How to configure the IPTV portal on the phone. Basic characteristics and system requirements

How to configure IPTV on Android. we watch television on a tablet or smartphone

Now many Internet providers are offered an IPTV service. We are talking about a new technology that allows you to effectively transmit a television channel through a public Internet.

Unlike traditional forms of digital television, such as satellite, etheric or cable, IPTV is an interactive service that operates exclusively on the Internet. And today you will learn how to configure IPTV on Android.

How it works

IPTV (from English. Internet Protocol Television) can be called a new generation of television with technology that has no restrictions both in terms of the number of channels and the quality of the transmitted content. IP-television capabilities can be limited only by the capacity of the IPTV operator network, as well as the Internet proveier, which provides the Internet service to the final subscriber.

Having connected to IP-TV, you can watch a television broadcast not only sitting at home on the couch, but also anywhere where you have a device for connecting to the Internet and, in fact, connecting to the network.

Television on the Internet protocol can be called broadcasting for one viewer, since it turns out that IPTV is individual networks where everyone can choose content guided exclusively by their desire.

Connection of the IPTV console

The prefix joins the TV with a wire in HDMI or AV exit.

To connect the IPTV to the TV, a router is used. The speed of the Internet network should be more than 10 Mbps.

Using Lan Cabel

Connecting using the LAN pipeline is possible if the Internet provider uses RrroRro or L2tr protocols.

  • Open the menu, find the “network setting”. The inscription “Cable is connected” will appear.
  • Go to the “Start” submenu.
  • Indicate the option of connecting to the Internet: in the “Settings” menu, find “Connection option”, select “Cable”, click “Next”.

Wireless way

On the TV you need to have a Wi-Fi module. Its absence is replaced by a USB adapter.


  • Open the “Setting” menu. “Network Settings”.
  • Select the “connection method”. “wireless network”.
  • Select the necessary from the list, enter the password.

Specific settings depend on the model of the router


  • Go to the web-intake:
  • IP;
  • Login. admin;
  • Password. Admin.
  • On the main page, select the “IPTV settings master”.
  • The LAN port selection window opens.
  • Select the port. Click “Change” and “Save”.


  • Go to the web-intake:
  • IP. address. or;
  • Login. admin;
  • Password. Admin.
  • In the “Network” tab, go to the “IPTV” item.
  • Turn on the IgMP Proxy.
  • Select the “mode”. “bridge”.
  • Select the LAN 4 port.
  • Save.

In the new web-integse it will look like this:

  • Go to the web-intake:
  • IP;
  • Login. admin;
  • Password. Admin.
  • Open the “local network”, go to “IPTV”.
  • Turn on the IgMP Proxy.
  • Launch “IGMP Snooping”.
  • Click “UDPXY” by setting the value of 1234.
  • Apply settings.

Net Gear

  • Go to the web-intake:
  • IP address- or ;
  • Login. admin;
  • Password. Password.
  • Select “Expanded mode”, go to the “Setting” menu.
  • Find the “Internet ports” parameters.
  • Go to the subparagraph “redirect IPTV” and mark. LAN 4.
  • Click “Apply”.


  • Go to the web-intake:
  • IP.;
  • Login. admin;
  • Password. 1234.
  • In the “WAN” menu, select the “Choose Bridge Port (S)” field.
  • Indicate the LAN port.
  • Save the settings.

IPTV connection and configure in TVs of various models

The presence of a SMART function on TV allows you to watch IPTV television programs via the Internet.

configure, iptv, portal, phone, system

Smart LG

To connect IPTV in SMART LV TVs, one of 2 ways is configured.

  • In the menu “Applications store”, select “LG Smart World”.
  • Find “SS IPTV”, download and install according to the hints.
  • Enter the settings and write down the code.
  • Install the playlist:
  • follow this link;
  • Enter the recorded code;
  • Find and download the right file.
  • Turn off and re.turn on the TV.


  • Go to the menu through the remote control, turn on “View parameters”.
  • Fix the indicators.
  • Return to the menu, find the “network parameters”.
  • Set the IP address.
  • Launch the setting by indicating the recorded data.
  • Reload the TV.
  • On the remote, select “Smart”.
  • Connect Vidget Megogo, which connects Forksmart.
  • FORKPLAYER will connect and IPTV will be installed.

How to connect and configure IPTV on a TV, prefix, phone, android tablet in 2020:

Start work with the player

You need a good player to display the video. Usually it already exists on the phone, but for the correct playing of content it is recommended to install MX Player. it works stably and without failures.

The Inte Weep is minimalistic. in the upper bar there is a settings menu, a search line and the choice of a channel display method. Depending on the installed playlist, TV channels can be divided into thematic groups:

To view the channel, click on its name. Often users are faced with a problem such as the inability to display a video. This is due to the fact that the playlists do not “live” for long, sometimes not more than a month. In this case, you need to update files or find new URL addresses. You can install any number of playlists. they do not interfere with the correct work of the player.

To quickly launch your favorite content, you can configure the starting page to display selected channels. Using IPTV for Android, you can watch TV transmission on a smartphone or tablet and receive additional information about films and series.

How to watch IPTV on Android devices for free. download free playlists?

Not every user wants to pay for the opportunity to watch television to the provider. In this case, you can go the other way. we use playlists in which free television channels are collected.

Providers who make good money on IP services.television, regularly overlap such loopholes to force the user to pay. And yet, who is looking for, he will always find a free playlist with popular television channels.

So, in this case, we act about the same as in the case of IPTV from the provider. Download the IPTV download application. Install the player on the device (recommend MX Player). Only this time we will have to find a playlist on our own. Will help us with this, of course, a browser and any search engine. We go in and write in the search line the command of the type “IPTV Player”. The system itself understands that the user is looking for free offers, so the most popular will be at the very top.

It remains only to choose the right, download the file or copy the player link. Open on a smartphone, tablet or TV box IP application.television where you indicate the path to the file or enter url.address. By the way, you can come up with the name of your playlel. See channels available for viewing. Everything, you can watch your favorite shows.

A couple of links to M3U-playlists:

  • Download free IPTV playlist in m3U format “
  • Download free IPTV playlist in M3U format “Big”
  • Download free IPTV playlist in M3U format “Ukraine”

Keep in mind that sometimes some channels or even playlists stop working. There is only one way out. update. Then try to use the I-PTV

Errors when viewing IPTV on Android devices

As a rule, problems with IP.There is no television. The user makes each item described in the instructions above, and that’s all, can watch TV shows. However, errors occasionally occur.

Failed to download the list of channels

A fairly common problem, the culprit of which is usually those who make up playlists or inattentive users. In most cases, re.downloading the file with playlists or the search for a new URL address helps. When downloading, pay attention to file extension. IPTV playlists have expansion. M 3 U. If another is indicated, then perhaps the file must be unzipped through the appropriate software. You can do this on a personal computer, for example, the Winrar program. And on the Android device, downloading the suitable archive from Play Market.

Fails to play this video

Another problem that haunts the owners of routers who do not support Multicast multi.enemy broadcasting in the UPD stream. In this case, the video may not be played at all or the picture will crumble in the process. There are many ways to solve this problem, including flashing the router, but this is clearly not suitable for many users who do not have deep knowledge in computer technology. The benefit is really a worker, and most importantly, a simple way. We only need a program that will help convert UDP to http. So what needs to be done:

  • We connect a personal computer to a router used by Android devices to access the network;
  • Download the UDPPROXY program, which is available for the Windows and Linux operating system;
  • Install and launch the program;
  • A window with various settings will appear, we are interested in the items of the UDP Multikast Inte Wee and the HTTP server integration, which is a radical lists with;
  • Your IP should be indicated in the lists.address;
  • To find out IP.Address, click the mouse button on available networks (in the lower right corner of the desktop, next to the sound volume adjustment icon);
  • Available networks will appear, select the one to which they are connected (in Windows 10, the window will open in which the networks are listed, we select our own, find the line “IPV 4-ades”);
  • It is this address that we indicate in the points “The UDP Multicast Inte Weeing” and “HTTP server Inte Week”;
  • Click the buttons “Save” and “Launch”.

UDPPPROXY finished with the program. Now we move to the Android device, on which it is planned to view the IPTV and the necessary applications have already been installed. And we need the IPTV program.

  • Open the IPTV application settings;
  • Find the section “Settings UDP Proxy”;
  • In the first line we introduce IP.address specified in the UDPPROXY program;
  • In the second line, indicate the port, which is also indicated in the UDPPROXY program;
  • The last is the drop-down list of “Type proxy”, select UDP-to-HTTP Proxy and Windows or Linux depending on the operating system installed on the computer;
  • Confirm the changes by pressing the OK button.

It will not be superfluous to reload the application, after which the problem can be considered solved.

Note that the error does not get out, and the video works fine, each time you have to run UDP-to-HTTP on a personal computer. So that you do not have to constantly do it manually, you can turn it into a service. To do this, in the UDPPROXY program you just need to click the “Install” button.

Popular applications and players for viewing IPTV

To make it easier for you to decide which program to use to add television channels, we decided to select the most downloadable and popular.

Firstly, I would like to note the program with the uncomplicated name IPTV. The development of which is apparently engaged in one person-Alexander Sofronov. The IPTV application has received good grades and positive user reviews. Available in two versions: Free and Pro. paid (79). Pro has no advertising, several useful functions have been added, for example, automatic launch of the application when the Android devices are turned on, which is very convenient on TV sets.

configure, iptv, portal, phone, system

Errors when viewing IPTV on Android devices

In some cases, when watching interactive television, certain problems may occur.

It does not work to download the list of channels

The problem occurs often and is due to the inattention of users or creators of playlists. As a rule, when repeated downloading the file or searching for another URL, the problem is solved. When downloading, special attention should be paid to the file extension.

Playlists to IPTV should be with the extension.M3U. If another option is indicated, then you need to unveil the file using a special program. You can use the archiver from Play Market.

The video is not played

Owners of routers, in which there is no support for multi.adversary broadcasting Multicast in the UPD stream, may face a problem when the video is not at all played or the image is scattered. There are various ways to correct this situation, including flashing the router. You can also use the algorithm of the actions described above in the “UDP Proxy” item.

Applications and players for viewing IPTV on Android

There are various programs to view IPTV, but many of them are a danger. During the use of unverified applications (players), malicious programs are introduced on user devices. For this reason, only the most proven applications released by well.known developers should be used.

IPTV Player for Android

This application has the simplest name, which does not prevent it from being the most popular IPTV player for Android. Over 10 million people prefer it.

The application has a design that can be easily configured for personal preferences. Channels can be sorted by categories. For your favorite programs, you can make the status of the elect and view in the record.

How to start watching channels using the IPTV application for Android is shown in the video below:

Kodi player for Android

To make it comfortable to use this IPTV player, you need to install additional plugins. If the user is only interested in viewing IPTV, then setting up this application will take only a couple of minutes:

  • Go to the “Additions” section.
  • Select “My additions”.
  • Select “PVR clients”.
  • Select “Simple client PVR IPTV“.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Add the playlist of the M3U format, which was downloaded or bought for free.

Watch a video game on the jump, installation and configuration of the KODI application for Android and Windows:

Lazy IPTV-universal TV player for Android

To add a playlist in this application, you can use two ways: uploading a file from your device or inserting the URL website of the site of the desired file.

Обзор платформы IPTVPORTAL

The player reproduces the video directly from and YouTube sites, and also has a audio player for radio stations. There is the possibility of adding sources to favorites, supporting folders and creating user lists of channels.

If a decision is made to use another application, then it is possible to copy your playlists.

The Lazy IPTV application settings are shown in the video below (you can download Leisi player for Android here):

The user manual from the developer of the Lazy IPTV application is submitted at the link.


This application can be installed in advance on some Smart TVs. This player was created by the developer, which makes the Russian version a fully worked out and convenient. Before using the player, an account is created on the official application resource.

It is possible to replace the icons of channels and add your own playlists to the OTTPlayer website, which can synchronize it for all user devices with the installed program. Unlike other free applications, there is no advertising in this player.

OTTPlayer. installation, registration, adding IPTV playlists:

Perfect Player IPTV. a working option for viewing content on Android devices

The unique functions of this application include viewing locally preserved video content and automatic synchronization with a computer application. The player uses a minimalist and pleasant topic for the eye.

Where to download and how to configure the Perfect Player IPTV application shown in the video below:

Another “best” IPTV Player for Android:

To view IPTV with Android, you can use the paid service from the provider or download and install free programs and playlists. Simple instructions presented in this article will help in resolving the issue.

What is IPTV technology

IPTV is a protocol of television broadcasting in address digital networks. These are all structures that connect computers, modern TVs and smartphones among themselves. The protocol is a fairly new technology, but its capabilities literally doom it to the rapid distribution and development. Within the framework of the IPTV protocol, there is a broadcasting source and a flow recipient, a client computer.

Important! Viewing is possible only when using software tools. This is the so.called IPTV Player. He can have his own means of displaying the picture or send a stream to the external media player, another program installed in the operating system.

Today, the IPTV broadcast is offered by both Internet providers and open gateways, servers in the global network. View for a single user provides a huge amount of resources. IPTV broadcast can be carried out in two ways.

  • According to the UDP protocol. This method is used by Internet providers. User television is free. The list of available channels is formed by the provider. In this case, the user for viewing must be connected to his network. The advantages of the transmission method are that the provider broadcasts data flow to all connected subscribers at once. A separate communication channel for each smartphone or Android prefix does not stand out.
  • OTT technology provides for working with servers on the global Internet Internet. In this case, the user in the same way loads the playlist with a list of channels and watches television broadcasts. However, a separate communication channel is created for the connected client. This means a load on translators and other troubles. However, it is worth noting that everything is fine from the subscriber. He can use IPTV on the Android console, phone, TV, being connected to any network. For example, in a cafe.

There are many devices that allow you to watch IPTV broadcasts. There is an opinion that players and utilities are available only for Smart TV on Android. In practice, this is not so. There are players for desktop operating systems of the Windows family, for Mac OS, Tizenos on Samsung TVs. Therefore, if desired, you can watch your favorite programs, as they say, in everything in a row.

How to organize IPTV viewing on devices with Android OS

To watch IPTV on Android, installed:

There are different Android programs to view IPTV. In the playmarket you can find dozens of utilities. They are either paid or free, but periodically display the advertisement of games and Internet resources to the full screen. Therefore, users prefer IPTV for Android, which once again do not force a small cross to close the annoying windows.

A player written by Alexander Sofronov is called simply: IPTV. You can download it on the playmarket by typing the name of the program in the search bar. After installing it does not need to be launched. First you need to find a media player that is able to work with a data stream.

Recommended Android programs to view IPTV:

Advice! To reduce the number of problems to a minimum, it is recommended to use VLC Player. The advantage of this program is that it has a set of Codecs. Therefore, any films and flow on the IPTV protocol can lose.

configure, iptv, portal, phone, system

The installation and settings process is as follows:

Now you need to find a playlist, that is, a list of channels recorded in a file with an extension m3U. In IPTV (program) you can prescribe source in the form of a link. If the user provider provides a digital broadcasting service, everything you need will easily be found on his site. The file is downloaded, the link is copied.

After that, IPTV starts. She has a large plus icon right on the main screen in the main screen in the main screen. It should be closed to it to go to the Playlist additive section. Here you also need to click the button with the corresponding designation. The program will offer two options: Add a file or link.

Advice! It is recommended to choose the first, as the list of channels will be stored on the device, and access will not depend on the operability of the Internet connection.

After pressing OK, the playlist is added to the overall list of the program. Click on it. The playlist will be chosen as active, and the utility will go to the main screen. Here all the channels listed in the form of icons are displayed in the list. You should choose and click on any.

At the first start of viewing, Android will ask which media player to use. By choosing VLC, you can install this option as a constant. During the selection of the optimal player, you should choose the latest point. In this case, the user will be given a request each time about which player needs to be launched.

IPTV is paid

Formally, IPTV is provided with a provider for a fee. The broadcast stream selects part of the traffic of the general user connection channel. Therefore, he pays, although a little, for viewing the channels. However, there are services and utilities that even when connecting to the gateways on the Internet require a fee. For example, the famous Netflix, where you need to buy content before watching it. There are utilities from individual services. For example, Sweet TV. The program offers the trial period, after which access to most broadcasts closes.

Important! It is worth noting that paid services offer a quality picture with a very low channel load.

IPTV is free

To configure IPTV on the Android console and watch TV for free, you will have to find a public playlist. There are plenty of them on the network, just pick up the corresponding request in Google.

It is recommended to pay attention to self.enforcement playlists. Their address never changes. But the relevance of the contents is always monitored by resource administrators where the playlist is placed. After choosing a suitable list, copy its link and add to the IPTV player and enjoy viewing.


GSE Smart IPTV is one of the most popular IP-television applications in Google Play Store. There are significant reasons for this. Firstly, it is one of the best in terms of design. The design is so unobtrusive, and the design of EPG is so reminiscent of a typical picture of the cable television menu that it is easy to forget that you use the application.

Secondly, GSE Smart IPTV supports more platforms than the vast majority of its competitors. There are versions for Android and Android TV, for iOS and Apple TV. Compatibility with Chromecast, a network media player from Google has been implemented. You can even install on devices with Amazon Fire TV, only first you will have to deal with downloading APK files.

EPG programs in XML, ZIP, GZ formats are supported; parental control and subtitles (SRT files); playing audio/video via http, HSL, M3U8, MMS, RTSP, RTMP.

How to add a playlist to IPTV on Android

Not everyone knows how to install a playlist in IPTV on Android. Add special playlists simply in any program. Sometimes at the first entrance they themselves offer to import any list from a file or by link type URL. In other cases, these actions are carried out in the software settings.

As for where to get these files, it is still easier. They can be purchased from a provider or mobile operator. You can also just download them, the benefit on the Internet there are a huge number of playlists free and affordable in a paid subscription. A collection of popular lists can be found without any problems by setting the desired request in the search engine.

Adding a playlist

So, to view Smart Internet television on Android, IPTV-Player is needed-a special program that is a player. It can be put on the phone, tablet, and even on the console to watch interactive television channels on the TV. In addition to the IPTV application on Android, you must also find or buy a special playlist to display channels.

Similar to IPTV Pro applications

Similar services for viewing IP television are now at the peak of popularity. And, of course, IPTV Pro has a fairly large number of analogues.

  • Domatvnet. An excellent application for free viewing online-TB on mobile phones, tablets, TVs and TB settings with Android OS. There are more than 200 free channels and television (Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan).
  • Wink. One of the leaders in this category. The application allows you to watch more than 300 popular and international channels as 4K, Full HD or SD on your phone, tablet or TV with Android OS. There are also many popular films, TV shows, show and television archives here.
  • Audials Radio Pro. Allows you to listen to more than 300 thousand radio stations and podcasts on a smartphone through the network. It has a smart search-will quickly find for you Internet radio where you are. If it does not go out to find the desired point, just enter in the search the name of the performer, genre or country.
  • TV online hd tb. A convenient application for free viewing of almost all and many international channels online on Android devices. There are paid channels, but on the Internet it is easy to find opened versions. Only residents of Maslyakov, 40 years old, Yekaterinburg can use the service. Bought an application, installed. Everything works fine, but for some reason the program does not automatically start on the H96 Mac H616. Not critical, of course, but in the description to the application it is promised. Another insignificant point is not very convenient volume control, you need to get used to.

    Irina Dolgikh, 33 years old, Voronezh. Good application, I have been using it for many years. I haven’t met better yet. Simple Inte Week, without unnecessary troubles. And this is the only player that completely reproduces the entire list of reproduction provided by my provider. For some reason, constant failures occur in others.

    Applications for IP-television are now very popular, as they offer to view a huge number of channels for free or for a symbolic fee. Use the IPTV PRO service and see the IP-TB IP-TB of your Internet provider or TB channels from any other Internet source on the phone, tablet and TV with Android OS.

    Installing and setting up the IPTVPORTAL application on Smart TVs Samsung and LG

    Television has very firmly entered our daily life. Even now, in the era of active development of social. networks and various Internet resources, television does not lose its relevance.

    For someone TV. This is source of information and new knowledge. And someone cannot imagine a calm evening without watching your favorite entertainment transmission. The variety of TV channels enables each of us to choose what we like.

    All Linkintel subscribers connected to the Internet on the Internet tariffs and give, are available for free viewing 20 federal channels. And having connected an additional package start, our subscribers get the opportunity to enjoy the viewing of more than 150 digital channels, including in HD-quality.

    To watch a digital TV on your TV, you just need to install and configure the IPTVPORTAL application. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to do it yourself, on the example of Smart TVs Samsung and LG. We draw your attention to the fact that IPTVPORTAL has been working on Samsung TVs since 2012 and newer, LG TVs. Since 2013, the release and new.

    Connect the Internet to the Internet via router. We recommend using a cable connection, and not by Wi-Fi, since a wireless connection can give the loss of broadcast signal and a decrease in image quality.

    Go to the Application store on your TV. For Samsung it. Apps:

    For LG (depending on the model) this. LG Content Store:

    Select “Search for Appendices”.

    In the search bar, enter “IPTVPORTAL”.

    Install the IPTVPORTAL application on your TV.

    In case of successful installation of the application, you will see the “Open” button. Run the IPTVPORTAL.

    To view the list of available TV channels, click the “OK” button on the TV, then in the menu that appears on the “TV” icon.

    20 federal channels are available for free to all our subscribers. To view them, it is not required to enter the login and password to enter the application.

    If you have an additional package of TV channels start, to access the channels you need to enter the application. Click in the lower menu on the TV screen on the “Entrance” icon (in the form of a key).

    In the relevant fields, enter the following data: Name. This is your personal account number, password. This is IPTV password. To get a password, contact the Linkintel technical support service or to the web assistant on the site.

    After entering the application, you can see available TV channels in different categories. cinema, music, humor, sport, children, scientific and cognitive, etc.D.

    List of digital channels in the cinema category:

    List of digital channels in the music category:

    The IPTVPORTAL app is available for a pause, rewinding, as well as viewing archival television programs.