How to choose a Sony Playstation game console

Disadvantages of the game console

Despite significant improvements to the new game console over its predecessors, this electronic device has several drawbacks.

  • There are very few starting games, but there is a possibility of their expansion.
  • Low battery capacity of the DualShock 4 controller.
  • HDD capacity is not always enough for games, but it is possible to replace it.

Game console features

Handheld Gaming Console Features

Sony Playstation Portable game consoles have a number of advantages:

  • Ability to view video and audio materials.
  • Interaction with Sony Playstation 3 allows you to access this game console from any part of the world via the Internet and use its functions.
  • Wide LCD.
  • Some models can communicate via Skype.

Introducing Sony Playstation 4

The Sony Playstation 4 game console belongs to the eighth generation of consoles. Its sale began at the end of 2013.

A Few Tips to Help When Buying a Sony Playstation 4

There are several nuances that will make the use of the Sony Playstation 4 game console convenient and effective:

  • We recommend purchasing the Playstation 4 Camera webcam. It is sold separately.
  • To play online games, you will need to purchase a subscription on the Playstation Plus service.
  • Small HDD capacity is often not enough to load several games, so it is recommended to purchase another HDD with more memory.
  • After purchasing a Sony Playstation 4, you will need to download a software update without fail. This will add additional features that you might find very useful.

Review of games for the little ones

The main requirement for games for young children is the ease of mastering the game, which does not require thinking through moves and using a large number of buttons. Brightness and brilliance are another main condition. Let’s consider the most popular games:

  • Eye Pet. A wonderful colorful game allows children from 3 years old to independently create a pet animal, take care of it, work as a stylist and fashion designer, creating new costumes and hairstyles for their hero. The game allows you to take a photo of your pet and share with friends about your achievements in the game.
  • Buzz Unior mini-game. Fascinating adventures of a funny monkey will impress even adults. The game is recommended for children aged 4 years. The game can be played by four people at the same time.
  • Loko Roco. The exciting adventures of unusual creatures Loko Roco will completely capture the attention of the kid. Fighting monsters with the help of music and songs will teach the little man to deal with difficulties and come up with ways to save his beloved character. Recommended for children from 4 years of age.

Game console design

The developers of the new console did not experiment with the design. The appearance of the Sony Playstation 4 is quite modern and stylish, without any pretentiousness. In shape, the game console resembles a small “black” box with a slope of the side edges. Users have already noted the futuristic and modern design. It should be noted that the attachment looks great both horizontally and vertically. All the little things are taken into account for the convenience of users.

Review of games for older children

  • RatchetClank. A whole series of games under this name allows children from 10 years old to go through tests in a space Galaxy together with two heroes. Ratchet and Clank. A feature of the game is a large number of different gadgets, incredible weapons and excellent graphics. You will be able to laugh enough at the various adventures of the heroes.
  • Adventure Time. This popular game for children from 8 years old allows 6 players to play on one screen. You can create your own heroes and wage a fierce battle with numerous enemies, the heroes of the animated series of the same name.
  • Little Dig Planet. This is a puzzle game for consoles. The main character is Sackboy, a rag man, whom a child, at his discretion, can make a girl or a boy. This is a multi-level game, and the player himself can create new levels and upload them to the Internet. Recommended for children over 12 years old.

Sony game consoles: the perfect world of video games

Playstation history: what the brand has to offer and what fans can expect

Until 1995, the leaders of the gaming industry were two brands. Sega and Nintendo. The presentation of the console from the Japanese brand made a breakthrough (especially the updated compact model, presented in 2000).

The second model, PS2, appeared in 2000. This is a console with one of the longest life cycles in the world of video games, because it was released until January 2013, that is, almost 13 years. The model is more thought out. it has an ergonomic controller and high speed of work. So, according to statistics for 2011. the peak of the popularity of PS2, a little less than 155 million copies were sold.

The real breakthrough, of course, was made by the third generation Playstation. PS3 is designed for:

  • support for resource-intensive games;
  • watching movies and listening to music;
  • surfing websites;
  • receiving and sending e-mail.

In Japan, the console was released in 2007, production did not stop until 2017. In 2013 (when the new generation model appeared), the number of consoles sold was 80 million.

The PS3 processor has a clock speed of 3.2 GHz, while it works on the basis of an eight-thread architecture. Especially for the gamepad, together with nVidia, the brand has developed a graphics processor. RSX (Reality Synthesizer). Already by the name it is clear that third-generation models allow you to immerse yourself in gaming reality.

The latest released version is the fourth generation Playstation. The Playstation 4 went on sale in November 2013. In 2016, the company offered a small update. a version with a reduced size Slim and a model with a more powerful Pro processor. The Playstation 4 Pro is the undisputed leader in performance. Console is designed to output streaming video and images in Ultra HD (4K) format.

If the previous version used the Cell processor, then for the new model the company chose a chipset from AMD based on a 64-bit expansion. The peak performance of the chip is 1.84 teraflops. The DualShock 4 game controller conquered users with its built-in touchpad and, of course, its high responsiveness. Sony even created a unique firmware for the Playstation 4. Orbis, which can be easily updated with a good Internet connection.

According to statistics, 91.6 million gamepads were sold by 2019. The company does not plan to stop and the presentation of the new version of the console. PS5 is planned for 2020.

Game consoles SONY

Why Choose Sony Playstation

Gamepads are not only produced by the Japanese brand. The console market is also represented by companies such as Microsoft and Nintendo. You should give preference to Sony for the following reasons:

  • wide gaming opportunities. game manufacturers rely on the brand without fail, so all popular games are compatible with PS;
  • support for additional content. the gamepad allows you to listen to music, watch photos and movies in good quality;
  • equipped with a powerful processor (especially in the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro models), compatible with resource-intensive games;
  • a range of accessories that enhance the gaming experience of the Sony Playstation console;
  • comfortable joint play. users can set up a chat, take screenshots and even go out with a gamepad to social networks;
  • work in background download mode. while downloading large files, you can perform other actions (that is, it is optional to wait for the download to finish to use the STB).

In addition, the history of gamepads, which began back in 1995, proves that Sony is one of the most reliable and proactive brands.

How to choose a Playstation

The choice of the console must be approached with all responsibility, because the Japanese brand offers many variations. First you need to decide on the series. The most requested option is the Playstation 4, released in 2013. In addition, it is the leader in performance, power and the number of games available.

To choose a Sony Playstation console, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • HDD. The amount of content that can be stored in the console’s memory depends on the size of the hard drive. Capacious disks cope with “heavy” toys, which is why VR fans prefer them. The volume ranges from 500 GB to 1 TB. Models for 1 TB (1000 GB) allow you to save not only games, but also other content. music, movies, etc.
  • Controllers. The game is played with a special controller (joystick) and additional accessories. steering wheel, pistol, pedals, etc. Add-ons always need to be purchased separately to immerse yourself in the gameplay as much as possible. But the gamepad should ideally be included.
  • CPU. The processor affects Sony Playstation performance, speed, graphics detail and power consumption. An excellent option is a chipset from AMD with integrated graphics technology, clocked at 1.5 GHz.
  • File playback format. To render games, pay attention to the video playback format first. The consoles support simple HDR and sophisticated Ultra HD 4K technology. When it comes to audio files, the wider the set-top box’s capabilities, the better. The latest series cope with any audio tracks. from the usual MP3 to MPEG-2 TS.
  • Equipment. Network interfaces include LAN and Wi-Fi. They are necessary for players to communicate with each other, creating connections for online games. Wi-Fi allows you to quickly update your Playstation’s firmware. Also check for USB ports to connect external drives to gamepads and connect to other peripherals.

Additionally, pay attention to the compatibility of the set-top box with discs created for a different version. This is required in order to launch new games on PS3 or PS2 consoles.

Game console PS5: what to expect from new items

The new generation console is still in development, the presentation is scheduled for the end of 2020, in the pre-holiday period. The company does not provide any exact data yet, but in many publications there is more and more information that Sony is going to use the set-top box to promote VR technologies (VR. virtual reality).

The console should get an accelerated APU processor running on 8 cores. The console will also receive ultra-fast RAM. GDDR6. Probable amount of RAM. 32 GB.

The most discussed information is the graphics chip of the new console. Presumably, this will be a separate chip capable of providing 60 frame rates and video playback in 4K UHD resolution. This means that the console will be able to support games with 8K resolution, that is, 7680×4320 pixels.

Gaming consoles. Which one is better, which one to choose. Comparison.

Let’s start with the look. The factor, it would seem, is not the most important (you can argue), but indicative. Microsoft has worked quite seriously on its brainchild, or rather did it by wisely entrusting this work to the venerable design studios Astro Studios and Hers Experimental Design Laboratory. The result turned out to be a feast for the eyes. soft contours, original shape, perfectly flat front panel. All this makes the Xbox 360 look much better than the PS3, which is simply an enlarged copy of the PS2. However, by focusing so much on the form factor, Microsoft has been a bit too smart. Despite the fact that Xbox 360 is lighter than 5! kilogram Sony Playstation 3, it makes much more noise.

Against the background of these monsters, the Wii looks modest. But. Big BUT. This is its advantage. The small Nintendo Wii is lightweight, virtually silent, takes up very little space and, thanks to its unassuming design, will fit into any home interior.

Unfortunately, the Wii’s advantages are just an extension of its disadvantages. This becomes apparent when you look at the inside of all three game consoles. They use a processor assembled using PowerPC technology. But if in the Xbox 360 it is a full-fledged three-core IBM Xenon 3.2 GHz, and in the PS3 an impressive multi-core IBM Cell BE 3.2 GHz, then the Wii received a modest IBM Broadway 730 MHz.

The notorious NVIDIA worked on the video system for PS3. The result is a pretty decent model capable of operating at a frequency of over 600 MHz. ATI, which was “conjuring” with the Xbox 360 and Wii, lost a little here. The first set-top box received from it ATI Radeon 500 MHz, and the second did ATI Hollywood GPU 243 MHz.

With the Nintendo Wii, everything is clear. She originally did not intend to compete with Sony and Microsoft, producing another “monster” with breathtaking characteristics. Instead, the guys found their own niche, which not only turned out to be profitable but also threatens to seriously squeeze the “leaders”. Meanwhile, these very “leaders” continue the technological race. Purely in terms of numbers, the PS3 looks more powerful, but in fact, the Xbox 360 is still superior to the competitor. Why is this happening? The fact is that the PS3 processor, offering great opportunities to developers, makes serious demands on them. In turn, the Xbox 360 is more “friendly” and offers good old tools like DirectX.

The drive deserves special words. It would seem that Sony won here by equipping its consoles with a Blue-Ray drive. But it’s not that simple. Yes, Blue-Ray has undeniable advantages over the usual DVD format, but there are also disadvantages. Firstly, this thing, without giving any significant advantages at the moment, has seriously increased the cost of Sony Playstation 3. And, secondly, it is difficult to imagine what Sony will do if Blue-Ray still loses the war of HD formats. DVD. Who will need their expensive consoles then??

True, if we objectively assess the situation, it is necessary to admit that PS3 has more potential.

The advantage that the Xbox 360 has is largely due to its earlier entry into the general market. When Sony and Nintendo first showed the world their brainchild, Microsoft was already capturing the entire market. This year is still hanging with a huge weight on the legs of the pursuers. We must give credit to Microsoft. She made good use of the time. The Xbox 360 has more games, a wider range of accessories, and a big name behind it. Despite the international financial crisis, it is difficult to imagine that the company will suddenly quit supporting its gaming platform. Most Popular Console Games: Halo 3, Rock Band (1,2), Guitar Hero (1,2,3), Dead Rising, Call of Duty 4, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Grand Theft Auto IV.
PS3, in turn, cannot boast of a large number of exclusive games. True, Sony is eager to reverse this situation. So this year Sony Computer Entertainment Europe introduced Heavy Rain from Quantic Dream. It’s a multi-level game with a tricky scenario. According to the developers, they managed to get rid of the linear plot and now the player himself becomes the full author of the game. The game will be released at the end of next year.

Online services are an important factor for a modern gaming console. There is just total superiority for Xbox Live. The work of this service has already been evaluated to the highest standards. Xbox Live is simple and easy to use. Once, after completing a simple registration, the user receives a nickname that works in all online games. General statistics and rating of players are kept. In addition, through the system you can download game demos, patches and mods. For calculations on Xbox Live, a special volute is used. Microsoft Points. For it you can get new mods, full versions of games, movies and a variety of videos in excellent quality and high definition. Premium. in addition to all of the above, it allows you to communicate with any corner of the planet using a headset and a webcam.

Sony with its Playstation Network looks rather dull against this background. Yes, in general, it offers the same features, and even unlike Microsoft for free, but they are implemented very badly. There is no general system of ratings, annoying screens with a license agreement constantly jump out, an abundance of bugs. The company is trying to remedy the situation with “heavy” updates, but so far it has not been very successful. Whereas Microsoft upgrades are local in nature and always “come to the court”.

Nintendo initially went the other way (who would doubt it ๐Ÿ™‚ and did not merge its services into a single service like Xbox Live and Playstation Network. Online services for Wii are available as channels with some information or service. It is difficult to judge the benefits of this approach. The future will judge, but now Wii at least does not lose to PS3.

Sony Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii are the next generation game consoles because they have a new approach to all aspects of the gaming world. This is especially evident in the Wii Remote controller proposed by Nintendo. It tracks every movement of the player, which is immediately reflected on the screen. Wii Nunchak (a kind of attachment to the controller) was no less pleased. Several buttons fit on it. There is a built-in vibro-mator and a speaker for sounding the game actions taking place next to the character.

The PS3 controller, like the Wii, uses gyroscopes, but the Xbox 360 unexpectedly did not follow the fashion. Sony just made every effort to create the most convenient controller, and it was quite successful, according to the assurances of gamers.

It is not known who will emerge from this race as the winner. Each console has its own pros and cons. In terms of sales, the Xbox 360 seems to be in the lead, but the Wii is the only one sold at a loss. Again, the PS3, although it loses so far to competitors in terms of the number of consoles sold, has greater potential in its hardware. Be that as it may, at the moment the best choice for a gamer is the Xbox 360, and the best gift for the whole family, by far. Nintendo Wii. And PS? Well, who can guarantee that a great future does not await her? So think and choose. It’s up to you to decide anyway.


Supported Media Type. Shows what media the game can be loaded into: Blue-Ray and DVDs, UMDs (for Sony handheld consoles), Wii Optical Disc (for Nintendo Wii consoles).

Processor and Memory. The more cores and the higher the processor frequency, the faster the device can run. The frequency of the processors in the set-top boxes reaches 3.2 GHz, and the amount of RAM is 512 MB.

Best Video Games Consoles in 2020. How to Choose the best Console?

However, the speed of the set-top boxes is often characterized by such a parameter as the system performance in floating point calculations. Measured in teraflops. The higher the number, the better.

Formats. defines all video, audio and picture formats that the STB can play. Most popular formats: MP3, WMA, JPEG. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles support HD video.

Runtime. this characteristic is important for portable set-top boxes that run on Li-Ion batteries of their own format.


If you have a hard disk, you can record music, photos, game demos, save data while playing through the game. It is important to know that some games can only work with a hard drive. Also, games recorded on the hard drive load and play much faster than those from a disc or memory card. At the moment, the volume of hard drives in consoles ranges from 8 to 500 GB.

How to choose a game console

Portable. a small set-top box that is equipped with a screen and speakers or headphones. Such a device is convenient to use on the road, outdoors or somewhere on vacation, as it can work independently, regardless of the TV.

Stationary. a set-top box that connects to a TV or projector. Thanks to this, the entire course of the game is displayed on the big screen. Such a device allows you to connect multiple joysticks and play with friends.

Nintendo Company

Nintendo releases the Nintendo Wii, Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo DS Lite consoles. The most widespread in the CIS markets was the Nintendo Wii console.

Nintendo Wii is a new (seventh) generation game console. It should be noted that this model is significantly inferior to the multimedia capabilities of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It does not have the function of playing video, photos and music. Advantage. unusual control due to the original three-dimensional controller.


Microsoft produces Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles. The latter is the next generation consoles. After its release, Xbox consoles are almost never found on the domestic market.

Xbox 360. Has a 3-core processor. This model has almost all the features of the Playstation 3. Advantage. the cost is lower than the Playstation 3. Disadvantage. does not support large-capacity discs (HD DVD and Blu-ray).


Basically, there are game consoles from three manufacturers on the market: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular versions of the prefixes of these companies.


Sony releases Playstation consoles:

Playstation 2 is one of the most popular sixth generation video game consoles. Advantages. relatively low cost (due to the release of new generation set-top boxes), support for a fairly large number of games, the ability to use it as a DVD player, ease of operation. The disadvantage is that it gets very hot if you play for more than 24 hours in a row. Among the sixth generation consoles, it is the most functional, but at the same time the most expensive option.

Playstation 3 is a new (seventh) generation stationary game console. Supports high image quality in games up to 1920×1080. Allows you to play Blue-Ray and DVDs, photos, listen to music, has an Internet connection, supports free online games.

Sony also produces portable consoles. Playstation Portable and Playstation Vita.

Playstation Portable. has a relatively large screen and a powerful processor. You can access the Internet, view videos and photos. Among the shortcomings, it should be noted the short battery life. only 4 hours.

Playstation Vita is an improved, but at the same time more expensive model. Benefits. powerful 4-core processor and high quality touchscreen. Disadvantages. short battery life, significantly larger than the Playstation Portable, high maintenance and accessory costs.


A controller is a device that controls a game, such as a gamepad. Most game consoles come with a controller.

  • wireless. do not restrict the user’s movement, however, they have a limited operating time without recharging;
  • wired. less convenient, but do not require battery charging.

The Nintendo Wii controllers are the most unusual. It is with their help that you can control the game through gestures and movements. Often, children especially like these consoles.

Consoles that have multiple controllers can be played by several people at the same time.

People love to play!

Absolutely everyone loves to play. And no matter how old he is, absolutely everyone loves to play in one way or another. over, the games that we love so much can be radically different. These can be outdoor games, team games, individual games, computer or video games. All of them are fundamentally different from each other in terms of location, mental stress and physical effort. But they are all united by excitement, the desire to get their portion of entertainment and moral rest, and sometimes even a “dose” of adrenaline.

Nowadays, most games are associated with computers and game consoles, the so-called game consoles. The industry of computer and video games in the 21st century has grown at an incredible scale and in less than twenty years has made an incredible evolution in the development of graphics and other features in gaming devices. Such steps of manufacturers of gaming PCs and consoles are supported by the huge interest and demand for their products.

The main dispute among gamers around the world is the question of what is best suited for games, a gaming computer or a stationary game console. Both one and the other side can present their objective pros and cons. For example, a gaming computer can be upgraded over time, when it becomes obsolete, but you cannot do this with a game console. But at the same time, developers of modern games first of all produce their games, focusing on consoles, and only then adapt them for PCs and laptops. It is this nuance that makes game consoles more in demand among most avid gamers.

Next, we will look at the most popular game consoles of our time and try to figure out which one is better to choose.

Playstation 3

The next generation Sony Playstation was released in 2006 and now comes with HD resolution. PS 3 has two modifications, the first, in fact, is the Playstation 3, and the second is a more compact modification of the same Playstation 3 Slim game console. It was the last option that became the most popular in this model, because it differs from the previous one in smaller dimensions, which, in principle, is more convenient, and the technical characteristics are the same. The most modern version of the Playstation 3 console is called SuperSlim and has an even smaller size.

In Playstation 3, the media player function has been improved, in addition to DVDs, the console also began to play Blu-ray. The set-top box also acquired its own memory of 120 GB or 500 GB, depending on the modification.

Thanks to additional accessories, the third generation Playstation is no longer just a console with a joystick connected to it. From now on, a virtual reality helmet and an interactive Sony Move Starter Pack became available, which allowed, thanks to a special controller, to take direct part in the game. Such a controller was fixed by the camera that is included in the Sony Move kit and you can use it as a sword, historical games or fantasy, as a racket in a sports simulator or as a weapon in a shooter.

choose, sony, Playstation, game, console

Playstation 2

The Playstation 2 game console from Sony is considered obsolete today. This is not surprising, because the first such prefix was released back in 2000. Now Playstation 2 is available only on the secondary market, but the reason for mentioning this model in our article is its incredible popularity, both at one time and during the fourth generation of this line.

The popularity and relevance of the Playstation 2 in our time is provided not so much by high-quality graphics and high-resolution support (it is with these parameters that it is inferior, first of all, to modern consoles), as by a huge range of games produced specifically for Sony Playstation 2. The library of games for this console is incredibly huge. and due to the fact that it is not new enough, the price for them is several times less than, for example, for games for the Playstation 4.

Among the disadvantages of PS 2, it is worth noting the lack of built-in memory, as well as this game console does not support HD-resolutions of modern TVs. But at the same time, if you are a happy owner of a rare TV, then it is Playstation 2 that will experience the least problems when connecting to it.

How to choose a game console

Playstation 4

Sony Playstation 4 had to wait a little longer than previous modifications, because if after the release of the second generation of consoles we received the third six years later, then Playstation 4 had to wait for eight years. The first PS 4 console came out in 2014. In the latest generation of game consoles from Sony, the consoles have ceased to be only black, because the white modification has also been released, which implied the white color of the case.

As expected, the new generation of Playstation game consoles have become more productive, with more RAM, a more powerful processor, and new consoles, in addition to HD resolution, began to support 4K resolution, which is important in light of the development of modern video technologies. In addition, the amount of internal memory of the new Playstation has increased. Now you can choose models for 500 GB and 1 TB.

An interesting innovation in PS technology is the ability to launch the game before the end of its final download. In previous generations, until the purchased game was downloaded from the Playstation Store, it was impossible to start it. Now in Playstation 4, having already downloaded the first gigabytes of a brand new game, you can already start the first missions.

Among the disadvantages of the new console is the fast battery drain of the DualShock 4 joystick.

Xbox 360 S

The main and probably the only competitor to Sony in the production of game consoles is the Microsoft Xbox. One of the most popular modifications of this console is the Xbox 360 (or the more modern Xbox 360 S with a more compact body). The Xbox 360 S is available in two versions. the budget one with 4GB of built-in memory and the more expensive one with 250GB of storage. Just like the main competitor from Sony, the Xbox 360 S can be used as a media device for watching videos or photos, but unlike the PS 3, the device from Microsoft is not equipped with a Blu-ray drive, but only a DVD.

Xbox for gamers can be primarily interesting thanks to its exclusive games such as Fable, Halo or Gears of War. However, the main highlight of the Xbox 360 S is the Microsoft Kinect. This device reads the movement of your body during the game without any additional controllers. Nike has developed a fitness program specifically for this mode called NikeKinect.

Xbox one

Xbox One from Microsoft has become a new generation of consoles comparable to the popular Xbox 360 series. The new release of game consoles from the American manufacturer is intended to become a worthy competitor to Sony. Therefore, absolutely similarly, as in the case of Sony Playstation, the new generation of game consoles from Microsoft has become mainly more productive in terms of technical characteristics, so that they can “pull out” video games that are more productive in terms of their technical characteristics.

An interesting innovation for the Xbox One is deeper integration in the media space. However, all this media add-on is mostly related to US television, for example, thanks to Xbox One, you can watch NFL matches, which are incredibly popular in the USA, but their relevance, for example, in Ukraine, is rather doubtful.

In the new generation of Xbox, the developers have improved their proprietary Kinect, which now allows you to be located less than three meters from the camera, so that this device can recognize your body movements. In the conditions of modern living conditions of most Ukrainian families, this is an important improvement, because the area of โ€‹โ€‹the rooms of most of our apartments is not so large.

High competition between the two game console manufacturers Sony and Microsoft comes down to their competition in the United States and Western Europe.

Almost all the popular innovations in the gaming industry are on the Xbox and Playstation. What you like best is up to you. Here, however, more the decision may depend on the exclusive games for each console and loyalty to a particular brand.

Playstation Playstation 4

Playstation 4 has incredibly realistic graphics that you can enjoy playing alone or as a team. Playstation 4 automatically updates games in the background and provides the ability to launch them at boot time. The game console allows you to pause the game at any time, and after a while start it from the place where you left off. While the Playstation 4 is paused, it will download the necessary updates or new games, as well as charge the controllers so that after the pause you can immediately start playing.

On Playstation 4, you can instantly switch between games and applications. press the PS key on your controller and view player ratings or read messages from friends. You can quickly reply to a message by typing using a controller or from your smartphone if the Playstation App is installed. By the way, this mobile application will not only allow you to communicate with other players, but also remotely download applications and games to the console.

Playstation 4 opens up the world of team games, where you can find not only loyal companions with whom to share games, but also worthy opponents.

For the most daring, Playstation 4 provides the ability to stream the game live, or you can post the best moments or reviews on Youtube with the Sharefactory application.

Xbox Series X game console

The most powerful and fastest console from the Xbox, it easily processes large amounts of information without playback delays and allows you to download games almost instantly. New Quick Resume feature allows you to play multiple games at once and switch between them at any time.

The Xbox Series X is oversized and has an excellent cooling system to prevent overheating. The console is made in the form of a rectangular block with an open ventilation system. This shape allows you to install the attachment both horizontally and vertically, without interfering with the flow of fresh air.

Xbox Series X runs almost silently, even in demanding games.

Increasing the size of the case allowed for uniform adjustment of the cooling process, improving the width of the fan blades, rather than its rotation speed. Therefore, any sounds distracting from the work of the set-top box are minimized.

The improved new generation wireless controller is smaller in size and has a convenient “share” button on its body, which facilitates the process of sharing content with friends.

Fans of games on discs will be able to continue using their favorite media because the Xbox Series X version is equipped with a disk drive, and all Xbox games are free to play on any console of the manufacturer thanks to backward compatibility.

Control methods and additional functions

Each game console is controlled by a joystick or controller (gamepad), which are usually equipped with a position sensor, headphone jack, etc. Consoles equipped with a drive can play DVD and Blu-ray discs, which turns them into full-fledged multimedia players capable of playing audio and video files. Today every console has a USB port and internet connectivity. The modern game console is an entertainment hub that combines games, music, movies and communication.

Playstation 5 game console

The Playstation 5 is the largest game console in history. It differs significantly from the rest in its shape and size, but despite its bizarre shape, the Playstation 5 works both vertically and horizontally. It features lightning-fast boot speeds thanks to super-fast SSD storage, while responsive release buttons and tactile feedback provide gamers with a more immersive gaming experience.

Playstation 5 not only excels with next generation games, but also supports 99% of previous generation games.

The Sony DualSense Wireless Controller has a smoother design that is easier to grip and fits different sized hands. The usual vibration has been replaced by tactile feedback, which provides a more varied and interesting range of sensations. The responsive release buttons of the new controller will allow players to experience realistic sensations of resistance and recoil, for example, when shooting a bow. In addition, the new controllers are charged via a Type-C wire, equipped with a built-in microphone, a dedicated record button to record the best moments of the game, and a built-in speaker.

The Playstation 5 Digital Edition is more compact and lacks a Blu-ray drive, and is perfect for those who prefer digital versions of applications to classic physical media.

Game console Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is highly mobile and transformative. With this console, you can start playing at home on a large TV screen, then take your console with you and continue on the road. The set-top box consists of a small and light tablet, two controllers and a docking station. 6.2-inch LCD display allows you to play comfortably both in soft indoor lighting and outdoors.

Beneath the display of the Nintendo Switch, there are two speakers that provide directional surround sound for an immersive gaming experience and a more immersive audio experience. In addition, headphones can be connected to the Nintendo Switch, or linked to home acoustics.

The multifunctional Joy-Con controllers, in addition to the accelerometer and gyroscope, have an amazing implementation of vibration. They are capable of accurately conveying the feeling that multiple objects are moving from side to side in your controller. The controllers are equipped with various functions. the right Joy-Con is equipped with NFC and an infrared sensor, and can carry heroes sold as physical figures into the game, and the left one measures the distance to objects and recognizes gestures: for example, rock, scissors, paper.

How to choose a game console?

Game console Xbox One S

The Xbox One S game console is more than a game console that delivers stunning clarity graphics, smooth gameplay, and fast game loading. It is a multimedia entertainment center for the whole family.

Xbox One allows you to not only play games, but also listen to music, watch movies, watch TV broadcasts, chat on Skype, play sports using the program for personal training, etc.

PlayStation 4 vs PlayStation 4 Slim vs PlayStation 4 Pro. Which Console Should You Buy?

With the Xbox One S, you can pause the game and then return to the game where you left off, or continue playing without interruption from your Windows 10 tablet or laptop from anywhere in your home with a Wi-Fi connection.

The Xbox One S game console with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller not only improves agility, accuracy and comfort while playing, but also allows you to control the set-top box and TV using voice commands and gestures. The set-top box allows you to quickly switch between games, applications and programs, as well as, without interrupting the game or watching a movie or TV show, receive team invitations, messages and notifications from other users. It also allows you to instantly share your victories and achievements in the Xbox Live community and quickly access your frequently used apps and games from the Start screen.

Xbox Series S game console

Xbox Series S is designed to be the most affordable next-gen console and play the latest games at 1440p at 60 frames per second.

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With more dynamic worlds, faster downloads and the addition of Xbox Game Pass (sold separately), the all-digital Xbox Series S is the world’s top choice for gaming.

Next-gen power in the smallest Xbox ever.

Conveniently, all games, saves and backups are stored in the cloud, where you can create your own game library. And with Quick Resume, you can easily switch between multiple games and instantly resume where you left off.

The textured surface of the triggers and bumpers of the controller allows for a firm grip, preventing slipping, and the updated hybrid cross design allows you to confidently carry out the most difficult combinations. Xbox Series S is compatible with Xbox One gaming accessories for faster response times than ever before.

Services, social features, and built-in apps

If you use Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system on your computer or its mobile version of Windows Phone on your smartphone, then controlling your Xbox One game console will become familiar to you even on the first day after purchasing it. Its interface is a set of multi-colored windows, as in the eighth version of the Microsoft desktop operating system.

The manufacturer from Japan does not disclose all the details of the operating system of the Playstation 4 game console. But Sony is actively promoting the possibilities of new functionality that will allow players to interact with each other. For example, with the help of a special Share button, you can upload photos and videos with the passage of the game to the Internet, as well as broadcast the game live online.

Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox One console as a universal living room media device, so it is aimed at a wide audience that includes not only gamers, but also fans of cable channels, social networks and other home entertainment. Xbox One includes a Smart-TV function. the console supports voice control and multi-window interface, can make Skype calls and much more.

The Xbox Live service supports 300 thousand remote servers where users can store downloadable content, music, games and allows you to add up to 1000 users as friends.

This year, Sony is launching a new Gakai service that will allow users to run PS3 games on next-gen consoles without having to wait for a re-release. Xbox One will not have such backward compatibility, which means that you will have to find additional funds to buy your favorite games, but for the new console.

Which game console is better to choose. Playstation 4 or Xbox One?


The design of both game consoles is similar in style. If you do not take into account some minor details, there are practically no external differences: they are dark rectangular boxes, in appearance resembling video recorders, which were produced back in the early 90s. A Blu-ray drive is located on the front of both consoles, and all necessary cable connectors are located on the back. However, the Playstation 4 also has two USB ports on the front, which certainly makes the console even more convenient to use. In addition, the Playstation 4 has a more compact size and looks sleeker thanks to its “beveled” design and visual division into two parts.


The Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4 game consoles are equipped with an eight-core AMD processor, a 500GB hard drive and 8GB onboard RAM. A distinctive feature of the Playstation 4 game console is that it supports high definition 4K video (3840 x 2160 pixels). At the moment, televisions that are capable of delivering such a clear image have not yet become widespread due to their high cost. This move on the part of Sony may well be far-sighted and help in its competition with Microsoft.

Game controllers

The new generation console from the Japanese manufacturer is now equipped with the new DualShock 4 game controller, which has undergone many changes compared to its predecessor. The new gamepad has a more comfortable size, which will certainly be a big advantage for people with wider palms. In addition, the front of the controller has a built-in speaker and touch-sensitive touchpad.

The Xbox One game controller hasn’t changed much compared to the previous generation console. The wireless joystick is now more comfortable to hold in your hands and more responsive to commands, but it’s difficult to call these changes a significant update.

When it comes to active video games, the new Playstation Eye is now equipped with two cameras, which makes it possible to accurately track even small movements of several players at the same time. True, the viewing angle is only 85 degrees, and the minimum distance for working with the device is 30 cm, which, of course, is bad news for most Russians with small rooms. There are four built-in microphones in the body of the Playstation Eye device, and a face recognition system and the ability to voice control have been added to the previously existing Playstation Move functionality.

The Xbox One’s Kinest 2.0 system is much more suitable for small spaces, as it has a fairly wide viewing angle. The device is able to read the movements of six players at the same time, accurately transmit even the slightest gestures, analyze the heartbeat and distribute weight over the skeleton.

The simultaneous release of these two game consoles has presented many gamers with a difficult choice, as even experienced experts and professionals cannot come to a consensus and give a clear answer to the question of which console is better. Playstation 4 or Xbox One? In any case, each product will find its consumer. However, as practice shows, the Sony game console is in great demand at the moment.