How to configure VIFI ROUTER Xiaomi. Connecting the router to other devices

Setting Wi-Fi Router Xiaomi Mi Router 4, 4A and 4C from the phone-how to go through the Android or iOS mobile application

Xiaomi is a huge staff of developers and programmers. It is not surprising that it does not lag behind modern trends and created its Mi Wi-Fi mobile application to connect and configure its routers through a mobile phone. In this article, I decided to make detailed instructions for connecting and configuring the Wi-Fi Router Xiaomi Mi 4, 4A or 4C using a smartphone. Since the model has recently been released, there is no international firmware on it yet. Therefore, if you decide to perform the initial installation from the computer, then keep in mind that the entire web-intake of the administrator panel will be in hieroglyphs. Therefore, it is most convenient to connect Xiaomi and Redmi routers with a smartphone-Mi Wi-Fi mobile application initially goes in English.

This manual is relevant for setting up from the phone of any model of Xiaomi and Redmi routers

Xiaomi mi wi-fi mobile application

In order to work with the Xiaomi Wi-Fi Router remotely, you need to use a mobile application called Mi Wi-Fi (iOS, Android). You can also download it by scanning QR code from the instructions.

I’ll tell you one secret. cloud technology is used in the utility, which means that after the initial setup you can enter the router from the phone even via the Internet, being outside the area of ​​the wireless signal of this router. For example, from the office to manage a home local network.

Remember, we had to suffer a little with the Chinese firmware of the router, which by default is present in the Miwifi web-integse.COM ( For our happiness, this program is completely translated into English, so there will be no problems with the menu items.

It can be downloaded by scoring in the search in the Play Market or Apple Store name, or scanning QR code from packaging.

Wi-Fi Router Xiaomi Mi Mini-review and instructions on how to set up and connect to the Internet

We continue to get to know the devices of Xiaomi. For some time, my main router will be Xiaomi Mi Mini Wi-Fi Router, and since we recently carefully studied his younger brother Mi Router Nano, it makes sense not only to see, but also to compare the two models a little.

The Xiaomi Mini router was bought in the store we have already verified. As always, the box is made in the style of minimalism from dense beige cardboard. The model itself has several color solutions, I took a white corporate party.

On the lining for the router. QR code for downloading the Mi Router application, with which it will be possible to control the router remotely via the Internet.

The kit for Mi Wi-Fi Mini, as well as in the Nano model, is only a power adapter with a cable for an American outlet (here it is non-removable) and instructions.

The plug is also different. round, familiar to routers. It is strange that a black cord with an adapter is placed by a white model that in Nano it is white with a micro connector, so you can be burned in principle from any mobile charge.

In size Mi mini is one and a half times larger and heavier.

Outwardly, they look like copies of each other, but in fact there are differences:

  • Mini works in 2 ranges. 2.4 and 5 GHz, while the younger version is only at frequency 2.4GGC. Therefore, the speed of mini up to 300 Mbit/s on one and up to 867 Mbps on the other.
  • Processor in mini. MT7620A 580MHz; Nano has MTK 7628N, 580MHz
  • RAM in the younger. 64 MB, for the elder. 128 MB
  • Mi Wi-Fi Mini has a USB Flash Card support
  • Nano has cheaper versions of the sweatshirt and SDR, as well as there is no hw_nat
  • Another wireless module was also used and Uphy is replaced by USB2 and Ephy.

The differences end in this. Despite the fact that both of them have two antennas, this does not affect the signal power, since if both antennas are involved in the Wi-Fi distribution at frequency 2.4 GHz, then Mi Mini alone is responsible for 2.4, different for 5 ghz. Therefore, they cover the distance about the same thing, while it is regulated in the admin panel. I used the “standard” mode, and it was enough for exactly two neighboring rooms with a light partition. when working in one small apartment, this is not noticeable.

We go further. on the rear panel, in addition to the same two LAN and one WAN ports of 100 Mbps in mini, there is also a USB port for connecting flash drives (FAT32) to distribute files from them on a local network. Also, the Reset settings button are made here. in Nano it is hidden in the radiator grille on the bottom.

Here, on the bottom of the case, only rubberized legs, radiator and sticker with technical characteristics and data for access to the admin panel.

Roter R3P setting through the control panel

Now let’s continue to get acquainted with the settings through the control panel. Open the browser on your laptop, tablet or other device connected to the Wi-Fi router or cable. In the address bar, write the address and press the Enter key. Most likely, a window with hieroglyphs will meet you. In the proposed single field, enter the administrator password. We asked it when working with a mobile application (see. Section above).

How to translate the control panel into Russian or English

If you have a translator in your browser, click on the free place of the window of the right mouse and select “Transfer to Russian”. If each page needs to re.activate the translation, select the option “always translate Chinese” in the translator ”. The disadvantage of this method is the inaccuracy of the translation of some positions, as well as the fact that the Internet is needed to work. The Rumiwifi plugin, designed specifically for the Russification of Xiaomi routers and working in an offline mode, copes with the task.To install the plugin, go through the browser menu to the extensions section, open the catalog or extensions store and, through the search line, find Rumiwifi in it. For example, in Google Chrome, click on three points in the upper right corner, select “Additional Tools”, then “Expansion”, click on three dashes in the upper left corner, select “Open the Chrome online store”. Find the extension through the line “Search by store”. Then click on the “Install” button.From other methods of Russification, we will call the installation of the firmware in another language, as well as a change of tongue through the control panel. The latter is done as follows: in the “Settings” section, select the yellow icon “condition” (see. The picture is below), scroll down down and at the penultimate item, select the English list or other language available to you.

What settings are there in the web panels

The settings in the web panels are almost completely repeated by those that are available through the mobile application. Fartly consider them. At the top of the control panel there are three main menu: “Status”, “Memory”, “Settings” and “Additionally”. If your menu differs from the considered, look for similar positions. In the status section you will see the image of the router and two green lines, one of which is summed up to connected devices, the other to the Internet. In the case of problems with any of these compounds, a green fishing line for a trimmer will be replaced by red with a crossed cross. Icons are clickable and open new subsections. So, in them you can see the number of connected devices with the ability to disable them, Internet speed and more.Information on the USB-configuration ports will be displayed on the Memory tab. To organize a file storage, you will have to download and install a special program for Xiaomi routers according to the “Download Client” button. The “Settings” section has several tabs that will help you change the Internet settings, Wi-Fi networks, improve the safety of work, update the firmware and much more. In the “W-Fi settings” section, you can set parameters for both networks operating on frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, or combine networks into one. This is done by the “double wi-fi” switch. In this case, the router will determine which frequency to switch this or that device, depending on the load of the channel or the ability to work at a specific frequency. Check in practice which of the options is better for your home.The Internet tab will help change the type of connection, change the signal transmission speed and other. On the Safety tab, it is possible to change the password to the control panel itself, and on the “Status” tab, all operations are available to update the firmware, backup and restore the router settings. And the section “Additionally” presents a number of opportunities for experienced users.After all the settings, do not forget to connect all the surrounding Wi-Fi devices to your renamed network or on the cable through the Lan free ports to the router.

Router settings Xiaomi settings

You can reset the settings of routers to Xiaomi in several ways. The first is to press the Reset button (in some models you need a sharp object) and hold it a few seconds before the indicator blinking on the front panel. The second way is to go to the web panel or mobile application. To do this, the device from which you go must be connected to the router via Wi-Fi or by cable through the port of the LAN (indicated by any number or point).In the Mi Wi-Fi mobile application, the reset is carried out on the “Tools” tab, in the section “Roter Settings”, subsection “Settings of the device” and the line “Reset to factory settings”. If your menu differs from the given, look for similar commands. In the web panel, the discharge is made in the section “Settings” and the “Status” subsection. Keep in mind that after returning to the factory settings, you will have to re-set up the Internet and set all the passwords and settings of some parameters, as they will drop.

How to enter the settings again, if you need to see or change passwords, set a schedule or something else? The algorithm here is always the same: connect to the router via cable or by Wi-Fi. Go to the web panel at or the one indicated on the label using your password. Or go to the mi wi-fi mobile application to your MI account.The study of algorithms and recommendations given in this article will help you understand the principle of setting up a router and easy to connect any Xiaomi router. We also recommend spending a little time to get to know the web panel or mobile application so that if necessary, you can quickly change the name and password of the wireless network, control panel, set the schedule or turn off other people’s devices.

Setting Xiaomi Mi Router 4, 4A, 4C, 4Q using the phone

To configure the router, free it from the packaging, connect the network adapter to it and stick the fork on the network (if necessary, use the adapter). In a blue WAN-port, stick the cable connector, which the provider spent in your apartment. If everything is in order with the connection, a green indicator will light up near the connector. To configure Xiaomi Router 4 from the phone you will need a mi wi-fi mobile application. Download it from the App Store or Play Market and install it on your smartphone. When starting the application, it will ask you for permission to access photo, multimedia, location and other parameters. Give the necessary permits. You can first create a new account (upper line) or enter if you already have a profile (second line), or immediately start setting up the network (third line). In the case of creating an account in the future, you can control the network even outside of access to the Internet. In the menu opened, press the bottom line Set Up a New Router. In the next step, the router will offer to choose a connection method. You can choose the version of the Restore from Another Mi Router, meaning the transfer of settings from the previously connected Mi router, or select AS a New Router, that is, connecting a new router. If you have not been connected before this brand, select the second option. Click Continue. In the next step, the application will offer you three options for using a router. The first is Primary Base Station, that is, the purpose of the router with the main device. It is this point that we need. Two other options for Wireless Repeater Mode and Wired Repeater Mode are needed if you want to connect a router in the role of a repiter (repeater) without wires (Wireless) or WireD (Wired). The latter are used when one device is not enough to cover the entire area of ​​the apartment or building. Click on Primary Base Station. After detecting the Internet connection, press the Next button and on the next application page set the name for your wireless network (or leave the specified by default) and password. If the router works at two frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, then two networks will create. If you do not set the password, any of your neighbors within the radius of the router will be able to connect to your network and create an unnecessary load on the network. Do not forget to write down the name of the network and password for it somewhere in your notebook. The same password can be used for further entry into the admin panel (about it below). To use it, put a checkmark in the SET AS Router Admin Password as Well line. Press the Finish button. Additionally, the application can request the login and password that the provider gave you (look for it in the provider agreement).

The connection process is completed on this. You can open a browser on the phone and use the connected Internet. If the phone does not automatically connect to the network, make the swipe on the phone screen down and hold the wi-fi icon. Another option: through the “Settings” menu, then “Connections” and Wi-Fi (or look for similar menu). After turning on the wifai, the phone will update the list of networks and show the network you created.

View and configure the parameters of the router from the Mi Wi-Fi application

After connecting the network, you can continue to use a mobile application to set up some parameters or control a network. On the first screen (Mi Router tab) you will see the name of your network, download speed and download and several tabs below. The main and guest connected devices are also reflected on this screen. Near each of them you will see the signal power and the frequency at which they connected. By clicking on Add Device, you will add a new device here. Storage tab (storage) is designed for routers with a USB port. This does not apply to Xiaomi 4 models in view of the absence of such a port, but is suitable, for example, for Routers Xiaomi 3, 3G, Pro, Mini and others. If you connect a USB flash drive or hard drive in the port, you can use as a file storage. For example, you can immediately watch a movie suitable in format from your phone, listen to music or open any other file. The list of uploaded files will be available on the Storage tab underway. PLUG-INS tab is needed for a variety of settings. In the UPDATES line, you can update the firmware (more in the next section), in the Guest Wi-Fi line set guest access settings and make other settings. In the Cheesk Speed ​​section, you can determine the speed of loading and downloading in your network, perform a deep check Deep Speed ​​Test. If you want to optimize your connection, select the Wi-Fi Optimization tab. By pressing the Start button, this module will test the network and offer to optimize what worsens the quality of the signal. The Firewall tab will help to configure safe operation on the network. Here in the Blocklist line using the ADD button, you can make a black list of devices that should not be connected to your network. And in the Blocklist Records line, determine whether there were attempts to enter the blocked devices, and in the Password Strength line to change the password to a more complex, set another password for entering the admin panel (Network Security) or make a network of hidden network. Settings section collect numerous router and network settings. Here in the Network Settings line you can change the parameters of connection to the provider, control the VPN server in the VPN setting line, in the router configuration backups to make a backup copy of all router settings to then use them to connect another router. If there is a need to appoint another administrator to the device, use the Share Router line, to unleash the router. UNPAIR Router and exit from the account. SIGN OUT. The notification line allows you to configure notifications from the mobile application. You can enable the notifications themselves, make them silent (Do Not Disturb) and set a specific time for a silent mode (do not disturb time). A number of settings are hidden under the Tools line. The Timer line will help you set the days and hours of work on which your network will be available (useful, for example, to protect households from round-the-clock Internet set). The QOS line will limit the throughput and speed for specific network devices. Photo Backup is an opportunity to make a backup copy of all images of your device on a router. If it is more convenient for you to make settings from a computer, then use the admin panel, entering the address 192 in the information on how to translate the control panel into Russian and what settings to make in it are described in the article on setting up the Xiaomi Wi-Fi 3 router.

There are two ways to update the firmware: just press a specific application button or admin panel or upload your file. In the first case, the service will download the latest version of the firmware from the official site of the manufacturer. In the second, you put the firmware found on the Internet at your own peril and risk. To update the firmware through the Mi Wi-Fi mobile application, open the PLUG-INS tab and find the UPDATES section in it. This method is good because you are available for updating not only the firmware of the router, but also the application itself. If you want to update the firmware from the computer, get acquainted with the article about setting up the Xiaomi 3 router. It describes in detail the method of firmware through the computer. The method of downloading from the PC of your own file is also described there. The settings of the Xiaomi router are ending on this. If your experiments with the choice of certain parameters of its settings led to a non.working Internet, make a dump to factory settings. To do this, click the Reset button and hold until the indicator becomes red. After that, the router will reboot, or turn it off from the network and turn it on again.

How to set up Xiaomi router?

How to configure Wi-Fi Router Xiaomi without the help of a specialist and how to connect elements of a smart home to it? Phased instruction for the router of the global version, as well as the guide to set up a separate function. Aiot antennas for the components of the Mi Home smart home. At the end of the article you will find answers to frequently asked questions on this topic.

Connection of the cables is the same to include the router to the power supply, and then connect Ethernet cable to the WAN-slope.

Setuping network connection connect to the Wi-Fi network using a phone or computer (without password). Wi-Fi network name can be found on the router. Wait until the system indicator is in blue light.

Find the Wi-Fi network and connect to it.

The next step you will automatically be directed to the initial page for connecting to the Internet (if this does not happen, open the browser and enter: Router.Miwifi.COM or

Enter the account name and password provided by your Internet provider, then click on the “Next” button (there are several ways to connect to the Internet, so this step can be missed). If you forgot the name and password of the account in the Internet provider system, you can get them by contacting your Internet provider.

Now install the new Wi-Fi password and administrator. You can also use the Wi-Fi password as an administrator password. Wait until the indicator stops flashing and lights up with blue light, then connect to the Wi-Fi network again.

How to configure the Aiot intelligent antenna and add devices (this step is tuned for Xiaomi routers, which have a special antenna for smart home devices).

  • Download Mi Wi-Fi and Mi Home from Play Market.
  • Add a router to MI. To do this, connect the smartphone to the access point of the Wi-Fi router Mi Wi-Fi. Open the Mi Wi-Fi application and enter your account Mi. Follow the hints to add a router to the Mi account account.
  • Add Mi Home devices. To do this, include the necessary smart devices in the network. Aiot intelligent antenna will automatically detect the device. Open the Mi Home application and enter the Mi account, which was used in the previous step. A hint will be displayed on the discovery of a new device. Follow the instructions for adding a device.

What to do if the Mi Home application cannot automatically detect the Mi Smart Home device?

Make sure that network parameters are configured on the router and that it is connected to the Internet. The Internet connection indicator should constantly burn blue.

Make sure that the router has been added to the Mi Home application, and the Mi Home application uses the same Mi account as in the Mi Wi-Fi application.

Make sure that the AIOT parameter is included on the router (automatic scanning using the AIOT intelligent antenna). This parameter can be configured in the Mi Wi-Fi application.

Make sure your smart home device supports Wi-Fi and it has the latest version of. The device should be in the area of ​​the router. Some devices with the ability to connect to the Internet are not supported.

Mi Router 4C. How To Activate Guest Mode & Use QoS To Set The Speed of Connected Devices [Hindi]

The setting is completed, but I still can’t connect to the Internet?

Use a phone to search for a Wi-Fi network installed by a router. If it fails to find it, check that the router is connected to the power source and started.

Connect the phone to the Wi-Fi router network, go to the address: and try to eliminate the problem based on the results of the network diagnosis.

If you forgot the administrator’s password for the router, what to do?

If you have not set a certain password, the administrator’s password will coincide with the Wi-Fi network password, so try to use it to enter. If the problem is not fixed, it is recommended to drop the router to factory settings, and then set up the network again.

How to restore the factory settings of the router?

First you need to make sure that the router has started. Now click and hold the Reset button on the router’s body for more than 5 seconds and release it when the system of the system is stained with orange. The reset will be completed when the router re.start.

There were questions? Set them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and we will try to answer them.

How to connect a Wi-Fi router Xiaomi 4, 4A, 4C or Redmi AC2100 to a computer?

The fact that the first thing is to connect the XIOAMI / REDMI router through the power adapter to the power supply, I think it does not make sense. and so it is clear.

After that, he will immediately begin to distribute an unfinished Wi-Fi signal named Xiaomi, that is, you can connect to the router both by cable from the computer and wirelessly from the laptop.

If you are not connected through Wi-Fi, then:

  • Connect to the WAN port (on Xiaomi and Redmi models it is usually blue) the Internet cable from the provider,
  • In any of the LAN connectors, insert the Ethernet cable, which with the other end you need to attach to the network port of the computer

Also make sure that in the “Local network connection” or “wireless network” settings in the “networks control center and total access” Windows on the computer itself installed automatic receipt of IP addresses and DNS-this is the only way to get into the admin panel at the same time Ipishnik, and by web address

For reliability, if the Xiaomi Router got it with your hands, you can make a complete discharge of all previous settings. for this, click the Reset button, which is drowned into the housing, using the pins on the on the turned on the router.

How to go to Miwifi through a browser.COM and in the control panel Xiaomi (Redmi)?

We return to our computer. then you need to go in the browser at http: // it is indicated on the sticker on the bottom of the router. Another option is to enter its IP address, which is simultaneously entering the Xiaomi and Redmi router settings, this is http: //

We get to the authorization page. Here you just need to install a checkmark and press the button with hieroglyphs

The router will automatically determine your type of connection to the Internet and at the next step we will only have to enter the required access parameters. I have PPPOE, where I need to enter a login and password.

If the type of connection to the Internet of the DHCP provider (that is, when you need to configure anything on the Internet or a router at all), then we click on the lower menu item to select this type.

On the next page we set the password for entering the Xiaomi (Redmi) router and click the confirmation button.

Next, we come up with a name for our Wi-Fi network, set a password from 8 characters and click on the right button.

We are waiting for the settings to be used and the router is rebooted. pay attention to the QR code, a link to loading a mobile application is encrypted in it.

Features of the first connection

On the rear panel of the router there is a LAN port, to connect with a computer or laptop directly. Xiaomi router can be configured via the Mi Wi-Fi application, more than that below.

Connecting routers is enough, example. But here we deal with Xiaomi, and first follow the instructions:

  • Insert the RJ45 cable that the provider started you. In the WAN-Roter WAN, it is located on the back panel and is usually painted blue. Internet connection cable
  • Connect a computer or laptop with a device through a cable connected to a LAN port.
  • Connect the router to the power supply using a power supply. The connector for it is located from the back of the case.

When connecting via patch cord. Synchronization occurs automatically. If the connection is wireless, then on a computer or mobile device you need to open a list of available networks. Then do the following:

  • After connecting to the access point, the settings will be loaded. Accept the conditions of use by setting a checkmark at the very bottom.
  • Enter the name of the wireless network and come up with a password. If necessary, activate the function of increasing the signal power so that it passes through the walls.
  • Click on the continuation button.
  • A window will open with the setting of the administrator data, which will allow you to go to the control panel. Select the location and enter a new password. To use the same Wi-Fi password and settings, put a checkplace opposite the corresponding point below.

After setting the first connection, the router will automatically reboot. When using a browser, you can install a special expansion-translator so that it is easier to navigate in the integration.

Connecting and setting up a router through the Mi Wi-Fi application

For mobile devices, a branded application is provided-Mi Wi-Fi, which is available for free download. The application is Russified informatively and will allow:

  • Configure Xiaomi router step by step and most understandable;
  • Exercise control of Internet connection and information about its speed;
  • File management and obtaining information about the amount of free space on the hard drive of the router;
  • Monitoring the devices connected to the router, and the amount of traffic they consume;
  • Export, imports and other actions with files in the “cloud storage”.

Install and configure this application, and you will have access to the router settings directly from the mobile device. smartphone, tablet. Installation is easy, an intense in Russian. The application is on Google Play, download and install.

Connecting the router

Since in some models the manufacturer does not include a special patch cord (Ethernet RJ-45), it is also a switching cord, the connection will have to be carried out via a wireless network, or buy a cable separately.

If you plan to buy a patch cord, then note that it happens of different categories. Now CAT 6 is considered optimal, which is capable of transmitting information at speeds up to 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbit/s. You can also find CAT 5 with data transfer speed up to 100 Mbps. New generation CAT 7, which should maintain a transmission at speeds up to 10 Gb/s., So far in development.

The connection instructions are the same in both cases.

  • Connect the Xiaomi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi and a computer using a LAN cable (if you connect via a patch cord).
  • The cable held by the provider into the apartment, insert into the WAN-port-usually painted blue.
  • Connect the power supply to the outlet, and insert the wire itself into the round connector on the rear panel of the device.
  • If you use a patch cord, the computer will connect to the local network automatically. When connecting via a Wi-Fi network, open a list of available networks, find an open network called Xiaomi XXXXXX or Redmi XXXXXX and connect to it. By default, the first connection without password.

Lifehack! In order not to understand the hieroglyphs, it is recommended to install an expansion-translator in a browser (Google Chrome), which was created specifically for the translation of the Xiaomi router.

How to connect multiple WiFi routers and Expand WiFi signal (Step by step)

Router setting and network parameters

You can configure the network parameters through the control panel at either through a mobile application. To do this, you need to connect to an already created network using a computer or smartphone.

Through the control panel

To enter the administrative panel, you will need a computer, connection to the router and any browser. Open the observer and enter miwifi in the address line.COM (or ). A Web-Inteatheis will open in which you can set up your network.

There are times when the router does not open. All the reasons for this problem and methods of solving are discussed in detail in this article.

On more recent versions, English is provided in the intense itself: to turn it on, click on the third button at the top, then. along the last yellow, and in the extreme drop.down list, select the necessary language.

Now open the Settings tab, and after-“Wi-Fi Settings”. The parameters available for change will open.

  • Switch. turning on or off the selected network range (2.4 and 5 GHz).
  • NAME. network name.
  • Hide Network. will hide the network from the general list, to connect to it you will need to use the installed name and password.
  • ENCRYPTION. type of encryption, it is not recommended to change.
  • Password. if necessary, enter a new password here.
  • Wireless Channel. Channel for Connection. It is better to leave the value of “Auto”, so the router will automatically choose the most suitable channel.
  • Signal Strength. signal power. If you are in a room with a large number of walls, put the maximum value.

If you need to update the firmware on the device, find the name of your network in the upper right corner and click on it. A drop.down list will open, press Updating. Update in it, after which the router will install the latest version of the firmware and reboot. If the buttons are inactive, then the router is already updated.

Through the branded mobile application

Roter setting is possible through a special application for Android or iOS-Mi Wi-Fi Router. It allows not only to configure the router, but also to view all active connections and control the Internet speed.