How to Configure an Asus Rt N11p Router

Hello! Today I decided to write instructions for setting up the ASUS RT-N11P router. This is one of the affordable and simple routers in the network equipment market. Yes, he does not have enough stars from the sky, but he works stably and reliably. You can buy a model for about 1000 rubles. Let me briefly go over the characteristics and go straight to the settings.

ASUS RT-N11P is suitable for home use or a small office space. It works in the 2.4 GHz band, with support for Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n protocols. The basic speed is 100 Mbps, the throughput is up to 300 Mbps.

The router has 4 LAN and 1 WAN ports. There is no USB port. The transmitter power is 20 dBm. Equipped with two fixed antennas with a gain of 5 dBi each.

The router can operate in repeater mode. It is possible to create up to 3 networks with individual settings. The organization of the guest network is available.

Login to the admin panel and basic configuration

See the quick setup instructions here:

Before you start setting up a Wi-Fi ASUS RT-N11P router, you need to connect it correctly. The provider cable must be identified in the WAN connector (it is marked with the Internet icon). If you have an ADSL modem, then we work through it.

Now we connect to the router a PC or laptop. We insert one end of the patch cord into any LAN port (signed with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4), the other into the computer’s network card. We connect the RT-N11P to the mains and turn it on with the button located on the rear panel. We are waiting for the activation of indicators.

Initial setup is recommended with a cable connection. After the network cable, you can clean and use Wi-Fi.

Now you need to get into the user menu. In the address bar (text box at the top of the window) of any browser, write the IP address Enter the username and password in the appropriate lines. The default username and password for ASUS RT-N11P is admin. In some versions, the entrance to the settings is not password protected. Look for everything you need to obtain administrator rights at the bottom of the device.

If this is your first time configuring a router, the quick setup menu opens. What the system will offer us:

  1. Change the code to access the admin panel. Better to change and write on a piece of paper.
  1. Determining the type of connection. This does not always work out correctly. Typically defined by PPPoE. But you know that not all providers use this type of connection. Therefore, most likely this item will have to be configured manually.
  2. Connection “by air”. Here you enter the SSID (network name) and you need to come up with a security key. Data is best written. They are needed to connect home gadgets to Wi-Fi. Remember to save the changes.

After that, the main menu of the router’s web interface will be available, where you can configure the connection for different types of connection. How to do this on the Asus RT-N11P router, we will describe below.

How to Configure an Asus Rt N11p Router

Software Update

For the correct operation of the device, it is recommended to update the firmware immediately after the basic setup!

It is better to download the software from the “officials”. Link to the site. In the “Drivers and Manuals” section, go to the download center. There, through the search, find your model and download the necessary files. Do not forget to indicate which OS is on your PC.

In the archive, find the file with the extension.bin. Go to the “admin” of the router, in the advanced settings menu, go to the “Administration” section. From the top, click the “Firmware Update” tab. Next to “New firmware file”, click Browse and select that file with the.bin extension. Click “Submit” and wait for the installation to complete.

PPPoE Network Protocol

In the menu “Advanced Settings” we are interested in the item “Internet”. At the top you need the “Connection” tab. How to configure ASUS RT-N11P router for PPPoE:

  • In the “Basic Settings” section, set the type of connection;
  • WAN, NAT and UPnP are included;
  • Getting the IP address and connecting to the DNS server is set to automatic mode;
  • In the account menu, fill in the lines “Username” and “Password” (we look for it in the agreement with the service provider);
  • Save the specified values ​​with the “Apply” button.

The PPPoE network protocol is used by Rostelecom and Dom.RU organizations.

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol

As in the manual above, click on “Internet” and the “Connection” tab. Next, we set the parameters. Check the list:

  • Type of WAN connection. L2TP;
  • WAN, NAT and UPnP are also set to on;
  • IP address and DNS server. mark “Yes”;
  • We write the username and password for the contract. Usually login is a personal account number;
  • Also here you need to fill in the item “VPN server”. For Beeline, with the L2TP connection type, enter the IP address;
  • We apply the set values.

Important! When using Beeline home Internet using PPTP, you need to register another server:

Advanced settings are described in the following:

Auto IP

Just check with me:

  • Connection. “Automatic IP”;
  • WAN, NAT and UPnP. enable;
  • In the line “Connect to the DNS server automatically”, set “Yes”.

User data is not indicated here. Is that all right? Save the settings.

We have already identified the network name and its code above. But this section can still be useful if you want to change the data.

How to set up Wi-Fi on Asus RT-N11P router:

  • In the “Advanced Settings” menu, click “Wireless Network”;
  • We reveal the “General”;
  • “SSID”. the name of the Wi-Fi network;
  • “Hide SSID” mark “No”. If you select “Yes”, your network will not be reflected in the list of available networks, and you will always have to connect to it manually. enter a name and password;
  • Mode. Recommended “Auto”;
  • “Channel Width”. 20/40 MGz;
  • “Channel”. a car;
  • “Authentication Method”. WPA2 Personal;
  • Encryption. AES;
  • WPA key. here we enter a reliable and unique security code.

Now when connecting “over the air” you need to use this data. If you changed the password for Wi-Fi, on mobile devices, laptops and PCs, you need to forget the past network and add it again.

It’s standard here. The set-top box is connected to a free LAN input. We go into the user panel RT-N11P and repeat after me:

  • In the advanced settings menu, click on “Local Area Network”;
  • From the top we open the IPTV tab;
  • In the “LAN port” item, in the IPTV port selection line, indicate the number of the connector to which the set-top box for digital TV is connected.

The remaining items do not need to be touched. Save the changes.

Additional features

As you remember, with this model you can configure guest networks and make the router work in relay mode. It can be activated in the “Administration” section.

After selecting the router will go into reboot. Then you need to connect to the main network and enter the key to it.

You can create up to 3 guest networks. This is done in the “General” menu, the section “Guest Network”.

Name and password are set, and the router, in addition to the main one, will broadcast another network that is completely isolated from the local one. It can be provided to friends, guests, without fear that they will gain access to personal information.

Delete user data

If it is not possible to enter the user panel, the data for authorization does not fit, most likely the router has already configured someone and the username / password has been changed. Here resetting to factory values ​​will help. This is done in two ways:

  1. RESET. On this model, the button is combined with WPS. To reset to default, hold the button down for at least half a minute.
  2. Admin panel. In the advanced settings menu, go to the “Administration” section and find the item to restore factory settings.

Well, like she told everything. If something didn’t work, write to us. Surely someone will contact and try to solve the problem. Thank you for choosing us!