How to clean Samsung from viruses

How to remove a virus from your phone

We use our cell phones to communicate in messengers and social networks, to watch videos and listen to music, as well as to pay for purchases in online stores and even regular supermarkets, for which we store a lot of logins, passwords, credit card data, and other confidential information on our devices.

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All this is a tidbit for attackers who try to steal them with viruses. So you need to be responsible about the security of personal data. In this article we will tell you how to understand that your data is at risk, how to prevent infection, and how to correctly remove a virus from your phone.

How to remove a virus from your Android device

First, it is important to understand that if you have a virus, it is not at all necessary to remove it by means of antivirus software. And since viruses often use Internet traffic for their machinations, it is a good idea to block access to the Internet at the first signs of “infection”. And without it you, as you understand, will not be able to download an antivirus. But that’s all right. System cleaning should start with the browser cache as that is often where viruses access. Open Google Chrome, go to “Settings”, and there find the item “Clear cache”.

Next, you need to find the virus itself. Unlike Windows, viruses on Android are not “prescribed” somewhere in the system. They look like regular applications (and sometimes masquerade as quite famous ones like messengers). Except that virus creators are not fools and their virus applications are often hidden from your eyes. In order to see these apps, you’ll need to go into safe mode. We’ve already given you detailed instructions on how to do this, so we won’t go over it a second time.

After booting into safe mode, open the settings of your smartphone and select the menu “Applications and notifications”, then scroll through the list of installed programs and find there suspicious applications that you have not installed. Tap on the application to open a special information page with additional information and an “Uninstall” button. Feel free to uninstall the malware. Sometimes this item may not be available. But don’t worry. It means that your account does not have administrator privileges. You will just need to re-login to your account, which has these permissions. After removing viruses all you have to do is to reboot your smartphone to normal mode.

A few more tips at the end. In order to avoid infection in the future, you should of course install antivirus. Also update Android regularly, as small updates often have security improvements. Do not install apps from outside of Google Play, and if a program asks for too many permissions (e.g., the “Flashlight” app requires access to your photo gallery), then feel free to uninstall such programs.

Warning! Scammers send viruses via SMS and sms | Samsung Support RU

Unknown scammers send messages with a virus to everyone. After installing the virus, all the money from the SIM card is deducted. Your bank card may also be charged. The message looks something like this:

Delete it as soon as possible. Do not open links from the message. Warn all loved ones and acquaintances.

1 Remove the SIM card from the device. 4 Delete the virus app. It may be called SMS_S, SMS MMS, Messaging, SMS Photo, MMS Photo or similar. 5 Reboot the device. 6 Connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and download an antivirus you trust from Play Market. 7 Check your device with an antivirus. If it finds a virus remove it. If there are no viruses, put the SIM card back in.

It is better to check your device with several antiviruses one by one. Before installing a new antivirus, uninstall the old one.

Contact your mobile operator or report to the police. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will get your money back.

How viruses get on Android and how to remove them | Samsung UA_RU Support

Most often viruses inconspicuously call or send SMS to premium numbers until the SIM-card runs out of money.

Block your device from functioning properly

Usually it is a ransomware banner that prevents you from using your device.

Viruses disguise themselves as harmless applications and files: browsers, players, games, navigators, books and even antiviruses.

Fake. it uses the name and icon of some famous application, but there is only malicious code inside. Most viruses are of this type. Trojan horse. a malicious code is added to a normal app and runs along with the app.

These viruses usually end up in the “Download” folder in your device’s memory. They look like application installer files with “APK” extension.

Virus files with an APK extension in the Download folder

Mostly scammers spread viruses:

On adult websites, “blogs about making money” on the Internet, torrent trackers and other similar sites.

Imagine that you search any game, film or program on the Internet and you come across a forum. Someone left the right link and everyone thanks him amicably.

“Forum” where you can download “free Navitel”

In fact, the forum is fake, and all these people. fictional characters, whose task is to inspire confidence in the file.

Or go to some site and a message pops up. The message says that your smartphone/tablet is infected with viruses and it must be checked, or some program is out of date and if it is not updated it will break everything. It even happens that the device starts to vibrate or make strange noises.

The pop-up message about allegedly found viruses

The purpose of the message is to make you panic and click on the link or button in the message.

As a rule, they are SMS from “girls from dating sites”, letters from “notaries from Germany” who inform about inheritance from an unknown uncle, and harmless, at first glance, advertising. All such messages contain links which scammers are asking you to click.

The situations above are just examples, new schemes appear all the time. The purpose of such messages is to make you click on a link (button). As soon as you clicked it. the virus started downloading.

Arrow in the upper left corner shows that the virus is starting to download

In order for a virus to work, you not only need to download it, you also need to install it. Usually viruses are downloaded to the “Download” folder and look like application installation files with the extension “APK”.

Files with APK extension in the Download folder

If you click on the virus, it will start installing. a list of permissions will appear. Recall, permissions are the actions the app will be able to perform after installation.

If you click “Install”, the virus will be installed on your device.

Most viruses are written by non-professionals who want to get money quickly and without problems with the law. So standard features of such viruses are permissions to send messages or make calls.

Once this kind of virus is installed it will immediately start stealthily sending SMS or calling premium numbers.

On the left is an example of the permissions of the original antivirus from Play Market, on the right. the permissions of a virus claiming to be an antivirus.

On the left are the permissions of the original navigator from Play Market, and on the right are the permissions of a virus that was downloaded from some site.

On the left is the original game downloaded from the app store, on the right is a fake.

Of course, not all applications that request access to calls and messages are viruses. And not all viruses request access to paid functions.

If crooks want to take pictures with your camera they’ll ask for access to the camera. If your files are needed, they ask for access to memory and the internet. They want to block the screen with a banner and ask for administrator rights.

And some viruses even know how to hide permissions during installation.

It is difficult to identify a well-made virus. Either the source code of an application should be seen or the virus should be installed on the device, logged and analyzed. This requires special skills and tools, but fortunately such viruses are rare.

Much more often you will need two reference points:

If an application is downloaded from an unknown site and requests access to paid features. 99% it is a virus.

Only install apps from Play Market and choose them seriously

To distinguish a virus from a normal app is very difficult for the average person. To keep users safe, Google has made a special catalog with applications. Play Market.

Before adding an app to Play Market, Google checks if it contains malicious code. Users who download applications from Play Market are more protected than those who download applications from various sites and forums. But remember that nothing is completely safe, so take the choice of apps seriously: carefully read the permissions and look at the ratings.

Do not click on unknown links, especially those received via SMS, sms or mail

How do you know if your Android phone is infected?

There are a number of signs that your Android phone is infected with malware. Let’s look at each of them separately.

Unfamiliar programs appear

You notice an app on your phone and you don’t remember installing it? Strange apps may be a sign of malware. Uninstall any app you don’t recognize.

Apps are malfunctioning

If apps on your smartphone are malfunctioning for unknown reasons, it could be a sign of malware infection

Increased network traffic

Notice a strange increase in network traffic? If you have not changed how you use your phone, it may be caused by malware.

Your phone bills have gone up

Some malware may send SMS messages without your knowledge. If you notice that your cell phone bill has suddenly increased due to a large number of messages, make sure your phone has not been hacked.

You see pop-ups when you close your browser

Pop-ups and advertisements are annoying at best, and at worst, if they appear when your browser is closed, mean that your phone may be infected with malware.

Your battery is running out quickly

Malware may be causing your battery to drain quickly. If this happens, your smartphone may be infected.

Your smartphone is overheating

If your smartphone is getting hotter than usual, it could be a sign of malicious activity.

How to understand that the phone is a virus

Yes, malware is dangerous not only for your computer, but also for your smartphone. Especially now, with the development of technology, attackers just want to sneak close to the device, which has all your personal and payment data. So, what should alert you and make you think about how to remove the virus from your phone:

  • There are too many ads on your phone. Banners popping up from everywhere, appearing on your desktop, notifications popping up even when you’re not using your phone.
  • The phone began to run out quickly, heats up a lot, even when you are not using it. Maybe it is participating in a DDOS attack or mining bitcoins for someone else at the same time.
  • Applications do not work properly. They close without being asked (although this may also be due to the lack of RAM), there are errors while the application is running.
  • After installing a new application, even downloaded from the official store, errors began to appear, the phone glitches, shuts down, heats up.
  • There are corrupted files on the card or in the phone memory, photos, audio files are not opening. Strange folders appear in your phone that are unclear what they refer to.
  • The smartphone became too independent and now it installs what it wants without your involvement.
  • Increased communication costs, the amount of Internet traffic consumed, data and WI-FI are automatically turned on. This is already a very good reason to think about how to remove the virus from your Android phone and not to sink further ruin.

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How to protect your phone from viruses?

The following are a few universal recommendations that you can follow to protect your phone from viruses:

  • only install apps from Play Market that you have tested;
  • do not click on unfamiliar links;
  • Don’t click on ads on adult and gambling sites;
  • Use antivirus all the time or run it at least once a week.

These actions are very likely to protect your phone from viruses. So be careful and then your mobile device will surely stay safe!