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How to use True Tone on your iPhone or iPad

True Tone is a relatively recent display function on iOS devices, which allows the display of your iPhone or iPad to adjust the color temperature depending on the lighting of the current environment. The warmest light in the room leads to warmer colors on your display. The effect partly reflects what happens when the light falls on a sheet of paper, and Apple claims that this function is partly designed to reduce the load on the eyes.

True Tone was presented in the 9.7-inch iPad Pro in 2016 and has since slowly spread through the line of mobile devices Apple. This is how you control True Tone on your iPhone and iPad.

What devices support True Tone?

Currently, relatively few devices support True Tone, but Apple has introduced this technology both in the iPhone and in the iPad. These devices support True Tone:

The fastest way to manage True Tone on your device is through the control center, where to turn on or off True Tone, just click the button. Depending on your device, the control center may be in another place.

  • Open the control center on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Press the brightness on your iPhone slope strongly or press and hold it on the iPad.
  • Press the True Tone button to enable or off True tone.

What can happen after a poor.quality replacement of the screen

So, after replacing the display module, such symptoms can be observed:

  • Inactive slider of turning Truetone in the “Screen and brightness” section or there is no;
  • iPhone does not automatically regulate brightness;
  • The adjustment occurs incorrectly, and in the end the eyes quickly get tired.

In order for the problem to disappear, the calibration is required.

How work is done

The main reason for the refusal to adjust the balance of white is a poor.quality replacement of the screen module. Sensors responsible for this function of the Apple Gadgets work in conjunction with the screen controller, which needs to be flashed after repair manipulations.

In case of failures, it is better to contact professionals immediately. Without diagnostics, specialized software and equipment (programmer) cannot be dispensed with. The programmer reads information from the display and transmits it further, which allows you to achieve well.coordinated work of all elements. After that, a second check is carried out, demonstrating how the sensors are answering correctly.

Sometimes problems with True Tone are associated with damage to light sensors. Such a defect also cannot be eliminated independently, you need to contact a qualified master.

How True Tone works on iPhone

So, in Apple we decided to try to imitate the reflected light and configure the screen shade so that in different environments under different lighting the screen of your smartphone, tablet or laptop corresponds to this very environment.

Therefore, if the iPhone sensors capture the warm light of an ordinary light bulb, then the screen begins to turn yellow, as if imitating the behavior of an ordinary white sheet of paper, and vice versa, automatically adjusting the balance of white.

Of course, this does not mean that the shade of your iPhone screen will be 100% coincide with a sheet of paper, since, unlike paper, the display does not reflect the light, but radiates it. That is, the smartphone is trying to imitate the reflected light.

For this, sensors are used, which in new models are part of the Face ID system through which the iPhone receives the information you need.

But different factors, such as our face or other interference, can affect the sensors of the surrounding light and temperature, which can lead to a not very perfect work True Tone.

Sensors in constant mode monitor the color temperature of the surrounding lighting, adjusting the white balance on the display for better perception of the picture to users, so that the difference between the surrounding lighting and the light from the screen is as little as possible.

Are there any benefits from True Tone?

True Tone is definitely designed to make the use of a smartphone more comfortable in different conditions to reduce the load on our vision, although all the advantages of the technology can not be appreciated by the advantage of.

If you have not used this function earlier, then when turning on, most likely it will be horrified by how unusual the smartphone screen now looks, but vision quickly adapts to this shade. And in the future, perhaps you will no longer be able to refuse to use True Tone.

For example, if you like to read something on a smartphone or tablet in the evening, then on a warmer lamp screen it will be just more pleasant to watch than a cold white, which is more suitable for daylight. over, the True Tone smartphone does not affect the battery consumption or any other characteristics of the smartphone.

There is also a popular theory of the dangers of blue light, which supposedly negatively affects our vision, causes the production of substances toxic for the eye, and in general it is very bad. But it is important to understand that the harm of blue light on our body has not been proven in any way. The intensity of the blue spectra from the smartphone is clearly not enough to damage the lens and the retina, and from our sun there will be much more exposure to the eyes than from the screen.

However, the topic is popular, and from this you can make good money to various manufacturers of glasses, displays and other accessories. Including Apple itself does not mention such an advantage of Tone or night regime, but focuses solely on convenience and comfort of use in different conditions.

For the same purposes, by the way, they came up with all sorts of night regimes and dark topics of the integration design.

True Tone can be useful if you buy a used iPhone, starting with the 8th model, and it does not have a switch of this mode in the settings, this means that the device was in the repair, and it is better to clarify its real story with the owner.

I advise you to give labor another chance if you do not use it. Try to use this technology during the day, and you will no longer feel any discomfort, and the brain will quickly adapt to the new white balance.

Why do I have no True-Tone function?

The first reason is that the iPhone may not support this function.On iPhones younger iPhone 8 True-Tone no. The light sensor is responsible for the function. The function only works on: iPhone 8, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Se2, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro,,,,,,, iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The second reason is a poor-quality repair or restored True-Tone iPhonfunction depends on the lighting sensor and MTSN firmware. These things should be family.

If you change the train with a lighting sensor, then True-Tone will be irrevocably lost. Only the replacement of the display in the official service will help, where they will install the display assembly with the new sensor and calibrate it.

Also, if you do not transfer MTSN firmware when replacing the display, then the function will also stop working. Therefore, when replacing the display, specify whether the master will transfer the firmware.

The third reason. damage to the lighting sensor of the moisture producer is near the conversational speaker grid. Moisture protection is weakened over time and a small drop inside can disable the sensor. Repair consists in restoring paths under the sensor.

How to restore the work of True-Tone function?

The problem with the firmware, you have an original display, you just need to transfer the firmware using the program.era firmware MTSN is lost on the iPhone older than 11 can be restored using a special programmer. On 11 Pro and above it is impossible to restore the firmware without the presence of an original module (there is no solution for January 2021)

The problem with the sensor: if the train under the sensor is damaged, then you can weave it to a new train and True-Tone will work.If the sensor is lost, then True-Ton can only be restored by replacing the display in the official service.

How to restore True Tone when replacing the iPhone screen (and why it is needed)

Despite the fact that Apple uses advanced iPhone screen tools, the smartphone display still remains a very fragile element. It can easily break up at the first fall to a hard surface, and although protective glasses really become stronger and more reliable every year, the iPhone XS is just as exposed to shocks as the iPhone 6. And you are really unlucky if the screen matrix was damaged, stripes or sensor began to work partially. In this case, it is necessary to change the display module. after all, this is a single design from the matrix, sensor, backlight and glass that protects the other components of the module.

However, it is unlikely that it would be possible to make such repairs on our own. we, having made this, asking the engineer of the Apple Pro service center to show all the subtleties of the screen of the iPhone 8 Plus screen. This process is a very painstaking, and the slightest error can subsequently cost the iPhone performance, because when replacing the display module, you have to affect components such as the Face ID face scanner (or Touch ID, if this is the past generation of iPhone). In addition, even with a successful outcome of the smartphone display, it is necessary to calibrate to work True Tone, and for this you need to have a special device at hand.

First, the engineer examines the iPhone and evaluates the damage, after which he begins to remove the module.

After that, autopsy is mandatory from left to right, so as not to damage the train.

To de.energize the device, the battery is disconnected from the motherboard.

Then the display and front chambers with sensors are disconnected. There is just a neat work here, because the slightest damage can lead to problems with Face ID or Touch ID.

After that, the engineer starts installing a new display module.

The most interesting begins here. In order for True Tone to work on the iPhone, you need a special programmer that reads information from one display and transmits it to another display.

Why is it necessary? True Tone sensors work in conjunction with the control controller of the screen and automatically adjust the balance of white. You yourself probably noticed that this function greatly simplifies the use of the phone in different lights, and the eyes get less tired. Most often, the cause of the malfunctions is unskilled replacement and repair of the display: the information on the control of brightness is stored in the controller of the iPhone screen and it should be synchronized with the data on the device itself, therefore, to restore True Tone, you can not do without the programmer here.

If everything is in order, the engineer carefully connects all the loops and the battery back, and also installs a special moisture.proof rubber gluing. This is a special layer between the case and the glass that protects against unwanted fluid hits.

As you can see, this process is far from simple, and if you turn to unskilled engineers, you may face the fact that True Tone will not work after replacement. Or, even worse, in a couple of days yellow spots will appear on the display, and after a few weeks, certain internal components will stop working. The Apple Pro service center has a qualitative approach to the repair of Apple equipment, provides a guarantee for work performed and gives a pleasant 10 % discount for all readers of

Find out how to disable or enable True Tone on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

True Tone appeared on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and is an exclusive iPad Pro function. This is a simple function that adapts the tone of the device display in accordance with the environment. For example, if you are in a room illuminated by warm light, then the tone of your display will correspond, giving you a little warm sensation. This is a great small function, but it may not be for everyone, since it can become an obstacle if you do accurate work with color, or just do not like your own display. So, in today’s leadership, we will show you how to disable or enable this function, depending on your needs.

Comparison of the IOS 14 Beta 1 with iOS 13.5.1. whether the performance has improved?

Turn on/disable True tone.

Launch the “Settings” application on your iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus.

Now just click on the True Tone toleep to enable or turn it off.

Whenever you switch between different places with different lighting conditions, your display tone will remain constant or change accordingly if you decide to turn off or enable this function, respectively.

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Personally, I leave this function on constantly, as this allows you to look at the display much less tense. I understand that in most cases I am sacrificing color accuracy, but there is nothing better than a display that does not stick out your eyeballs after prolonged use. At least I believe in this.

Which iPhone and iPad support True Tone technology ?

iPhone XS iPad Pro (12.9 inches, 3rd generation)
iPhone XS Max iPad Pro (12.9 inches, 2nd generation)
iPhone xr iPad Pro (11 inches)
iPhone x iPad Pro (10.5 inches)
iPhone 8 iPad Pro (9.7 inches)
iPhone 8 Plus

Settings. screen and brightness. translate the True Tone slider into an active state.

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The reasons leading to a malfunction

Belongation of white balance on the iPhone screen always lies in the display malfunction. This is usually due to the fact that the gadget’s screen was damaged, and its repair was made poorly. A broken screen on the iPhone can not simply be changed to a new. Information from the previous one should be transferred to a new part, and only after that can the device again be used.

The reason why Troveton does not work on the iPhone, there may be a hasty replacement of the display. Complete synchronization is required. Data on the transfer of white is stored in the settings of color correction.

Another reason. Installation of an unlicensed version. The smartphone perceives only “generic” details well. those that are supplied from the developer factories. Cheap analogues installed to replace a broken display. The reason for the imbalance of white against the background of a malfunction of Trove.

If the display sensor is damaged, the white shade will also not be adjusted when changing lighting. It requires replacing the element, but taking into account the previously listed feature.

How to eliminate the problem?

To restore the work of True Tone, you need to do the following:

  • Study the display. Any damage. The reason for its possible malfunction.
  • Choose original details for replacement.
  • Install a new display with data transfer. Information about the settings of white correlation is stored in the “Screen and Brightness” section.
  • Check the transfer of information and the work of a smartphone in different modes.

If the repair is carried out successfully, in cloudy weather, cold shades will prevail on the screen, and vice versa.

How Night Shift differs from True Tone

Many confuse two technologies, thinking that they are the same. Not really. True Tone changes the screen temperature depending on the lighting. Using the sensor, the system adjusts the white balance on the screen, not the brightness of the screen. If you turn on/off True Tone, it will be noticeable that the function is adjusted for current lighting: in the daytime in the room and on the street, the difference will be obvious. In a room with a warm yellow light, the screen will become a warm tint, and on the street. more white.

How Night Shift differs from True Tone?

The difference between the functions is very large: Night Shift is designed to use a smartphone at night, making the screen color warmer, and does not adapt to the surrounding lighting. True Tone regulates the balance of white so that the screen temperature corresponds to lighting. this is how the screen looks more natural. True Tone is designed to read books and sewings on the Internet. There is something in common between True Tone and Night Shift-you instantly get used to both functions without noticing the difference while the device is in your hands. On the contrary, as soon as you turn off the same True Tone, there is a wild desire to turn it on. the usual balance of white literally “cuts” the eyes. These functions, like saving charge, are not only in Apple devices, but also, for example, in laptops on Windows 10. I turned on the warm shade of the screen and I do not turn it off anymore.

Do I need to use Night Shift

It’s comfortable. But the choice, as usual, is yours

My friends practically do not use Night Shift, and the girl not so long ago turned on True Tone for the first time and immediately turned it off, without waiting for my explanation about this function. Apparently, the use of both chips is exclusively a matter of taste. But I can say by myself that with the Night Shift turned on, I will not only sleep better, but it turns out to fall asleep faster-the yellowish screen instantly cuts down on the spot, not allowing to stick on the phone before bedtime, especially if the screen brightness is somewhere around the minimum. But not everyone will support me: this function does not affect someone, only infuriates, distorting the image of the screen. Honestly, it even becomes scary, as we used to live without it without sparing our eyes.

Night Shift and True Tone are made for a reason. no need to ignore them. Perhaps at first it will be unusual for you, but it passes quickly. be sure to try if you haven’t used it yet.