How To Clean A Laptop From Dust And Not Damage Anything The Correct Algorithm Of Actions

How To Clean A Laptop From Dust And Not Damage Anything The Correct Algorithm Of Actions

If recently your laptop has started to work strangely, making strange noises like a jet plane, it is worth cleaning it. No, this is not about cleaning the desktop and removing unnecessary programs, but about cleaning with a rag and a vacuum cleaner.

Many do not even know how much dust is collected inside the laptop. Accumulated over the years, it is especially dangerous: every day in the life of your device may be the last!

How to understand that a laptop needs cleaning?

To make sure that this procedure is necessary, put your palm on the back panel: if it heats up very much, it means that the radiators are clogged with dust: the processor cannot cool sufficiently. As a result, the device runs tight and slow, which can soon lead to breakdown.

Experts advise cleaning at least once a year. Such a procedure is done for money in service centers, but it can be done independently, but you need to know the important features so as not to break the device. But how to clean the laptop from dust yourself?

How to clean a laptop from dust and not damage it?. Cleaning a laptop without disassembling with a vacuum cleaner

Look at the back of your grill device. Below are openings for air supply to the fan blades to the processor and card for cooling them.

Aside, you will also see a hole for the outlet of heated air. When you turn on the vacuum cleaner, work through these very places: as a rule, the most pollution accumulates in them.

The ventilation outlet is also cleaned when the computer is turned off. Put it on the table, like a book, in the open state.

Remove the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner and in the on state bring the pipe to the air outlet grill for a couple of minutes.

Blow through the ventilation inlet with compressed air

Since air is under pressure, it activates the rotation of the fan blades, blowing dust. To clean the keyboard, turn the appliance over and blow the debris between the keys with the same spray can.

General cleaning under the case: disassemble the laptop

A laptop should be disassembled when preventive external cleaning has not been carried out for several years.

You can unwind the case if the warranty period has expired. If the warranty is valid, contact a service center.

Prepare the following tools:

  • a screwdriver to unscrew the screws of the back cover;
  • can of compressed air;
  • clean table for work;
  • antistatic gloves.
  1. Turn off the device. Disconnect the existing wired connections (charger), remove the battery (if this is provided in your model).
  2. Remove the rear cover bolts. In some models, they are difficult to find. The manufacturer hides them in rubber legs, under the stickers, on the sides of the case.
  3. Remove the cover. It can be shifted, not removed. If something is bothering you, make sure you remove all the bolts.
  4. Determine the location of the cooler and radiator. The cooler is similar to a fan and placed in a box, and the radiator in a trellised box.
  5. Spray these 2 devices with a spray can. Chips can also be carefully processed.

The radiator has a problem place. it’s ribs. Over time, they become clogged with a lot of dust. To clean them, you can use a thin brush or needle. It is important to work out all the places. Cotton swabs can help in cleaning the fan. they will help remove dense dirt.

Some users use the entire household arsenal to clean their computer and motherboard. In the course are rags, sticks, brushes. What does this threaten? If even microscopic pieces of material get in, a short circuit is possible. A brush can ruin the circuitry of microchips.

When working with a vacuum cleaner, a safe distance must be observed so as not to catch or damage fragile parts. You need to act very carefully!

On some notebook models, fans are disconnected. Thus, cleaning can be done more thoroughly. Go through the blades and the places near them. Ventilation windows may also be clogged with dust.

After checking all possible places for the presence of debris, dirt, you can proceed to the assembly of all parts. You should collect all the details, not forgetting about the small elements. Upon completion of the assembly, the apparatus can be turned on and operational.

Listen to the sound: it should be quiet and pleasant. With prolonged use, there should no longer be overheating.

If the problem with overheating persists, consult a specialist for advice!

Cleaning should be done periodically. External purity does not mean the same internal state. If the procedure is not performed, not only the processor, but also the chip, bridge chips may overheat.

Elements surrounding the main parts may malfunction. A short circuit may occur. Such minor nuisance as dust can lead to significant problems, and their solution is expensive. The problem is better to prevent!

How often do I need to clean my laptop?

The frequency of cleaning depends on how the device is used. If the laptop is on the table, it is enough to clean it once every six months.

If the laptop moves around the room, is used not only on the table (on the floor, bed, blanket), then this is done more often with the case disassembled and every three months.

Bonus for readers: rules for using a laptop to prevent pollution

To prevent the internal parts of the computer from clogging and to clean less often, simple rules should be followed.

  1. It is better to use special devices to protect the device, for example, USB coolers: they can be used as a stand. It is especially convenient if you put a laptop on it when working at the table. In this way, overheating can be avoided, since considerable space is created for ventilation.
  2. For work in an armchair, use special tables on the bed. It prevents dust from getting soft blankets and furniture upholstery. In addition, it’s more convenient to work with him.
  3. You should try not to eat when working with the device, much less drink. Many breakdowns, often incorrigible, just because of food. Try to ensure that other family members, especially children, are also not near him when eating.
  4. Watch how often you use your computer: turn it on only when necessary, and put it into sleep mode after work. This is a compact device that requires a careful attitude, since all the miniature parts that fit in it have a shorter life than parts of a conventional personal computer.

Careful attitude and prevention enable the equipment to work for a long time. Small tricks, rules, accuracy in the work will allow you to independently take care of the equipment and not spend money on trips to specialists.