirements, then we start connecting.

    Turn on the column with the power button and clamp the “Bluetooth” key or the sound signal triggering and the appearance of light indication on the case

The column will appear in the list of sound devices. Now system sounds, music and video will be broadcast precisely through JBL, and not speakers built into the laptop.

At the same time, if you have a smart column and you connected the JBL with Alice to the Wi-Fi network, the voice assistant will continue to work as usual as usual. That is, even with an active connection via Bluetooth with a laptop, you can ask Alice a question, and it will muffle the music and answer it.

How to connect JBL column via USB?

Before you try to connect the JBL column via a USB port to a computer or laptop, make sure your model supports this type of connection. For example, my JBL Link Portable with Alice is deprived of such a function.

If yours can work through a USB, then further actions are extremely simple:

connect, column, bluetooth, computer

    We take a cable with a USB-C or microUSB at one end (depending on the connector on the JBL column itself) and with a simple “usb” on another. And connect to the corresponding ports on the column and laptop

In the same way, JBL is connected to a computer through AUX audit. If there is a similar connector on the column, then you need to take a cable with mini-jacks at both ends and insert it into the sound port marked with the headphones in the form of headphones on the motherboard of a computer or laptop

Sound output from a phone/laptop via Bluetooth to ordinary speakers

And so, the first thing to start with is to inspect the speakers (acoustic system). Depending on their model. Different connectors/plugs can be used. In most cases, either mini jack 3.5 mm or RCA (the so.called “tulips”: yellow, red, white) are involved.

Example (different connectors/plugs on columns)

Next, we need to purchase a device such as Bluetooth Receiver (T.e. Bluetooth receiver. which will receive a wireless signal and transmit it to columns). The cost of the average receiver in the range of 500-1000

I note that receivers can be supported by different connectors (which is why I recommended to clarify which ones on your columns). In my opinion, it is best to take a receiver on which there are connectors for RCA and under 3.5 jack.

Chinese store AliExpress / Screenshot

The appearance of a typical Bluetooth receiver is presented in the photo below. Please note that today it is advisable to purchase a device with Bluetooth 5 support.0 (a lot depends on the Bluetooth version: the connection speed, stability, etc.)

Step 2

Now it is necessary to connect it to the columns (acoustic system). As a rule, everything comes down to three things:

  • Connect the receiver with a cable (RCA, Jack 3.5, etc.). Cm. photo below;
  • Connect the receiver to the power supply, either a power supply or a USB port is usually used (some can work from the battery);
  • turn on the receiver (almost all models are equipped with an LED).

Bluetooth Receiver connection to columns

By the way, some models of receivers can be connected to two or three types of columns at once (it is very convenient if you have a large “audio set”).

Bluetooth inclusion

The next stage is the inclusion of Bluetooth chips on a laptop and an audio device, without this, the sound transfers via Bluetooth from a laptop to a column will be impossible. On laptops, as a rule, there is a special combination of buttons for this, one of which is FN. And the other is marked with the icon of the “blue tooth”. For example, FNF3.

If the buttons could not be found, then you can connect the radio module through the “Devices” section in the “Parameters” menu.

On the audio devices there is a special button to turn on the radio module, in the JBL you need to press and hold the button until the sound signal appears.

Now you can connect the column to the JBL laptop via Bluetooth, after placing the device next to each other.

Connecting a laptop to an audio girl

The final step will be the establishment of a connection between devices, for clarity is an example of how to connect the JBL Charge 2.3 column to the Bluetooth laptop. This will need:

Now you can listen to music from the dynamics of an audio girl.

How to connect a portable Bluetooth column to TV

Usually users rarely face the need to connect wireless speakers to the TV. Most TV manufacturers equip high.quality sound technique. either columns or stationary wired. But still, sometimes you need to connect the TV to the Bluetooth column (for example, if you want to listen in the kitchen, the program running on TV, which is located in the living room). How to do it?

Below are standard steps for connecting a Bluetooth column to the TV:

  • Turn on the TV and column.
  • Open the TV menu and find the Bluetooth line there. most likely it will be in the section “External audio devices”.
  • The list of available devices should be highlighted by the name of your column. You need to choose it.
  • Wait for devices and confirm the action in the menu.

If your TV is not equipped with a Bluetooth module, a Bluetooth adapter will also be useful to you.

Since TV manufacturers are many and each model has its own settings and menu items, for the correct connection of the Bluetooth column, we are with the instructions attached to your TV.

What problems can arise when connecting a Bluetooth column

Bluetooth column does not connect to the smartphone. The reasons:

  • Check if you have another acoustic device via Bluetooth, such as headphones. The smartphone supports the Bluetooth connection with only one audio device.
  • Try to restart the phone or column, turn off/turn on the Bluetooth on the phone and search for devices and connection again.
  • Check if any other Bluetooth device is connected to your smartphone. If the connection is installed, perhaps the problem is in the columns.
  • The problem may also be in the software. update it on a smartphone and try to connect the speakers again.
  • Sometimes a smartphone even at the first connection requires a password to connect. Standard password. 0000, it is set by default at factory settings. If desired, you can put your password.

There is no sound in a Bluetooth column when connecting to a smartphone

The speakers can be too far from the phone. bring them closer to make the connection. Check the sound on another device that supports Bluetooth connection (for example, headphones). If they work, the problem can be in the column. If it’s a smartphone, you should try to restart it and conduct an update to the latest version.

Laptop or computer “do not see” a Bluetooth column

If when connecting to a computer or laptop, the column is not displayed in the device list, it is worth checking if the laptop “finds” other wireless devices. If other devices (headphones, keyboard) are displayed correctly, try to restart the column when the “search” is included on a PC or laptop.

There is no sound in Bluetooth collars when connecting to a laptop

  • Check if the Bluetooth module is turned off in the computer itself, as many users disable it by chance. You can see the state of the module in the tab: “My computer”. “properties”. “devices dispatcher”.
  • Check the sound settings on a laptop or computer. Find the “speaker” icon in the control panel and make sure that the sound is turned on everywhere.
  • If you connected a Bluetooth column via an adapter, check if everything is in order with the connection of the adapter itself. Whether the contacts have closed, whether it is tightly inserted into the nest and t. D.

Possible problems and ways to solve them

Despite the simplicity of the process, it is not always possible to combine two devices with each other. In this case, the question arises why JBL does not connect to the computer. The cause may be an incorrect connection, error of the Bluetooth adapter, incorrect tuning, lack of drivers, etc. D. To establish work and connect JBL speakers for PC, do the following:

  • Check the fact of turning on the “blue tooth” function on both devices again.
  • Place both devices as close to each other at the time of connection. This is relevant if you need to connect the device to the computer via Bluetooth.
  • Restart the computer and column, and then make another attempt. Often such a step allows you to correct the situation in the presence of a slight software failure.
  • Remove the old conjugation on the “blue tooth”. Perhaps the JBL column is already connected to a large number of devices and it is not possible to connect another computer.
  • Make sure there is a sufficient charge on the dynamics battery.
  • Remove the JBL column away from the Wi-Fi router, which may be source of interference.
  • Check the availability of drivers on the JBL column and USB adapter. If they are absent, install them manually.
  • Make sure Bluetooth adapter with the visibility of the portable device.
  • Contact the service center if any of the devices (for example, the Bluetooth adapter and JBL column) are not connected to any other device. Perhaps we are talking about serious failures.
  • Check the fact of the inclusion of acoustics and sound level.

In most cases, the steps discussed allow you to solve the problem and connect two devices to each other. If it was not possible to figure out how to connect the JBL column to the computer, try to contact JBL support by phone 8-800-70-004-67 and find out possible causes of malfunction.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us whether you managed to connect the column to the computer according to the above scheme, what difficulties arose when performing work, and share the ways out of the situation.

Wired (jack 3.5)

I decided to say a few words about wired columns, all the more so that questions on this topic are also coming.

As a rule, if we are talking about the classic PC, then on most system units there are three connectors:

  • pink. under the microphone;
  • Green. linear output (headphones, speakers, etc.D.);
  • blue. linear entrance (you can stick. some player and record a sound from it. But this is not about that. ).

So, if you have classic computer. Headphones or columns. it is enough to connect them to the linear output / out (green) and turn them on (switch in the “ON / VC mode.”; if we are talking about columns. Procl. them to the network).

Classic computer headphones

Everything, the sound in this case should automatically begin to “be submitted” to this device. (if nothing happens and the columns are dumb. cm. this is)

Green LED burns (columns. to nutrition). For a subclass. headphones have a separate connector on the case

The situation with laptops is more complicated. in addition to the classic linear exit, a headset can be found (this is when the microphone connector is combined with linear). Cm. In the photo below: the headset is marked with a special icon “Headphones are combined with a microphone”.

It is best to use special. headphones/columns with a native four-pin plug (Jack 3.5).

If you already have speakers and they are under a classic line exit. you can buy an adapter, here more about this.

By the way. There is another universal and simple way to connect columns and headphones to PC/laptop-a portable mini audio card (see. photo below). It can be connected to any working USB port and immediately use. (drivers are automatically put on it. no settings are needed).

Other opinions and recommendations. welcome in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

Connection of muses. center to PC/laptop

This connection method is the simplest and cheap (you will have to buy only one small cable). Its correct name: “Cable 3.5 mm jack. RCA X2 “. Cm. In the photo below: from one end he has a plug. 3.5 mm jack (standard for a seal. headphones and speakers). And on the other. “Tulips”.

When choosing a cable, pay attention to two points:

  • The cable should be with two “tulip” (usually red and white). If you select a cable with three. the sound will be lower quality (for example, it can even start foony or crack);
  • It is recommended to choose gilded plugs (they serve longer and provide better sound (less cod when connecting)).

In addition!

You can buy any cables and adapters in Chinese online stores. I collected the best of them here: https: //

Actually, if you already have a similar cable, then the whole connection is performed in just a few steps:

  • First you need to turn off the muses. center from power (just in case);
  • After, connect the plug 3.5 mm jack to an audio exit on a PC/laptop (on PC it is marked with green. “line out”);
  • On the wall of muses. The center (usually from the back) find AUX (Line) nests: connect the red and white RCA-strokes (“tulips”) to them;
  • It remains to turn on the muses. center and check the sound (on the PC for this it is enough to start some melody. ).

If the sound in the acoustics of the center does not “gives signs of life”. check out the second part of the article, you may need to make a couple more “strokes”.

through Bluetooth

The wired connection for PC, of ​​course, is convenient, but if we are talking about the output of sound from a phone or laptop, this is far from always the same. The laptop will cease to be mobile if it is “tie” with extra wires.

However, the entrance is quite simple. connect muses. center and laptop on Bluetooth. I note that this can be done even if your center does not support Bluetooth!

1) First you need to purchase a special. device. Bluetooth reserve (if muses. The center does not support Bluetooth). There are a lot of similar devices in Chinese stores, for example, AliExpress.

2) after, you need to connect the receiver with muses. center (usually connected either using RCA or Jack 3.5). T.e. The receiver will be a device that supplies sound to the acoustics of muses. center.

Bluetooth Receiver connection to muses columns. center

3) Next we turn on the laptop, receiver, muses. center. On the laptop in the tray, we click on the Bluetooth icon (what to do if it is not) and add a new device. our receiver (similarly to mice, keyboards, etc. devices).

4) Actually, now the sound should be played on muses. center. T.e. The laptop will give it on the Bluetooth to the receiver. he will convert the signal into audio and serve the center.

Of course, with this connection. instead of a laptop, you can connect to the receiver and the phone (prefix. ).

To help!

How to make wireless Bluetooth out of ordinary speakers (output from a phone/laptop to old columns or muses. Center without wires!). https: //

The reasons

To conjure devices, you need to know why the JBL column does not connect to the Bluetooth laptop. There may be several explanations for this:

  • The disconnected Bluetooth module on one of the devices;
  • lack of the required driver on the laptop or its old version;
  • incorrect settings on the JBL column;
  • errors in the conjugation of two devices;
  • system failures;
  • technical malfunctions and t. D.


The main explanations are listed above why the laptop does not see Bluetooth JBL column. But almost all of them are not critical and can be fixed on their own.

What to do if Bluetooth does not see JBL

In case of difficulties with conjugation, it is necessary to understand how to act to restore the normal performance of two devices. If the computer suddenly does not see the JBL column through Bluetooth, follow the instructions below.

Restart both devices

If the laptop for some reason does not find the necessary device, try to reload. Such a step allows you to eliminate temporary malfunctions in the operation of equipment, including the Bluetooth module.

Check the correct choice of mode

One of the reasons why the laptop does not see the column is to turn off the column or the necessary option. Activate the device using a special button, and then turn on the connection mode by Bluetooth. Only in this case the device will be in search mode and can be found.

Check Bluetooth

In a situation where JBL Flip 5 or other column does not connect to a laptop, there may be banal difficulties with a “blue tooth”. For example, the Bluetooth module may not be in the laptop at all, which is why he does not see the column.

  • Click on the keyboard combination Winr.
  • In the line “Perform” enter DEVMGMT.MSC.
  • Click the OK button to enter the Device Manager.
  • Find in the Bluetooth list.
  • If it is not, open the “view” menu and put the mark “Show hidden”.

If it turned out that the “blue tooth” on the laptop is provided, it must be turned on. To do this, on Windows 10, open the panel on the right below, find the Bluetooth icon and activate it. If there is no symbol, enter the “control panel”, and then the “Networks Management Center”. Click on the “Change of adapter parameters” to the bottom left and open the folder.

Next, click on the “Bluetooth network connection” with the right mouse button, select “Properties”, and click “Bluetooth” in the window that opens.

Cancel the old conjugation

There are situations when JBL GO 3 or other column does not connect to the laptop due to the presence of old conjugation. In this case, do the following:

  • Enter the parameters.
  • Go to the Bluetooth section and others “.
  • Find the desired device and click on it.
  • Click “Delete”.
  • After that, press on “” above.
  • Find the JBL column and connect to it if the laptop sees the acoustics normally.

Connect correctly

One of the main mistakes of users is the wrong connection. Users complain that Windows 10 does not see a JBL column, and in practice a person makes errors in the conjugation. To connect the device to the Bluetooth laptop, it is necessary to act as follows:

  • Charge the JBL column and place it in the immediate vicinity of the laptop.
  • Turn on the equipment connected and activate the Bluetooth option. Wait for the appearance of appropriate flashing, indicating the correctness of the work performed.
  • In the laptop, enter the “Parameters”, and then “Devices”.
  • Go to the left to the Bluetooth section and others “.
  • Click on the “Add Bluetooth or another” button.
  • Select the first point.
  • Wait for the search for the search and make sure that the laptop sees the connected device.
  • Carry up.

Update the driver

The reason that the Bluetooth laptop does not find JBL Flip 5, there may be a problem with the drivers. In order to avoid such difficulties, it is necessary to periodically update the software. In addition, an update may be required if the device does not see acoustics or other failures arise when connecting.

  • Click the right mouse button on the icon “My computer“.
  • Enter the “Properties” and “Device Manager”.
  • Find your Bluetooth in the list and click on it with the right mouse button.
  • Click on the “Update” button.
  • Wait for the update and restart the device to enter the settings.

Make a reset

In a situation where the laptop does not see JBL can help reset the column to factory settings. To do this, go through the following steps:

  • Find the button “Play/Pace” and “” on the acoustics and click them at the same time.
  • Fix the buttons in a closed state for 3-5 seconds.
  • Turn off the column and wait 10 seconds.
  • Turn on the device and check whether it sees its laptop via Bluetooth. If yes, connect according to the above scheme.

Often, reset of settings helps in solving difficulties with connection and when identifying other failures in work.

Now you know what to do if the laptop for some reason does not see JBL through Bluetooth. Start with a simple reboot, checking the module on and updating. If this does not help, reset the settings or re.conjure with the device. In the most difficult cases, try to contact Support.JBL.COM/ru/ru or service center. Perhaps the reason is the mechanical malfunction of the column.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us which recommendation helped you, and also share your experience in eliminating such problems.

AUX-Bluetooth adapter for a computer and laptop

Specifically, this model of the Audio Bluetooth adapter (ordered AliExpress) can use not only with a computer on Windows 7, 8 or 10, but also with any other technique that needs to be equipped with support for this wireless standard. In addition, he has two operating modes:

  • Transmitter (Transmitter, transmitter). when he sends the sound from the AUX output of the computer, laptop or other source to columns or headphones
  • Receiver (reciever, receiver). for receiving a wireless signal from another device.

Bluetooth-Aux adapter came to me just in a bag without any box. Together with him, an audio cable and a small connection instructions were also laid in it. The device itself looks like an ordinary flash drive, but with AUX connector. However, despite all the cheapness, there is a certain design element in the form of a relief oblique cross on the case on the case on the case.

connect, column, bluetooth, computer

In general, there’s nothing to look at here, there are no buttons. Only a small hole for light indication of operating modes. It is only worth noting that this adapter does not have a battery, with the difference from what was ordered for the car. Therefore, its main purpose is to connect to the Bluetooth stationary device, such as a computer, laptop or media center.

Instructions for connecting a computer or laptop to a wireless column using the Bluetooth adapter

To connect a wireless column to a computer or laptop, we need exactly the Bluetooth transmitter mode on the adapter. He is active by default. That is, it is enough for us to simply insert it into the USB port and connect it to an audio entrance on the motherboard or sound card-it is green and marked with the headphone icon.

How to turn on bluetooth on windows 7

I will say from my own experience that it is best to connect the adapter to that USB connector that is located behind the case and goes directly to the board itself, and not through the front panel or USB hub, as in the figure above. So you will avoid excess background noise and shutters when working.

After that, we do the same as with the adapter:

It will not pass even a few seconds as a sound signal from the column will notify that it was automatically connected via Bluetooth to a computer or laptop using our adapter in a transmitter mode.

Now the whole sound will play through it. There is no need to make any other PCs in the Windows system. from the word completely.

Now a few words about the receiver mode, or receiver. To switch to it Bluetooth adapter for a computer, you need to remove it twice and insert it from your nest. After that, the blue indicator will light up and the device will be ready the opposite, not for transmission, but to receiving the signal and the output of sound from it to the device to which it is currently connected.