How to Clean System Memory on Android

Lack of free space in system memory is a typical problem for Android devices. This problem is especially relevant for users of budget devices. Indeed, on such devices only a few gigabytes of memory are available.

If you also encountered a similar problem, then this article should help you. Now we will tell you how to clear the system memory on Android.

Step number 1. Removing unnecessary applications.

If you faced the need to clear the system memory on Android, then the first thing to do is to remove unnecessary applications. This is easy enough to do. To get started, open the Android settings and go to the “Applications” or “Application Manager” section.

How to Clean System Memory on Android

In this settings section, a list of all applications installed on your Android device will be displayed. If you carefully study this list, you will surely find quite a few applications that you never use. By clicking on an unnecessary application, you will open a window called “Application Information”. In order to remove the application, just click on the “Delete” button.

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Step No. 2. Transfer applications to a memory card.

If your Android device is equipped with a memory card, then you can transfer applications to it and thus clear the system memory. Transferring applications to the memory card is almost the same as removing them. Open Settings and go to the list of installed applications. After that, open the application that you want to transfer to the memory card, and click on the “To SD memory card” button

After clicking on this button, Android will automatically transfer all the application files from the system memory to the SD memory card.

The only limitation of this method is that not all applications can be transferred to a memory card. If the application cannot be transferred, the “To SD memory card” button will be inactive and you will not be able to use this function.

Step number 3. Delete unnecessary files.

In order to maximize system memory, you should examine the files that are stored on your device. Very often, folders such as Bluetooth, Documents, Movies, Music, Download, Pictures and Sounds accumulate a large number of unnecessary files. Especially a lot of garbage happens in the Download folder, into which files are downloaded from the Internet. If you often use Bluetooth to transfer files, the corresponding folder will also be filled with a lot of old files.

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Download the file manager application and use it to inspect files in the system memory. For example, you can use the File Manager (Explorer) application.

Step # 4. Use the SD maid app.

SD maid application is designed specifically to delete junk files from an Android device. Despite its name, SD maid can clean not only the SD memory card, but also the system memory. In order to clear the system memory using this application, start it and go to the “System” section.

In the “System” section, click on the “Update” button.

After the system analyzes the system memory of your Android device, click on the “Delete” button.

After that, the SD maid program will require confirmation and, if received, will begin to clear the system memory on your device.