How to clear Xiaomi bug report

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How to uninstall an app in settings?

Some of these steps can only be performed on devices running Android 8.1 and above. How to uninstall apps you’ve installed

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • Click on the My Apps & Games menu icon.
  • Select an app or game.
  • Click Remove.

How to disable system apps on Xiaomi?

First of all, go to the settings, in the search bar write “Access to data” and open the proposed item: In the list of applications, select those that you do not need. Click “Disable” (optionally, stop, uninstall).

How to uninstall the application on Xiaomi Redmi 9?

In this section, find the little green trash can icon and click on it. Finally, select the Apps you want to uninstall and then click the Uninstall button at the bottom of the screen.

How to disable system apps on MIUI 12?

Click on “Applications and data”. find the “Facemoji Keyboard” in the list, click on it and see at the very bottom the button “Delete application”, which did not exist before. Agree to remove system plugins (horror story from MIUI) and that’s it, it’s done.

How to disable MIUI optimization?

Instructions on how to disable MIUI optimization in the development settings:

  • Open settings and go to Advanced settings.
  • Enter the section For Developers.
  • Move the slider Enable MIUI optimization to the “Off” position.

How to clear Xiaomi bug report?

If the system message “Security application” appears, an error has occurred again. Send a bug report to Xiaomi? ” you need to uninstall the updates and clean up the data or disable the report through the “All parameters” menu in the smartphone settings section. It is recommended to send bug reports to developers.

How to disable Xiaomi antivirus?

So we go to the playmarket and install any application, we only need it to disable this function, then we can delete it. During the installation and upon its completion, the gear icon weighs in the upper right corner. click on it. We see the settings menu, here we need to disable the item “Check security”.

Disable error reporting in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

clear, xiaomi, report

The Windows Error Reporting feature is what generates warnings after certain errors in a program or operating system, prompting you to send information about the problem to Microsoft.

You might want to turn off error reporting to avoid sending private information about your computer to Microsoft because you are not connected to the Internet all the time, or just to stop receiving annoying alert notifications.

Error reporting is enabled by default in all versions of Windows, but it is easy to disable it from Control Panel or from Services, depending on your version of Windows.

Before you turn off error reporting, keep in mind that this is not only beneficial to Microsoft, but ultimately beneficial to you, the owner of Windows. These bug reports send important information to Microsoft about the problem the operating system or program is experiencing and help them develop future fixes and service packs, making Windows more stable.

Disable error reporting in Windows 10

  • Right click on Windows Error Logging Service.
  • Click Properties.
  • Click Disabled in the list Launch type:

    Can’t find it? If the Startup Type menu is not available, log out and log on as an administrator. Or open the Services Management Console as an administrator, for example by opening an elevated command prompt and then run the command services.msc.

  • Click OK or Apply.
  • You can now close the Services window.
  • Another way to disable error reporting is through the Registry Editor. Go to the registry key you see below and look for a value named Disabled. If it doesn’t exist, create a new DWORD value with this name.

    Double click the “Disabled” key to change its value from 0 to 1 and then save by clicking OK.

    Disable error reporting in Windows 8 or Windows 7

    There is also a choice of programs to exclude from reports, which you can use if you prefer to customize reporting instead of completely disabling it.

    If you cannot change these settings because they are inactive, select the link at the bottom of the window that says Change report settings for all users.

  • Click OK on the Problem Reporting Settings window.
  • Click OK in the “Change Action Center Settings” window.
  • You can now close the Action Center window.
  • disable the report

    If cleaning and deleting the data did not help to correct the situation, and the system notification “Send a bug report to Xiaomi?” still pops up, you should disable it using the following algorithm:

    • Go to the smartphone settings section and select “All parameters” (located in the “About phone” tab).
    • Press the “MIUI Version” button seven times until the system message “You have become a developer!”.
    • Then you need to go back to the settings section and go to “Advanced settings”.
    • Find the “For Developers” menu (located at the bottom of the screen).
    • Scroll through the list of options and disable the items called “Show all ANRs” and “Always show error messages”.

    After completing the steps above, the error message will stop appearing and the program with which the problem has occurred will automatically close. It remains only to run it again.

    Submit Xiaomi bug report: how to disable, constantly pops up

    Many users of portable devices from the well-known Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi had to deal with the system notification “An error has occurred in the“ Security ”application again. Send a bug report to Xiaomi? ” The message appears after downloading applications, MIUI shell or updating the operating system.

    Reasons for the “Send bug report to Xiaomi” window

    The “Security application has encountered an error again” system notification appears due to a failure to load or launch the application or install a new version of the operating system. Such reports are generated automatically and are designed to collect data on irregularities in the operation of various programs for subsequent correction. The user can either ignore the notification or send information to the developers. It is recommended to send reports, because after reviewing, studying and identifying bugs, the application will be fixed, and such errors will not be repeated.


    Updated the application for the virtual keyboard GBoard on the Xiaomi 8 PRO phone, after which the error message constantly started popping up. It became impossible to use the camera, write messages and play games, as the notification jumped out 20 times a minute. The problem was resolved after uninstalling the update and cleaning the data.

    deleting and cleaning data

    If a system error pops up all the time, the easiest way to fix the problem is to uninstall the latest update. Since this conflict affects the built-in Security utility, in order to disable pop-up notifications, you need to do the following:

    • Go to the smartphone settings section.
    • Go to “All applications” (located in the “Applications” tab).
    • Then, in the “Security” section, select the “Remove updates” option.

    It remains to clear the data by pressing the appropriate button or the “Clear all” button. After all previously loaded components are removed, the system window informing about the failure will disappear in the Camera, Themes, Desktop, Assistant and other pre-installed default applications.

    If the system message “Security application” appears, an error has occurred again. Send a bug report to Xiaomi? ” you need to uninstall the updates and clean up the data or disable the report through the “All parameters” menu in the smartphone settings section. It is recommended to send bug reports to developers.

    The first method is cleaning and deleting data

    One of the easiest options to get rid of this pop-up window is to uninstall the latest update. To find out which utility has a problem, you just need to delve into the text of the message itself. Usually, the title shows the name of the utility that crashed. For example, “The Security application crashed.” So, here you can see that the conflict occurred in the built-in Security utility. Then we go according to the following scheme (consider using the example of the standard Security program):

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    We are looking for the desired program in the list, reports of which are coming

    Removing updates and cached content

    Removing all previously downloaded components helps to get rid of the window with information about crashes in pre-installed programs, such as: Camera, Themes, MIUI Desktop, Security, Google, Assistant, GBoard keyboard ” etc.

    Submit a bug report to Xiaomi. how to disable

    and more often, many users of devices from the Chinese company Xiaomi are faced with such a problem when a window pops up on the screen with an error report after downloading a new version of the OS, MIUI shell and / or application.

    The company created such reports so that they could collect data on crashes of various programs and games in order to fix them in the future. Usually such windows appear when something freezes or does not want to start at all.

    Second way to disable the report

    It may even be that uninstalling updates does not help. In such cases, many advise to resort to this trick: in the developer settings, you must disable two items that are responsible for displaying notifications “Error report”.

    • Go to Phone Settings, then select “About phone”, there we click on “All parameters”;
    • Press the button “MIUI Version” 7 times until you see the notification “You have become a developer!”;
    • We leave from there back to Settings and go to “Advanced Settings”;
    • At the bottom we are looking for the line “For Developers”;

    Always show dialog about every failure, turn off

    Congratulations, you have successfully dealt with this ailment. Now, the error notification will not pop up, but instead, the application where the conflict occurred will automatically be minimized, and it will have to be restarted.

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    Other solutions to the problem on Xiaomi

    Depending on the version of the smartphone, the following methods help users:

    • Clear cache.
    • Install update from Google Play.
    • Roll back to the previous version of the program.
    • Check device for viruses.
    • Format phone.

    The last method of disabling report sending on your Xiaomi smartphone is very dangerous. It removes all personal data of users from the device memory. Please make a backup before using it. If it seems difficult, just copy all the files you need to a memory card or computer.

    If the listed methods do not help to get rid of the problem, try uninstalling the application and installing a program with similar functionality. You can uninstall directly from the Play Market. To do this, enter the name of the program in the search bar and press Enter. Then go to the main page of the application and tap on the big button “Delete”.

    In the most hopeless situation, you should take the phone to a service center for flashing. In the absence of experience, it is better not to carry out such operations yourself. If you order the services of a private master, then it will be more difficult to call him to account if he finds mistakes he has made.

    Send bug report to Xiaomi how to disable?

    Chinese Xiaomi mobile phones are considered one of the best smartphones in the budget price segment. They also fell in love with the Russians. In this article, we will list the ways to quickly disable sending bug reports on Xiaomi. Read on for details on how to deal with annoying alerts.

    Another way to deactivate sending a report to Xiaomi

    If uninstalling the updates didn’t work, try another method. Disable completely the function of showing error messages in the whole phone and do not send a report.

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Open the “About phone” page.
    • Select “All options”.
    • Press the MIUI Version key 7 times in a row.
    • If you did everything correctly, the inscription “You have become a developer” will appear. You can leave this tab. If the message does not appear, continue to click on the previously mentioned button.
    • On the “Settings” tab, open the “Advanced” page.
    • Find the item “For Developers” and tap on it.
    • Scroll down the tape. You will see the option “Always show error messages”. Move the slider next to it to the inactive position.
    • Find the item “Show ANR”. Disable this feature by tapping on the drawn toggle switch.

    After that, the window with the problematic application will be minimized automatically. If you want to continue working with it, start it again. No more error notification will appear.

    Why does the smartphone offer to send a bug report

    To make Xiaomi products better, the company’s specialists collect information about application failures. If the software starts to freeze, start slowly, or otherwise malfunction, the system generates error reports. These are files containing technical data about an exceptional situation in the application.

    What information can users send to Xiaomi:

    • Data specified when registering a Google account.
    • Programs downloaded to the device.
    • Smartphone model.
    • Actions taken immediately before the occurrence of the trouble.

    Such information is not automatically sent to Xiaomi. Many device owners are wary of transferring their personal data. Therefore, a window appears in front of the Xiaomi user with a proposal to send information about errors to the developer. It depends only on the owner’s own decision whether the report will be handed over to the company representatives.

    However, crash alerts do not help troubleshoot problems. Users have to independently find the source of problems and get rid of it.

    mi redmi app not working । Mi bug report solution । Mi bug problems fix

    How to disable notification in Xiaomi

    Pay attention to the title of the message that popped up in front of you. It should say which application crashed. Problems of this kind are often caused by programs like Security, Desktop or Block Strike.

    How to disable the “Send error report” function in a Xiaomi smartphone:

    • Open the “Settings” of your smartphone.
    • Go to the “Applications” page.
    • Click on “All”.
    • Select the program that is causing the problem.
    • In the center of the bottom panel there is a button “Delete updates”. Click on it.
    • To solve the problem more radically, look at another button. It’s called Clear Data. This key is located slightly to the right.
    • Tap on the words “OK”.

    If you are dealing with a preinstalled program, these steps will surely help you get rid of the pop-up window. These applications include Themes, Camera, GBoard, Assistant, Google.

    Error report in Xiaomi (Redmi) app, what it is and how to disable it

    Any software written by a person needs long and comprehensive testing, the same applies to applications on Xiaomi (Redmi). If you create a simple program, the probability of an error in it is minimal, but if you write complex software that interacts with modules that were written by different people, and, even worse, in different companies at different times, it is only a matter of time before an error appears in them.

    In order to automate the collection of information about crashes, automatically generated error reports were created on Xiaomi, which appear on the screen at the moment when the application freezes and stops working.

    The user is offered 2 options for the development of events: ignore the report, or send it to the developers. I recommend that you always send reports, they will definitely be reviewed, studied, the bug that led to them will be found, and the application will be changed so that there are no more such errors.

    But what to do if the update for the program has not yet been released, but it continues to crash with an error and these reports on Xiaomi have already begun to annoy, how to turn them off and remove them from the screen?

    It is possible, but you need to get developer rights for Xiaomi, for this go to general settings, find the item “About phone”. After 8 times in a row, quickly click on the line “MIUI Version”, a message will appear that you have become a developer. Go back, find the item “Advanced settings”. Scroll down to see the “For Developers” menu. Scroll through the long list until you find 2 lines: “Always show error message” and “Show all ANRs”. They are related to each other and must be disabled. Now, if an error occurs in the program on Xiaomi, you will not see the report, it will simply be minimized and the application will have to be restarted.

    This can be helpful:

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    “Security does not stop”; Error from Xiaomi and MIUI How to fix

    What a horror thousands of users around the world were with their Xiaomi smartphones. Since the end of the day, numerous customers of the brand have contacted support services and the company’s forums with a request to send a message. Security keeps stopping ”that appears on their cell phones.

    Just go through and find this message to find out how those with a Chinese brand smartphone came across this error message, the origin of which is not very clear. Apparently this is a MIUI 11 problem that MIUI 12 users haven’t gotten rid of either. Fortunately, your solution is pretty simple.

    Security keeps stopping message on mobile

    Specifically, the problem occurs suddenly when users use their mobile phone or not, and indicates the following:

    Security still doesn’t work / Security keeps stopping

    Send a bug report to Mi for analysis? This report may contain personal information. Your report will be used to correct this error and will not be shared in a business context.

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    How to fix mi bug problem | msa keeps stopping | mi bug report | mi bug fix

    Everything seems to indicate that this is a classic problem with the application, and in this particular case, the error is in the Xiaomi security application which we use to manage phone permissions, search for errors in the system or perform other important procedures.

    The problem is not that it is new, because in the past, users of several Redman models have encountered this, and the most realistic solution. delete all saved data of this app from mobile settings. To do this, go to the applications menu. select the security app and in the storage section select wipe data and clear cache.

    Another way Avoid the Xiaomi error that generates the “Security is still not working” message. hold your finger for a few seconds on the security app icon and select App info. Then at the bottom of the screen, tap on Clear data and remove updates from the “security” application.

    Although the origin of this error is not entirely clear at this point, if you follow either of these two methods, the problem with your Xiaom I should disappear and not repeat itself. We recommend that you restart your phone after adjusting the settings so that the phone is completely free of configuration errors that could cause this chaotic headache.

    Klo Bugreport app on Xiaomi: why you need it and can you uninstall

    KLO Bugreport is an application preinstalled in Xiaomi smartphones that collects information about failures in MIUI, system software and sends data to the servers of the manufacturer. The program does not pose a threat to personal data, but it consumes RAM and processor power.

    Why you need the KLO Bugreport app

    The collected error reports help developers to eliminate the bugs of the firmware or separate software preinstalled in the system. CLO Bagreport works in the background, messages are sent to the server after the device is connected to Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks.

    Among Google services, there is a similar software that collects information about malfunctions of the Android operating system or branded applications.

    Compared to messengers, streaming services or social networks open in the background, KLO consumes a minimum of system resources. Users who do not interfere with the software can leave it in the device’s memory. An exception is the periodic message about malfunctioning.

    Removal of CLO Bagreport

    On budget smartphones, the software takes up RAM, which affects the speed of the system: it becomes slower. To get rid of the optional process, the software can be removed.

    • Follow the path “Settings”, in the “Applications” section open “All applications”.
    • Use the search bar at the top or scroll through the list manually. Tap the program name with your finger.
    • Below, click on the image of the trash can with the name “Delete”. Confirm uninstall.
  • Alternatively, use third-party solutions from the Play Store: file manager Total Commander.
  • Unlike system MSA or mba, deleted KLO Bugreport is not automatically restored. The exception is the reinstallation of the program with the MIUI update or the device rollback to the factory state.

    Removing the program will not affect the performance of the operating system or other software.

    Those who have Root access rights can use Titanium Backup: this utility freezes the activity of selected applications, they remain in the device’s memory, but do not consume its resources. How does this happen:

    Before working with Titanium Backup, it is recommended to back up your system data. It will come in handy in case of a malfunction of the OS or firmware after freezing KLO Bagreport.

    KLO Bugreport Error

    The notification “An error has occurred in the KLO Bugreport app” appears on the screen, indicating that:

    • failed to establish a connection with the Xiaomi server. Connect to the network or reboot the device. Interrupts data transfer using VPN servers or changing the original IP through a proxy;
    • the program cache is overloaded.

    Get rid of an excess of temporary files like this:

    • go to “Settings”, scroll down the list to the “Applications” section. Tap on “All Applications”;
    • find KLO Bugreport in the list. use swipes or enter the name in the search bar at the top;
    • open the software card. At the bottom of the window, select “Clear All”. Agree to clean up by clicking “Ok”.

    This method helps to get rid of a similar error in other applications. Full cleaning leads to logging out of current accounts and deleting progress in games if they are not synchronized with the cloud storage.

    A conflict in the cache appears after updating the application: files from the previous version remain in the device’s memory and begin to conflict with new ones. The use of the memory cleaner built into the MIUI firmware helps to avoid this.

    KLO Bugreport collects information about system failures and sends it to Xiaomi. This helps to get rid of bugs in the next versions of the MIUI shell. The app is optional, you can uninstall or freeze it without harming your firmware or operating system.

    Application update or downgrade

    Errors can be associated with a specific application, the name of which is indicated in the title of a pop-up window asking for a report. One of two things can be the cause of the problem:

    • The application needs to be updated to the latest version.
    • The application update was unsuccessful, so it needs to be rolled back to the old version.

    You can check if there is a fresh update for the app on Google Play. If the problem started immediately after the update, it must be rolled back. For this you need:

    • From a pop-up window asking you to send a bug report, find out which application the problem is.
    • Open phone settings.
    • Select the section “All applications”.
    • Select the desired application from the list and click on it.
    • Click on the “Delete update” action (sometimes you need to click on the “Menu” button in the upper right corner).

    After that, the error windows should disappear. If the method does not work, you need to try other methods.

    How to disable error reporting on NTS?

    If error reporting windows pop up on your HTC mobile device, you can make them automatic. That is, they will start sending on their own without requiring the user’s permission. This requires:

    • Open phone settings.
    • Select the section “Usage and error reports”.
    • In the “Configure the report” section, select “Automatically send error report“.

    Phone problems

    If your phone asks you to send a bug report in multiple applications at once, and updating the Android System WebView did not help, the problem may be an internal phone malfunction. There are several ways to fix them:

    • Checking for the latest updates to the phone OS. This can be done in the device settings. If there are updates, they need to be installed.
    • Reset your phone to factory settings. Before doing this, it is recommended to save all important data to an external medium.

    What to do if your phone requires you to send a bug report?

    An error window appears when the application freezes or crashes. Sometimes it occurs so often that it becomes impossible to use the phone. There are several ways to fix this problem.

    Updating Android System WebView

    Android System WebView is a program that is responsible for showing web pages in other applications. It depends on how correctly the applications connected to the Internet will work. The Android System WebView needs to be updated periodically. If auto-update is enabled on your phone, the app should be automatically updated. If auto-update is disabled, the program should be updated manually. This requires:

    • Open Google Play.
    • Enter in the search bar Android System WebView.
    • Click “Update”.

    If only the Uninstall button is available on the Android System WebView page on Google Play, then the app has already been updated. That being said, the bug reporting problem must be looked elsewhere.

    The phone asks to send a bug report. what to do?

    What if my phone asks to send a bug report? How to fix smartphone malfunctions if the window with a request to send a report constantly appears?

    A pop-up window asking to send a bug report on the phone is a common occurrence faced by owners of Xiaomi devices. For example, Redmi 7A, 8 Pro, Note 10 and some other models are more likely to experience this problem. NTS phones also support a similar pop-up called “Usage and Error Reports”.

    If a window appears on the screen where the phone asks to send an error report, the reason for this was a malfunction of the phone (for example, due to firmware errors) or a separate application. You can find out exactly where the problem occurred by looking at the title of the pop-up window. It will look like this:

    How to turn off Xiaomi error reporting?

    Popups can be disabled using developer mode. To activate it, in the settings you need to open the section “About phone”, and then the item “All parameters”. Then it remains to click on the MIUI version 7 times and the developer mode will become available. To disable error reporting, the user needs to:

    • Open the main phone settings menu and select the “Advanced settings” section.
    • Select “For Developers”.
    • Deactivate two sliders next to the inscriptions “Always show error message” and “Show all ANRs”.

    Important! This method does not fix problems with the app or phone. Failures will continue to occur until the cause is removed. But error reporting windows will stop appearing. Instead, the problematic application will simply be minimized, and the user will need to reopen it.

    Often pop-up windows asking you to send an error report are a sign of a problem with your phone or some application. The user can independently try to find the cause of the failures, however, sending a report is a potentially useful action. The developer will receive information about when the failures occurred and what preceded them. Contrary to popular belief, no sensitive information is sent in bug reports.

    Therefore, it is possible and even necessary to agree to the dispatch. the chances that a bug-fixing update will soon appear will increase slightly.

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    Yandex browser and navigator

    The most effective solution would be to rollback to previous versions of applications. During reinstallation, you must manually clear all program cache and data. You also need to go to the phone directory and delete all Yandex folders. It is recommended for all this to clear the memory and cache on the smartphone.

    What to do if applications crash on Xiaomi, reasons and solutions to the problem

    Quite often, Xiaomi users are faced with a situation where an open game or application is minimized and an error notification appears on the screen. It becomes especially unpleasant if you do not have time to save during the passage of the level. After that, you immediately get a bad opinion about the program and a desire to get rid of it.

    But let’s better figure out what to do if applications and games crash on Xiaomi Redmi Go, Note 7, Redmi 8 and 8T and how to fix it.

    How to fix constant crashes from certain applications

    There are situations when specific programs fly out on Xiaomi Redmi, for example, settings or music. Agree that it will take too long to follow general recommendations in order to fix an error in one utility. Below are more specific tips for the most popular apps.


    First you need to clear the program cache. If this does not help, then you can roll back to the previous version. To do this, go to the phone settings, where go to the page with the program you need. Then click on the “three dots” or the “Options” button. Here select “Clear data”.

    Please note that clearing the cache on Xiaomi Redmi is recommended as a preventive measure. Such actions will not allow applications to slow down, but will make their work smoother.

    Social networks and messengers

    The first step is to free up RAM. To do this, you need to close all background programs, or completely remove some of them. If the errors started after installing the update, then you need to roll back to the previous version. Unfortunately, you cannot download it on Google Play, so you have to resort to third-party sites. But it’s better to wait until the developers optimize the software for your device. Applications most often encounter crashes: Instagram,. Viber, Snapchat.

    The main reasons why apps crash on Xiaomi Redmi

    Before moving on to solving the problem, you need to understand its causes. It should be understood that they can be both software and hardware. In the first case, the constant crash of applications is associated with poorly optimized software for a specific smartphone model. In the second case, the games are most likely to be closed due to the user’s fault. The most popular reasons are listed below:

    than half of the problems presented can be avoided. To do this, you need to stop downloading software from third-party portals, and use only the Play Market.

    Google play

    First, go to the device settings, where we go to the section with installed programs. There are two utilities to find here: Google Play Store and Google Play Services. Now in the window with the program we find the “Clear” button and click on it. A small menu should open where you need to select “Clear All”. After that, you need to reboot the device.

    How To Fix Bug Report in Mi Phone | How To Mi Bug Report Fix Problems

    Universal instructions for games and programs for all models of Xiaomi and Redmi

    First of all, when automatically closing applications, you need to familiarize yourself with the system requirements of a particular program. If the characteristics of the smartphone are seriously different from the declared parameters, then it is recommended to think about buying a newer device. It is also required to check the supported version of Android and Miui. Now a large number of software is being developed for Android 7, 8 and 9.

    To update the system, do the following:

    • Go to settings.
    • Go to the section “About phone” or “About device”.
    • Here we select the tab “System Update”.
    • Now click the button “Check for updates” and, if available, click “Download”.

    There are times when everything is in order with the version of Android and the characteristics of the phone, but the crashes at launch continue. Here you can apply one of the following guidelines:

    • Reboot your smartphone. A simple and effective enough advice to clean up RAM and ease the load on the processor. Often after this action the error disappears.
    • Close programs running in the background. This is done by simply pressing the “Home” button, where all open software is displayed. Swipe to the right, or press the button responsible for closing all applications.
    • Check your phone for viruses. You can use both the built-in and a separately downloaded antivirus. Select “Scan” in the service menu and wait for the scan to finish. If viruses are found, remove them.

    We also recommend that you periodically clear your application data. A large amount of cache slows down the device and can lead to system crashes.

    • Go to settings.
    • Go to the section with all programs.
    • Find the app you want.
    • Click the “Clear” button, where select “Cache”.

    By following these tips, you can get rid of constant application crashes.

    What is Fastboot on Xiaomi phones and ways to exit the mode

    Sudden activation of Fastboot on a smartphone can be perplexing for the average user, especially if before that the device worked without a single failure. In fact, there is no reason for panic, it is quite easy to exit this mode, and in most cases it does not indicate a breakdown.

    What is it for and why it appears?

    Initially, this mode is intended for programming a mobile device using a PC at a low level, including flashing, rolling back to factory settings, obtaining root rights. In this case, the Xiaomi phone will not be defined as an external storage device, but as a terminal to which you can send service commands.

    In fact, Fastboot is not part of Android. it starts earlier than it, so you can enter this mode even if there is no OS at all.

    To activate Fastboot, on the switched off device, simultaneously hold down the power key and “volume.”. The combination is pretty straightforward, so sometimes Fastboot Mode is triggered by accident.

    In most cases, the appearance of Fastboot indicates that an error has occurred in the OS, perhaps a system file was accidentally deleted or the device is infected with viruses. Also, the mode can be activated due to an unsuccessful OS recovery or installation of third-party firmware on Xiaomi.

    Fastboot Mode Signs

    First of all, you need to make sure that the Xiaomi device is really in Fastboot, because this mode is often confused with Recovery or an operating system error at the boot stage.

    When Fastboot is active, when the Xiaomi phone is turned on, the following image most often appears on the screen:

    Also, this mode can report itself using the inscription fastboot mode start on a black background.

    If you are prompted to select one of the boot options, then the machine is in Select Boot Mode, and you need to start Normal Boot. When the display is completely black and even the backlight is missing, most likely the smartphone has turned off. This could be due to a firmware issue or a hardware malfunction.

    Eliminate Fastboot

    In most cases, holding the power button for a long time (20 seconds or more) helps, which leads to a device reboot and normal OS startup.

    Another way is to boot Android using Recovery Mode. You can also try to completely discharge the battery, unfortunately, the design of the device often does not allow removing the power source.

    Usually, after the first correct launch of Android, Fastboot mode is completely disabled, but it happens that it continues to appear every time the device is turned on. In this case, you will need to go to the settings menu and in the “Accessibility” or “Screen” tab (depending on the OS version) uncheck the fastboot box.

    Another way to disable Fastboot is to use a PC. You will need to download ADB Run and connect your phone to a USB port. If this is your first time doing this, you may need to install the drivers. If the system does not find them automatically, then you need to download the software manually from the manufacturer’s website. When the device is successfully detected, you should start ADB Run and enter the fastboot reboot command in the terminal. Everything! However, this does not always help.

    When you still can’t get rid of Fastboot, you should try downloading a backup copy of your data. If there is none, then you will need to either return to the default settings or install a new firmware. Both methods are associated with the loss of user files, so it is recommended to connect the device to a computer and try to copy as much information as possible.

    To enter Recovery mode on Xiaomi phones, hold down the volume and power keys while the device is turned off. In the menu that opens, select the Wipe Data and Factory Reset items. If in this case it was not possible to return the correct operation of the phone, then only a flashing will help. In the absence of experience, it is not recommended to perform it in order not to harm the device.

    If none of this list helped, moreover, the computer refuses to detect the mobile device or gives an error message, then the reason is a hardware malfunction. In this case, there is only one way out. to carry the device to the service, where they will perform professional diagnostics.