How to Clear Memory on a Samsung J3 Phone

When the memory becomes full, the device starts to work slowly and freezes. A corresponding notification also appears on the screen.

How to Clear Memory on a Samsung J3 Phone

To prevent this from happening, keep at least 500 MB of main memory free. If the memory is still full, use the recommendations below.

Remove apps you don’t use

Keeping track of the number of applications and removing unnecessary ones is a good habit. This saves not only memory space, but also battery power. Check the applications that are installed on your device and remove unnecessary ones.

Perhaps some of the applications can be transferred to a memory card. This option depends on the developer of the particular application.

Delete photos, music,s and other files or transfer them to a memory card

To view files on the device, use the My Files application. This is an analogue of the “Explorer” on a Windows computer.

Find the My Files application in the device’s menu and open it. Often it is located in the “Samsung” folder.

On the start screen, select “Device Memory”.

Folders and files are displayed as they are stored in the device’s memory. Now you need to find the large folders. To do this, select any folder (two options):

1. Click on the folder and hold for a few seconds. A square or circle will appear next to the folder, and a check mark in it;
2. If there is a square or circle next to the folder, click on it. A checkmark will appear in it.

Click “Options” in the upper right corner (it may look like three dots) and select “Properties” or “Details”.

Also, this item may be at the bottom of the screen (no need to press Options).

In the “Size” item, the volume occupied by the folder will be displayed. If the folder takes up a lot (more than 300 MB), it is better to transfer it to the memory card.

Usually the largest folders are: DCIM. photos ands from the camera, Download. downloaded files from the Internet, WhatsApp or the name of other instant messengers. files from chats in instant messengers, Music. music.

To move, select the folder again, press “Options” and select “Move”. To delete, select “Delete”. You can move not only folders, but also individual files that are stored in these folders.

Also, these items may be at the bottom of the screen (no need to press Options).

Select “Memory Card,” and then “Done” or “Move Here.” The folder has been moved.

How to see how much memory is free

On most devices, the amount of memory can be viewed directly in the My Files application. The first figure shows how much is occupied, the second. how much total memory.

If such information is not displayed on the My Files application on your device, open “Menu”. “Settings“. “Memory“.