How to close an app on iPhone 11

How to close all apps without entering the iPhone or iPad app manager

If for some reason you do not want to use the Application Manager application interface to close one of the programs, you can close it the old fashioned way: Holding down the Power and Home buttons.

  • Go to the app you want to force close.
  • Hold down the Power buttons. until the “turn off” slider appears.
  • Hold the Home button. until you get to your work device.
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These are two different ways to close apps on iPhone and iPad, but the result is the same.

How to close apps on iPhone

If you suspect an application such as. Pokémon Go or Skype are consuming an excessive amount of power, you can go to settings and check for suspicions.

  • How to find out which apps are “eating” energy and cellular data on your iPhone

How to close running and minimized apps on iPhone and iPad

There is no need to constantly close applications, but sometimes you have to do this if the application freezes or the iPhone becomes very slow.

After the first launch of applications and when you exit them, iOS automatically pauses them to save battery power. After reopening them, the system simply unpauses them.

But some programs. especially. Pokémon, and heavy media apps. don’t always run smoothly. If you encounter a problem with the application freezing or not working correctly, you need to restart it.

In the past, I have been a proponent of forcing all unused apps to close. But now I recommend closing them only if it “glitches” or “hangs”, since the first launch of the application consumes much more energy and time than starting from a pause state.

How To Delete Apps On Iphone 11

How to close three apps on iPhone at the same time

You probably won‘t close more than one application often, as this inevitably decreases performance and battery life as the first launch uses more power. But if you cannot find the source of braking or fast battery drain, you can use the close gesture of up to three applications at once.

  • Double-tap the Home button (or tap the left side of the screen using 3D Touch on iPhone 6s or newer) to display a list of running apps.
  • Navigate to the apps you want to close. up to three at a time.
  • Using two or three fingers, swipe them up on the cards of the applications you want to close.


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Close multiple apps at the same time on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max

While Android users like to close all apps at the same time, iPhones don’t have this feature yet. But with the latest gestures introduced with the launch of the iPhone X last year, you can easily close 3 apps at once. This is how you can do it.

S launch from the bottom of the screen to launch the App Switcher.

Pause with your finger in the center of the screen until you see recent apps.

iPhone 11 How to Close Apps!

Place 3 fingers in 3 different apps and swipe to close 3 apps at once! You can even use 2 fingers if you want to close multiple apps.

You can’t close all apps at the same time, but at least you can close 3 apps in no time on your latest iPhone.

iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max: How to Close Apps

Are you caught in your new iPhone 11 series smartphone? Have you started looking into the changes from your previous iPhone? If not, you should start learning it now! From changing the font size to clearing RAM, a few things have changed in the latest iPhone. And the way you close apps or force quit apps has some changes too.

If you’re wondering how to close apps on your iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, or your iPhone 11, we’ve got it! Follow the simple steps in this guide so you don’t mess up your home screen landing rather than close the app. There is a small change in the gesture that needs to be taken care of when you close apps on your new iPhone.

How to close apps on iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro and iPhone 11

Just in case you’ve used an iPhone X before, the process is similar to closing apps. But, if you’re used to the Home button for quitting recently used apps, remember that the latest iPhone 11 doesn’t have a Home button. It’s all about the gestures! So let’s take a look at a detailed guide on how to get an app to close on your iPhone 11.

Go to the App Switcher by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

When your finger reaches the center of the screen, pause for a second and wait for the app cards to open! If you don’t pause, this will eventually take you to the home screen. Thus, the pause is important in this general procedure.

Now scroll horizontally to find the app you want to close. Swipe up on the app preview to close it.

This is it! The app will close from the recent apps popup.


Close apps or force close apps. this is the most common way to increase your iPhone’s battery life. Of course, this also saves a certain amount of RAM when the app is not running in the background. So, overall, there are many benefits to close apps that are not in use on your iPhone 11.

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How to close apps on iPhone 12

This article explains how to close apps on iPhone 12. It also dispels the misconception that closing apps saves battery power.

How to close apps on iPhone 12

Closing apps is sometimes also called quitting apps, force closing apps, or force closing apps.

To close apps on iPhone 12, follow these steps:

On any iPhone 12 screen (home screen or app), swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You can swipe all the way to the top, but 25% of the way up is enough to trigger this action.

This action shows all the apps that are currently running on your iPhone 12.

Swipe left or right to see all applications currently open.

When you find the app you want to sign out of, swipe up and off the top of the app screen. When they disappear from the screen, the application closes.

Three. this is the maximum number of applications you can close at the same time on an iPhone 12. There is no built-in way to uninstall all applications at once.

When should you close apps on iPhone

When you are not using an app on iPhone, it goes into the background and freezes. This means the app is using relatively little battery life and is probably not using any data. In most cases, a frozen application is the same as a closed application. The main difference is that a frozen application restarts faster than an application that was closed at startup.


And this is the only time you need to close or quit apps on iPhone. this is when the application is not working. In this case, exiting and restarting the app can often resolve the temporary error, as can restarting your iPhone.


A lot of people find that background apps use up their battery power. It is not true. In fact, quitting apps that are stuck in the background not only does not help conserve battery power, it can also shorten battery life.

So, if the app doesn’t work, you can leave it frozen in the background until you need it again. I also advise you to read the topic “How to create a folder and group applications on iPhone”.

Apple news: iPhone, MacBook, iPad

All the latest Apple technology news: iOS, new iPhone smartphones, and MacBook laptops.

Apple news: iPhone, MacBook, iPad

All the latest Apple technology news: iOS, new iPhone smartphones, and MacBook laptops.

How to close an app on iPhone 11. Swipe smartly

For the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro lineup, the method to force close apps has changed. Apple has long announced that new smartphones will prioritize gesture control, and developers will abandon the Home button. For the first time this was clearly demonstrated in the iPhone X model, the 11 series became a continuation of the new vector. Today we will briefly talk about how to close the application on the iPhone 11. And how to turn on, turn off and restart this model, read our separate article.

  • swipe your finger across the screen from bottom to top and linger slightly in the middle of the working area (stop your finger);
  • a multitasking mode will open with application windows, which can be flipped with ordinary swipes to the right and left sides;
  • to close the desired application, swipe it up (you can also hold down on it and click on the cross that appears).

There is a small life hack for iPhone 11 on how to close open applications. You can close up to three apps at the same time using three fingers. Just brush them off at the same time.

How to Force Quit an App on iPhone 11 Pro

A question that has been under discussion for a long time. Apple’s position is that it is advisable not to use forced closure. Because it will load the battery more strongly than the program itself in standby mode. You should close the application only when it is not responding. Or if the program uses up too much battery power.

From a purely user point of view, we recommend that you close only those programs that you hardly use. In order not to leave anything superfluous in the application switcher and not get lost among the huge number of windows when you really need to close some service. In terms of performance, the constant closure of programs will not give any positive moments.

The famous designer, IT specialist and blogger John Blogger described this moment from his point of view. According to him, in iOS, the multitasking bar is not a window for switching applications, as on a PC. The programs that appear on this list are not necessarily active at the moment. This is just a list of those applications that the user has worked with relatively recently. And most of them do not affect the RAM of the smartphone in any way.

How to close background apps in iPhone 11. all at the same time

There is a special utility that helps you close all background programs at once. It is called Process Killer and is available for iPhone and iPad. You don’t need to jailbreak it to work. You need to download the application, open it and shake your smartphone slightly. All programs that are running in the background will stop running. You can also hold down and then remove your finger on the process list, this will lead to a similar action. And Process Killer is also a great option for how to close an application on iPhone 11 in emergency mode (if the program is frozen).