How to Clear Phone Memory Without Removing anything

How to Clear Phone Memory Without Removing anything

When there is absolutely no memory left on your favorite smartphone, and you need to take another photo, for example, what should I do?

Valuable advice is given by specialists who ate the dog in solving this problem, writes adfave.


1. Clear Safari Cache

For your convenience, the browser saves copies of the sites you visit, so that when you visit again it will load faster. If you delete these temporary files, you will win a little extra space. To do this, you need to go to “Settings”, select “Safari” in the list, then “Clear site history and data.”

2. Download the movie

It sounds strange, but we kind of wanted to free up the phone’s memory? Just go to iTunes and go to the movies section for rental. Next, select a movie whose size exceeds the amount of free space in your phone. Feel free to click on the “rent” button. they won’t write off the money. A message appears that there is not enough space on the phone and you will be prompted to go to the “settings” to clear the memory. Then select the item “Storage and iCloud” and be surprised: there is more space! This trick can be repeated several times, and each time a little space will be freed. For 4-5 times, you can free from 1 to 2 GB. Why this happens is not entirely clear, perhaps iOS in this situation deletes temporary files and cache.

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3. Turn off the “Photo Stream”

This service is responsible for distributing photos of your library to all your devices. This “eats” your megabytes, so it’s better to turn it off and synchronize photos manually. To do this, go to the “Settings”, iCloud and “Photos” section.

4. Reinstall applications

You can easily find out which applications take up the most space on your device. You need to go to “Settings” “Basic” Storage and iCloud “To govern”. There you will see a list of all your programs indicating the number of MB they occupy. If you go into the program, then there will appear the item “Documents and data”. these are temporary files that you need to get rid of. You can do this by uninstalling the program and reinstalling it.

5. Delete long “conversations” in instant messengers

In addition to the romantic correspondence, which is so dear to our hearts, in messengers are stored absolutely useless message threads that can be safely deleted.

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1. Clear the cache

The first thing you can do is delete temporary files and unnecessary data. It is quite simple to do this: go to the “Settings” item, find the “Memory” item, then “Cached data” and clear it.

2. Download the special application

The Android system is more open to fucking the user and a lot of useful free applications have been created for it, which will help you to study in detail the state of the phone‘s memory and clean it. For example, you can use Disk Usage, ES Gestore File, Clean Master, CCleaner, SD Maid

3. Get a microSD card

The easiest and most effective way to get extra space on your smartphone. The most rational is to use the internal memory for installing programs, and store music, photos ands on a map.

4. Take advantage of cloud services

All known search engines provide free space on their servers, you can make a backup copy of your phone and store data on one of them. So you will not be afraid to lose a collection of music or accidentally delete important files.

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5. Delete sms and emails

We already wrote about this for iPhone owners, but this tip is relevant for everyone. Do not save up useless newsletters and promotional sms, it is better to spend the free space from spam and old letters on something useful.