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How to disassemble Acer Aspire 5741G laptop.

This is the appearance of the laptop, which we will disassemble.

First off, turn off the power to the laptop. Then, remove the battery. We turn the laptop over so that the lower part looks up, and we shift the battery latch to the open position.

Now you can proceed to the removal of the optical drive. Unscrew the screw that holds the optical drive. He is only one. Unscrewing this screw, we can remove the drive from the laptop. This is not difficult. You just need to gently pull the front panel of the DVD drive. We look at the picture, and everything will be clear.

Let’s take a look at the bottom cover of the Acer Aspire 5741G laptop. Behind this cover are slots, with RAM inserted in it, a hard drive and a wireless Wi-Fi module.

They will interfere with us when disassembling. Unscrew the two screws from the bottom cover and lift it, as shown in the photo.

After removing this cover, we will observe these components, they are perfectly visible in the picture.

We also have to dismantle the 3G module. The compartment where it is located is clearly visible in this photo. Dismantling this module will not take much time. Unscrew the screw from the cover and remove the module.

How to Clean a Microphone in an Acer Aspire Laptop

Now you can get rid of the RAM, which is installed in the slots.

We take out the Wi-Fi module. First you need to disconnect the antenna wires attached to the module. We remember which wire, where it came from, and unscrew the two bolts holding this module. Then we take it out of the connection slot.

We take out the hard drive by unscrewing the corresponding screws holding it. The extraction process can be seen in the figure.

We remove the keyboard of the Acer Aspire 5741G laptop. To remove the keyboard, we need to snap off the six latches that extend along the upper edge of this keyboard itself.
Having unfastened the latches, we take the upper edge of the laptop keyboard and pull it towards ourselves.

To completely get rid of the keyboard, you need to disconnect the connector with the cable.

It’s time to get rid of the top of the laptop. We get rid of it as follows. Turn the laptop upside down. Remove the 11 screws on the bottom panel and the four screws in the compartment where the battery was located.

Then, disconnect all the wires and cables going to the laptop motherboard. We have to disconnect 4 connectors. Everything is shown in detail in the photo below.

Perform these steps carefully and slowly. There is nothing complicated in this work.

We unscrew seven screws from the top panel of the laptop.

When all the screws are unscrewed, we begin to disassemble the laptop case into the upper part and the lower one. It’s easier to start from the right. The task is to separate the two halves of the laptop, as shown in the photo.

We remove the motherboard. To do this, first of all, disconnect the cable going to the microphone.

Disconnect the cable going to the laptop monitor.

In the center, closer to the right edge, is a screw that we need to unscrew. He then holds the motherboard.

Do not try to immediately remove the motherboard, there is still a wire to it, which we need to disconnect.

Disconnect the cable from the motherboard. This was the last step to free the motherboard. Now, boldly remove the motherboard from the case and turn it over.

Here, finally, we can do the cooling system of the Acer Aspire 5741G laptop.
Before removing the cooling system, disconnect the connector with the cable going to the cooling fan.

Now we proceed to dismantle the cooling system. Only four screws hold it. We turn them off and remove the entire cooling path as a whole.

Now, a socket with a processor inserted into it is presented to our eyes.

We clean the old thermal grease from the processor and apply a new layer. Which thermal grease I recommend using, you can read in a similar article.

Carefully clean the cooling system and carefully return it to its place. Now the laptop will last a lot of time without overheating.
We begin assembling the laptop in the reverse order. Successful and without erroneous to you laptop assembly.

There is also a detailed material in which all the above processes are shown. You have the opportunity to choose what material to use, photo or.