How to Clean a Laptop From Hp Pavilion Dust

Cleaning your HP laptop and ASUS VivoBook S300 Notebook may be required at different times, it all depends on what brand of device.

If you find an increased level of noise during operation, which is heard all the time while the laptop is turned on, you should think about cleaning the cooling system.

As a rule, together with this, the productivity of the equipment decreases further.

1 Cleaning Features

The operation of a laptop depends on how efficient the cooling system is. The air that passes through it should also exit unhindered.

To do this, there are ventilation holes on the bottom of the device. But over time, dust tends to accumulate.

And how quickly this happens depends, first of all, on the mechanism of the air cooling system.

How to Clean a Laptop From Hp Pavilion Dust

So, the need to clean your HP laptop from dust arises after about two years of operation.

Due to dust blockage in the cooling system, the laptop can get very hot, because due to the layer of pollution, the outflow of hot air is difficult, and as a result of overheating one of the microcircuits, a chip, etc. can fail.

In any case, heating the laptop leads to a “freeze” and its spontaneous shutdown.

So that all this does not lead to the death of equipment, you should carefully monitor the cleanliness of the mechanism, since repairs can cost from 4,000 to 6,000 rubles, even if it is an Asus VivoBook U38N laptop.
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2 Step-by-step cleaning instructions

If you know how to clean your HP laptop, you can carry out this procedure yourself without additionally spending on a service center.

She is quite simple:

  • the battery is removed, for this the panel of the special compartment (like the ASUS X54C laptop) on the bottom cover is removed.
  • after which the hard drive is removed.
  • the next step is to loosen the screws that are located in the compartment of the battery that has already been removed.
  • then you need to unscrew the screw through which the keyboard is attached.
  • removes the bolt securing the disk drive.
  • you need to lift the keyboard by pulling out of the grooves. It is attached by a cable to the motherboard, it should be disconnected.
  • touchpad power also needs to be turned off.
  • after which the upper cover of the device case is removed, before that it is necessary to unscrew the screws.
  • then loosen the screws around the perimeter of the bottom cover.
  • Wi-Fi module is removed.
  • now removes the top cover of the laptop case as on a laptop ASUS X402CA.
  • at the last stage, you can see the cooler and its degree of contamination.
  • For better cleaning, remove the optical drive and the motherboard itself.

Cleaning up your HP Pavilion laptop takes a bit of time, but you have to work on disassembling the device itself.

You can use the services of a service center, but it will cost about 2,000 rubles. And for the laptop ASUS X53U all 3000.
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