How to clear phone memory on your Android Lenovo

Memory full on Android, although there’s nothing there: why and what to do

Almost every Android smartphone user has faced the problem when the phone memory is full, seeing the corresponding warning in the notification bar. This defect can occur on any smartphone, whether Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi, no one is immune, but especially devices with 8 and 16 GB of internal memory are at risk. It happens that the memory is full, although there is nothing there, it confuses users. That is why there are so many people who are looking for information about how to clear the memory on the phone and what to do for this.

When the smartphone says “memory full”, everyone starts looking for personal files and deleting them. Photos, music and video are at risk. But even after deleting hundreds of photos, it turns out that the internal memory of the phone is full and not much free. This is a common problem, everyone needs to know how to clean the memory of the phone and what to have for this. But first we need to understand the most common causes of its occurrence.

  • Files in the download folder;
  • A huge cache of applications;
  • A lot of installed programs;
  • Using software from unknown sources;
  • Browser download files;
  • System failure;
  • Hidden files;
  • Files are stored in the internal memory and not on the card.

Sometimes users are not even aware that the files have been downloaded in the system, they click on the download from a site, several gigabytes are downloaded and all these files are placed in the folder “Downloads”. The user can forget about these files, and it’s not easy to find them without a file manager, they don’t show up in the gallery.

A common reason for the warning is that the phone has a small amount of permanent memory. The user installs the memory card, but the files are still stored in the smartphone. You need to know how to transfer your files from the phone to the memory card and thus solve the problem.

Uninstalling unnecessary applications

While using the Lenovo A5, the smartphone is loaded with a lot of applications. Many of them are forgotten after a few days, but they continue to fill the memory of the device. To uninstall, you’ll need to hold your finger on the game or program icon for a few seconds, then move the icon to the “Uninstall” heading. After this the software will disappear. You can also remove the application through Google Play or settings.

A more rational option for those who plan to continue using the program. Applications quickly accumulate temporary data, which is commonly referred to as the cache. Deleting them does not have any serious consequences. The user will not have to sign in again.

Clearing the cache is as follows:

  • Open the device settings.
  • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • Select the program that is taking up the most space.
  • Press the “Clear Cache” button.

The cache must not be confused with the app data when performing the operation. If the cache is a temporary file whose deletion has no consequence, then cleaning the data will end up forcing the user to log in to the account again.

  • Delete messages.
  • Cleaning of application and browser cache.
  • Cleaning files (videos, photos, etc.Д.) saved on the gadget.
  • Deleting unnecessary and old apps.

This cleaning will take longer than working with the applications, but the results will be much more effective.

Application cache

The cache is an intermediate buffer with data that may be requested in the near future. After cleaning it, it can save time for solving problems and calculating tasks, which will increase the performance of the gadget.

The file cache accumulates by storing data for each application used and installed. If a clog occurs, the entire cache needs to be freed.

You can repeat this procedure with all your existing applications to clear the cache completely.

Deleting “garbage” in the browser

These instructions are provided using Google Chrome as an example, since it is the default browser of the Android system. In other browsers, the process of cleaning the “garbage” is slightly different.

Delete messages

If you use a relatively new phone, this item is optional. A gadget that has been in use for several years contains several thousand messages.

Their number over time (including MMS with multimedia data) on the internal memory may take up some space. You can completely delete messages as follows:

Clearing storage in lenovo M10 tab

    Click on the desktop or in the menu on the icon of messages, one of the messages press your finger and select “Select All”.

Delete apps

If you can’t install new games or programs, then the permanent memory of the gadget is full. To clear it, you need to uninstall unnecessary apps through the Android menu.

If you have a firmware version without full menu (for example Meizu or Xiaomi phones) then you should uninstall apps directly on the desktop. Hold down the application icon with your finger, then move it to the trash at the top of the screen.

If the shell of the used Android system has a full menu, then removing from the desktop can only make the shortcut disappear. To perform a complete removal, you should go to the menu, also click on the program icon, then move it to the trash.

Deleting files

From the internal drive you can get rid of trash with the standard file manager. On different phones the interface of such applications is different, so the process of cleaning files will be considered on the example of ES Explorer:

    On the Android phone go to Play Market, enter the name of the application in the search bar and on the page with the information click “Install”.

We have considered how to clear junk manually using ES Explorer. Now let’s look at examples of memory cleaning with other software.

Cleaning unnecessary files on Android via computer

This method allows you to delete unnecessary files from the memory of your Android device via your computer. To do this, the mobile gadget should be connected to your computer via a miniUSB cable.

    On the Android device, select “File transfer”.

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Hello! Help deal with the phone ZTE A 510 hangs, shuts down by itself, shows overflowed memory but the phone has no photos, no correspondence downloaded sberbank offer and WhatsApp a and player all that is not likely things happen I do not know and unlikely I myself will do as you say I am 50 years old I do not understand the phone my son configures it and now he left to the new year. You can look it up yourself and how much will it cost you. I almost forgot my phone won’t pick up my email, or my email, call me or send me an SMS thank you so much

Hello! I have a Huawei meqia paq T3 tablet, not enough memory! I don’t want to delete existing files! How else can I add more memory?! Thank you.

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Please specify the device model and its symptoms. Try to describe in detail what, where. Under what conditions does it not work or has it stopped working.Then we can help you.

Changing the settings in your Android smartphone

Now let’s learn about a method that is ready to give more free memory than any other method. This is a radical way to free the memory on the phone, the essence of which is to reset the settings to the factory state. The local storage will be formatted. The output is a completely clean smartphone.

Important! We recommend this method only if the other methods did not help.

  • Go to “Settings” menu and find the item “System and device.
  • Open “Advanced Settings” and at the end of the page click on “Restore and reset”.
  • At the bottom of the list, select “Factory Reset”.
  • Click on “All files on the phone” and confirm the action.

Lastly, we left another good way that requires a small monetary investment.

Clear the cache of one application

If you only need to clear the cache of a single app without installing a third-party program, you can use the following instructions:

  • Go to the menu “Settings”. “Applications”. “All”.
  • Find the app you need and select it.
  • Go to “Storage” and click on “Clear cache” (or “Erase data”).

Some apps will require you to re-login after doing this.

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How to see the statistics on memory usage on your smartphone or tablet

To assess the status of user memory, go to the device settings, find “Storage”. The graph that opens will show your ROM load divided by types of files and data:

The names of these items may be different.

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RAM load is displayed in the “Memory” menu.

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If you don’t have a “Memory” option, use the “Clean Master” app. It will show you exactly how much free and busy memory you have (and help you clear it).

Ways to clear internal memory

If you take a lot of pictures, the gallery can take up a decent amount of memory. Move gallery content to cloud storage and enable synchronization with the cloud. All images will now be automatically saved to the cloud storage, not taking up much space in the phone memory. You can download the photos or pictures you want to your device at any time, if you want.

The cloud is a great option for storing photos, videos, music, e-books, documents and much more. It is worth paying attention to cloud storage such as Google Drive, “Yandex.Disk, OneDrive, Cloud, Mega. Most of them present free storage from 2GB to 50GB.

Now you know how to clear the internal memory of the phone, and you can do it yourself at any time.