How to Connect 2 Speakers to One Phone

Our experts checked several options for connecting two speakers to one phone and chose the most workable.

How to Connect 2 Speakers to One Phone

Wire connection

Unfortunately, the only 100% workable option at the time of compiling the material (March 2019) of connecting two speakers to one phone is to use a wired connection.

Any phone with a 3.5 mm jack for connecting with headphones or speakers;

Two speakers with a 3.5 mm jack;

Two AUX cables (“3.5 mm male”. “3.5 mm male”);

An adapter splitter for two AUX connectors (“3.5 mm male”. two “3.5 mm female”).

Life hack may not work if you:

Phone without an AUX connector, but with a USB Type-C connector and a Type-C adapter. 3.5 mm.

Connect the splitter adapter to the phone;

Connect the AUX cables to the connectors on the speakers;

Connect the AUX cables with the other end to the splitter adapter.

All. You can turn on the music. It is worth noting that the speakers will work in stereo, that is, one will play the left channel, and the second. the right. Spacing them far apart is not recommended.

The advantages of the method

Universal, works with any phones and models of audio equipment;

No latency or other problems with sound.

The disadvantages of the method

You will need to buy an adapter;

Strong channel separation, which makes it impossible to listen to music in different rooms;

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Because of the wired connection, it is almost impossible to separate the speakers at a large distance from each other.

Wireless connection on Samsung flagship smartphones

Bluetooth 5.0 technology supports audio playback on several devices connected to the smartphone at the same time. However, it is quite rare. only in a few Samsung models. In addition, it requires special optimization from the manufacturer.

Samsung flagship smartphone. The technology works on the following devices. Samsung Galaxy S8, S8, S9, S9, Note 8, Note 9;

Any two Bluetooth speakers.

Life hack may not work if you:

Any other phone not included in the list above.

Connect the speakers to your smartphone, but do not start music yet. If one of them turns off, it’s okay. The main thing is to establish a connection;

Open the Settings app on your smartphone;

Select the Bluetooth item there (depending on the firmware version it may be called “Connections”, and Bluetooth itself is already in the “Connections” section);

Click the icon with three dots in the upper right corner (this button can also be called “Advanced”) and select the Dual audio item;

Turn on dual audio mode;

You can turn on the music!

This mechanism works exclusively on devices with Bluetooth 5.0 and the corresponding optimization from the manufacturer. Therefore, it is available only on the above Samsung smartphones.

In addition, the signal on one speaker will be slightly behind the signal on the other. If the devices are located close to each other, this is noticeable. And if in different rooms. then, respectively, no.

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  • Full wireless connection of two speakers to one phone.


Works on only a few Samsung smartphones;

A slight signal delay on one of the speakers.

Connect using Bose Connect and Ultimate Ears

If you have audio equipment from Bose or Ultimate Ears (UE), you can connect it to your smartphone using special proprietary applications.

Two columns Bose or UE;

Branded application Bose Connect, UE Boom or UE MegaBoom.

Life hack may not work if you:

Audio equipment of any other manufacturer;

The application that is not suitable for your model of audio technology is installed;

Very old telephone.

Install the necessary application;

Choose PartyUp mode in the Ultimate Ears app or Plus Mode in the Bose Connect app;

Connect the second device following the on-screen prompts.

As mentioned above, this mechanism only works with products from only a few manufacturers. Which, moreover, are practically not represented on the domestic market. Nevertheless, if you suddenly have the audio equipment of precisely these companies. why not use this useful feature?


  • Full wireless connection of two speakers to one phone.


  • Only works with audio from Bose or Ultimate Ears.

Link multiple speakers via Sony Party Chain function

Sony’s new speaker models have a Party Chain feature designed to sync multiple speakers. And it can be used to connect two speakers to one phone! The only “but” should be Sony models that support Party Chain.

Sony audio with Party Chain;

Bluetooth enabled phone.

Life hack may not work if you:

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Audio equipment of any other manufacturers. Party Chain works only on Sony; neither wired nor wireless connection with speakers from other companies is supported.

Connect the first speaker to your smartphone. She will be the so-called “party host”;

Press the “ADD” and “” buttons on the “party host” and hold them for 6 seconds. A beep should sound, and the Bluetooth and L / R indicators should start flashing white;

On the second column, press the “ADD” and “” buttons and hold them for 3 seconds.

Using Party Chain technology, you can connect as many speakers as you like. However, it is only supported by a limited number of Sony audio systems. Connect Philips or, for example, JBL this way will not work.

It is worth noting that Party Chain synchronizes not only the sound, but also the LED backlight of the devices. It looks impressive.


Full wireless connection of two speakers to one telephone;

You can connect not two, but even more devices.


  • Only works with Sony models that support the Party Chain function.


Unfortunately, there are very few mechanisms to connect two speakers to one telephone, and all of them are connected with certain “compromises”.

So, for example, only one is universal. wired. But for this you will have to buy an adapter-splitter and, possibly, cables. In addition, he strongly divides the sound into channels.

Other options are available for Samsung flagship smartphones and speakers from Bose, Ultimate Ears and Sony. But owners of equipment from other manufacturers can only get the wires and buy adapters.