How to Choose a TV Diagonal For a Room

Currently, modern TVs occupy a special niche in the market of household appliances, and the demand for them only increases every year, as manufacturers release new, improved models, featuring an extended list of interesting and convenient options. Buyers always pay special attention to the diagonal of the TVs, but because of the large selection of options, it is quite difficult to make a choice. In addition to this parameter, you should pay attention to other options, but today we will focus on the diagonal. how to choose the most suitable option with guarantee in the room of a house or apartment.

How to Choose a TV Diagonal For a Room

We take into account the features of the room

Most buyers traditionally want to purchase the largest plasma, although this approach is not always considered rational.

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If the size is appropriate, the viewer will be able to cover the entire picture with his eyes, and not part of it, and he also reduces the risk of myopia.

Optimum viewing distance

Choosing the right TV for a room usually takes more time, but if you know the size chart and take into account the area, you can get the right option much faster. Properly selected LCD TVs will not cause visual impairment and will delight their owners for many years. To simplify the selection, a special table was developed, using which you can quickly find your own version of the display size. The calculated data are averaged, and a slight correction is permissible within 30-50 cm. At the same time, do not forget about the design of the room, as well as think in advance about exactly where your TV will stand. The LCD panel can also be mounted on the wall. A table comparing the diagonal of the TV and the distance to it from the viewer is as follows:

  • 17 inches. 2 meters;
  • 25 inches. 3 meters;
  • 32 inches. 4 meters;
  • 37 inches. 5 meters;
  • 55 inches. 7 meters;
  • 80 inches. 10 meters.
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How are the diagonal and resolution of the TV screen connected?

It is often not so easy to choose the optimal display and TV screen size, and the buyer must also take into account the resolution features of the selected device, as well as know what acceptable formats may be. The thing is that it is the resolution that determines the image quality and convenience in the process of viewing the broadcast on the screen.

Of the most common and comfortable resolution formats, it is worth noting Full HD and HD Ready, the first option is characterized by the parameters of 1920 × 1080 pixels, the second. 1366 × 768. The higher the number of dots, the better the image. If the picture on the screen is formed from a large number of such points, you can watch such a TV even from the smallest distance.

For example, if the diagonal of your TV is 32 inches with a resolution of 625 pixels, you need to watch it from a distance of 2.5 meters. But if the resolution is 720 pixels with a similar screen size, you can watch TV from a distance of 1.9 meters.

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Brief summary