How To Clean Android From Trash

How To Clean Android From Trash

The Google Android operating system, like any other, is imperfect, and over time its speed and quality of work may deteriorate. During active use, various applications are installed on the phone or tablet that clog the RAM, forcing the device to work more slowly. After removing unnecessary applications remain “tails” in the form of lost files that take up space and can also affect system performance. Various programs and games exorbitantly inflate their cache, storing unnecessary information there and devouring precious space in memory. All this turns your fast tricked-out smartphone into a real slow-thinking, the speed of which can no longer be compared with that “by plane”what the smartphone was at the time of purchase. What can we say about users of outdated mobile devices.

Optimization and cleaning of the Android operating system from garbage. this is the operation that every owner of an Android phone or tablet should resort to, and today we will tell you how to clean Android from garbage so that it becomes like new.

General Android Optimization Tips

In order for your phone or tablet to remain operational as long as possible and not “slowed down”, it is enough to follow a few simple rules of use. They are not a universal panacea, but at least their implementation will save the operating system more cleanly, and you will come back much less often to the question of how to clean Android.

So, to optimize and speed up the Android OS, follow these rules:

one. Install only the applications you need and you know exactly why they are for you. Do not litter your system with incomprehensible why programs or toys downloaded from the Google Play store, just to see what it is. Frequent installation and removal of applications will definitely clog the cache of your smartphone;

2.Remove unused applications built into the firmware. Manufacturers, especially well-known brands, very often like to insert applications into their firmware that advertise their products or services or offer some proprietary services. For us, these programs are often useless, but they occupy a precious place in the permanent memory of the device, and even they can constantly hang in the RAM. Remove them if you do not need them. Often this cannot be done without obtaining root rights, but still, root, in our opinion, is mandatory for every Android OS user, so getting it will be useful in any case. You can learn how to do this from the following article in our FAQ: How to get root access on Android. What system programs can be removed painlessly and how to do it. better read on specialized forums dedicated specifically to your smartphone or tablet.

3.Transfer applications to a memory card SD. Most modern devices, whether it’s a phone or tablet, allow you to transfer installed applications to a memory card, freeing up space in the main memory. Do this for all applications that allow such porting. Read more about the specifics of this operation in our database article. “Installing applications on an Android memory card”.

four.Turn off in-app ads. Many free applications for Android OS sin that they have built-in hype that cannot be removed by conventional methods. This is the price for the fact that we can use the application without payment. Removing such ads is very simple, just download the appropriate utility, the so-called ad-blocker. One of the most popular is the Adblock Plus for Android program, which can be downloaded on the developers website, but there are other applications.

If you follow the above points, cleaning Android from garbage you will need much less.

What “Android trash

Before clearing the garbage, it would be advisable to know what it represents in relation to the Android operating system, so that you do not inadvertently clean anything superfluous so that you have to restore the smartphone.

Garbage, in general, is the data that applications use for their needs and store in the so-called cache. These are temporary files created by applications in order to download the necessary information faster, for example, by analogy with browsers, a web page or a picture. Very often, the cache is not cleared after exiting the application, but accumulates in the device’s memory or on the micro-SD memory card, sometimes also taking up space in the RAM and slowing down the phone or tablet.

Also, the place may be occupied by files with unnecessary data, which can also be cleaned.

Going to the menu “Settings” Of your Android and selecting there “Applications”You can click on any of them. A window will open in front of you “About app”, which will provide information on how much space the application takes, as well as separately how much space its data (Data) and cache (Cache) take. This is basically what they need to be cleaned.

Of course, you can also regularly clear your browser history, message log, etc. information that accumulates over time in every smartphone.

Constantly monitor all applications and manually enter each separately, or manually delete SMS. the task is not easy. Specialized programs can easily cope with how to clean Android from garbage automatically, the most popular of which we will now tell you.

How to clean Android from garbage: a list of programs

The most popular application that allows you to clean Android from unnecessary files is a free program Clean Master Phone Boost, available for free download on the Google Play store.

Clean Master. This is a multifunctional program that allows you to not only clean your phone or tablet from unnecessary files. It can also work as an antivirus, detecting and isolating malicious software, clean up RAM, removing unnecessary processes from it, and even, using its optimization algorithms, speed up games. The program also implements the protection of personal data and privacy. Personal data and passwords can also be selectively deleted so that they do not fall into the hands of attackers. In addition, Clean Master implements a program manager that can backup useful applications and remove unwanted programs.

Thanks to its functionality, Clean Master is rightfully considered one of the best in resolving the issue. “How to clean Android from trash“, has many settings and can do a lot. To use the program features 100%, you need to get root.

Smart Booster. Free Cleaner– Another popular application for cleaning Android from debris. In addition to the free version, the program also exists in the paid Smart Booster Pro, which has advanced functionality.

Of the main functions of this application, we can distinguish:

-quick cleaning of RAM from unnecessary processes using a special widget;

-clear cache with one touch;

-search and cleaning of garbage on the SD memory card;

-advanced application manager.

Smart Booster allows you to adjust the levels of automatic cleaning, from mild to aggressive. You can choose the method of automatic cleaning as you wish, several widgets are also available, the placement of which can be configured for quick access. The application manager, like the previous program from the list, can create backup copies of programs. The function of disabling applications, including system ones, is also available.

For those who do not like to deal with the settings of complex applications for a long time, there are a number of programs that allow you to optimize the system in just one action. If you are looking for an answer to a question “How to clean Android out of junk with minimal time”You should definitely like these programs.

The app Cache Cleaner. oneTap Clean. a program with minimal functionality that does exactly what its name says. After starting the application, you can see a list of installed programs in the system, the cache of which App Cache Cleaner will prompt you to delete with the click of a button. The cache can be deleted automatically when the application starts, manually, or according to a schedule. You can perform selective deletion. To fully use all the features of the program, you do not need to open root access to the smartphone.

1Tap Cleaner. Another simple application for those who do not have root rights, and who do not want to bother with obtaining them and then deal with the settings of multifunctional applications. Here is all you need. it is to press a single button to clear the cache. It is very convenient that the program displays detailed statistics on the volume of cache files for each application. There are widgets on the desktop, the ability to clear history.

In addition to the cache clogging the system, which can grow to incredible sizes, you should pay attention to such phenomena as the history of the browser, call log, search, messages, etc., which together can also be decent “bite off” from the memory of your smartphone. To clear this story, there are specialized applications, one of which we will now introduce you to.

One of the universal programs for solving the above tasks. History eraser, according to the developers. the best tool to erase the history of searches, calls, sms, clear application cache, clipboard”. You can note what exactly you want to clean: browser history, search, including on Google maps, call log (there is filtering by type of calls: incoming, outgoing, missed), messages (you can also select their type), etc. d. then, with a single click, History Eraser will clear the data type you have selected.

There is a paid version without ads: History Eraser Pro. Clean up.

As you can see, the question is “How to clean Android from trash” It’s not a big deal. Among the applications designed to clean systems exist as real “harvesters”allowing to fine-tune all possible system cleaning parameters, as well as programs for undemanding users, offering almost the same functionality “in one click”. Paid versions of these may be more, and they do not have ads, but it is quite possible to get by with free ones. In addition, there are highly specialized applications for cleaning history, calls, searches, etc.

Choose which one you like best, install, use and your phone or tablet with the Android operating system will always please you with stable and fast work.