How to Clear Cache On Samsung J2

System memory in the Android operating shell is traditionally considered a weak point. Especially in those devices where it is impossible to increase. The gradual heap of various files and installation modules of utilities begins to slow down the system greatly. There are several common solutions to this situation. This essay gives a detailed answer to the question. how to free system memory on Android.

Methods for cleaning system memory

As mentioned above, there are devices on the market that have built-in. system memory and modules that are installed by the users themselves. It’s easier with the second ones: if they don’t have any important information on them, just to format the card is enough to clear it. This can be done both when connecting the gadget to a computer, and through a card reader. Now, let’s look at ways to clear the system memory on Android on the device itself.

Android Not enough free memory:. Cleaning through the conductor

The first way is through a special conductor on the device itself. In different gadgets it is called differently. To clean, go to this utility, select one of the categories, click on the pencil icon at the top and select the files that you want to delete, then click the button with the image of the trash can at the bottom. As a result, the file will be deleted. In those cases when the necessary programs were demolished (however, this is only possible with Root access), it will be possible to restore them.

How to get ROOT rights:. Cleaning with Clean Master

The second way to clean is to use a special utility. Clean Master. one of the most rated programs that significantly speeds up the system. On Google Play, it is located at the link. Working with the utility is very simple. You must download and run it. A window will open in front of the user, where two circles with numbers will be displayed. The first. large. system memory, the second. operational. When you click on the first circle, a scan will begin, which in a few seconds will show what exactly can be released.

Then a table will appear where you can select files that can be compressed or deleted and which are not critical for the platform. By clicking on the “Save” button, cleaning will occur.

Cleaning through task manager

The third way is the task manager. It is located in the settings menu and opens when you click on “Applications”. To clear the memory, you need to click on one or more utilities and select the item in the upper part of “Delete”.

If you have problems with the storage on Android

Sometimes situations arise when the memory on Android is lost, although nothing was installed. One option is a virus. A possible solution to this problem is to carefully scan the system for malware. After that, it will become clear whether there is a threat. In another case, already installed programs are updated and begin to take up more space. This article explains in detail how to check Android for viruses.

Storage Setup

The last thing I would like to mention in the article is how to configure memory on Android. Each utility has the ability to be transferred per card. To do this, go to “Settings”, then click on the icon with the image of the program and click on the “Transfer to card” button. This only works in cases where the program is not system and a card is installed in the gadget.

How to clear internal memory on Android:. conclusions

Thus, you can understand that working with memory on Android will not pose any problems even for novice users.

How can I free up system memory on Android:

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All this is nonsense, system memory is not cleared by these utilities.

Only a reset to the factory settings is cleared and the system memory. Just need to backup

complete nonsense! Especially amused about Clean Master

None of the methods work.

Good people, your reproaches are understandable, but they do not solve the problem. Give better practical advice on who and how could clean the system memory. Everyone who has suffered from this will have a chance to rectify the situation. Thanks in advance.

Hello. The easiest way to clear system memory from temporary files and accumulated cache is to install the Clen Master application and use it to remove all garbage. You can also manually try to clear the memory of error records, which can also take up quite a lot. Well, the third option is to manually clear the accumulated data manually through the application manager in each application (here you will also find cache and temporary files and cookies, and so on). In an extreme case, you can reboot the device and reset to factory settings. By resetting you will clean absolutely everything.

NURSE, do not waste time, the article is useless!

Android 4.4.4, phone memory 8GB, 4GB card, operational 1 GB. swears, there is little space, application settings: the phone is free 380 MB, on the card 500 MB, about half operational. and suddenly, internal memory, 0.89 GB is busy, 1 MB is free. I remind you, 8, 4 and 1GB, where does 0.89 \ 1 come from?

1. Try to clear the cache of installed applications.
2. You can manually delete unnecessary files from your phone through Explorer or when connecting to a PC via cable. But this is if you understand the file structure. For example, you can delete photos ands from the “DCIM” folder.
3. Configure applications so that they store their cache their files on the memory card, and not in the phone’s memory. The same goes for games.
4. Configure the camera so that the default photos are saved to the card, not to the phone.
5. Run the native optimization / clear memory in the phone.

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