How to clear memory on Honor 7a

Honor 7A. Cleaning internal memory

Please tell me! There is a smartphone, Honor 7A. What the “Other applications”? I’m just banal update the system can not, t.ΠΊ. I don’t have enough space.

Is there a way to clear these “other applications”?? Cleaned with standard utility, deleted cache.

I would like to do without a factory reset.

Clean up your messenger folders. I once cleaned the messenger folder and freed up 40 gigs at once.

It does not fucking work. I use cleaning after 3 days, but after a week there is 10 gigs of cache already accumulated and I have to manually delete the cache

Weird, it works fine for me, well ok

If you sit in groups with memes and videos, then these 10 gigs are easily accumulated in 3 days.

Because telegram does not purge the entire cache every 3 days, and deletes only what you have not accessed during this time

Who knows, I have a budget Samsung, 4 gigabytes can easily accumulate)

And where do you look? Telegram can have very different numbers in the settings and in the app itself.

Despite auto-delete, telegram has not optimized autoloading, as for the media platform, namely the tendency to pre-load all content at once. Sitting in one channel, the application will simultaneously download the content of this channel and the neighboring ones, which I may not enter for months, which negatively affects the pre-loading speed of the first channel. It’s strange that it’s profitable for them to run their servers like this.

Buy some Chinese stuff and then figure out why it is not loading, and where the memory went.

, The system stores previous system updates (download files). Look for them.

“Buy some Chinese crap and then sit and try to figure out why it doesn’t add up and where the memory went.”. You’re suggesting that we shouldn’t buy smartphones at all? Use the pushbuttons that were made in Europe?

Lol, there’s a whole huge sales sector here in Israel. phones for the religious For some reason they can’t have smartphones. Apparently, in order not to watch all sorts of tempting and bad things, so that all the showrooms are full of push-button technology, I do not know such brands Even ads come across. Like, Rabbi So-and-so recommends this kosher phone πŸ™‚

But you are guaranteed not to have problems with updates πŸ™‚

It’s simple: don’t buy Chinese garbage, and if you do, then fuck with it yourself

Show me a smartphone that (its components) are not assembled in china. And at least Android is not Chinese, it’s already shit. It was nowhere near Simba

Here we go again. What about the assembly and components? It’s about fucking handmade software and lack of support. Android is great, there is no better mobile axis at the moment.

“Symbian is great, there’s no better mobile axis at the moment.”.

You understand that people eat sawdust mixed with a loaf of bread when they need it and it tastes good and even seems fine to them when they’re hungry. But that in itself does not make this food beautiful. Be what’s best. would have taken it.

You understand that people eat sawdust mixed with loaf of bread when they need it and it tastes good and even seems fine to them when they are hungry. Excellent description of consumers of Chinese “tops for their money”. Do not write me please, your position is already clear to me. Android is beautiful, it’s a pity that Chinese, so to speak, products often have in common with it only the name.

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On non-Chinese there is some other Android, which in 21 years is enough 16 GB of memory to work properly?

Buy an iPhone and you’ll forget about cleaning the memory of your phone

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just a couple of days ago I was brought an iPhone He, where half of all memory is occupied by the category “other”. What is “other”?? I don’t know. iOS doesn’t give you any tools to figure it out and clean it up.

and you’ll forget about cleaning your phone memory Yes, because instead of cleaning, you’ll just reset it to factory settings.

And even my personal iPhone right now has over 10 gigs of “other system data”. Just regular system files. 8 gigs, but that makes sense. And that’s what “other” system files are. I don’t know, don’t ask questions, buy some space in the icloud.

Transferring user files to a memory card

Transferring installers and personal information to an external SD card is used to free up space on your gadget, which in most cases has a small limit, which is significantly inferior in size to external drives.

You can move to the SD-card any information which is not related to the OS, not affecting the productivity of the working processes and the work of the mechanism itself: personal photos, any pictures and screenshots, video files, documents with e-books, etc. A few tips for deleting content on Android devices without using programs:

  • Launch explorer in the standard applications of your smartphone. It shows all the files in the folders that correspond to the intended use.
  • Select the line displaying the internal storage of the device;
  • Use a short hold to mark the data to be moved;
  • Select the “scissors” icon in the pop-up menu to cut out documents;
  • In the main Explorer menu, open the line from the external storage;
  • Select the “clipboard folder” icon to paste the cut information;
  • Repeat all the steps to move other data.

Some applications can be launched and run from the external drive as well. To move them you need to:

  • Go to the software settings menu;
  • Open the Memory section;
  • Mark the checkbox “MicroSD”;
  • Perform a reboot of the device. When the smartphone starts up after rebooting, the marked utilities will run from the flash card. It is worth considering that after removing or damaging the external storage device, the software will give an error on startup.

How to clean the memory of the phone Honor and Huawei manually

clear, memory, honor

If the statistics showed “garbage” in the phone, immediately get to work on cleaning it. How to clear internal memory of Huawei and Honor phone? The easiest option. manually. It is without using third-party programs to enter the appropriate sections and remove unnecessary components. Since there are quite a few places where unnecessary files accumulate, use the step-by-step guide to clean up your Honor or Huawei. The algorithm is suitable for both phones and tablets of this brand.

Deleting “garbage” in your browser

The first place that accumulates the most unnecessary components is the mobile browser. Without even knowing it, you clog the cache by visiting different sites. For example, visiting for the first time a bright multimedisource with a lot of videos and gifs, the site will take a long time to load, because the phone does not know it yet. On subsequent visits the device “remembers” the page view and stores the images in its cache. Therefore, the download will go faster. On the practical side this function is handy, because it saves a lot of traffic and waiting time. On the memory clogging side is a direct loss, because the cache is a treacherous place. It is not visible, but it takes up a record amount of free space.

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If you still have questions or complaints. let us know

  • go to the settings;
  • go to the applications;
  • find the browser;
  • choose it;
  • We click on the inscription “Clear cache”;
  • reload.

Delete messages

Small text SMS are also able to clog the memory in large volumes. They come almost daily from the operator, online stores and other subscribers. SMS messages are stored by default in the internal memory of the device, and in a year without any problems can completely clog it. Therefore it is recommended to remove unnecessary components at least once a week.

Clean up junk files

If there are components on your phone that are no longer useful. delete them. These can be old photos or videos. Many people keep files like this as storage, not knowing that it’s possible to copy them to cloud storage and leave them there. A great option for such purposes is Google.

Download Google Drive and sign up for it. Every customer on Google gets 15 GB of free space. They can be used for any format of content. You throw your archived items there, and delete copies from your phone.

Deleting applications

Apps can also be unnecessary. How many of you have downloaded software for daily exercise, but have never opened it? Every third one. And there are a lot of examples of applications that are “definitely needed someday. Free up your phone or tablet by dragging unnecessary components to the trash.

Types of Memory on Android Devices

There are three types of memory allocated on Android devices:

The system memory (RAM) is used to provide the start and run processes of the installed applications. This RAM accepts any downloaded software and its utilities.

The second type. the place where the operating system is stored. The user can’t tamper with it and change anything. These actions lead to operational errors, so this type of memory was made closed.

The third type is the memory used to store user files, messages, music, photos, videos, etc.

How to clear phone RAM

As mentioned above, the speed of your device depends on the RAM. It can also be cleaned, it is not that hard to do. Cleaning is possible in several ways.

Close background apps

Closing background programs is the easiest thing you can do, which reduces the number of programs. You can do it like this:

  • Click on the navigation button on the bar at the bottom;
  • Opens windows that the user has recently used;
  • Tap on the recycle garbage can, which will delete all the open tabs.

This allows you to quickly offload the RAM.

Clear the application cache

The cache can also be in RAM. To clear it, it is worth:

  • Go to the phone settings;
  • Select Apps;
  • Next, the user can see the programs they are using, tap on any app and go to “Memory“;
  • All information about the internal memory is available, tap on “Clear cache”.

This way you can simply free the RAM.

How to clear RAM of the phone HUAWEI (honor)?

The phone’s RAM (abbreviated RAM) is the most important component in the architecture of a smartphone after the CPU. This is where the most current information is stored, which is handled by the phone’s CPU. The higher its performance and the more free memory, the faster your phone will run and the faster it will respond to your commands.

The feature of the RAM is that after powering off the phone it is completely cleared. And when you turn it on, the Android operating system, the proprietary EMUI shell and the rest of the service applications that the CPU works with are loaded into it first.

The specificity of this phone lies in the fact that the developers of its operating system believe that the most important priority in the work of the smartphone is the fastest response to the commands of the owner of the phone and the fastest launch of the necessary applications. Therefore, in order to realize this, all applications which you have ever launched are always “loaded” to the phone’s RAM. This is done in order to launch them quickly if necessary.

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over, the phone RAM still stores the data necessary for the rapid operation of applications, the so-called application cache. This is data that has been specifically generated by an application from data stored in ROM (Permanent Storage Device). ROM is the main storage of the phone’s information, which stores data even when the power is off.

As a result, over time, the amount of free RAM becomes less and less, and the speed of your phone decreases.

How to clear memory on Huawei and Honor

How to clear memory on Huwei and Honor? In this instruction we will explain how to free up space by cleaning the internal memory and at the same time learn how to free up RAM.

RAM. Necessary for storing temporary files. The speed of the system depends on its quantity. You must have faced the situation when the system starts to freeze and even the opening of simple programs takes longer than usual. The reason is just the lack of RAM. Most likely there are a lot of open applications that run in the background.

Internal memory. Here everything is clear it is necessary for storing files and programs on your smartphone.

What is a cache?

On any phone there is a folder with temporary files. This can be a variety of settings information, reports, and other app data.

Why? Because copies of all the pictures of the site will appear in the temporary folder, so that the download at the next login will be done at an accelerated pace. Also saves traffic. But, if the user decides to delete the application from the phone, the previously saved files in the cache folder will definitely remain in the memory. Where it will lead to? The more apps the user downloads and then deletes, the more space will be taken up by temporary files. How to solve this problem? It is enough to clear the cache.

There are three cache options on Honor:


  • Client applications. Requires regular cleaning.
  • Dalvik. is a system file that is created automatically after deletion. Therefore, there is no point in constantly clearing such cache.
  • Cache accumulated from system software. It is built into the internal memory of the device in the “cache” folder. Deletion causes critical errors in the operating system.

Given these points, we come to a logical conclusion: you can delete only files from common user applications. It is located on the internal and external memory of the device.

How to clean your phone from unnecessary files: Honor, Huawei, Samsung

Over time, a huge number of files accumulate on your phone, which overloads your device and interferes with its stable operation. And it is not only on Android, but also in the same operating system Windows on computers, so a periodic “cleaning” of the data is required on any device. And if you do not know how to clean your Android phone from unnecessary files, both in manual and automatic mode, we recommend you to read our material, where we have tried to describe all possible ways universal for all your smartphones based on the Android operating system.