How to Check Xiaomi Phone for Originality

How to Check Xiaomi Phone for Originality

What is the original and what is a fake

Why is it important to understand which Xiaomi phone you bought, original or fake? Firstly, all that you have heard about the phones of this brand, all of their capabilities, both hardware and software, are available only in the original devices, i.e. those that Xiaomi designed and manufactured.

Fake Xiaomi phones have nothing to do with the original, they even outwardly differ from those models that are trying to copy, not to mention the internal content.

When you purchase, you are unlikely to disassemble the phone to see how it is assembled inside, which microcircuits were used, which battery is installed and which camera module actually takes pictures.

Fake phones always use the cheapest accessories that can be found on the market. The processor is the slowest and cheapest, the memory is the slowest and short-lived, the case is made of the cheapest plastic, which will lose its appearance after a couple of weeks of use.

There’s nothing to say about the camera, forgery uses matrices that are so bad that they cost a penny. No high-quality images can be obtained using these cameras.

Let’s not forget about the software, fakes use old versions of the Android OS, which cannot be updated under any circumstances. over, many fake Xiaomi phones do not use Android at all, they use their own OS, which does not support the installation of third-party applications. What is on the phone is working, nothing else can be installed. Of course, such an operating system does not support any service from Google, so these phones are absolutely useless.

We figured out how real Xiaomi differs from fake ones, now I’ll tell you about all the ways by which you can quickly determine the original in your hands, or an insidious replica.

Xiaomi device authentication using apps

I’ll start the story with applications, because, unfortunately, most people verify authenticity after the purchase, and not before it. In this case, the application will be the most effective tools.

AnTuTu Officer

Step 1. Launch AnTuTu Officer

The application has started, before you there will be 2 windows that you can scroll through and click on the button with green characters.

Step 2. enter the site from a computer

On the phone screen you will be offered the address that you need to enter in the address bar of the browser on your computer. It is important to enter this site from another device, it is usually convenient to do this from a computer. The version and name of the browser are not important, it is only necessary that it be updated to the latest version.

Step 3. Scan the QR Code

If you entered the address correctly in the browser on the computer, a window will appear in front of you, on which a large QR code will be displayed. At the same time on the phone screen you will see the “Start” button, click on it and use the camera to aim at the QR code on the computer screen.

After that, the procedure for verifying the authenticity of the Xiaomi phone will automatically begin.

Step 4. find out the result

You will see the result of the check in a browser on the computer. If the screen will be with green background and a big button in the center, then everything is in order and your Xiaomi is original.

If the screen will be red background and a red button, then your Xiaomi is 100% likely fake.

Sometimes it happens that the application cannot confidently determine whether your phone is genuine or not, in this case the screen will be with a yellow button. This is neither bad nor good, because in some cases, even the original, but reflashed phone cannot be unambiguously defined as the original. If you see yellow screen, then you need to use additional verification methods, which I will discuss below.

This application is not intended to verify Xiaomi‘s authenticity, however, it can do something else, and this functionality will allow us to make an assumption and conclusion about a fake phone in a very high probability.

The CPU-Z application sees and shows you what the phone has inside: the processor, the type of memory, its amount, type of battery, type and resolution of the screen, and many other technical parameters.

Remember, I said that fakes never use high-quality components for assembling phones? That’s what CPU-Z will tell us about.

Step 1. Install and Run CPU-Z

Step 2. check the technical specifications of the phone

Before you begin to verify the data, I recommend that you go to and find your phone model in the list. This is necessary so that you know what names of components should be installed in your device and if they differ, then you have a fake.

Step 3. Basic Names to Look At

Let me give you an example of the names of microcircuits that you need to pay attention to. For this I will use my Mi 5 phone.

First of all, we are interested in the following positions:

  • Chipset
  • chip
  • RAM
  • Ordinary memory
  • Screen, its type and resolution
  • Software

So, the data on the example of Mi 5:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Chipset
  • GPU Renderer Adreno 530
  • Random access memory (Total RAM) 2693 (in technical descriptions this value is rounded to 3 GB)
  • Normal storage (Internal Storage) 53.82 GB (rounded to 64 GB in technical specifications)
  • Screen (Screen Size, Screen Resolution) 5.15 inches, 1080 × 1920 pixels
  • Software (Android Version) 8.0.0 The Android OS version can only be an indirect sign, because it can change when updating official firmware. For example, now the Mi 5 phone runs on Android 8, but it went on sale with Android 6 on board.

You need to compare the values ​​of the above parameters between what the application shows and what is indicated on the site.

If the match is complete, then most likely your phone is original. If there are serious differences, then it is fake.

Mi verification

Another application that is able to automatically detect fake Xiaomi is Mi Verification. It was created by Xiaomi itself so that users can immediately determine which device they use.

This application will be more difficult to install and use than the previous 2.

Secondly, this application requires changing the power mode of the device from balanced to productive. You will most likely not notice a big difference both in performance and in life from a single battery charge after switching this parameter. However, if you do not want to make changes to the system settings, which cannot be returned using the usual means, then you should not install this application.

But even if you decide to use it, there’s nothing to be afraid of, even in normal settings you can’t change the power mode, the MIUP application will help us with this, more detailed instructions here.

Step 1. download Mi Veification

In order to download Mi Verification, go to your phone’s browser at the following address

You will load a page on which in the center will be visible a large red button “Download App”. Click it, the installation file will download.

Step 2. Run Mi Verification Installation

Launch the Explorer application, it is standard and should be installed on your phone, if it is, of course, original# 128522; Now select the “Downloads” section and find the antifake_123.apk file there

Step 3. give permission to the phone to install the application

If you previously allowed the phone to install third-party applications, then just click on the file and it will automatically install on the phone.

If you have never previously installed third-party applications, then when you click on the file, the phone will warn you that it is not allowed this operation, and the notification will have a “settings” button, click it and give permission.

After the application is installed, launch it.

Step 4. launch the application

After starting the application, it will ask you to enable high performance mode. Turn it on, but be sure to turn it off after authenticating the device.

Now you need to go to the browser on the computer at:

After that, you need to click on the “scan and verify” button in the application, and then point the phone’s camera to the QR code on the computer screen. Verification will begin automatically and will last 20-30 seconds, after which you will see a verdict on the computer screen.

This application can be trusted, because It is written in Xiaomi, and they know exactly how to distinguish their own product from a third-party one.

We verify the authenticity of the Xiaomi smartphone on the official website of the manufacturer

Not only applications can help establish the authenticity of Xiaomi, you can also use the services of the official website, where, among other things, there is a special page on which you can check the phone using the IMEI code and the serial number of the product.

Step 1. go to the official website

You need to go to

It doesn’t matter if it’s the browser of your phone or computer, where it’s more convenient for you to work with the data there and load the page.

Step 2. find out your IMEI

IMEI is the serial number of your phone, it’s different for each device, it’s like a VIN code for a car.

To find out IMEI you need to dial the following code on the phone keypad: # 06 #. Immediately after entering this code, a pop-up menu will appear on the phone screen, where the IMEI code will be indicated. It must be entered in a window on the site.

Then press the confirmation button and instantly find out the result of the check.

This method has a drawback, the fact is that pirates can copy real IMEI numbers and paste them into their fake phones. Therefore, this method, although it is fast and least expensive, but it is not 100% reliable.

Checking your Xiaomi phone for originality using visual inspection software

All Xiaomi phones come with a proprietary MIUI interface, they are inextricably linked.

Therefore, even before buying a phone, you can make sure that MIUI is installed on the phone.

This can be easily done if you are already familiar with this shell and know how it looks during normal operations with the device.

You can also find out by going to the device settings.

Step 1. go to the general settings of the phone

You can do this by calling the quick menu curtain and clicking on the gear sign, which are located in the upper right corner.

Step 2. find the menu item “About Phone”

Find the menu item “About phone” and enter it.

Next, you will see a list of device firmware parameters, including the line “MIUI Version”. Opposite it should be the inscription: “MIUI Global 10.0 | stable (OAAMIFH). ” The inscription does not have to be like this (in numbers), but the general view must match. These numbers indicate the version of the shell and the MIUI generation that is installed on the device. Instead of the number 10, there can be a number 9, 8, 7 and below. If the general appearance of the inscription is this, then MIUI is installed on the phone and the likelihood that this is an official phone is growing significantly. But it does not give full confidence.

We determine the fake Xiaomi in appearance

You can try to distinguish a fake from the original in appearance. Fake phones are always collected rude, messy and simpler than the original device.

Carefully inspect the phone, no part should hang or play. Everything should be firmly in place, there should be no burrs, or uneven joints, nor, especially, traces of glue and other substances.

Real Xiaomi phones have excellent build quality, each part fits perfectly to the other, there are no gaps or other defects between them.

SIM tray

Pay special attention to the SIM card tray, it must have a metal chassis, it must go out of its groove tightly and enter it tightly. Backlash should not be anywhere.

Also pay attention to the color, it should be exactly the same as the phone case, if it is even slightly different, this is an occasion to think about faking or replacing the tray itself from another phone, which also does not bode well.

Insert the tray completely in its place, it should be perfectly aligned with the side edge of the case. In new original devices it is even difficult to see the border, where there is already a tray, and where is the phone case.

Protective stickers

If you buy a new phone, pay attention to the protective stickers, which must be present on the phone.

A screen, cameras, a fingerprint sensor. all these details have their own films.

Each of the films ideally matches the protected part in size, holds firmly and thoroughly. All films of official devices are glued perfectly evenly.

If you are holding a phone in which the films are glued crookedly and do not match the protected part, then this is a very serious reason to refuse such a phone. And if there are no stickers on the new device at all, don’t even think about buying it. Even if it’s not fake, then who knows why there are no stickers on it? Perhaps you are selling a used phone under the guise of a new one, or some parts have been replaced on it.

Back cover

In real Xiaomi, all the details are perfect, but with a quick look, pay attention to the back cover. It should sit very tightly in its place, there should not be any backlash at all, the device should be monolithic, like a bar.

Pay attention to the quality of the material, it should be credible and should feel pleasant and reliable. If you feel in your hand a cheap plastic that is squeezed by the slightest pressure. this is a fake. Do not buy such a product.