How To Clear The Phone Memory On Android From Excess Garbage

How To Clear The Phone Memory On Android From Excess Garbage

Modern mobile devices are equipped with an impressive amount of internal memory, which can reach 64 GB or more. To perform everyday tasks, most users have enough of this space. However, if your gadget cannot boast of a capacitive storage device, sooner or later you will encounter a lack of free space on the device. In this case, it will not be amiss to know how to clean the phone on Android from unnecessary files and applications.

Ways to clean your smartphone from unnecessary information

Starting with Android 4.4, the developers of this OS removed the ability to install applications on an external memory card. Thanks to this, many owners of mobile devices began to experience a shortage of free space and look for different ways to free it.

You can clean Android from unnecessary files and programs in several ways:

  • by manually deleting unnecessary information;
  • through special software (SD Maid and Clean Master);

Manually erase junk files

The most affordable and easiest way to get rid of excess data is manual cleaning of Android. It consists in searching files and programs that you do not use on the internal and external storage devices and their subsequent erasure.

It is most convenient to clean the phone from unnecessary files through the explorer installed on the smartphone. It can be File Manager, ES Explorer, Total Commander or any other software with similar functionality. The procedure will be as follows:

    We launch the existing manager.

If ES Explorer is used as a cleaner, then in this case manually deleted unnecessary files will not disappear without a trace, but will be transferred to the backup area called the Recycle Bin. For their final erasure, you also need to clean it.

If after cleaning the gadget from rarely used files there is little free space on the drive, you can additionally get rid of unnecessary software:

  1. In the smartphone settings, go to the “Applications” tab.
  2. We are looking for programs that we do not use, and discover their properties.
  3. We start the removal procedure by clicking Delete.

This cleaning method is only suitable for third-party applications. There is no Delete virtual key in the properties of the preinstalled (wired into the system) software. Before uninstalling such programs, you will need to unlock root access on the device.

Considering how to clean Android from debris, it should be noted that one of the places with a large amount of unnecessary files is the Download folder. Therefore, it is recommended to visit it first.

Clear System Cache

Another place where he likes to collect trash is cache. It stores temporary files, as well as “casts” of previously deleted applications. One of the most effective cache cleaning utilities is SD Maid. It works as follows:

    With Play Market, we install the program on a mobile device.