How to clear iPhone microphone

How to clear your iPhone microphone

Every time you make a call with your iPhone, the people you’re talking to tell you that they have trouble hearing you, that your voice is too quiet, or that they’re disturbed? This is most likely because the microphone on your iPhone by is dirty and needs to be thoroughly cleaned. How you talk? You’ve thought about it, but don’t know how to do it? Well, I don’t see the problem, I can explain it to you.

If you take a few minutes of your precious time in addition to your attention, I can illustrate, in fact, what operations you can perform with a clean iPhone microphone so that you can use it again without issue. Before you can think about who knows what, I want to point out that you don’t have to do anything particularly complicated or inaccessible. The steps to follow are pretty simple, even for the least tech-savvy (shorter, like you).

If the problem persists, I will also try to explain how to contact Apple support, request additional support and, if necessary, a possible replacement. Now just chat and let’s get down to business. I wish you, as always, an enjoyable read and good luck with everything.

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How to clean the speakers on your iPhone

Dirty earpiece is the most common problem faced by iPhone owners. It appears in the form of poor hearing of the interlocutor, even at maximum volume. The sound becomes quiet and indistinct. Sometimes the presence of dirt can be seen even visually.

Often users try to clean the iPhone speaker grill with a toothpick. But this only aggravates the situation, as the dirt is pushed inside. Only specialists in the service center can clean the speaking speaker by opening the case of the smartphone. To avoid possible trouble, adhere to the recommendations below.

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Before you clean the speaker on your iPhone, prepare the following inventory:

Clean the grid perform in this sequence:

  • Pour a small amount of liquid into a container and dip a brush in it.
  • Squeeze the brush or make a dab on a clean surface so the liquid does not drip. The hair should be damp but not wet.
  • Rub gently with a brush without applying excessive pressure to the grille.
  • Dip an ear wand in the liquid, squeeze and wipe the mesh.
  • Check the result. Repeat the process if necessary.

You can clean the bottom speaker with a regular toothbrush. But do not use any liquids.

Quiet speaker during a call on iPhone 7

Very often iPhone 7 users complain about the upper talking speaker. During a call, the caller/person we are calling can be heard very quietly, despite adjusting the maximum volume with the side buttons.

It is recommended to clean the speaker mesh with a brush or compressed air at least once a month to avoid similar problems in the future.

It is very important to perform all maintenance professionally and not to damage the LCD display during repair.

Contrary to appearance, a lot of dirt can collect in the speaker. You can’t avoid it without plugs.

Even the most efficient equipment fails. In the case of iPhone 7, it is sometimes damaged.

As a result, we cannot hear the person we are calling or talking to. Other times, other sounds are unintelligible.

In this situation, you can try to diagnose and repair it yourself

When do you need to clean the speakers on your iPhone

One of the most common types of visits to us begins with the words “it has become quieter”. The situation does not change even if you increase the volume of the iPhone speaker. There are several reasons for this symptom:

Most often clogging is caused by poor operating hygiene, when the smartphone is worn without a case just in the

  • If the user works in a dusty environment, the speaker will need to be cleaned more often than usual.
  • High humidity of the room also leads to fast clogging, particles of garbage and dust deposit on the grating of the element.

The Airpods wireless earphones are recommended as a preventive measure against device pollution. To take a call you don’t need to reach for the phone, just touch the earpiece. The less contact we have with the phone, the cleaner it is.

How to clean iPhone speaker correctly (if it is quiet)

Many people have a whole fleet of devices. macbooks, iPhones, iPads, and whatever else. When you use all this goodness, inevitably there comes a time when the computer screen is no longer visible because of the dust settled on it, iPad slips out of your hands, because you just ate chicken wings, or gave the iPhone to call your girlfriend. everything is fine, she did not break, returned, but a thick layer of foundation on the speaker still a little confusing. Although the dirt in the speaker and microphone can also clog from just carrying a smartphone in your

The left side is often dirtier than the right

The dirt itself is often not visible, and you start to notice the problem only when you can hardly hear the person you are talking to on the phone. What to do in this case? Many immediately armed with a toothpick: the top layer of dirt can really be removed, but there is a risk of pushing it deeper into the speaker (and damage the mesh itself, which is quite fragile).

In the service center Apple Pro for cleaning iPhone speaker use special brushes and tweezers. in most cases, a mechanical cleaning of the mesh speaker helps solve the problem (the lower speaker and microphone are also affected). And specialists perform this procedure absolutely free for their clients: so if you don’t hear your interlocutor well or have problems with the microphone, we advise you to contact them.

Of course, sometimes mechanical cleaning is powerless. For example, if you’ve already tried to get rid of the dirt yourself with the same toothpick (or simply haven’t cleaned the speaker for several years after buying your iPhone). Here the engineer opens the iPhone to check the contamination of the speaker, and blows the grid from the inside. Such a procedure is already paid, but it’s better to permanently solve the problem than to have the discomfort of a malfunctioning speaker or microphone.

Here is a visual result. before cleaning and after. Look at how much dirt there is!

The lower speaker and microphone also get very dirty, sometimes even more so than the upper speaker. That’s why it’s imperative that you clean it periodically.

In some cases it doesn’t help and you have to change the speaker, but this applies to situations when the microphone or the speaker doesn’t work at all. Owners of iPhones usually like to take their phones to the bathroom, where there is a high risk of moisture entering the exposed components of the device, including the speaker grill. It can also be caused by a bump, even a minor one. In this case only iPhone speaker replacement will help.

By the way, in addition to this, the service center Apple Pro makes cleaning Airpods with a powerful air stream (under pressure) and a special brush. so that after such a procedure the headphones look like they have not been worn at all.

Here’s the condition the Airpods were in before the headphones were cleaned:

Obviously, the more dirt that gets into our devices, the worse the speakers perform, so periodically cleaning is still best. The equipment exists for the purpose of usage, for pleasure, for communication with friends, for learning something new or, after all, for making money. So keep your devices clean and in the state you feel comfortable using them. they’ll last a lot longer! And our colleagues at Apple Pro will help you do just that.

How to clean the speaker on iPhone 6? The easy way

iPhone 6. This is a problematic smartphone in terms of sound. Users often complain about poor sound. There are a lot of posts like this on various forums. Sometimes just blowing out the speaker is enough, and sometimes the weak sound is the result of a software flaw and is fixed by software. But most often the speaker needs to be either cleaned or replaced. That’s why it’s important to know how to clean the speaker on your iPhone 6. This may well bring your smartphone back to its previous quality sound.

Causes of poor sound from the speaker

There can be several reasons. If the phone is spilled water, then the sound from the speaker is bad. This is a quite logical consequence. Also, the speaker could be clogged with dust, or worse. sand. So remember if your device fell on the sand on some beach.

It is worth noting that iPhones have a special metal mesh over the speaker. It serves as protection, but during operation it clogs in a natural way.

Rarely, the cause is software. There are reports on the forums that the problem of quiet sound has been solved after a software update. So for starters, just try installing fresher software or, if you don’t already have it, roll back to a previous iOS. If that doesn’t help, then the article that tells you how to clean the speaker on your iPhone 6. Try to stick to the tips.

What you need for cleaning?

We will only need 2 ingredients or tools:

  • A brush with a stiff lint. If you can find a brush with a soft lint, that’s okay. Just cut the lint, at the base of the bristles it will be hard. This one will be perfect for us. You can use a cotton swab, but it’s less effective.
  • Some kind of liquid with m-alcohol. It can be cologne or alcohol itself. Lighter gasoline (high purity) is available to use.

It’s all found in almost every home. Have a brush and fluid ready. Let’s say it’s gasoline.

How to clean the speaker on the iPhone 6? Instructions

Pour the gasoline in some small container. Pour just a little bit. The main thing is to be able to dip the brush in gasoline and moisten, no more. Do not let gasoline drip from the brush.

Moisten the brush and very carefully work on the grid of the speaker. No need to disassemble the phone and take out the mesh. Simply moisten the reticulum of the phone assembled with a brush. Do this procedure several times and very thoroughly. After the second or third cleaning with a brush you will visually see that the speaker became much cleaner.

After that, just wipe off the gasoline residue from the speaker mesh and from the phone with a tissue. Your smartphone should work better now. Check to see if you can hear the caller better. If not, then you will have to clean from the inside. You will need special tools for this. At a minimum, you need an asterisk screwdriver, which only people who repair phones and small electronics have. You also need the skills of disassembly and assembly of smartphones, because when you remove the lid of the case you can accidentally break the loop. So if you do not know how to clean the speaker on iPhone 6 from the inside, it is better not to get inside, and give the phone for repair.

Although usually the simplest external cleaning with a stiff brush and an alcohol-based solution helps.

How not to clean?

Some users do not know how to clean the speaker on the iPhone 6, and try to do it with a toothbrush, but you should not do it. A toothbrush is very hard and has long hair, so it can damage the mesh, which can later lead to clogging of the speaker itself.

It is also preferable to use alcohol solutions and not the alcohol itself. Although the latter will do as well. But under no circumstances use water. Water is oxidising and is not degreasing. Alcohol and alcohol-based solutions degrease the surface and do not oxidize, so they are ideal for cleaning.

Alternatively, you can safely use disposable alcohol wipes, which are usually designed for hands. But make sure that a piece of tissue is not left on the grid of the speaker. Also, do not use wipes without alcohol, because most wet wipes do not contain it now, although they also slightly degrease the surface. Some users try to do this with a toothpick. Don’t use it to clean your smartphone, no matter how. To clean the speaker on the iPhone 6 at home with a toothpick is not possible. You will simply break the mesh, which is not strong enough as it is.

Now you know how to clean the speaker on your iPhone 6 S and other models.

How to keep the speaker from clogging?

There is nothing new to advise in this respect. Standard smartphone care tips will do. Just do not spill water on it, do not throw it in the sand and try not to drop it at all. In any case sooner or later the speaker will get clogged and the caller will be hard to hear again, no matter how well you monitor the condition of your smartphone. But now you know how to clean the speaker on the iPhone 6 plus at home, and no clogs you are not afraid of. Use this way and recommend it to your friends.

The iPhone 7 has a problem with sound

One of the most common problems with iPhone 7. The audio codec. Signs are as follows: when calling, you cannot hear the other party, the voice recorder does not record, and the camera freezes when recording video. If these three problems occur simultaneously on your iPhone. It is necessary to repair the audio codec.

If you have a conversation on your iPhone and you can hear the other party, but he/she cannot hear you. This is most likely due to a malfunction of the microphone, which is located on the bottom. It can be clogged with dust or just break down. You can try to clean the grid, which is located next to the charger plug. If this does not help. Most likely you need to replace the part. It also often happens that you can cover the microphone with your hand holding the iPhone during a call. In this case the person you are talking to may not hear you well. To confirm that the microphone does not work, just open the recorder app and try to record the sound.

App for cleaning the iPhone speaker

There are the following applications for cleaning the speaker. We haven’t actually tested whether they work and actually push water out of the iPhone, but let’s briefly list these programs:

  • Sonic. The program generates ultrasound from 0 HZ to 25 HZ, so the device is cleared of moisture and dust;
  • Water Eject. Generates more powerful waves of ultrasound up to 150 HZ, thus pushing water out of the speaker of the Apple iPhone;
  • Sonic Pitch Sound Generator. an even more powerful program that is able to create an ultrasound up to 25000 HZ, which can clean the speaker. By the way, the developers claim that such an ultrasound scares away even dogs. The app itself even has a button that repels mosquitoes. A very powerful program that, at 13500 HZ, severely cuts your hearing;

All of these free programs to clean the iPhone speaker are available for download in the App Store!

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