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Amplifier Wi-Fi TP-Link TL-WA850RE: How to configure a repiter?

Good afternoon everyone! Today our portal will tell you about such a Wi-Fi signal relay as TP-Link TL-Wa850re. Initially, I would like to note that a Wi-Fi Retransa is a special device designed to transmit a Wi-Fi signal to certain distances (depending on the model and radius of action). It is also a good way to strengthen the signal if your native Wi-Fi router does not cope, and some rooms in the house do not receive wireless Internet.

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The essence of the article will be that we will run through the main characteristics of the relay, its functionality, we will conduct a short setting course and talk about possible problems and ways to solve them.

general information

So, we will begin our review with a brief consideration of the characteristics of the relay. Our amplifier was released by TP-Link, belongs to the Ret-Link Range Extender Retranst. Has several signal transmission standards. 802.11b, 802.11G and 802.11n (at a speed of 11 Mbps, 54 Mbps and 300 Mbit/s, respectively). The repiter operates in the range of 2.4 GHz.

Repiter is relatively inexpensive (from 1000 to 1750 apiece). Externally is a small white plastic box with a large button in the lower right corner of the back side. The button itself is illuminated by blue LEDs, as well as on the illuminated circle, additional diodes that display the quality of the signal (only five divisions) and its performance are included.

On the lower side we have another Reset button and Ethernet port, which gives us the opportunity to configure our relay in any mode convenient for us. either through this port, or using a wireless signal.

The main elements of the amplifier

Since the amplifier is sharpened only for one function, compared to the router, it has fewer functions that can be controlled, and therefore there are fewer elements on the case. On the front panel of the housing is the re.button (image of the lock and signal). The button received its name from the English words Range Extender, meaning a signal reinforcement or expansion of the range. It is this button that will help to quickly connect the amplifier to the router without tiring settings in the control panel. A circular indicator with several sectors is located around the Re button, by blinking or glow of which you can determine the state of certain functions (we will consider them below).On the rear panel of the case there is a fork for connecting to the network (for different regions, the amplifier goes with a fork of different standards) and label with registration data.From the end of the amplifier there is a reset button hidden by the hole to return the device to factory settings. To reset it, it is held for about 8 seconds before a change of indicator condition with a slowly flashing to a quickly flashing. Nearby is an Ethernet port to connect other devices. Using this port, you can provide the Internet with a device that does not connect via Wi-Fi. It can be a smart TV setup, game console and other device. But the port is not suitable for connecting by wire to a router or access point.

The circular indicator is divided into several zones, each of which is responsible for a specific function. The sector near the inscription Power traditionally is responsible for nutrition and accepts two provisions: it burns (the amplifier is included in the network) and does not burn (the power is absent). The sector Re has three provisions: burns or not burnt (the connection with the router has been installed or not installed), flashes (the amplifier tries to connect with the router). The sector near the Wireless inscription is responsible for wireless broadcasting. If broadcasting occurs, the sector will constantly blink, otherwise it will not burn. The sector near Ethernet can receive one of three provisions: it does not burn (nothing is connected to the Ethernet port), it burns (the device is connected to the specified port, but it is not actively), blinks (the device is connected or accepted or transmits data).In addition to these, there are five more sectors that are near the signal power icon and take several values. The smaller the signal power, the less sectors will glow (with maximum power, five sectors are on). If this zone does not burn at all, then the amplifier did not establish a connection with the router. Flashing says that the amplifier contacted the router, but without access to the Internet.

The correct location of the amplifier

Before you connect an amplifier to a router or access point, select a suitable place for it. It is best to place it approximately in the middle between the router and the devices that will receive the Internet from it. It is desirable that there are no barriers and devices between the devices that can create radio interference due to work at the same frequency (microwaves, smartphones, etc.). When you connect the devices, as described below, it is desirable that the signal power is at least three sectors of the circular indicator. If there are fewer, place the amplifier in another place (closer to the router, in a place where there are no capital walls, etc.).

Connection TL-WA850re with WPS (QSS) button

On many modern routers there is a WPS or QSS button, which is responsible for a quick connection of wireless devices without entering passwords. If on the router to which you are going to connect the TL-WA850RE amplifier, there is such a button, take the following steps. Turn on the amplifier in the outlet, click the WPS button on the switched router and click RE button (click in the center of the circular indicator) on the amplifier. After that, the Wireless and Re zone flashes on the circular indicator, which indicates the inclusion of wireless broadcasting and the process of connecting the amplifier and router. Когда соединение установится (на это требуется до двух минут), зона RE будет гореть постоянно, а также загорится несколько секторов мощности сигнала. Recall that the amplifier should be in the area of ​​the wireless router.

Connection in the absence of a WPS button (QSS)

If such a button on the router is not provided, then you will have to connect the amplifier to the computer and connect the devices through the control panel. You can connect the amplifier to the PC both by wire and with Wi-Fi if your PC has a Wi-Fi module. In the first case, take a patch cord (it comes with an amplifier), insert it at one end into the Ethernet port included in the amplifier socket, and the other end in the network port of the computer (laptop). In this case, the computer should not be connected to the Internet via any wireless network. In the second case, build a list of Wi-Fi networks on the computer, find in it a network of your amplifier by its name and connect to it.Now open the browser and go to: http: // tplinkextender.Net. When the authorization window appears, enter the word admin and admin as the name and password and click OK. After that, you will get to the fast settings page, where click on the “Next” button (Next).At the second step, select as a region and again click “Next”. For some time, a search for available networks will take place, after which their list will appear on the screen.

In this list, find the name of your home Wi-Fi network (network of your router), put a checkmark next to the name of this network and click “Next”. If the name could not be detected, update the list or enter the SSID and MAS-Adrically by learning them in the control panel of your router. In the next step, enter the password from the Wi-Fi network of your router and click on the “finish” button (finish). Upon completion of the connection, the inscription “Completed!”(Completed). At the same time, the amplifier will remember the settings of the router, that is, when re.connecting the devices, you do not have to do everything again.If you entered any data manually, before clicking the “Full” button, you can click on the “Export Settings” button. They will be written to a file, which can further be restored through the “System Tools” section (we’ll talk about this in more detail).

Firmware update

Each device needs regular flashing, that is, updating software. You can do this, observing the next algorithm of actions:

  • Go into system tools and click on the mouse cursor to the “update” line, then “check the availability of update”. Medium.sized button blue.
  • Wait until the system finds the required update for firming a particular model. If it is found, the device will not only find it on its own, but also download it, install it. If there are no updates, the corresponding information will be displayed on the screen.

There is another way to update the amplifier software. To do this, the update starts manually. You must first familiarize yourself with the current version of the firmware, information about it is contained at the very bottom of the pages. It is important to remember her number.

Go to the official website TP-Link. Immediately go to the section of the hardware variant of the repeater. “ software”. Sprinkle the page before the start of the table. Compare the number of the current (set) version with the number of the latest version indicated in the table. If they do not coincide, then the latter needs to be downloaded and installed on your device.

At the end, you need to unpack the downloaded file and in the web-intake in the same section you need to click on the “Review” key. Indicate the path to the Bin file, which was a little earlier from the archive. Download this file into the integration and start upgrade.

While updates are installed, the device cannot be disconnected from the outlet.

Change of login and password from settings

You can install other login and password for entering the account with settings. To do this, in the advanced parameters of system tools, you need to go to the administration of the administrative records. In the appropriate fields you need to write an old password and write a new one twice. At the end, it is necessary to keep changes.

Wireless connection

You can configure and connect a repiter through a wireless network. To do this, you need to connect a computer or laptop to an amplifier.

  • We open our favorite browser and go into the settings of the amplifier (I hope you remember this by heart).
  • Now everything is according to the well-known path-we connect to the main Wi-Fi network, enter the password, give the name the signal amplifier, click Finish.

Look at the review, configuration and testing of the TP-Link TL-WA855RE V3 (EU) model in the next

An alternative way

And one more interesting way how to configure an amplifier without using a computer is setting through a smartphone or tablet. To start tuning with gadgets, turn on the relay and connect to it from the phone.

After that, we are invited to conduct authorization. to introduce, in fact, a login and password. In order not to be mistaken, check the sticker on the repiter. there they indicate the login and password, but according to the standard it is always Admin in both points. After successful authorization, we repeat all the actions mentioned at the beginning of the article.

How to correctly configure the wi-fi tp-link amplifier? [ Video]

You missed a wireless coating and you decided to buy yourself an amplifier Wi-Fi TP-Link? How to configure it so that everything works as it should? Android 1 site will tell you about this!

Wi-Fi amplifier, aka Wi-Fi Extender, is necessary in order to increase the coverage area of ​​your wireless Wi-Fi network. Despite the promised simple Wi-Fi Configator from TP-Link, there are nuances that must be voiced.

How to configure the Wi-Fi TP-Link signal amplifier?

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi TP-Link amplifier in the mains, next to the router
  • Disconnect the computer from the Wi-Fi network and/or pull out the local cable. We do not turn off the router!
  • Now find the new Wi-Fi network TP_Link_EXTentder and connect to it.
  • You should automatically open a browser, if this does not happen, then we open it on our own. Go to the address indicated in the “user manual”, if there is no such paper at hand, then it is possible. https: // tplinkrepeater.Net or https: //
  • On the first page TPLINKREPEATER.Net will be asked to enter a password, or rather create. Create a password. If the entered password is not suitable, try Admin password. If it does not move, then you need to click on the Reset button to reset the settings. Repeat points 3-5.
  • After getting into the settings menu, an automatic search for Wi-Fi networks will begin, we do nothing, we just expect!
  • After the search, they will present you a list of networks, select our own and enter its password.
  • At the next stage, you will be asked to use the current name of the Wi-Fi network or create a new wireless network with a new name
  • As practice shows if you use the current name of the network, then the devices to the last “hold on” by the router, and only with a critical signal level switch to Wi-Fi amplifier
  • If the Wi-Fi amplifier has its own wireless network, then the devices switch faster if the router has a bad signal
  • We view and save the settings.
  • At the end, we put a box that are connected to an extended network and click “Full”.
  • We turn on the Wi-Fi amplifier at a remote distance to cover the sections with a wireless network where the router did not reach. Do not forget that the amplifier should also receive a stable signal from the router.

There were still questions? Write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell what you have or vice versa!

That’s all! Read more articles and instructions in the section of articles and khaki Android. Stay with the Android 1 site, then it will be even more interesting!


https: // otzovik.COM/ReView_8115413.HTML

Advantages: it really repeats the signal, it is clearly getting better. Simple configuration and installation. The presence of a cable connector. Mobile external antennas. Disadvantages: it constantly hangs and everything would be fine, but after a few days, my devices suddenly stopped connecting to the Wi-Fi home network in the zone of action of this particular access point. Trying and nothing. At first I sinned on them, rebooted and tormented in every possible way. But it turned out that until I reboot this access point, nothing happens. Then everything works again as if nothing had happened. Such a story was repeated regularly, 2-3 times a week. For about six months I tried to make friends with him, but, frankly, it was fed up. I pulled it out of the outlet and abandoned it. Let the signal worse, but it works stably. I don’t know, they all have such a disease or I was so lucky, but I won’t advise this model. In children, another manufacturer is connected in children, it works without failures.


https: // otzovik.COM/ReView_6565417.HTML

How To Setup TP-Link Wifi Extender

Advantages: relative convenience and ease of installation, the lack of the need to connect devices with wires (patch cords) to the router does not cut compact, mobile, not buggy speed. Disadvantages: to connect a client device to a repiter, it is required to remove and create a Wi-Fi connection-there are problems with the car reconnecting the client device for the best signal source when using a single SSID

Administrator IT

https: // Market.Yandex.RU/Product-Wi-Fi-Usilitel-Signala-TP-Link-TL-WA855RER/13791516/ReViews?Track = Tabs

The TP-Link TL-Wa855re amplifier can be configured instantly: insert into the outlet, click on WPS first on the repiter, and then on the router. Ready. the connection was established, you can use the Internet. If it doesn’t work out, try it again, and then use another method-setting up through the web membrane of the repeater.

Restoring the factory settings of TP-Link access point

If you cannot enter the TP-Link access point settings or forgot the password for entering, then restore factory settings and password will help the Reset button from the back of the device.

Press and hold the Reset button for about 8-10 seconds.

After resetting the settings, you can go to the access point with the IP address by default (or with the name of Admin and ADMIN password.

configure, tp-link, range, extender, settings, tabs

How to configure the TL-WA850RE signal amplifier via WPS

This is a very simple setting option that any! The main thing is that the WPS button (software or hardware. no difference) is a special protocol for quick connection of wireless customers to the router.

Turn on the router and amplifier TP-Link TL-WA854RE in the outlet. We are waiting for the devices loading;

Turn on the WPS mode on the router by clicking on the corresponding button. see. a photo. You now have about a couple of minutes to connect a repiter.

On the TP-Link amplifier, click on a single button with a lock. Now, in a few seconds, the devices will contact each other and will work in a bunch.

The connection is completed! Now, every time you turn on, the TP-Link TL-WA854RE amplifier will connect to the Wi-Fi router network and expand its coating area.

Pay attention to the light indicators on. they will show the level of the router signal. The more lights, the better the quality of reception. So that the Internet via Wi-Fi through the repiter is more or less stable and fast, put it on the indicators at least two divisions.

TP-LINK TL-WA854RE Settings through a web-intake

Despite the fact that these are very simple devices, it has its own integration for configuring and managing the connection to the Wi-Fi network. This method is suitable if you don’t have a WPS button on your router or you like to make all the settings yourself without relying on automation. over, it is also very simple!

To go to the TP-Link TL-WA850RE RETS settings, first you need to connect to it with a cable or via Wi-Fi. In the latter case, we open on our laptop or phone the search for wireless networks and find the factory amplifier network there. It usually looks like this: TP-Link Extender_xxxxxxx, where X is the numbers and letters from the hardware MAC address of the device. We connect to this network and open the web browser. The address of the TP-Link amplifier- or tplinkrepeater.Net. Enter the address and press the Enter key. The authorization window opens:

Login and password for entering the TL-WA850RE settings Standard-Admin and Admin. By the way, he will also be written on the back of the repiter. After authorization, a web-intake will open, in which it is necessary to select the “Fast Settings” section:

So you will launch a player of the rapid player settings.

The first step is to search for your wireless network, to which you want to connect the WA850re amplifier. If a lot, then they will be divided into pages of 8 lines on each.

Find our grid and select it. Now you need to enter the wireless network safety key-in simple words: Enter the password on Wi-Fi and click the “Next” button:

The amplifier will display information about the network and ask you to confirm the correct entry of data. If everything is right, press the button and go further.

Now you need to enter the name of the new network, which will be broadcast by the amplifier. Of course, it can be indicated the same as that of the main router, but in this case, with the visibility of this network from the router and from the repeater, your phone or tablet will rush between them as a mad, not knowing what will be imposed on. The name is one, and the devices are different. Therefore, it is better that the names differ. Although you decide here

Wi-Fi password will coincide with the password of the main network. Click on the “Next” button.

That’s all, the TP-Link signal amplifier is configured. Press the “Ready” button first, and then click the “Full” button.

You can put the retranspace in its place, connect the gadgets and check the network operation.

How to change the login and password from settings

To put other data for entering the “accounting” with settings, open system tools in advanced parameters, and then go to the “Admin” account block. Write the old password and twice new code. Do not forget to save the information.

configure, tp-link, range, extender, settings, tabs

Reviews: high.speed indicators and stability of the work of the Repiter

Advantages: easily tunes, the signal enhances enough for my case. Disadvantages: 5 GHz signal would like more. Comment: In my case, the repiter is inserted into the outlet in a concrete load.bearing wall, and behind the wall at a distance of 1.5m there is a TV with Smart.TV. The force of the signal received on TV: 2.4 GHz. all divisions, 5 GHz. minus one division (although the distance from a reips is less than 2m). As a result, from 5 GHz had to be refused. sometimes it freezes, and 2.4 GHz works stably, reports Full HD. In general, the task is performed.

Sergey m.

https: // Market.Yandex.RU/Product-Wi-Fi-Usilitel-Signala-Repiter-TP-Link-RE200-V1/10989617/ReViews?Track = Tabs

Advantages: I completed the task for which I was bought. He raised the speed in the dead zone from zero up to 40 MB/s disadvantages: the behavior of wired customers who are behind the repiter is not clear with the MAC address filter on the main router. I will sort this out. Comment: it was necessary to remove the dead zone in the bedroom, just falling into the “habitat” of my wife. As a result, in the far corner of the bedroom where it was previously stably 0.00 in speed, now 40.0 is issued. Review is written on the first day of use. If something else gets out, I will edit.

Mike N.

https: // Market.Yandex.RU/Product-Wi-Fi-Usilitel-Signala-Repiter-TP-Link-RE200-V1/10989617/ReViews?Track = Tabs

Advantages: the ability to connect “out of the box”, a signal of 5 GHz signal through a reinforced concrete wall, a modern harmonious design. Disadvantages: an amplifier of the medium.power signal, heating during operation, touling with the body of other forks in the outlet/branch.


Setup Wireless REPEATER mode on TP-LINK TL-WR840N | NETVN

https: // Market.Yandex.RU/Product-Wi-Fi-Usilitel-Signala-Repiter-TP-Link-RE200-V1/10989617/ReViews?Track = Tabs

The TP-Link AC750 RE200 repeater can be connected to the router using the WPS button or in the web-integer in the “Fast Settings” tab. You can update the firmware in automatic or manual mode in the same shell. If you need to reset the repiter settings, click on the Reset button at the bottom of the device for a few seconds.