How to Clear Memory on Honor 7a

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Replacing internal memory with external

And this method allows you to trick Android into treating the memory card as system memory. From the toolkit you will need any file manager. In our example, we will use Root Explorer, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The procedure is as follows:

    Open the “etc” folder at the root of the system. To do this, open your file manager.

How to Clear Memory on Honor 7a

Find the file “vold.fstab” and open it with a text editor.

  • Among all the text, look for 2 lines starting with “dev_mount” without a leading pound. They should be followed by the following values:
  • “Sdcard / mnt / sdcard”;
  • “Extsd / mnt / extsd”.
  • You need to swap the words after “mnt /” to become like this (no quotes):
  • “Sdcard / mnt / extsd”;
  • “Extsd / mnt / sdcard”.
  • Different devices may have different designations after “mnt /”: “sdcard”, “sdcard0”, “sdcard1”, “sdcard2”. The main thing is to swap them.
  • Save changes and restart your smartphone.
  • As for the file manager, it should be said that not all such programs allow you to see the above files. We recommend using ES File Explorer.

    Porting applications in the standard way

    Since Android 4.0, it is possible to transfer some applications from the internal memory to the SD card without using third-party tools.

    To do this, you need to do the following:

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • Tap (touch with your finger) on the desired program.
  • Click the “Move to SD Card” button.
  • The disadvantage of this method is that it does not work for all applications.

    In these ways, you can use the SD card memory for games and applications.

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    Memory setting

    Let’s go back to system tools again. On Android, you can specify the SD card as the default install location for apps. Again, this does not always work.

    Try the following anyway:

      While in the settings, open the “Memory” section.

    Click on “Preferred Installation Location” and select “SD Card”.

    The arrangement of elements on your device may differ from the examples shown. Therefore, if you have any questions or fail to do all the steps described in this article, write about it in the comments below. We will definitely help you to solve the problem.


    This is one of the best options among similar programs. Link2SD allows you to do the same thing that can be done manually, but a little faster. In addition, you can forcibly move games and applications that do not move in a standard way.

    The instructions for working with Link2SD are as follows:

    • The main window will list all applications. Choose the one you want.
    • Scroll down the app info and click “Transfer to SD Card”.

    Please note that those applications that are not transferred in the standard way may reduce their functionality. For example, widgets will stop working.

    Cache types

    There are several types that differ in the nature of storage:

    • custom programs;
    • system programs;
    • Dalvik-cache.

    What is cache?

    If we talk about the memory of a phone or tablet, the cache is a buffer into which information about visited sites and open files gets. It is there in quick access. Information about one visited resource does not take up much space, but when this buffer is not cleaned for a long time, a pile-up is fixed.

    Recovery menu

    The “Recovery” section is convenient in that it can be used even in emergency situations. when the smartphone is so clogged that it does not turn on. To do this, in the off position, hold down the volume keys at the end of the device, and release them after 8-11 seconds. Then the internal menu starts. Using the same volume controls and the main Home button, navigate through the options, and find the “Wipe cache partition” command. By holding “Home”, you confirm the launch of the cache cleaning. This menu is responsible for all the memory of this format, which is in the device. The procedure usually takes from 2 to 15 minutes, depending on the state of the gadget.

    CCleaner program

    Sea-Cleaner is one of the most popular utilities for smartphones, tablets and PCs, which helps to administer the explorer and RAM. Its advantage is that Sea-Cleaner conducts screening even according to a pre-established schedule. That is, you do not have to worry about the timeliness of certain tasks.

    Removal via settings

    The classic features of any tablet or phone will help you do the following:

    • open the settings;
    • select the section “Memory” of the same name;
    • select there objects and sections that you need to scan;
    • confirm and run.

    Removing the cache of a specific program

    To do this, open the settings section “All programs”, select a specific item, click on the line, and on the bottom left (or in the center below, depending on the model) click on the clear button. After confirming the action, exit. We recommend repeating this for each service at least once every 2-3 weeks.

    How to clear cache on Android Honor and Huawei without deleting photos

    In order to automatically or manually clear the cache on your Huawei and Honor phone, but save the photo, you need to do some settings. Features:

    • you should clean up all the “garbage” on the media manually, or by setting the screening parameters on special programs;
    • it is important to remember that if you do not touch the photos and screenshots, you will not be able to delete everything unnecessary from the phone.

    How to clear cache on Honor and Huawei: manually and automatically without deleting photos

    If the device began to dull, then the first question that arises for a conscious user is how to clear the cache on Honor and Huawei phones? According to our surveys, it turned out that few people know that it is necessary to clean it periodically, so we are talking about the typology of this storage and the needs of its administration.

    How to clear cache on Huawei tablet

    A tablet of this brand is no different from a smartphone in terms of operating system or interface, so any of the above methods will work.

    Clearing the browser cache

    Browsers eventually accumulate a really large amount of unnecessary files that should be deleted periodically. Let’s look at this process using the example of the two most common browsers: “Google Chrome” and “Yandex browser”.

    Google chrome

    • Open chrome and click on the three dots icon.
    • In the window that opens, select the item “History”.

    Yandex browser

    • As in the case of chrome, open the browser and click on the icons in the form of three dots.
    • In the window that opens, we find “Settings”.
    • There is an item “Clear data”.

    Removing application data

    The applications you use can also accumulate a large number of junk files that simply take up space. To remove them, a useful program is built into the system. “Phone Manager”. The default dispatcher shortcut should be located on the desktop.

    In the manager, select the item “Memory cleaning”. In the window that opens, you will see general information on unnecessary files and application data. It also displays data on messengers, which also tend to clog the memory with unnecessary “junk”. Another useful item is unused applications. Just delete what you don’t use.

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    Opposite each item there is a “Clear” button. click on it and free up space on your smartphone.

    If you scroll down the window in the Memory Cleanup menu, you can see the Special Cleanup field.

    It has all the statistics on images, videos, audio, apps and large files stored in your Huawei’s memory. We look, analyze, delete all unnecessary.

    Clearing the application cache

    To clear the application cache on your Huawei and Honor, do the following:

    • Open the “Settings” smartphone.
    • Next, select the “Applications” item. In the window that opens, click “Applications” again.
    • The applications that you use most often eat up the cache. Take the Health program as an example. We find it in the list of applications, open it and find the item “Memory”.
    • In the window that opens, you will see the amount of internal memory that this program occupies, as well as the cache. Click “Clear cache” and you’re done.

    Another easy way to clear RAM is to simply restart your smartphone.

    How to clear memory on Huawei and Honor

    How to clear memory on Huwei and Honor? In this manual, we will explain how to free up space by clearing the internal memory and at the same time learn how to free up RAM.

    • Cleaning up RAM
    • Closing background applications
    • Clearing the application cache
    • Clearing internal memory
    • Clearing the browser cache
    • Removing application data
    • Standard removal of programs and files

    Clearing internal memory

    Now let’s talk about the ways to free up space and delete unnecessary files on Huawei (Honor). There are several options here:

    • Clearing the browser cache.
    • Deleting application data.
    • Banal removal of unnecessary programs and files (videos, pictures, messages, photos).

    Closing background applications

    Everything is simple here. if you use a large number of programs, they often continue to run in the background. You can terminate their work in literally two clicks:

    • Click on the navigation icon in the form of a square.
    • A window will open in which the applications running in the background will be displayed, as well as the amount of free RAM. Click on the basket and you’re done.

    Cleaning up RAM

    First, let’s figure out how to clear temporary memory (cache). There are two ways to do this: closing background apps or clearing each app individually.

    Standard removal of programs and files

    Well, of course, you can clear the internal memory on Huawei through the standard explorer (the “Files” shortcut). Applications are removed both from the desktop and through the “Settings”.

    We will not consider third-party programs, since there is no point in them. The system has all the necessary tools that were described above.

    Recovery menu

    If you cannot use the presented methods, or they did not bring the desired result, then resort to using the Recovery menu:

    • Turn off your phone.
    • Hold the volume up or down button with the power key.
    • The system menu will start.
    • Using the volume buttons, select the “Wipe cache partition”.
    • Confirm the action and wait for the system to reboot.

    How to clear cache on Huawei and Honor smartphones: manually, without deleting photos

    Before dealing with the question. how to clear the cache on Android Honor and Huawei, it is worth understanding the definition of “cache”. The program loads all data into “temporary memory” during operation. This is necessary to speed up work processes. Applications can be resource intensive. When the program starts to crash, it may close in an incorrect way. But, after closing it, the space in the cache will not be freed, and the free memory will become less.

    Today’s smartphones are equipped with a lot of memory. But there are still situations when the user receives a warning about the lack of space. The smartphone starts to work much slower over time. And the launch of some applications may be delayed. Consider how to clear cache on Huawei and Honor phones.

    How to clear cache on Android Honor and Huawei without deleting photos

    Better to use system utilities. This way, you can avoid various damages in the OS and safely clean your phone from debris. But, in some situations, you need to use third-party software. Below we will consider the existing methods.

    CCleaner program

    The second way is to use the CCleaner app. A phased action plan is provided:

    • Run the installed utility to clean up unnecessary files. We provide permissions to access the device location.
    • After starting, immediately press the button “Analyze”.
    • Next, a list of accumulated trash will appear.
    • Go to the section “Removal is safe”.
    • Open the “Visible Cache” list.
    • Click “Finish cleaning”.

    Removal via settings

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Further “Memory”.
    • Get detailed statistics of the occupied space.
    • Click on the “Clear” button.
    • A window will open again showing the exact amount of memory. The system will scan files for deletion.
    • Click on the button “Delete all unnecessary files”.

    What is cache?

    Any phone has a folder with temporary files. This can be a variety of information about settings, reports and other data about applications.

    Why? Because copies of all images of the site will appear in the temporary folder, so that loading at the next login is carried out at an accelerated pace. It also saves traffic. But, if the user decided to delete the application from the phone, then the previously saved files in the cache folder will definitely remain in the memory. Where it leads? The more the user downloads applications and then uninstalls, the more space will be occupied by temporary files. How to solve this problem? It is enough to clear the cache.

    There are three cache options on Honor:

    • Client applications. Requires regular cleaning.
    • Dalvik is a system one that is created automatically after deletion. Therefore, it makes no sense to constantly clear such a cache.
    • The cache accumulated from the system software. It is built into the internal memory of the device in the “cache” folders. When uninstalling, critical errors occur in the operating system.

    Considering these points, we come to a logical conclusion: you can only delete files from ordinary user applications. It is located on the internal and external memory of the device.

    Removing the cache of a specific program

    If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

    What is cache?

    The cache is an area of ​​RAM where so-called residual files are accumulated. Usually these are components of applications, websites or some kind of system processes, after which the data was saved. If you use the phone very actively, then “leftovers” will accumulate quickly enough. From browsing the Internet, for example, every time a lot of scripts, images, media, etc. remain in the device’s memory. In general, the contents of the cache help speed up the loading of sites that the user visits regularly. And apps run faster, too, because communication with the right servers is faster too. On the other hand, the mobile operating system slows down when the cache reaches several gigabytes. The question is how to clear the RAM.

    Clearing the cache using the Recovery mode

    In general, more specifically, this is not the only built-in cleaning tool. In the Android OS itself, in the Recovery mode, there is an option “Wipe Cache Partition” (clear the cache partition). When errors appear while working with the phone, especially those that lead to a reboot or system freeze, you have to start the recovery process. Recovery Mode is also needed in cases when you need to reset the password assigned to lock the device, etc.

    On Android devices, there are two types of cache. application cache and system cache. Each application that is installed on a smartphone has its own cache, which stores the data required for operation. Systemic refers to the Android OS in general. It stores scripts and files that are needed (or were needed) to execute system processes. Since there are two types of cache, there will also be two ways to clean it.

    How often to clear the cache?

    There are no strict rules here. But there are general recommendations:

    • If you often use your smartphone and have many applications installed on it, if you constantly use browsers, then the cache will fill up much faster than usual. Then, to increase system performance, try to clean it regularly.
    • If you looked in the “Settings” “Storage” and saw that the cache size is about 1 GB and more, start the cleaning process.

    How to clean Honor phone memory

    All information that is stored in the phone is recorded in the internal memory of the device (ROM). What kind of information could it be??

    • Phone data, i.e. mobile applications.
    • Data related to the applications themselves.
    • System and user files, media files, documents, etc.
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    Anything we usually store on our phone takes up space. And if the smartphone has been used for more than a year, more and more information is accumulated in it. And this is one of the factors contributing to the rapid filling of internal memory. She turns out to be overcrowded, she is missing. But the cache can be cleared, it is not difficult. However, the result will be noticeable almost immediately.

    How to free the cache?

    There are several ways to clear your Honor phone memory. Let’s say right away that the necessary tools are already in the smartphone itself, if EMUI is an add-on for Android, not lower than version 8.0.

    To remove excess from the cache, you need to follow these steps:

    • Open the Settings menu “Storage”
    • Find the line “Cache data”. You will see how many megabytes (or even gigabytes) are occupied by the information contained in the cache. The situation, how things are in general with memory, is displayed by the scale located at the very top of the window (what is the total amount of internal memory in the phone and how much memory is free).
    • The line “Cache data” must first be selected, and then click the “Clear” button.

    If the phone has a memory card, the option “Data storage settings” “Default location” will be displayed. Internal memory.

    The cache belongs to the internal memory, and cleaning is also carried out by clicking on the “Clear” button.

    • When you select the Internal memory item, a new window will open, in which you will immediately see information about how much memory is used and how much is free. When you click on the “Clear” button below, the corresponding action will be performed.

    When the cleaning process is complete, you will see information about how much memory has been freed.

    • Now you need to go back to the “Settings” “Storage” to see the graphical scale. There should be more free memory on it than before.

    This method of cleaning the system is safe and can be used regularly to free up memory for new applications, photos and other files.

    Using the Wipe Cache Partition Option

    So, if problems with freezing or spontaneous reboots of the phone appear, you have to use Recovery mode Clearing the system cache.

    • Turn off your phone via OSD (Power off) or by pressing the power button.
    • Press and hold the two buttons simultaneously. volume up / down and the power button. A menu with options should appear on the screen
    • Navigate through the menu items using the volume down button. Select “Recovery Mode”
    • Press the power button to confirm your selection
    • Android robot will appear on the screen, keep the power button pressed.
    • Press the volume up button once.
    • Use the volume down button to go to the menu to the Wipe Cache Partition option
    • Press the power button to select this item.
    • Press the volume down button to get to “Yes”.
    • Press the power button to select “Yes”.
    • Press the power button to restart your smartphone.

    ReiBoot for Android: one click cache cleaning

    Since the method described above to start the process of clearing the cache through the recovery mode is laborious, we can recommend downloading and installing a special application. For example, ReiBoot for Android from developer Tenoshare. It is extremely user-friendly and was created solely to make it easier to work with recovery mode.

    • Download the application, install it on your computer (yes, it is not for a smartphone, but for a PC or laptop) and launch it.
    • Connect your Android smartphone to your computer using a USB cable. The ReiBoot for Android app should recognize your device. Recall that if you connect your smartphone to a PC for the first time, you need to enable USB debugging mode in the settings.
    • If the phone is recognized and no errors have occurred, you will see a screen with three options on your computer. Select “Clean System Cache”.
    • Cleaning will start and all temporary files will be completely removed from the smartphone.
    • After cleaning is complete, the smartphone will reboot.

    Removing excess garbage

    In addition to software and games, the phone contains a lot of information unnecessary for either the user or the gadget. These are messages, logs, downloads and cache of some applications.

    Therefore, to remove the excess, you need to go to the Download directory and delete the excess downloaded files. If you often use a browser and download files from the Internet, you need to go to all browsers, look at the save paths there and delete all data. The easiest way to do this is using the file manager.

    Unnecessary SMS and e-mails are also subject to cleaning. All this is also stored on internal memory.

    Possible reasons

    The main list of possible causes includes the following points:

    • Lack of free space in the internal memory (here it is worth remembering that initially, by default, all Play Market applications are loaded into the internal memory, even if you have a memory card);
    • The reason is not the most common, but it takes place. the lack of a memory card in the gadget;
    • Old cache in the Play Market.

    In order to understand the problem that has arisen, it is necessary to understand the principles of the device functioning.

    Professional cleaning

    In addition to manual removal, you can use specialized programs that are able to independently find temporary files, analyze them and their cache, as well as delete other unnecessary data. The most popular program today is Cllean Master and CCleaner.

    These programs are distributed free of charge with Russian localization. To install, just go to the Play Market, find the program through the standard search and launch it.

    To delete, you need to select clear memory and optimize the phone system. In this case, the program will delete the cache not only of applications, but also of the system itself, which is also a lot on the phone.

    Phone memory filling

    The very first action to consider and use is transferring applications, viewing them and completely cleaning them.

    In order to do this, you need to go to Settings, in the “Applications” tab. There is a complete list of all applications, games and programs installed on the gadget. At the bottom of the screen, the total amount of memory will be displayed, as well as the amount that is occupied.

    If you switch to the SD card at the same time, then Android will show the same data, but only for the memory card.

    After that, you need to select a program and click on it, and then on the button. “Transfer to SD-card”. Thus, you need to transfer there all applications and games that are possible.

    Move apps to SD card

    In addition to the transfer, you can remove all those programs that are not used or run very rarely. Don’t worry, all installed and removed apps will be marked in your Play Market account profile. So they can be installed in a couple of clicks if necessary.

    Who has this problem most often?

    In most cases, they suffer from problems associated with a lack of internal memory within 1-2 months after purchasing an Android-based gadget. over, those who have installed an additional volumetric memory card may also face such a situation.

    And the solution to the problem depends on its type and reasons, which can be very many. Therefore, in order to solve the problem, you need to analyze all the prerequisites and features of the problem. Only this in the end can be a guarantee that the notification about insufficient amount of internal memory can disappear.

    What to do if programs cannot be installed, but there is memory

    Many Android OS users face another problem. there is internal memory in the phone and on the memory card, but you cannot install programs, applications and games. If this happens, and the system constantly sends notifications, then you need to clear the cache in the Play Market.

    In order to do this, you need to go to the system settings, and then select the “applications” item. After that, you need to find the Play Market there and clear its cache.

    After all these steps have been performed, you must reboot your device and try to install the necessary programs again. In 9 cases out of 10, this method helps to solve the problem.

    Internal storage is low on Android. what to do

    The relevance of the Android OS is growing every day more and more, so it is not surprising that along with this the number of questions from regular users is growing. One of the common questions is memory. You can often see messages that the amount of internal memory is insufficient on Android, which is why you cannot install the program or take a photo. How to solve such a problem, what are its reasons and why it became so popular?

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    How the Android system works

    In Android OS, any application downloaded and installed from the Play Market is standardly transferred to the internal memory of the gadget. And this is only valid for this kind of installation. In other words, downloading software from third-party resources and copying their APK files to a memory card will not take up free space from the phone’s memory.

    In the standard memory settings, the user can see a detailed list of games and programs installed on the SD card and the internal memory of his device. Also there you can see exactly how much space they take, how much cache they take and other points.

    Important point: the standard apps that come with Google’s Android OS by default cannot be deleted or moved to the SD card. This is weather, mail, many widgets, Google services and other applications.

    Internal memory is insufficient push notifications

    So, Android notifies that there is no space on the internal phone memory. How the user should act in this case?

    The article lists the main reasons and solutions to the problem with the lack of internal memory on the phone. In order not to face such a situation, you should store all the data that is possible on the memory card.

    Also, in order to protect yourself and your gadget, you must use an SD card of 8 gigabytes or more. And for more correct and faster work, you need to use a memory card of class 10 or higher. This will ensure high speed of the gadget and provide it with stable and affordable memory for many years.

    What is meant by cleaning?

    First of all, we mean clearing the cache. that part of the operating memory of the phone in which various files accumulate during active use of the device. This can be data that remains after loading web pages. For example, various graphic elements, images, scripts or media files. It can also be data that remains in the cache after launching and working with applications installed on the phone.

    Each application also has its own cache. Thanks to the cache memory and the files it contains, the loading of the Internet pages that you frequently visit and the programs that you constantly use are much faster. In order to achieve the greatest effect and improve the performance of a smartphone, it is necessary to regularly clear its internal memory.

    Using third-party applications

    The main function of all the above applications is practically the same: they delete temporary files from the system, that is, they clear the cache. Cleaning can be done with one touch in automatic or manual mode (App Cache Cleaner, Cache Cleaner Wizard). In addition, programs can delete old and unnecessary files, as well as transfer applications and their components to a memory card (App Cache Cleaner). And some, for example, Power Cleaner, can also speed up the system, adjust the temperature of the processor and much more.

    A discussion of ways to free the internal memory of a smartphone from unnecessary files would be incomplete without such an item as clearing the history in the browser.

    Clearing the cache on Honor

    The ability to access the Internet from a smartphone has made our daily life much easier. You can exit at any time, except in rare cases when we are outside the coverage of the cellular network. Modern phones have become many times more powerful and reliable. However, all the same, after some time, Android devices may start to run slower. Usually, slowdowns when loading apps and refreshing the browser screen while surfing the Internet indicates that the mobile operating system needs cleaning.

    Methods for Clearing Cache on Honor Phones

    In order to free the device’s RAM from the accumulated “garbage”, you can use several methods:

    • standard, using built-in tools available on the phone;
    • special applications that are installed separately.

    You can clear the cache on Honor in the standard way as follows:

    • Go to the “Settings” phone.
    • Open the section “Memory. Memory, Clear memory”. The window that opens will display detailed information about the occupied and free internal memory of the device. We are interested in the “Clear memory” option located at the very bottom of this window.
    • Press the line “Memory cleaning”. A new window will open offering additional settings and deep cleaning options.
    • The cache cleaning settings are hidden under the gear-shaped icon in the upper right of the screen. Click on this icon.
    • Now you need to set the switch for the “Auto Delete” function to the “on” position. To go to the previous window, press the back arrow
    • In the “Clear memory” window, we see the number of megabytes of internal memory that can be freed. You can press the “Clear” button on this screen. But the system also gives us the opportunity to study the information about the state of memory in more detail. To do this, click on “View free memory and cache”. This line is directly below the displayed amount of memory, which can be cleared.
    • We find ourselves in the “Information” section, in which you can tick all the items and applications that will be cleared. To perform this operation, press the “Clear” button.

    In addition to the standard one, Huawei Honor phones have another built-in tool for cleaning that section of the internal memory, which is called the cache. This is the “Wipe Cache Partition” option and is found in the “Recovery” menu.

    Basically, clearing the cache through the recovery menu is performed in more serious cases. For example, before installing a new firmware, when you need to clean the system from residual data that could negatively affect the installation process. This cleaning method, in principle, can also be called standard, since it is applicable for any Huawei / Honor model (5c, 6, 6a, 7, 7a, 7c, 8c, 8x, 9, 10, etc.).

    Clearing the cache of Honor phones using the Wipe Cache Partition option:

    • Turn off the phone (with the power button or through the OSD).
    • Simultaneously press and hold two buttons. increase the volume and power. After a few seconds, the vibration motor of the phone will work, and the Recovery menu will appear on the screen (there are three items in it). The buttons can now be released.
    • Go to the Wipe Cache Partition item by pressing the volume down button.
    • Press the power button to confirm the selection. The process of cleaning and formatting the cache partition will start.
    • We are waiting for the cleaning to be completed and the Recovery menu appears on the screen again.
    • To exit the recovery mode, press the first item. Reboot system now. The phone will reboot and enter normal operating mode.

    How to delete your request history in a mobile internet browser

    Above, we have already talked about how comfortable it has become to use the Internet when such compact devices as smartphones appear in our lives. But just like a standard web browser installed on a PC or laptop, a mobile browser also contains a list of sites that we open intentionally or accidentally. When an application that opens up the Internet to us remembers the addresses of our favorite web pages, it is very convenient. But sometimes, the history of visiting sites can provoke an awkward situation. What to do to delete your search history?

    How to clear history in Yandex browser:

    • Open Yandex browser, tap the three-line icon to open a tab with a list of additional options
    • Tap on the “gear” to open “Settings”.
    • Scroll down to the “Privacy” menu.
    • Check the box next to “Save history” (you can also check other items in this menu that you want to clear).
    • Click the “Clear Data” button
    • In the window that opens, check the items “History” and “Cash”.
    • Tap the “Clear data” button at the bottom of the screen.

    How to clear history in Chrome browser:

    • Start the Chrome browser, tap on the icon (three dots) to open the menu with options.
    • Select “Settings” “Additional settings”.
    • Then go to the “Privacy” “History”.
    • Tap “Clear history”.
    • A window for selecting the time period that you want to clear will open. If you want to clear the history completely, put a tick in front of the “All the time”.
    • Check the box “Browsing history”.
    • Tap “Delete data”.

    That’s it, the history of visiting sites has been deleted, you can not worry that someone else will see it.