How to clean Samsung junk

How to clean Android junk?

Every smartphone user at least once faced the problem of lack of free space on his gadget. This usually happens at a completely inopportune moment. when you need to save a photo, video, audio file or download the desired application. In addition, the lack of free memory negatively affects the performance of the gadget. its work becomes slower, it can slow down and freeze. The reason is a large number of unnecessary files or “garbage” on the gadget.

In this case, memory cards for a smartphone will only be a temporary solution. First, because garbage accumulates on your phone quickly enough if you don’t clean it. Secondly, it is the RAM that most often suffers, which the memory card does not increase. How to clean Android completely of unnecessary files that slow down the operation of the device, we will find out further.

How to clear Android phone memory using special programs

The problem of garbage accumulation on a gadget is very common. That is why today there are a large number of special programs that allow the user to quickly get rid of unnecessary files. The best programs of this type include the following:

  • DiskUsage. This is a handy application that analyzes the phone’s memory load and shows accurate information in the form of a graph about which files are taking up the most space. Here, in the program menu, you can delete all unnecessary.
  • SD Maid. This application knows how to clean Android completely from garbage. The program scans the contents of the phone, finds files that are not used for the operation of the gadget and offers to delete them. With just one click of a button, the user gets rid of the garbage. It should be noted that the program calculates garbage very accurately, so that nothing important will be lost.
  • Clean Master. Popular, free software with a wide range of functions. It not only removes the junk accumulated on the phone, but can also act as an antivirus and even speed up the work of other applications.

All of these programs are easy to use and effective in their work. There are other good applications that can be found on Google Play, so the user can independently find a program for himself that will suit his gadget as much as possible.

What is phone trash?

Before you clean Android from garbage, you need to know and understand what “garbage” is for a phone. Hasty deletion of all unfamiliar files can result in the loss of important system information.

The following files can be classified as garbage on the phone:

  • Cache. These are temporary files that applications create for their own needs. Cache files allow the application to run faster by pulling in the information it needs. After the release of their application, such files should be automatically deleted, but very often this does not happen. Thus, the cache from all applications accumulates and takes away free memory.
  • Remote program files. Very often, uninstalling a program does not lead to the fact that it completely disappears from the gadget. Often, lost or damaged application files remain on the phone that are no longer needed.

Such unnecessary files significantly complicate the operation of the gadget. For other reasons why the phone slows down, follow the link. There are several quick and easy ways to clear Android phone memory. Let’s talk about them further.

How to clear Android phone memory manually

Another easy way to clean Android from junk is to manually delete unnecessary files. The method is really simple, and many users clean their smartphones this way. In order to manually clean the phone of unnecessary files and free up memory, you need to do the following:

  • Clean messenger folders. The modern smartphone owner usually uses at least two messengers. All of them save the received files. photos, videos and other files to the phone. It is worth deleting unnecessary received files from time to time, since they take the most free space.
  • Clear application cache. You can get rid of cache files through the settings. To do this, open the application manager in the settings. In this menu, the user can see which of the applications uses more memory than others. After opening an additional window about the application, information about the cache appears. Here the ego can be removed.
  • Transfer applications to a memory card. If the gadget allows such an action, then it must be done. Moving applications will prevent the rapid overflow of internal memory.
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Even the most ideal smartphone can show poor performance over time if its memory is full of junk. Therefore, periodic cleaning of the phone from unnecessary files in any convenient way will guarantee faster and better operation of the device. And how to clean Android in completely different ways, you learned from this article.

How to find temporary files that your Samsung smartphone no longer needs?

The Android 9.0 Pie operating system on Samsung phones has a special subsection in the “Memory” section of “Phone Settings” to facilitate the search for such “extra” files. Now finding and removing the accumulated “garbage” is easy.

We recommend using this tool because it is completely safe. Important or system data will not be deleted, all applications will remain fully functional, but service and temporary generated files that were stored just in case will be deleted.

How to clear unnecessary data on your Samsung smartphone.

During its operation, the smartphone allocates sections of memory for storing temporary files, which are used by applications to increase their performance. Over time, the cache files grow in size and fill up memory that could be used to store some more useful data. System cache files, application cache memory and temporary ad files can be already unnecessary.

How to clear cache on Samsung?

Next, we will describe the procedure for clearing the phone from temporary cache files using the example of the Samsung Galaxy A50 editorial smartphone under the Android 9 Pie Operating System.

Instructions for deleting temporary unnecessary data on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Launch the “Phone Settings” application.

Screen. click on the “Phone Settings” icon.

On the main page of “Phone settings” you need to enter the “Device maintenance” section.

On the page of the “Device maintenance” section, you need to click on the “Memory” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Further, after a short pause associated with scanning the smartphone’s memory, all the items in this section will display memory data, both free and occupied, as well as recommended for cleaning.

Phone Not Charging? How to Properly Clean Your iPhone or Samsung Charge Port

We are interested in the section “Freeing up memory space by deleting unnecessary data, such as cached, residual and ad files”. In the center of the page, you will see a blue “Clear” button with numbers for the size of unnecessary data in MB (Megabytes). In our case, we are offered “Clean (234 MB)”.

This is a fairly decent amount that it is advisable to remove. Therefore, we click on the “Clear (234 MB)”.

Screen. click on the “Clear” button.

Next, the process of clearing memory will begin.

After a short procedure, we will see the message “234 MB cleared” on the screen. And also in small print “Unnecessary data: 0 MB”.

Screen. view of the “Memory” section after clearing unnecessary data.

As a result of cleaning the smartphone, our “free” memory has increased by 234 MB. Good news.

How to delete cache data manually

The cache is an intermediate buffer in the internal memory of the device that stores temporary files (including multimedia) and data. Most often, they are loaded when the application is first launched or at a special user request (for example, caching online music, videos).

With the help of the cache data, the device quickly gets access to the necessary information, thereby speeding up the operation of some applications or the loading of pages in the Internet browser. Over time, too many unnecessary files accumulate in the intermediate buffer. Follow these steps to clear the cache on your tablet or smartphone:

Open the “Settings” menu and select “Storage” or “Memory” (the name may differ depending on the version of Android), which is located in the “Device” section.

A page with detailed statistics of free and used memory will appear. Click on the line “Internal shared storage”.

Scroll down the page and click on “Cache data” to delete the data of all cached applications. Confirm the action by clicking the “Ok” button.

This will delete all temporary app data from your device, including cached music, videos, and photos. Other files necessary for faster operation of the programs will be downloaded again, so you can not worry about deleting something important.


Average rating in the Play Store: 4.5

CCleaner is a multi-platform junk file removal and system monitoring program. Allows you to optimize device performance, clear cache, and also get rid of other temporary data.

  • built-in Task Killer for task management;
  • the function “Hibernation of applications” to disable applications running in the background;
  • analysis of processor load and search for energy-consuming programs.

In addition, the application is suitable for monitoring key indicators of system health and safe Internet surfing.

Clean master

Average rating on the Play Store: 4.7

clean, samsung, junk

Clean Master is a free app with built-in antivirus for optimizing Android mobile devices. Suitable for deleting cache and junk files. Additional built-in functionality:

  • RAM Cleaner One Tap Boost;
  • analysis of Wi-Fi networks and protection against unauthorized connections;
  • applock to lock apps.

The application is distributed free of charge and perfectly combines functions for cleaning memory and antivirus protection of a smartphone.

Smartphone cleaning applications

In addition to the contents of the cache, other “junk” data is stored in the internal memory of the device. For example, system files of already uninstalled applications or old saves from games. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to manually clean Android from garbage (only by looking through each folder individually), so it’s best to use special applications.

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SD Maid

Average rating in the Play Store: 4.5

SD Maid is a suite of tools for managing applications and files. With SD Maid, you can remove junk, clear the cache, manage installed system and third-party applications. Additional functionality:

  • optimization of databases and management of internal memory;
  • built-in search for files (including duplicates) by name, date or other parameters;
  • task scheduler to run applications on schedule.

The program is distributed on a shareware basis and is suitable for optimizing Android devices.

The applications described above are provided solely as examples. If for some reason they don’t suit you or you just don’t like them, then in the Play Store you can easily find other software with similar functionality.

How to clean your Android phone from rubbish: manually and using programs

Over time, unnecessary files accumulate in the smartphone’s memory. They not only take up free space, but also negatively affect the speed of the device.

Cache and other unnecessary data (including temporary) are usually referred to as “junk” files. For example, those that remained after reinstalling or uninstalling applications and are not used by the system. Next, we will tell you how to clean your smartphone from “garbage” and free up memory manually or using special applications.

How to clean your smartphone from rubbish

You can completely clean your smartphone or tablet from debris only with the help of special software. In this example, we will use the free SD Maid application.

Android Menu

We hold down three buttons: increase the volume, turn off the smartphone and “Home”. The phone restarts, a menu appears with incomprehensible commands. Moving up and down is carried out with the volume buttons, the selection of an item. with the on / off key. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Click wipe data / factory reset.
  • Next Yes. delete all user data.
  • Select the line Reboot system now.

Everything. You can transfer back previously saved files and use the gadget.

Task Manager

A universal way. We open the dispatcher, close all applications. We are looking for a deep cleaning icon. It looks like a stack of books with a cross. Most often located in the lower right corner. Next, let’s get acquainted with the list of what will be deleted and click “Clear memory”. Simple, convenient, effective. An excellent solution to the question of how to clear the internal memory of a Samsung phone.

Attention! Do not forget to back up your data when deleting it this way. Automatic backup is not provided in all smartphones.

Proven Ways to Clear Samsung Smartphone Memory

Quite often, owners of portable devices are faced with the “braking” of gadgets. This is expressed in slow work, periodic appearance of various errors, freezes or crashes of installed applications, etc. The reason is the accumulated system “garbage”. Someone puts up with this, not knowing that there are several ways to solve the problem at once. If you are the owner of a Samsung smartphone or other gadget with the Android system, then the best solution is to contact a Samsung phone service. Save time and be confident in the safety of your device. But how to clear the memory of a Samsung phone if there is no way to contact a specialist? In the article we will talk about this.

Engineering Access Panel

When the question arises of how to clear the system memory of a Samsung phone, it is she who comes to mind. Quite a simple method that does not require ROOT rights. However, it is not available on all models. You can find out by entering the following command. #. After manipulation, an English-language menu should open. We are looking for the sub-item Delete dumpstate / logcat. Found it? Excellent! We press and rejoice. No. go to another method.

Cleaning methods

There are the following methods on how to clear the internal memory of your Samsung phone:

  • using the system menu;
  • through the engineering panel;
  • using the task manager;
  • using third-party software.

All solutions to the problem differ in the depth of cleaning. If you use the system menu, the result is a completely “clean” Samsung gadget. It will only have the main system and standard applications. Additional programs usually affect only outright “garbage”. temporary and residual files.

Preliminary preparation

There are several ways to make a backup:

  • Manually. just connect your Samsung device to your computer, laptop and drop everything you need.
  • Through the program. there are special applications that will make a backup on their own. It is convenient, but it is better to control the result. Some programs ignore certain sections of memory. For example, photographs.
  • Through cloud services. an interesting, but not very convenient option. You will need to connect to a special resource, where all the data will be copied. Control is needed again.

Is the backup made, is the battery charged? Let’s go back to the question of how to clear Samsung phone memory. There are several basic ways. Some of them are universal, others are not available on all devices. Let’s analyze the main.

Using software

There are special programs for cleaning RAM. There are licensed applications and “pirated” ones. It is recommended to use the former, as they guarantee at least some safety. The best are ES Explorer and CCleaner. The first is characterized by a deeper approach to the problem. But you need ROOT rights. The second is great for periodically removing “garbage”. Let’s call CCleaner the best everyday option.

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Also, many will find it useful to know how to clear a memory card on a Samsung phone. This is done through the settings menu, section “Memory”. You can also delete files manually or using the same special programs.

Cleaning the phone from smittya. please those recommendations

On the display of the phone, there is a notification about the lack of memory, the gadget is galmu, you cannot install the required programs, Without a panic. From tsim it is not easy to stick to the vlasniki of smartphones. Yak pozbutisya from the problem and independently read in our statistics!

Lack of memory. Yak pozbutisya vіd smіttєvikh files on the phone?

Even earlier, mobile phones were bought in order to get a call with close friends, but now the situation has changed dramatically. Now the smartphone is a visonuє role. alarm clock, personal trainer, professional photographer, retoucher and special assistant. Just add to the add-on for the program. Consume the masters of gadgets constantly grow, new software appears. It’s early on it’s easy for us to stare at the situation, if the display is written in good health. Not enough memory for the addition of a supplement. Active users of smartphones easily understand the problem, they see unnecessary files. If you want to get into such a problem, it’s a systemic smitty, as you don’t give the opportunity to install new add-ons that mean a galmu to the robot of the gadget.

How to Clean Junk files on Samsung

Surely, you can add a large memory card, a little more simple and economical ways of solving problems

Cleaning and repairing iPhone phones. improving the quality for an affordable price! SC ROBIM GOOD

Shlyakh the best support: programs for cleansing smitty

A short memory. the problem is urgent for modern gadgets, so the virobniks themselves use the solution. For a large number of modern models of mobile phones, a system add-on has been transferred, which allows you to clear all files in a number of cliques.

Schob zrobiti tse, vikonayte kіlkka simple dіy:

  • Go to the phone number.
  • Wrap up the “Memory” tab.
  • The system is self-sorting for file categories. For example, “Photo and video”, “Music”, “Kesh”.
  • Go to the section, scho ts_kavit. The files can be erased from memory, click on the “View” button.

If you want more functionality, it is more beautiful than the specialization of specialization. Just enter the phrase “Clearing memory” in a row on the Play Market or AppStore. You will get the best options. For yourself, we can recommend the Clean Master supplement. Vono has proven its performance on computers and smartphones.

For cleansing the smithy of supplements, you can:

  • Pokrashchuvati shvidkodiyu phone (by way of clearing operational memory).
  • Regulate the battery life for additional optimization of the robot with programs on your smartphone.
  • Hijack the gadget from overheating the program.
  • Reinstall a prescriptive security officer for access to special information (SMS, contact information and information).
  • Seize the system from viruses (a special utility scanner is added to the program).
  • Overwhelming the systemic storage in that it is not required to buy, the protector software has a number of additional.

Shlyakh khorobrikh: I’ll hand you the smittya in the system folders

Often the reason for the confusion of memory. all cache and files, which automatically save messengers. If you will regularly clean it, then the problem is not a problem on the phone in the turbuvati camp nabagato rіdshe.

If the cache is easy to see for additional methods, meaningful things, then with the data of messengers everything is more complicated. Їх it is necessary to clean up by hand.

Clean up the files in the folders, you need to see the next points:

  • Go to “Providnik”.
  • If an SD card is connected to the phone before the phone, then you need to go to the section “Internal memory”.
  • The system will automatically redirect to all folders, such as to the phone.
  • Scroll to the required folder, look at the data and see unused.

Name folders with messenger data by name. For example, “Viber”. Go to the required section and see all the smith files. Obviously, the whole way is not so simple, as the first, protest in some cases, the most effective.

On the other hand, there is a little bit of brownish delight:

  • Bounce on the phone with only those programs, which you will be able to log into.
  • If you would like to drop the required files for a week (for example, photographs from a post or important documents) to a computer or a call to a computer. So, sign up your phone.
  • Regularly clean the smithy files for the help of the system supplements, for the Clean Master program.

Memory. the most important parameter of the telephone. Do you want to navigate your phone “litav” through two rockets for a purchase, and the add-ons did not shrink on their own? Todi tell me about the visibility of the smittya, the gadget will send you a good shvidkodіyu for dbaylivaya.

clean, samsung, junk

Well, if you haven’t gotten into the problem with your mighty forces, then you can trust the maisters with the golden hands of the service center “ROBIM GOOD”.