How to clear cache on Huawei

Speed ​​booster

Speed ​​Booster combines the functionality of an accelerator and a device optimizer. Removing garbage, including cached program data, is one of the tasks that it successfully solves.

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  • Freeing RAM from unnecessary processes.
  • CPU cooling.
  • Optimizing memory by selectively shutting down applications.
  • Create reminders to remove trash.
  • Notifications about high CPU, memory usage and frequent restart of certain applications.
  • Optimizing power consumption by turning off the screen.
  • Creating a whitelist of programs that do not need to be cleaned and terminated.

Unlike many analogues, Speed ​​Booster never shows ads.

Clearing cache easy

Clearing the cache easy is quite true to its name. It is very easy to take care of your device with this utility, because it is as simple as the previous one. Although no, in comparison with the “Cache Clearing Wizard” there are a little more functions here. it is possible to change the theme of the design and switch the list of items found to a tabular view.

There is also a function for creating reminders here.

System partition from the Recovery menu

If the device boots up too slowly or it encounters errors at startup, clearing the system partition cache from the Recovery menu often helps to solve the problem. To access this menu, turn off the device, then press and hold the volume up and power buttons. On some models, you must additionally press the hardware button “Home”.

The option to clear the cache is called Wipe Cache Partition. Use the volume up and down buttons to navigate the menus. To confirm the selection. the power button.

Removing the cache of a specific program

If only one program needs to clear the cache, open the settings, go to “Applications”. There, select separately what you need, with two clicks a context menu will open, in which there is a separate item for cleaning.

It should be noted that the system in this way removes only components that have an insignificant effect on the operation as a whole.

Removal via settings

The easiest way is to use the standard settings. To do this, go to the appropriate section, select the item “All applications”. Open the ones you are using and clear the data one by one. To do this, each window has the necessary button.

How to clear cache on Android Honor and Huawei without deleting photos

To save your photos on the device, but clean the accumulated cache, you need to do not general, but spot cleaning. Next, we will talk about what methods of this process exist on Huawei and Honor phones in 2019.


CCleaner, known to many Windows users, also exists in an Android version. And it does not just exist, but successfully fights against memory clutter and other systemic problems.

In addition to clearing the cache, the utility’s tasks include:

  • Analysis of storage and RAM usage.
  • Termination of unnecessary processes at the user’s choice.
  • Safely remove obsolete and residual files of uninstalled programs, as well as empty folders.
  • Clearing the clipboard.
  • Removing cached messenger data.
  • Management of installed applications (user and system). Removing from the device and putting it into sleep mode.
  • Help and tips for optimizing your gadget.
  • Collecting system information.

The paid version of CCleaner (a subscription costs 199 rubles per month) also has a task scheduler, file organizing function and technical support. And besides, there are no advertisements.

How to clear cache on Honor or Huawei phone?

Occasionally, it becomes necessary to clear the cache on an Android smartphone, for example, when an application is not working properly. How to do it? Now let’s show an example based on an Honor or Huawei smartphone. There will be several ways.

If you need to delete the cache for an individual application, go to “Settings”.

Find the app you want and open it.

On the application page, select “Memory”.

You can delete the entire cache at once. Open the Phone Companion app.

Select the cache files that you need to delete, then click on the “Delete” button.

Deletion may take some time depending on the amount of data and the speed of the system.

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How to Transfer Apps to Huawei P Smart Memory Card?

Transferring an app to Huawei via settings

  • Go to “Settings”, tab “Applications”.
  • Select the desired utility / game (not system) and click on them.
  • The application tab will open. there should be an item “Transfer to SD card”.

Is it possible to delete cache data?

The cache needs to be deleted not only in browsers. Even programs and systems like Mac OS X, Outlook, Spotify and Xbox One can get rid of the cache.

How to clear cache on Huawei y7 2019?

How to clear cache on Honor or Huawei phone?

  • Select the “Applications” section.
  • Find the app you want and open it.
  • On the application page, select “Memory”.
  • Click “Clear Cache”.
  • You can delete the entire cache at once.
  • Next. “Memory Cleanup”.
  • Tap on the line “Unnecessary files”.

What happens if you delete all cache data?

Clearing the cache can help save space on your phone. Unfortunately, this is a temporary solution as new files are created every time you launch the application. Sometimes old cache files can get corrupted. When this happens, applications may malfunction, freeze, or fail to launch.

What to do if the phone writes insufficient Huawei memory?

Additional ways to fix the “Not enough memory on device” error

  • Go to settings. applications, select applications “Google Play Services”
  • Go to the “Storage” item (if available, otherwise on the application details screen), delete the cache and data.

How to Delete Cache Files on HUAWEI P20 Pro. Wipe Cache Partition |HardReset.Info

How to clear the memory of Huawei y7?

There is another way how to free up memory in your Huawei smartphone. Deleting temporary files

  • Open settings.
  • Select the line “Applications”.
  • There go to the menu “Google Application”.
  • Open “Memory”.
  • Click on the “Seat Management” button.
  • After that click on “Delete everything”.

How to clear cache on Huawei phone?

How to clear the cache of the Huawei Browser app? Go to Settings Apps Apps Browser Storage Clear cache.

Removing the cache through the Recovery menu

You can clear the cache on any mobile device. If the first method is not suitable for some reason, then you can use another method for clearing the cache. To do this, you need to go to the Recovery menu. On an Honor smartphone, you can get into it as follows:

  • press the button to turn on the smartphone;
  • press the volume key (down or up);
  • hold these buttons together for 10 seconds.

After that, the Recovery menu will launch, where the user should select the “Wipe cache partition” line. It is worth noting that the navigation buttons do not work in this menu, but you can navigate using the volume keys, the choice is confirmed by the power button.

What is cache?

When you download any application to your smartphone, a corresponding folder is created in the device’s memory. This folder contains components that are responsible for the functioning of this software. These can be reports on work, compressed images of documents, etc. This base is used in practice for faster loading of the application. Let’s consider a specific example. Viber. If someone sends you a photo to view it, you only need to upload the message once. Further, it has already been preserved in the free space of the carrier, and does not require Internet access to view it.

Cache types

We distinguish three types of cache files that are found on Honor and Huawei mobile devices:

  • user application cache;
  • Dalvik-cache.
  • system cache of system programs.

The first appears on the device in parallel with the work of the software. It is better to delete it if you have not started the file source for a long time. It makes no sense to delete the second type, because the return occurs instantly. You should also not go into system software and their components, as this leads to malfunctions in the operation of the device.

CCleaner program

This is a third-party software for PC and phones that helps to clear cache on Huawei and Honor phones. As of 2020, it is widely used to clean up memory, since the interface is simple, the cleaning system itself is free, and over the years of operation it has established itself as efficient and reliable.

To use this option, go to the Play Market, enter the name CCleaner in the search bar, download and install. After starting, select the desired cleaning option.

Removing the cache of a specific program

If only one program needs to clear the cache, open the settings, go to “Applications”. There, select separately what you need, with two clicks a context menu will open, in which there is a separate item for cleaning.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

It should be noted that the system in this way removes only components that have an insignificant effect on the operation as a whole.

How to clear cache on Android Honor and Huawei without deleting photos

To save your photos on the device, but clean the accumulated cache, you need to do not general, but spot cleaning. Next, we will talk about what methods of this process exist on Huawei and Honor phones in 2020.

Standard method for clearing the cache

The most reliable and simplest method of deleting the cache is considered to be the operation of the utility, which is located in the device’s memory. With it, you can safely delete unnecessary and temporary files without damaging any important folders and items.

The algorithm for clearing the cache is as follows:

  • Open Settings on Honor Smartphone.
  • Go to the “Memory” section.
  • A window will be displayed, where the user data is indicated, as well as how much space certain sections take up (for example, images, documents, applications, etc.). Below is the “Clear” button. You need to press it.
  • A window will open where the user will see enough memory. It will also scan items for deletion.
  • At the end of the scan, the user should click “Clean” and delete all unnecessary files.

After these actions, the free memory space will increase by an order of magnitude.

Download AVG Cleaner for Android

Download, install and get ready to speed up your device.

Or scan the QR code with your device.

After launching the application, a brief description of its functions will be displayed.

Just flip through the pages to get to the main panel.

How to clear memory on Huawei phone

Today’s smartphones are able to cope with any task: games, programs, VoIP conversations. They have built-in processors, the power of which can be compared with computer ones. But over time, the speed of the applications disappears somewhere. And the Android system starts to slow down altogether. The question arises as to how to clear the memory contents on a Huawei mobile phone. And also on other Android devices. In this article, you will find several different effective ways to do this.

Removing unnecessary apps in Huawei

The previous section helps you fix some bugs and system slowdowns. Removing programs on your Huawei smartphone will help you free up a significant portion of the memory on your mobile device. This will also partially speed up its work. The time has passed when 3-4 interesting games could be downloaded from the Play Market with 200 MB of memory in a smartphone. At the same time, the memory still remained. Today games on Google Play have become more colorful and dynamic, but they take up a lot of memory.

For a long time there have been applications that require more than 1 or 2 gigabytes of storage on a mobile device. If we revise the list of installed applications and remove unnecessary ones, we will do a good job to speed up other programs and games. Well, let’s clear the memory of your mobile phone of the Chinese brand Huawei. This can be done in two ways: in the device itself and through the Google Play application.

  • Run the application;
  • At the top, click the three stripes next to the Google Play search bar;

Click the three bars next to Google Play

  • Select “My Apps and Games”;
  • In the next window, click the “Installed” tab at the top;
  • By selecting any of them, you can delete it in a separate window. To do this, click the “Delete” button;
  • Review the list and remove any programs and games that you have not used for a long time. Or do not plan to use it in the near future.
  • An easy way to clear the memory of your Huawei smartphone

    You do not need to understand the phone system to delete unnecessary files. Application developers know how to help us with this. And we have already created several useful programs that automatically collect “trash” on your Huawei phone. And remove it safely. Do not think that this is a panacea. There are also downsides to this cleaning method. When Wi-Fi or mobile internet is on, you will see ads in the program window.

    Also, cleaning programs take away the resources of a mobile device, constantly being in running processes. These programs tend to annoy you with notifications that the smartphone’s memory is full. Although in reality he often “juggles” the scan results.

    If configured properly, the cleaning app is a good tool for deleting unnecessary data on Huawei:

    • To find such an application, open the Google Play market and enter in the search “Clear memory” or “Remove trash”;
    • In the results, you can choose the best program for yourself. The most popular is Clean Master due to its thorough search for cache and junk files. It has been downloaded and installed over 1 billion times;
    • In all these applications, the operating principle and user interface are similar. In the main menu of the program, select “Clean up trash”. Select the button in the Clean Master “Trash”

    And the application will start looking for unnecessary files on your mobile phone;

  • After scanning, click the “Clear” button;
  • Then select the item that cleans the OP and in the same way free it from unnecessary running processes;
  • Remove the RAM of the smartphone
    Most of these programs have anti-virus protection or a scanner. Try to scan your Huawei smartphone. Perhaps, along with the downloaded files, you entered viruses into the memory.

    Take a closer look at all the tools in the app to clean up memory. Apply them. This cleaning method can often help fix problems with your smartphone. Get rid of lags and slowness of the Huawei operating system. Since the cache and other similar files can take up not only the physical memory of the mobile device, but also part of the virtual one. After that, you encounter various errors in the Play Store when installing new applications.

    Deactivating Apps on a Huawei Device

    If you have problems with the Internet and at the moment there is no way to launch Google Play, unnecessary games and programs can be uninstalled offline.

    • Select the settings icon in the main menu;
    • Find the “Applications” item here. It may have a different name depending on the version of your device;
    • Then select the “All” tab;
    • Find the programs you want to remove from your Huawei phone here and select them;
    • In the new window, click the “Delete” button;
    • Review carefully the entire list of programs in the general list. If the programs were installed by the manufacturer, they can be uninstalled or turned off. Since these programs often run in the background. Even if you don’t use them;
    • Find such a program and go to the settings window;
    • Click the Stop button. Then “Disable”. And confirm shutdown.

    The more programs are removed and turned off in the “All Applications” window, the faster and more reliable your smartphone will work. Perform cleaning in a variety of ways to get the most out of your Huawei smartphone.

    Clearing memory and cache of Huawei smartphones

    Different models of Huawei smartphones have special built-in applications. which help to clean the smartphone. This is a utility that resembles the memory cleaners from the Play Market. But they were created by the developers of the manufacturer’s company. Therefore, if your phone has such an application, then it is necessary to use it. Do not download additional programs. they are useless.

      Select the application icon in the Huawei menu;

    Select a cleaning app in Huawei

  • After a while, you will see the result of scanning the device memory;
  • You need to select the appropriate action at the bottom. delete;
  • Further in the window you can see which files were found by the program. They are categorized by data type;
  • The utility also offers to clear the RAM. Confirm permissions and wait for the process to complete.
  • In some cases, special uninstall utilities do not help to clear the Huawei cache of some programs (for example, the Google Play cache is not always removed by utilities). In such situations, we need to do it manually. In case of problems in the operation of some applications, it is recommended to delete their update through the market.

    What is Program Cache in Huawei

    If an application in Huawei becomes full of cache, it crashes: it does not start, an error appears with different codes, it works slowly. Mobile applications work faster due to the downloaded data from the network. For example, in the Google Maps app, when you view your location, the app downloads a map of that area to the cache. So that the next time it starts it can quickly show it to you.

    Sometimes maps can even work without the Internet for the very reason that the map files are already in the cache. But if this storage is full, the program will have nowhere to put the files of maps of other areas. If you suddenly want to look at the Eiffel Tower. You can also delete the cache files of an individual program in the “All Programs” section, where we removed applications without the Internet. In the program window there will be a button “Clear cache”. Click it and confirm the deletion. And also use other methods to clear memory on your Huawei mobile phone.

    Removal via settings

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Next “Memory”.
    • Get detailed statistics of the occupied space.
    • Click on the “Clear” button.
    • A window will open again showing the exact amount of memory. The system will scan files for deletion.
    • Click on the button “Delete all unnecessary files”.

    How to clear cache on Huawei and Honor smartphones: manually, without deleting photos

    Before dealing with the question. how to clear the cache on Android Honor and Huawei, it is worth understanding the definition of “cache”. The program loads all data into the “temporary memory” while it is running. This is necessary to speed up work processes. Applications can be resource intensive. When the program starts to crash, it may close in an incorrect way. But, after closing it, the space in the cache will not be freed, and the free memory will become less.

    Today’s smartphones are equipped with a large amount of memory. But there are still situations when the user receives a warning about the lack of space. The smartphone starts to work much slower over time. And the launch of some applications may be delayed. Let’s look at how to clear cache on Huawei and Honor phones.

    How to clear cache on Android Honor and Huawei without deleting photos

    Better to use system utilities. This way you can avoid various damages in the OS and safely clean your phone from debris. But, in some situations, it is necessary to use third-party software. Below we will consider the existing methods.

    CCleaner program

    The second way is to use the CCleaner app. A step-by-step action plan is provided:

    • Run the installed utility to clean up unnecessary files. We provide permissions to access the device location.
    • After launch, immediately press the button “Analyze”.
    • Next, a list of accumulated trash will appear.
    • Go to the section “Removal is safe”.
    • Open the “Visible cache” list.
    • Click “Finish cleaning”.

    Recovery menu

    If you cannot use the presented methods, or they did not bring the desired result, then resort to using the Recovery menu:

    • Turn off your phone.
    • Hold down the volume up or down button with the power key.
    • The system menu will start.
    • Using the volume buttons, select the “Wipe cache partition”.
    • Confirm the action and wait for the system to reboot.

    What is cache?

    Any phone has a folder with temporary files. This can be a variety of settings information, reports and other data about applications.

    Why? Because copies of all images of the site will appear in the temporary folder, so that loading at the next login is carried out at an accelerated pace. It also saves traffic. But, if the user decided to delete the application from the phone, then the previously saved files in the cache folder will definitely remain in the memory. Where it leads? The more the user downloads applications and then uninstalls, the more space will be occupied by temporary files. How to solve this problem? It is enough to clear the cache.

    There are three cache options on Honor:

    • Client applications. Requires regular cleaning.
    • Dalvik is a system one, which is created automatically after deletion. Therefore, it makes no sense to constantly clear such a cache.
    • The cache accumulated from the system software. It is built into the internal memory of the device in the “cache” folders. During uninstallation, critical errors occur in the operation of the operating system.

    Considering these points, we come to a logical conclusion: only files from ordinary user applications can be deleted. It is located on the internal and external memory of the device.

    Removing the cache of a specific program

    If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

    How to clear cache on Huawei smartphone?

    Huawei and Honor phones have a pre-installed tool for cleaning temporary files. To find it, we do the following:

    • Exit to your desktop and tap on “Settings”.
    • Scroll down the window that opens and open the “Memory” tab.
    • Under the information about the amount of used space, select “Clean up memory”.
    • Going to a new tab, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
    • Make sure that the “Auto Delete” function is enabled (the switch is moved to the right, highlighted in blue).
    • Select “Clear cache whitelist” and leave in them applications that will not save temporary files.
    • Click on the Nova 3 arrow on the top left.
    • If you do not want to manually select applications whose cache will be deleted, click “Clear”. Otherwise, go to “View free memory and caches” to select programs yourself, and at the end tap on “Clear”.

    Note! Temporary files are generated constantly, they are created by games, social network clients, browser, songs downloaded from streaming services. To check how much they take up memory, go to “Memory” and pay attention to the line “Cache data”.

    How to clear the cache of an individual application?

    The reason to clear the data of a separate program on smartphones of the Huawei Nova line or others may be a violation of their stable operation: the site icons in the browser are displayed incorrectly, the game refuses to download updates, the social network client does not display the correspondence. To clean and restore the program to work:

    • Go to the “Settings” menu.
    • Click on Apps & Notifications.
    • Select “Application”.
    • Find the software you need and tap on it once.
    • Go to the “Memory” tab.
    • Pay attention to the highlighted button “Clear cache” and click on it.

    Important! Do not tap on “Reset”, otherwise the system data for launching applications downloaded from the Internet will be deleted from the phone. For example, if you reset the files for the game, they will have to be downloaded again, saving progress may be lost.

    By the way, all of the above examples are compatible with devices based on Android versions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. There are only minor differences in the arrangement of items in the menu, dictated by different user interfaces (the Huawei brand uses the EMUI shell).

    How to clear the cache through the Recovery menu?

    The most impractical way to clear the cache of Huawei P20 Pro or other devices of the company:

    • Turn off your smartphone by holding down the power button and selecting the appropriate item.
    • Press the lock and volume up key at the same time. Hold them until vibration and brand logo (or EMUI shells) follow.
    • A menu of three positions will appear on the screen, using the volume down button, go down to Wipe Cache Partition and click on the lock key.
    • The operation to format the section with the cache will begin.
    • Exit Recovery by selecting “Reboot system now”.

    This method works on tablets from Huawei and other devices with pre-installed Android OS.

    Note! To avoid losing personal data (photos, contacts, downloaded applications), do not run the “Wipe data / factory reset” section. It formats the internal memory of the device and rolls it back to the factory settings of the system.

    How to clear cache on Huawei phone

    On Android, like on any other OS, there are temporary files (aka cache) that take up the device’s internal memory to speed up the loading of applications or browser pages. The cache is constantly accumulating and, if ignored, it can take up 1-3 GB of internal storage. Let’s figure out how to clear the cache and what is needed for this.

    Cache is an important component of applications for faster loading after launch. But periodically, it will need to be cleaned to free up memory on the Huawei P9 smartphone and other devices from the Chinese giant.

    How to clear memory on a Huawei smartphone

    When a user purchases a new Huawei smartphone, he expects to get the expected. But, unfortunately, expectations do not always coincide with reality. Sometimes there are hidden defects, flaws or imperfections.

    For example, many users of Huawei mobile devices are experiencing insufficient memory on their phone. So, the owner installs applications on his smartphone, actively uses the device, and the system then reports that there is not enough memory, refusing to download programs. After that, the user realizes that the memory is completely clogged.

    In this case, most owners want to move applications from the phone to an external memory card, but even here users sometimes face problems. Someone does not know how to move files, while this method does not help others, since not every program can be moved. There is also another category of users. Some users may not be able to transfer applications, since there is simply no memory card support in the mobile device. But you can find a way out of this situation.

    Clearing browser history

    The browser also stores a lot of temporary files, which leaves a lot of garbage in memory. To clear the memory, you can use the following algorithm:

    • Open the browser you are using.
    • Select the “History” item in the side menu.
    • Press the button “Clear history”.
    • Then confirm your decision by clicking on the “Delete data” button.

    After that, history and temporary files will be deleted from the mobile device.

    Reasons for lack of free memory

    The built-in memory on a Huawei mobile device can be divided into 2 types:

    • Random access memory. memory intended for storing temporary files. If you turn off the power of the smartphone, then the RAM will be cleared. In addition, the speed of the system depends on the RAM. Probably, all smartphone owners have noticed at least once that the smartphone thinks and hangs for a long time before executing the user’s command. This means that the amount of RAM is not enough for the correct operation of the device. To do this, you need to clean it. The reasons for the lack of RAM: several heavy programs are running; there are many temporary files in the device, many programs are running in the background.
    • Internal memory is the memory where the user’s information and files of the Huawei smartphone are stored. The reasons for the lack of such memory are logical. there are many files on the media. You need to delete unnecessary files.

    Thus, if everything is relatively clear with the internal memory (open “Files” on the device, manually deleting unnecessary files), then not all users of Huawei mobile devices know about the methods of cleaning the RAM.

    Cleaning with standard functions

    The important procedures for clearing memory on a Huawei mobile device are as follows:

    • clearing the application cache;
    • uninstalling programs;
    • deleting unnecessary files.

    Often these actions can take a lot of time, but, most importantly, they will bring results.

    Ways to clear memory

    These methods can be used absolutely free of charge for every user of a Huawei smartphone. The user can choose the most preferable way to clear the memory.

    There are several of the most popular ways to clear memory:

    • using the existing functionality;
    • third-party applications;
    • via computer.

    You can find out the amount of free RAM in Huawei smartphones as follows:

    • press the button “Recent” tasks on the navigation panel (square icon);
    • see the free space below (for example, 1.5 GB out of 4 GB free).

    In addition, in the same menu, there is a trash can icon next to the inscription about free memory space. The user can click on it, closing all recent programs, as well as freeing up additional RAM.

    Clearing the cache

    In order to clear the app cache on a Huawei phone, the user needs to follow these steps:

    • Open mobile device settings.
    • Go to the “Applications” section.
    • Click on the line “Applications”.
    • After that, a list of all programs that are installed on the Huawei smartphone will open.
    • In order to clear the cache of a specific application, the user should select the program, click on its name. A new window will open.
    • In the information about the program, click on the line “Memory”.
    • Then click “Clear cache“.

    How to Remove Cache Files from Huawei Y6P. Wipe Cache Partition

    After that, the cache of this program will be cleared. These steps can be repeated with other applications.

    Removing programs

    Sometimes the system notifies the user that there is not enough free memory on the device. This happens most often when trying to install a new program. One of the ways to clean up memory is to uninstall unneeded apps.

    • Click on the icon on the desktop, and then drag the file to the trash can or to the inscription “Delete”.
    • Through smartphone settings.

    The second method implies that the user needs to go to the phone settings, go to the “Applications” section, and then select the program in the drop-down list and click on it. After that, press the “Delete” button. The program will be removed from the device, which means that some memory will be freed.

    How to Wipe Cache Partition in HUAWEI P20. Clean Up EMUI |HardReset.Info

    Third party funds

    Most Huawei smartphones for the foreign market are still Android-based, so you can use an appropriate third-party program to clear the cache. The most convenient of these is CCleaner, which we will use.

      After the first run of the solution, grant it all the required permissions.

    The main menu will appear, use the big button “Quick clean”.

    Check the boxes “Hidden cache” and “Visible cache”, then click “Finish cleaning”.

    Close the application after the completion message. The cleaning procedure is recommended to be repeated approximately once a month.

    SeaCleaner is a more advanced and reliable version of the corresponding option in Phone Manager, but some users may be deterred by the presence of ads.


    The easiest way to solve the problem is to use the application section in the “Settings”.

      Launch “Settings”, go to the “Applications” section and use the appropriate item.

    Find the required application in the list and open its page.

    Thus, you can delete temporary data from almost any of the installed programs.

    Phone Manager

    In the EMUI firmware, stock for Huawei smartphones, there is a “Phone Manager” tool, with which you can delete the entire cache at once.

    The first is the section “It is recommended to clear”, the position “Unnecessary files” is responsible for the data cache in it, to delete it, just click on the “Clear” button.

    The process happens instantly. the data will be erased immediately.

    As a means of solving our problem today, “Phone Manager” is one of the most user-friendly.

    Web browser cache

    If you only need to clear the browser cache, you can do this through the application itself. As an example, we will use the standard solution for browsing the Internet, which appeared in Huawei with firmware EMUI 10.1.

      Open the program, then click on the three dots in the upper right to open the menu, in which use the item “Settings”.

    Select “Delete browsing data”.

    Check the “Cached Pages” option and click “Delete Data”.

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