How to Clear Memory on Lenovo Phone

Today I will share knowledge on how to clean the internal memory on Android. This article will be useful for users who recently use devices with this operating system. I will present several situations and ways how to clean up the Android internal memory.

Work with conductors

So, the first thing I want to show is how to delete files through the wires correctly, because there are some nuances in the work of some special programs.

How to clean internal memory on Android:

For example, if you use Total Totalmander to erase a file, you need to select it and click “Delete”. Standard procedure.

But an application such as ES Explorer itself has a built-in basket. That is, after you have washed unnecessary folders, etc., you still need to go into the trash and empty it; if you don’t do this, the extra files will not be permanently deleted. It happened to me: for a long time it was not clear what was occupied about 10 GB of space, and then it turned out that just all the photographs, music tracks, etc., that I had previously taken through this explorer, simply lay in a basket and continued to occupy space. Therefore, be careful when using third-party applications: keep in mind that they can have a built-in basket, like a PC.

Application Cleanup

  1. You can also free up memory by deleting programs that are not used. To do this, you can go to the “Settings” section, open the “Programs” item, go to the “Third-party” tab and select one of the unnecessary applications. In the window that opens, click “Delete.”

How can I free up system memory on Android:. Android general cleanup

If the device displays a message that the internal memory of Android is full, and there’s nothing to delete in general, I suggest using one of the system optimizers. Similar programs are not few, there is plenty to choose from, but I will show an example of cleaning using All in one.

  1. Launch All іn Onе.
  2. Select “Clean” to let the program begin to scan your device.
  3. A list of what can be deleted is displayed, as a rule, it will be some kind of cache, temporary files, the remnants of previously deleted programs, etc.
  4. If you go to the “Advanced” tab, you will also be prompted to clear your browsers, email and more.
  5. Click “Clean Up.”

Full memory cleanup

If you need to completely clear the internal memory of the device, there is a formatting method (deleting everything that was installed after purchase)

This is done through a factory reset.

  1. Go to the gadget settings.
  2. Select backup and reset.
  3. Open reset.
  4. Next, do everything as written.
  5. After that, the device will reboot, and after switching on it will acquire its original form with the maximum available amount of space.

A very detailed resetting procedure is described here.

Android Not enough free memory:

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me too, a complete cleanup. stupidly reset the settings and delete user data. Downs, do not write this anymore, kill yourself. Where is the complete cleaning of all memory (including firmware) from Chinese devices ??

And all the best to you. This article is not about formatting memory. And how to clean the memory of garbage. The easiest and safest way is CLEAN MASTER. The most dangerous way is to open root and climb into the system folders, manually delete error records and clean up yourself. But there are high risks to delete the system file and damage the firmware. Regarding the reset, when resetting, only the internal memory is cleared, the flash drive is not affected. In this case, the internal memory is completely cleaned and absolutely everything is deleted. There is only a clean firmware with presets from the manufacturer. Clear all memory. this is the formatting of drives. This completely removes everything. Again, if you need it, then in the reset to the factory settings there is such a function as “format internal and external memory”. Just check the box and you will be completely cleaned. You can also make a Hard Reset or manually format everything. If you don’t have enough mind to do the cleaning even according to the instructions, then do not blame others, this is your personal problem.

In the first, just CLEAN MASTER uninstall as unnecessary software :))))).

Hello! Tell me, please, is it possible to delete the.thumbnails folder when cleaning the phone from garbage?

This is the folder where the thumbnails are stored. To delete a folder: 1) through Explorer, go to SDCard. DCIM –.thumbnails. Highlight a folder and delete it; 2) connect the phone to the computer and already through the Windows Explorer, delete the folder manually (see the path above); 3) insert the memory card into the card reader on the laptop and delete it manually or format the entire memory card at once (all data will be deleted.)

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