How to check the screen on huawei

How to check if there is an Android operating system update on Honor and Huawei.

If your smartphone or tablet has not been updated for a long time, you can check whether there is an update of the Android operating system for your phone or not. When I bought the Honor 9, it had Android 7 installed.0, but after a certain time, the smartphone offered to update the firmware to Android 8.0. But sometimes you have to check for Android updates on your device yourself. In our example, we will show how to see the Android update on Huawei Honor 9, perhaps this method will be relevant to other Android devices.

We need to get to the settings of the smartphone, pull your finger from the top of the screen down and we see a menu of quick access to useful features. Here is an icon in the form of a gear, by clicking on which you open the settings. Take a look at the screenshot below. Next, we go to System, which is usually at the very bottom and we have to scroll down the list to do this.


check, screen, huawei

Further you will see the items where you can get different information about the smartphone. We need to select the item “System update” where we see the version of the operating system on the phone.

Also along with the information about the firmware we can check if there is an update for Android, see the attached pictures below. Now at the bottom we see the button “Check for updates” which will start the process of checking. If there is an update on your smartphone, you will be prompted to update, and check and install the Android update is better when you are connected to Wi-Fi networks, as the firmware can be large.

I hope the instruction on how to check for an operating system update was useful for you. If your device tests the Android update differently, please share the information below in your feedback. To learn more about the version of Android on your phone, follow this link.

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Comparez le packaging et le smartphone avec l’original pour confirmer que votre HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro n’est pas une copie

Seconde vérification importante à effectuer. Même dans le cas où les copies de HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro sont en principe bien réussies, vous allez pouvoir jouer au jeux des 7 familles pour confirmer qu’il s’agit bien d’un original. Un des points sur lesquels les fabricants de contrefaçons font fréquemment des erreurs réside dans le packaging et la boite d’emballage. On vous conseille donc d’aller sur internet et de chercher une photo de la boite du produit et du produit même et de les comparer attentivement. Vous pourrez même vous rendre en boutique de téléphonie pour comparer votre HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro avec un modèle d’exposition. D’ordinaire la qualité de l’écran et sa luminosité vont être différente entre un HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro original et une contrefaçon.

Un des codes impossible à reproduire pour les fabricants est l’IMEI. Il s’agit d’un identifiant unique lié à un téléphone. Dans l’éventualité où vous n’avez pas encore finalisé l’achat de votre HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro vous pouvez demander au vendeur qu’il vous procure l’IMEI pour vérifier qu’il s’agisse bien du modèle en question.

Comment récupérer le numéro IMEI de mon HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro?

La marche à suivre pour récupérer l’IMEI d’un HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro est très simple, la voici:

  • Déverrouillez votre HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro
  • Ouvrez l’application » Téléphone »
  • Tapez #06# pour voir s’afficher à l’écran IMEI de votre HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro
  • Notez le sur un morceau de papier

Comment vérifier que le numéro IMEI de mon HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro est celui de mon téléphone?

Après avoir mis la main sur l’IMEI, il est désormais le moment de vérifier si votre HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro est bien un modèle original. Il existe plusieurs sites pour valider qu’il s’agisse d’un vrai HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro, on vous suggère de passer par IMEI. info Ce site vous permet facilement d’entrer votre IMEI pour avoir accès à beaucoup d’informations sur votre téléphone mobile, comme (le modèle, la marque, des caractéristiques internes ) Si le modèle qui apparaît sur le site n’est pas le même que le votre alors votre HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro est une contrefaçon.

Checking with the app

In Play Market there are a lot of applications that allow you to check the screen. One of them is called Screen Test.

Go to Market, download it and run.

Tap on the screen and you get a variety of colors and pictures that allow you to fully inspect the screen for broken pixels.

Flash TrueTone on iPhone XS

I found an interesting device for repair. With the diagnosis no troughton.

Taking the device apart. heated it for about seven minutes on the separator to soften the glue.

I opened it and it turned out could not heat. There’s no glue. It means that the module has been changed.

I connected the display module to the programmer and saw the absence of serial numbers. The module was changed, but no serial number was transferred. And they didn’t even put a sticker on it. Probably some “domestic” technician changed the module. Or unscrupulous service center.

In the semi-assembled condition I connect the phone to the computer and read the serial number of the module

Now I connect the programmer and try to write into the module

The process has started. Everything seems to be fine. The module is executable.

There is a trouton. Good news. Next, wash, clean the phone, glue the glue and assemble

The repair was easy. Took less than an hour.

What else do you need to check before buying


The opened box should already cause alarm, especially if the device came by mail or courier delivered it. Electronics stores keep phones in boxes, except for storefront samples.

If the seller persuades you to buy a phone from the showcase, even at a discount, it is better to refuse. No one can tell you how long it really was there or what other customers did with it.

It looks like

Producers of illegal smartphones have learned to make copies, little distinguishable from the original. Nevertheless, there are devices with a crooked logo or errors in the typeface. The camera and other elements may be located in a sequence that does not match the original. In addition, you should pay attention to the inscriptions that appear when you turn on the device and suspicious applications.

Very often the Chinese manufacturers of fake gadgets embed third-party software in the operating system, which at best is useless, and at worst is used for stealing personal data from the device.

Screen (broken pixels, yellow spots)

Non-original phone can be recognized by its screen. In spite of the identical display size, it may have some broken pixels, yellow or blue spots and white stripes on the sides. All of this indicates a substandard assembly of the phone or a simple defect.

Smartphone version

Chinese electronics manufacturers produce devices for the local market and the rest of the world. The differences in the versions are related to the supported communication standards in the countries and other nuances.

  • The Chinese version of the smartphone will have a box with hieroglyphs, it will not have the usual Google services and other applications installed.
  • The global version comes in a box with writing in English, and is guaranteed to have Russian language support and Google services.

When ordering a phone online from China, you should choose one that is labeled Global Version. A reliable seller will never hide the product version.

Ways to find broken pixels on your phone screen

To quickly and easily find faulty pixels on the display, even if you are not knowledgeable about smartphones, follow our small instruction:

  • take a photo with a completely black background, covering completely the camera, and a photo of a white sheet of paper or other solid white surface. on the obtained photos after zooming in examine the entire image area looking for different colored dots;
  • Use a special application for the test. for example, in PlayMarket it can be Pixel Test or Screen Test, and in the AppStore the same Screen Test or other popular programs;
  • Download from a memory card or from the Internet several one-colored images of a pair of different colors and examine each one with a closer look, as we recommended in the first point;
  • conduct a test using the software tools of the gadget. to do this, you need to learn the combination of keys that open the appropriate menu in the phone of a particular brand, and call this menu, where you should select the screen test or fill option for inspection of pixels.

How to test a smartphone

A built-in diagnostic tool can reveal most of the flaws you have

The test requires active participation on your part

Here we should make a small digression. The diagnostic test is not only a rather long procedure, but also an interactive one. This means that during the test you are required to perform several actions, from listening to playback to check the speakers to pushing the screen to check the touchscreen quality. It is very important to perform all the actions in full accordance with the instruction and honestly. Despite the fact that the smartphone has a smart toolbox, it is also guided by the answers of the user.

Identification marks, logos and accessories

For example, all the components of the Apple technics have an identifiable marking and an original QR code. To check the display for originality, examine the inside of the module. There you will see two cables: digitizer and LCD. The first one should be a little lower and the second one a little higher. Try both cables by touch. The LCD should be slightly harder and stiffer than the digitizer. All pins in the module should be marked.

All the parts of the module shown in the picture are branded. Examine them all for the “apple” and number code (QR).

Note! The original QR code is placed on the inside of the module. To erase it on the original display is impossible in any way from the word “in general”. But the QR code of the fake QR code can be easily erased with a napkin, carefully moistened in alcohol. It can also be erased by scratching with keys or other sharp objects.

Check the display bezel. Most copies have a lot of bumps and roughness. If it is detected, it is a fake. Such irregularities, by the way, cause a lot of problems during installation. The original part should fit easily and loosely.

check, screen, huawei

Checking the display that is already installed

If you want to check the display you have already installed, pay attention to the quality of the picture. Any glare, side stripes, dead pixels are an obvious sign of a fake. It is impossible to remove the defects by changing the parameters and settings of the display.

A user who bought a fake display will see pixels instead of a high-quality, holistic picture. It will also encounter a delayed response. “Clean” phone with the original display in no way can give a delay.

Check the phone’s performance in direct sunlight. The original display model should not lose clarity or darken. A fake can.

To summarize

To distinguish a fake display from the original, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Inspect the device for defects and check the markings;
  • Check for a hydrophobic coating;
  • Inspect the frame for irregularities;
  • Determine the quality of the picture, the presence of dead pixels, screen behavior under direct sunlight;
  • Check the display for responsiveness.

We hope that our article has helped you. Choose original parts and read our blog to learn more from the world of modern technology.