How to clear the story in Google Chrome. Learning to delete the story in Chrome on a smartphone or tablet?

How to completely delete a site from the history of Google Chrome views

You someday tried to completely delete the history of views of a particular site in the Google Chrome web browser? Perhaps you are faced with difficulties when removing the site from the history of views, since it is not entirely clear how this can be done. Although you can delete the entire history of views, including the site you want to delete, but this is not the best solution. You can open the history of views in the Chrome browser and display all the sites of the site or some of them and you need to scroll down to download the entire history of views, and not just 150 calls to the site. For the site, for example, with 1,400 visits you will have to twist the story for a long time, since CHROME is loading only 150 records of history each time.

To open the “History” settings section, open the following link in the address bar of the browser: Chrome: // History/. Or click on three vertical points of the menu. “Setting and Management of Google Chrome”. then “History” or use the Ctrlh key combination. Enter the name of the site or part of the site name and observe how Google Chrome will filter the story by what you introduced.

The problem is that in the history of Chrome views, the parameters are not displayed to check a certain record of the history of views, and on the page there is no button “Clean all entries of one site”. Although you can check the notes one after another and after that press the deletion button, it is actually impractical to do this for hundreds or even thousands of records, since you will spend many minutes or even hours, depending on the number of web sitting views.

How to completely delete a site from the history of Google Chrome views

What then is the decision? Try to use the Ctrla key combination on the story page. The result of using the key combination may surprise you, since all the listed records of history will be selected. Please note that this may take some time if thousands of records are displayed.

As mentioned earlier, Chrome does not display all the records of the story at once when opening, so first scroll the story down until the records stop loading before using the Ctrla key combination to select all the results of the search for history.

So, to clear all the recordings of the history of a particular site in the Google Chrome browser, you need:

  • Open the section “History”, you can by entering the address Chrome: // History/in the address date of the browser.
  • Enter the name of the desired site.
  • Scroll the story down until the whole history of this site is loading.
  • Use the Ctrla key combination to select all the displayed records of history.
  • Press the deletion button in the upper right corner.

Tip: If you prefer that the site does not display in the history of the Chrome browser, you can use the incognito mode instead (through the menu), since the history of views is not preserved in incognito mode.

What settings or useful extensions for browsers do you use that can be unknown to many?

Where the story of views in Google Chrome is stored

In Google Chrome, all your visits are reflected in a separate menu, which you can go through the browser settings. The preservation of all your transitions on sites is an automatic option and it cannot be disabled, except that only go to the Incognito mode mode. Otherwise, the Chrome web browser retains visits stories by default. You can find them as follows:

  • Run the browser.
  • Click on three vertical points on the right. menu button.
  • In the list that appears on the screen, select “History”.
  • Further again “History”.
  • On the new page, a list of sites with which you worked for the last few sessions is downloaded on the new page.

You can quickly go to the menu with history using a combination of hot keys on a computer. Ctrlh. In the list of sites that you visited lately, the following information will be reflected:

Data on your HOOGLE History on Google Chrome is not tolerated and not transmitted to anyone, but any user can have access to it with a computer. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from unnecessary questions, it is better to clean the list of sites selectively before leaving the next session or all at once. But there is one more “but”. If you work in chrome under your Google account, that is, you are included in the Gmail mail account, then check if you have synchronization in the settings. If it is turned on, then on all your devices where the Google post in the chrome browser is open, the work synchronization will occur, which means that the history of views will also be duplicated. Therefore, take care of this issue.

How to clear history

Removing history is very simple. You will need to allocate only a couple of minutes. You can delete both the entire list of sites and selectively. Check out every way.

Complete cleaning

Full cleaning of your views may be required in several cases:

  • Your device freezes when working in a browser due to a large accumulation of information and requires complete cleaning, including a list of viewed sites, uploaded files, cache and cookies.
  • You worked on someone else’s computer-visiting or in Internet cafes, and therefore before leaving you clean all traces of your visits.
  • You do not want one of your family members to find out what sites you viewed.

To complete cleaning, you need to perform the following:

  • Open Google chrome.
  • Press the menu button (in the upper right corner).
  • A list with functions opens under it, select “History”.
  • Another list opens, select “History” again.
  • You are transferred to a separate page with the history of the browser and your last views.

Such a function as “clear the history” will be available on the left. After clicking on this button, the browser transfers you to a new page with settings and an active window with a temporary range and list of options for deleting appears on the screen. You can choose. for a day, for a month, for all the time, and also additionally celebrate a tick at the bottom, which, in addition to the history of the browser, you also want to delete it. the cache and cookies. But as for the download of media files or documents, it will be necessary to work here manually.

If you want to clear the story so that no one is digging at you at all and does not know what you did on the Internet, then for greater safety you can clean the data on the computer. Information about the work of Google Chrome is stored in the next folder Local disk C: \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default \. You need to go into it, open the “Default” folder, then the “History” file and open through the notebook, and then clean all the sites.

How to delete individual pages

Selective cleaning is practically no different from the complete. The set of actions will be the same, only you will have the opportunity to choose which sites to delete, and for what period of time. This is done like this:

  • Open the browser.
  • Press the menu button.
  • In the list that opens, select “History”, then again “History” or Ctrlh key combination.
  • In the new page, your site visits are downloaded.
  • Opposite each site is an empty square on the left.
  • If you want to remove it, then just put a checkmark there.
  • When you mark all unnecessary sites, the “Delete” button will be available to the right, after which the selected pages will disappear from the browser.

If you want to hide the history of your visits during a specific session in the browser, then you can simply turn on the Incognito mode, which leaves no traces of your work and after you will not need to clean the story. This method is suitable in cases where you are at work or use one computer with all family members. So that no one can guess what sites you cross, you selectively delete those that you want to hide from someone else’s access. Since other information about the work of the browser will remain, then there will be no doubt if you clear the whole story. After all, it is easy to guess that if you were sitting at the computer, and your story is empty, then you are hiding something.

Where is the history of requests in Google Chrome on PC

There is still the opportunity to watch the history of actions in Google Chrome through the Google website “My actions”. Most of the search phrases and queries are recorded here, as well as entrances to various sites. In fact, it is an online alternative to a catalog of visited sites in a browser on a computer. The main plus of the service is that we can find a web resource that was open on another device. The only condition is that all devices should be synchronized with one Google account.

How to go into the history of chrome through Google “Actions”:

This is the best alternative in the absence of access to the history of Google Chrome on a particular device. To familiarize yourself with the search data, you just need to know the login with a password to enter the account.

How to open the history of Google loading chrome

There is also a story story in the Google Chrome browser. It displays the entire load list. If any file was downloaded from the Internet through the web browser chrome, it is necessarily fixed in this section. There are also the basic features of managing the file: deleting and opening its location on the disk.

Where we can see the history of the downloads in Google Chrome:

  • On the menu. After clicking on a vertical plot (located under the browser closing cross), the “loading” item is displayed. One click on the icon leads to the opening of a new window with a pump manager.
  • On the target page. We can launch it both at Chrome: // Downloads/, and using the Ctrl J key combination.

If we click on the “show in the folder” button under the file, a conductor with the catalog will open where the download was made. Pressing by cross is deleted by the record in history.

How to clear the history of the Chrome browser

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In order to optimize work on the Internet in the Google Chrome browser, various data are stored. The history of the browser is cleaned for many reasons, for example, you opened prohibited sites, or you need to get rid of data for auto.filling, or you just want to free up space on your computer hard drive. You can delete the history of the browser directly in Chrome. To get started, click Ctrlh to open the “History” tab.

Open the Chrome menu. To do this, click on the icon located in the upper right corner of the browser window and having the form of three horizontal lines (some users call this icon “hamburger”).

In the Chrome menu, click “History”. Instead of clicking on the Chrome menu icon, you can just press Ctrlh. The “History” tab will open, on which the list of websites you visit will be displayed. Sites in the list are given in chronological order. [1] X source of information Chrome: // History/

Click “Clean history”. The “Clean History” window opens (window address: Chrome: // Settings/ClearbrowSerdata). In this window, you can choose elements of the story that you want to delete, as well as indicate the temporary interval during which the history of the browser accumulated.

Indicate the time interval. In the drop.down menu, “delete the following options” will be displayed: “Over the past hour”, “For yesterday”, “Over the past 4 weeks”, “Over the past 4 weeks” (choosing the last option, you will delete All elements of history). [2] X Source Chrome: // Settings/Clearbrowserdata

Select the deleted elements of history. Put the flag near each element of the story that you want to delete; By pressing the “clear history”, data related to the selected elements of history will be deleted. You can clear the history of views, the history of downloads, cookies, files in cache, passwords, auto.filling data, data of the placed applications, license for content. Most users are recommended to delete the history of views, the history of downloads and cookies. To obtain additional information about each element of the history of the browser, go to the next section of this article.

Having selected elements of history, click “Clean history”. So you delete data related to selected elements of history. Before cleansing the story, make sure that you have chosen its elements correctly. [3] X Source of Information

How to clear the story in Google Chrome

Well, we figured out motivations, now let’s talk directly about how to clear the story in Google Chrome. To do this, in the browser window, click the Ctrlshiftdelete keys. A small window with the choice of cleaning parameters will appear in front of us. The first thing you need to decide is the purified period. And select it from the drop.down list. The optimal choice here is the item “For all the time”.

Next, you need to set the checks of the removed elements. The default cleaning form involves the destruction of the information inhibitory work and the abandonment of the one without which we may have problems when visiting individual web resources. You need to clean and set the checkpoints according to the situation. How to delete the story in Chrome If you just need to remove the fixation of the web pages we have visited by us, we leave only ticks of the history of views and downloads active. Even though the uploaded files are already deleted from the computer, the story of downloads still needs to be destroyed, since it contains links to download sources. And this can give us out if we, for example, want to hide from loved ones what we did in their absence.

2.2. How to clean a cache in Google Chrome

How to Delete Incognito Mode History on Android | Just 4 Steps

When you need to free up space on a hard drive or access the site with its current contents, we leave an active checkplace for removing cache data.

2.3. How to remove cookies in Chrome

Cookie deleting a checkbox should be left if: I tired of advertising, obsessively offering that at least some kind of search queries we have recently entered; It is necessary to exit from all the site accounts used; return the sites not synchronized with accounts to the original state.

Setting ticks for removing other elements. passwords, auto.filling of forms on sites, identifiers of mediations. can lead to the loss of these data. And the cleaning of the data of the placed applications such as cloud printers, remote access, voice notebooks and similar services will lead to the need to adjust them again. It is necessary to choose the last four elements for removal, if only on this computer we and Chrome and I will never work anymore.

Having decided on the deleted contents, click “Clean history” below.

Tip: if the browser history was cleaned in connection with our last visit to a particular PC or laptop, you can finally clean your traces of stay by deleting your profile. This is especially true in cases of authorization using the Google account and the use of the synchronization service.

Chrome cleaning using special Windows

An alternative to the above purification of the history of chromium inside it is the use of programs for cleaning and optimizing Windows. Rare of those today are delivered without the function of removing these browser work. The benefit of this kind of software is a comprehensive cleaning of the system of garbage inhibiting its work. And the disadvantage is to include unnecessary operations under the action of the “Drop from the Trash in one Click” button “.

For example, in the most popular Windows-cleaner of all times and peoples of CCleaner, a pre-installed set of CHROME cleaning options contains an explicit item for removing the data of the working session. If we are going to continue to work on this computer, we can completely close active tabs to anything.

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The best option is offered by a free cleaner-optimizer-Glary Utilites. In it, in silence, only the cache is cleaned by all the browsers installed in the system.

And only if necessary, it is possible to use the function of destroying traces of stay with a complete stripping of data from web faces.

Among other Windows programs providing for cleaning Chrome: Kaspersky Cleaner, Advanced Systemcare Ultimate, Ashampoo Winoptimizer, Wise Care 365, Auslogics BoostSpeed, and their analogues.

How to delete the story in the Google browser chrome?

After that, a window will appear where you can delete unnecessary sites in the browser. Pay attention to the falling list. Here you can choose the deadline for which you need to clear the data:

If you plan to delete the story in Google Chrome, it is recommended to choose the last item (“all the time”).

Next, you need to put checks in the right fields. It is recommended to remove birds in the points “Passwords” and “Data for auto.filling”.

This is necessary so that all saved passwords remain in place. And also so that you do not have to go through authorization (introduce logins) in social networks, on sites and forums again.

Put the ticks? Click “Clean the story“, after which all the visits visited will be deleted.

There is another way to remove it. Click the Ctrlh keys, then click on the “Clean History” button. Next, the already familiar window will appear.

How to delete individual sites in Google Chrome?

What to do if you need to delete not all sites, but only some of them? For example, the last 3 pages attended recently? Google Chrome browser supports this possibility.

How to delete Google Chrome History in Android mobile 2016 simple and easy

  • Open the window where the story is stored in Chrome. You can do this through the menu, but the easiest way to press Ctrlh.
  • Put the checkmarks near specific web pages that need to be removed.
  • Press the “Delete the Selected Elements” button.

The benefits and harm of the cache in Google Chrome

Due to the unwillingness to delve into the essence of temporary data, the opinion is mistakenly formed that they are all useless or even harmful. In fact, everything is not so simple. Otherwise, the developers would not use cache. The technology of short-term storage of information about web pages made it possible to achieve a number of visible improvements.

  • Significant increase in the speed of loading. The cache is located on our device, no matter the mobile or computer. The browser during pages processing takes part of the contents from its own memory. Lack of need to all information significantly reduces the waiting time for the full construction of sites.
  • Reducing traffic consumption. Since the system does not need to pump pictures, individual design elements, etc. This is especially true when using mobile Internet.
  • Reducing the load on the server and the database of the sites. Less requests. less participation in server components. Thus, a web resource can process more users without freezing.

Not everything is so rosy, there are several significant minuses:

  • Outdated versions of sites are preserved in the cache. The screen displays the information and data stored during the previous visit not currently relevant at the moment. True, most of the dynamic information is updated each time, and the site design is not changed too often. All the same, you need to consider that the page in reality can have a different look, and not what it is represented by the browser.
  • Malfunctions, hangs and lags. Sometimes incorrect conservation of data to the cache buffer can provoke incorrect work of the web facial. Conflicts provoke inconsistencies between the current and preserved version of the pages or record information with a failure.
  • Consumption of an extra place on a hard disk. Both regular and temporary files can occupy a significant amount of memory, up to several gigabytes. If the disk space is very limited, it is better to remove the cache in Google Chrome.

Delete a cache in Google Chrome or leave

As you can see from the previous point, the cache technology has both pros and cons of. Everyone should individually weigh all the pros and cons. We recommend cleaning the Google browser cache, but not get carried away by the procedure. It is appropriate to format temporary files with a certain frequency. For an active user. it is enough to carry out the procedure once a week. Those who rarely use chrome web faces, it is worth reducing the number of purges to 1 in 2-3 weeks.

Such a solution will significantly reduce the chances of violation of the work capacity of the Browser from Google, reduce the likelihood of displaying irrelevant information and prevent the consumption of a large number of disk space. At the same time, we can continue to use all the advantages of caching.

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Cleaning the history of downloads in Google Chrome

Next, we describe the 4 most simple ways to remove the history of downloads:

  • Through the “loading” window. It is on the link Chrome: // Downloads/, we can also go here through the menu. In a block with the name of the file there is a cross that click to delete the file.
  • Full deletion of the download list. To clean the entire list of downloads, click Ctrl Shift del and on the “Additional” tab “History of downloads”. It remains only to indicate the time period and click on the “delete”.
  • Through an addition to Chrome Cleaner. Previously already examined it. We lead to the Downloads block and click on the image of the basket.
  • Using CCleaner. The principle of action is similar to the described in the thematic section, with the only difference being that before the start of the analysis you need to select the “Load History” item “.

How to disable the preservation of history in Google Chrome

In fact, the only way to disconnect the story in Google Chrome with standard means is to use the Incognito mode mode. He indicates to the browser that it is not necessary to keep the story in Google Chrome throughout the sewn or until the moment the user return to view sites in the usual window.

We recommend turning off the story in Google Chrome precisely this method, since it is convenient to combine different types of web sets with its help. In one window we can place all the tabs that will remain for the future, in the other. not preserved links. To turn off the preservation of the story in Google Chrome, click on the web facial menu icon and select a “new window in incognito mode” or click on the key combination of Ctrl Shift N.

Despite the efforts of the developers, there are still several interesting methods that allow you to block information about the visited pages.

We use an addition to History Disabler

The essence of the expansion lies in the instant manual removal of history immediately after the tab of the tab. While the page is opened in the journal as soon as we close it. all the data is cleaned, including information about past pages open within this tab.

The addition works automatically, so it does not need additional configuration or other intervention.

We change the privileges of access to the history file

Windows has a system for reading and editing rights and editing all files. If you block the possibility of editing a certain element, Google Chrome will not be able to remember the story.

  • Close the browser.
  • Go to the C: \ Users \ Name PC \ Appdata \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default.
  • We make a click of PKM according to the History file and open “Properties”.
  • Click on the Safety tab.
  • Click on the “Change” button.
  • For the user “User” and “Administrators”, we install boxes in the column “Forbid” near “Change” and “Record”.
  • Click on “apply”

So we completely figured out what story happens and examined 10 ways to deactivate history in Google Chrome. We also found out the features of removing the search data and downloads, and also found the hidden possibilities of complete disconnecting the history of views. As a bonus described existing methods for restoring a remote history.

Full cleansing the list using the CCleaner program

Who has this program installed, we can make the following. Launch it. We remove the birds opposite all points, only in the Google Chrome section we leave birds opposite the “Loading History”, as well as the “Journal of the Sites of the Sites”. Click on the “Cleaning” button.

Everything, a little time will pass and the program will cope with the task.

We clean the history of the browser on Android from the phone or tablet

Click on the menu in the form of three vertical points and select a item with a suitable name:

We immediately load the sites we have visited, and, with the help of crosses, we will be able to treat the elements unnecessary in this list.

If we want to completely clean the list, then click on the “Clean” button at the bottom.

We have a window in which it is necessary to indicate the period of time. If all, then we put it “for all the time”, if the last visited sites are going to delete, then choose “for the last hour”.

We put a bird opposite the item “History of Views” and click on “Delete Data”:

Everything, another lesson on the browser chrome can be considered completed. I hope you solved your problem.