How to configure access point on Samsung Galaxy

How to give the Internet from the phone Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung Galaxy A12 smartphone has a full range of functions necessary for the comfortable use of the gadget. In particular, he supports the option of distributing the Internet. It allows you to configure the network connection for those devices where it is not available (for example, if there is no 4G on a friend’s smartphone, or Wi-Fi does not work on the computer). It remains only to figure out how to distribute the Internet from the phone Samsung Galaxy A12.

Before turning to the methods of activation of the function, it is necessary to focus on some aspects, thanks to which it will be possible to avoid misunderstandings. The Internet distribution option is available on all devices based on the current version of Android, including Samsung Galaxy A12. The principle of its work is that the phone begins to be used as a Wi-Fi access point, that is, it becomes a kind of router for other gadgets.

For the functioning of the option on the Samsung Galaxy A12, the mobile Internet or 4G must be active, and Wi-Fi is disabled. But even this is not enough, since mobile operators can set their own restrictions. In particular, the owners of tariffs with unlimited Internet will not be able to distribute traffic. In most cases, the option only works on tariff plans with a limited gigabyte package. However, this information should be clarified by its operator.

Ways to distribute the Internet

The Samsung Galaxy A12 function, which provides access to the network for other devices, works completely for free if the corresponding restrictions are not exhibited by the mobile operator. You can use it with a variety of methods.

Through Wi-Fi

The most popular way that Samsung Galaxy A12 owners most often use. For the distribution of the Internet through Wi-Fi you will need:

  • Open the settings of the device.
  • Go to the section “Network and the Internet” (the name of the item may differ depending on the firmware version), and then-“Wi-Fi access point”.
  • Activate the option.

Next, it remains to activate Wi-Fi on a device that you want to connect to the access point, and select the Samsung Galaxy A12 using the list of available networks.

Through Bluetooth

This method largely copies the previous option, but in this case, the detection of the network does not occur by Wi-Fi, but by Bluetooth. However, the Internet itself works in wireless mode. To configure the connection, you will need to perform steps 1-3 from the previous instruction, and then activate the Bluetooth Modem slider or put a checkplace opposite it.

To connect on a device that should take traffic, you should activate Bluetooth and connect to the Samsung Galaxy A12 through the list of available Bluetooth networks.


A great option for those who want to distribute the Internet to a computer that does not support Wi-Fi wireless connection. In this case, traffic is transmitted through USB, for which a complete cable is used:

  • In the phone settings activate the USB modem.
  • Connect the gadget to PC.
  • On the smartphone screen, confirm the work in the “modem and access point” mode.
  • Open a list of available networks on the computer, then activate a new connection.

Now Samsung Galaxy A12 distribute gigabytes of mobile traffic on a computer without using Wi-Fi wireless network. At any time, the connection can be interrupted by contacting the gadget settings, or by disconnecting the USB cable.

Through the application

If traffic is not possible to distribute traffic in means, you can try a special program like Foxfi. It is presented in Google Play and works in a similar algorithm. To activate the access point, you just need to open the application, set the password and put the “Activate Wi-Fi Hotspot” tick.

If necessary, you can use any other similar program. In any case, the owner of the Samsung Galaxy A12 will be available the entire list of functions, including the Bluetooth or USB connection.

SMS settings

Manual setting

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NOTE! You can see the settings below. We leave everything that is not indicated with the default values ​​and do not fill out.

ATTENTION! The dash icon (-) or dash means that nothing needs to be introduced into this line and just leave the default value.

  • Now, just as at the very beginning, you need to turn on the Internet menu and be sure to restart the smartphone. clamp the main side button and restart the system.

Mobile Internet on Samsung phones

Why does the Internet work on Samsung? The reason is related to the lack of settings presented:

Important! Information for communication must comply with the data of a mobile operator and mobile phone. For most users, the Internet automatically appears after activating the SIM card. In extreme cases, you can enter the information received yourself, with the recording of the parameters of each point.

Automatic Internet setting (recommended method)

In some cases, the Internet is not activated after installing the SIM card.

  • send a request to a mobile operator;
  • open a text message;
  • Open the Internet application block;
  • click on the “installation” label;
  • enter a PIN code at a system request (“1234” or “0000”);
  • confirm the action by pressing “yes”;
  • activate the subsection “Mobile Data”;
  • Reloaded the gadget.

Important! After completion of the procedure, a connection should appear. In its absence, it is necessary to look for the cause of the malfunction, switch to independent entry of data from the text message of the provider.

How to set up the Internet via Wi-Fi in Samsung smartphone

Despite the fact that operators provide large volumes of Internet traffic, the most popular connection to the network remains via Wi-Fi. Such a network provides a quick and reliable connection, which in general is much cheaper. On Samsung smartphones, the configuration procedure is carried out in accordance with this instruction.

On some devices, the path may vary somewhat: “Settings” → “Connections” → “Wi-Fi”.

Regardless of the option, move the slider to the “inclusive” state and wait a few minutes.

  • When all available networks will be found, slip through the desired option.
  • If the system requests the entry of the password, you should fulfill the requirement by inscosing the combination used in the corresponding field.
  • With the successful performance of all actions, the inscription “Connected” will appear.

If problems arise in the process of performing the procedure, and the networks will not be detected, most likely there will be a need to add configuration parameters on their own through the system menu, in the “Access point” section. This can be done by clicking on the “Add Network” key, and on the page opened, enter the data received from the service provider.

You can access the Wi-Fi point not only through the system menu, but also through the fast access panel. To do this, you need to draw a finger from top to bottom, lower the curtain, find the Wi-Fi icon in the menu and slightly touch it. The system will offer to choose a network from the list available and will require entering the password.

Information about the network used and its properties is always available. To see the main parameters and characteristics, just click on a line with the name of a wireless connection. In the window that opens, you can view:

  • Data transmission speed.
  • Type of encryption and safety used.
  • IP address of the device in the local network. It is usually installed by the router automatically, but can be manually configured.
  • Internet protocol address to control the router.

It should be remembered that Samsung mobile devices “Instinctively” fix in memory all communication channels that the user used at least once.

Possible problems and ways to solve them

The described methods can be alternated or applied at the same time. The second option is possible if you activate a mobile Internet connection on the Samsung phone, and use it as an access point for peripheral devices. The setting procedure itself is not difficult and is available even to a beginner. But sometimes users are still faced with problems, and want to get a constructive solution for them. The answers to the most common questions can be found below.

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

How to give the Internet from the Samsung phone via applications

To obtain free access to the global network, you can use the capabilities and functionality of applications. The programs below are available for download from Google Play.


Convenient application operating on all Samsung devices.

At the first launch, the system will issue a query notification to disable the standard Wi-Fi connection. We need to agree with the requirement and go to the general settings of the phone to activate the mobile data transfer.

Next, you will need to specify the network name (SSID), enter the current password or come up with a new one, and then just click on the “distribute” key, and at the same time check the work of the service.

“Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot”

This application allows you to distribute Internet traffic on devices with Android, iOS, laptops and personal computers. At the first launch, as expected, a page will appear where you will need to indicate:

All data, if desired, can be changed by pressing the Save button after each action performed. The application monitors Internet traffic consumption, shows statistics on spent megabytes. This allows you to plan the time of sessions and avoid unforeseen expenses.

Possible problems

You can distribute the Internet from the Samsung phone in different ways. However, for all the simplicity and accessibility of the process, many users, mainly beginners, are faced with various problems. The solution of the most common can be found below.

how to reset apn settings on samsung | apn settings reset for samsung

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

It should be checked that the access point is protected by password check whether the mobile operator supports this service to restart the smartphone

Make sure that the mode is active to deactivate the function, and then the connection re.check the correctness of the entered data in the phone settings

Deactivate the antivirus program to remove software capable of blocking the connection to the access point to download the money to the account to choose another tariff plan to verify the accessibility of support for this service by the cellular operator to set up the smartphone settings to factory parameters

How to configure Access Point on a smartphone?

If the default access point settings are not suitable, they can be changed at your discretion. To do this, you will need to disable the “Mobile Access point” and go to the “Reference of the Access point”. You can change the following:

  • SSID. the name of the network displayed in the list of available connections;
  • Safety. enable the need to enter a password (WPA2 PSK) or provide open access;
  • Password. you need to ask if the WPA2 protection is selected in the field above. The number of characters is 8, numbers and Latin are allowed;
  • Hidden the device. SSID will not be displayed and it must be introduced manually. For beginners is not recommended;
  • Transmission channel. allows you to change the traffic broadcast range. You can just leave the “car” if there are no problems with the distribution.

When the setting is completed, it remains to click “Save” and start AP again. In addition, you can use two more options:

  • allowed devices-only those devices whose MAC addresses are saved on the phone will be able to connect;
  • Time-out-automatic shutdown of Wi-Fi distribution, if nothing is connected to the phone for a certain time.

As you can see, nothing complicated. If the router breaks or there are problems with the provider, do not worry! You can always use your smartphone to establish an Internet access for home devices! We are waiting for Комментарии и мнения владельцев and questions! For now!

How to distribute the Internet with Samsung via wi-fi

Samsung smartphone

It is most convenient to distribute the Internet in this way on a stationary computer, TV or other mobile. It should be borne in mind that the Internet of a mobile operator will be used. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly calculate traffic and choose the right tariff. Instructions how to give the Internet with Samsung:

  • On the Samsung smartphone you need to go to the “Settings” and select “Connection” item.
  • In the “connection” among the proposed options you will need “mobile point and modem”. If a message appears demanding to turn off Wi-Fi, you need to agree.
  • To distribute wi-fi, you need to create a mobile point.
  • To change standard data, you should click on the name of the point and make changes.
  • After that, the user will be able to connect to a wireless connection to other devices using the traffic of the mobile operator.

But before distributing the Internet with Samsung, you need to take into account the following nuances:

  • Make sure the stability of the mobile connection signal, otherwise the connection may be malfunctioning;
  • If the phone does not give out Wi-Fi, you will have to familiarize yourself with the features of the tariff. Some operators introduce restrictions on the use of this function;
  • To accelerate the connection of another smartphone to a wireless connection, you need to use a QR code. To do this, go to the settings of access on the Samsung phone and click on the code icon;
  • When downloading updates, films, music, mobile traffic is consumed faster.

It is not so difficult to distribute Wi-Fi from a smartphone, but it is most economical to do this for another phone or tablet. The reason is to save traffic, because these devices do not upload files that weigh a lot.

For reference! Samsung has an additional function to activate the connection using a QR code, but this option is not suitable for all devices.

It must be taken into account that the distance between the smartphone and the connected device matters. If they are too far from each other, the signal will be weak and unstable. Also, Wi-Fi distribution consumes a battery charge faster. From the pluses. several devices can be connected simultaneously and you do not need to use the cable.

Wi-Fi signal distribution

How to give the Internet from the Samsung phone via USB in modem mode

The smartphones of this brand built a function that allows you to use the phone in the qualities of a USB device. But from a stationary computer in this way the Internet will not work. for this purpose you will need a router.

Using a smartphone in USB mode makes it possible not only to distribute mobile Internet, but also access to Wi-Fi connection. In this case, the phone will act as an adapter. Guide how to distribute the Internet from the Samsung phone in USB mode as follows:

  • Smartphone is connected to a computer via cable.
  • Next, you need to open the notifications panel and select the connection via USB.
  • Then you need to select a USB cable item.
  • Then the OS will automatically set the use of the device as a modem.
  • A new connection should appear. Ethernet. If it is not activated, you need to click on the name of the mouse by name and click on the “enable” item.
  • If the connection remains inactive, you need to go to the phone settings.
  • The necessary parameters are in “connection” at the “access and modem” mobile point. It must be turned off and selected by a USB cable.

After these manipulations, the connection will become affordable. The advantage of this method is that the simultaneous charging of the phone occurs. If we compare the data transfer speed with the first option, it will be higher. But the disadvantages also have such distribution. Connect through the Samsung smartphone only one device.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 T-Mobile Change APN Settings LTE MMS Data

Connection via USB

Important! If not the original wire is used, then the connection speed may be lower. Also, for normal operation, it is necessary to install the drivers. This usually happens automatically. But to download them manually, you need to go to the site of the manufacturer of the smartphone and specify the name of the model.

If the standard mobile access point is not suitable, the user can independently enter new data. To do this, you need to disable the mobile point and go to additional settings. The user should pay attention:

  • The list of permitted devices-only devices, whose MAS-adres are saved in the phone, will be able to install a connection with a smartphone;
  • settings of Time-out-a time period after which, if the device has not connected to the mobile, Wi-Fi distribution stops.

However, when changing the parameters of the standard point, you should be careful. Some of them are available only to advanced users. It is also worth making the connection protected, otherwise other users will be able to connect to the network. This will lead to a slowdown in work and the rapid spending of traffic.

Wired connection

How to configure the Samsung Galaxy smartphone in Wi-Fi Rooter mode

In order to distribute Wi-Fi from a smartphone or tablet Samsung Galaxy, you need to perform a series of simple actions. The first thing to need is to connect to a mobile Internet, it is from it that we are going to distribute. For stable speed, it is recommended to connect to 3G or 4G, since a simple mobile Internet is quite slow.

In different firmware and smartphone models, this is done in different ways, however, in each case, first you need to go into “settings”, and then click on the menu item “”. Further, depending on the firmware version, there may be different points: in one version of the OS, the item is called the “modem mode”, in others it is “access point Wlan” or “personal access point”. One way or another, the same function is hidden under this item, it is it that allows you to make the Internet distribution work.

How to configure an access point, more details will be said later.

Using settings

The modem function works on almost any smartphones, this applies even to fairly old models. So, even on Samsung Galaxy A1000 Wi-Fi distribution is carried out without the slightest problems and interruptions.

To safely enable access points on Samsung Galaxy, you must first put the password and change other settings. If this is not done, then anyone can connect, which means that this user will be able to spend your precious traffic or, even worse, try to enter the device and steal any data.

Distribution on iOS

If you have an iPhone, then go into the settings for Wi-Fi distribution. In the menu list, select the “Modem mode” section.

In the absence of this section, it is necessary to make additional settings. It is enough to do it once.

  • Open the iPhone settings and click on the “cellular”.
  • Click on “data parameters”.
  • Further “Cellular data transfer network”.
  • Look, or not the field in the subsection “Cell data” are filled or not. If filled, then this data must be remembered. If not, proceed to the next step.
  • Scroll the list of the menu down to the subsection “Modem mode”.
  • Next, you need to fill all empty fields. In the lines “APN”, “User Name” and “Password”, transfer the data specified in the “Cellular Communication” subsection.

If your fields are empty, then both subsections need to be filled out. Data can be obtained on the official website of your mobile operator. Or you can specify the standard data that are suitable for all operators:

The settings are ready. Reload the phone. In the settings under the point “Cellular network” the item “Modem mode” will appear. Click on it and switch the upper runner for “inclusive”. In a pop-up window, select “Turn on Wi-Fi”. The “Wi-Fi settings” point will indicate an automatically generated password, which you can change to your.

General safety rules

Reliable passwords

In the settings for connecting the Internet distribution, always choose a secure connection and indicate reliable passwords. In the devices on Android and iOS, you cannot set a password less than eight characters. Install it using lowercase and capital letters, numbers and punctuation marks. This will protect yourself from unwanted connections.

Internet distribution only if necessary

Turn on the distribution only when you need to connect an additional device to the network. After use immediately turn off. By this, you will protect yourself from unwanted connection and leakage of personal data. In addition, when the mobile Internet distribution mode is turned on, the phone is discharged much faster.

Data check on the device screen

On the screen of devices with connected Wi-Fi distribution, the number of connected users and their IP addresses are displayed. At times check the number of connections. If an unauthorized connection is detected, block this user. And in the settings, replace the password with a more complex.

These simple rules will allow you to easily distribute your mobile traffic for other devices without fear of mobile scammers.