How To Check The Phone For Authenticity

How To Check The Phone For Authenticity

Experts recommend that before buying a particular model, view the sites of official manufacturers in order to remember well the appearance and characteristics of the device. What you need to pay attention to when buying:

  • screen size. a white or silver strip is sometimes inserted into fakes at the top or bottom of the screen, due to which its size is reduced;
  • battery. the battery capacity in fake phones is usually less;
  • when turned on, the logo of a foreign operator may appear on the fake screen;
  • the location of buttons, speakers, and cameras may vary;
  • the fake machine’s menu often supports Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese;
  • in fakes, the brand name, inscriptions and various signs may be crooked, upside down or contain errors.

These are the “pear makers”:

We trust the state

All devices that are officially imported into the territory of the Russian Federation pass quality control and have a CCC (RosTest) badge. The sticker with the icon is under the battery. The CCE icon means that the phone was manufactured or certified in Kazakhstan, therefore, in the Russian Federation this device does not have an official guarantee and support.

On the other hand, if the phone does not have the Rostest badge, this does not mean at all that it is a fake. Such gadgets may not differ from certified devices. Both of them can be made at one factory, and the differences are only in the procedure for importing into the territory of Russia.

“Gray” phones can bring a lot of trouble to their owner, since there are no guarantees that after the illegal import to Russia, the device did not replace parts, for example, the keyboard, that it was not unlocked and reflash. In addition, official service centers will not undertake the repair of an illegal phone.

Check by IMEI

This is the easiest and most effective way to verify the gadget’s authenticity. IMEI is a special individual code that is set by the manufacturer. The initial 6 digits of the code correspond to the batch number, the next 2 digits are the code of the country of manufacture, another 6 digits indicate the serial number of the device, but using the last digit you can determine the originality of the phone.

IMEI can be viewed in the warranty card or under the phone‘s battery. You can check the correspondence of this code with the number in the settings of the phone itself by dialing the combination # 06 #. A set of 15 digits will be displayed on the screen, which should completely coincide with the code on the box or warranty card. Most modern phones have a special program that does not allow changing IMEI, in many European countries criminal liability is provided for such operations.

How to verify the authenticity of a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the smartphone: the central button and LED flash should be located exactly in the middle. The spelling of the company and the weight of the device must also match. The software of the original Galaxy S4 is Android 4.2.2, the interface is TouchWiz.

How to check the originality of Sony Xperia Z?

The easiest way to verify the authenticity of Xperia Z is to verify the processor installed on the device. To do this, go to google play and install the cpu-z application. We launch the application, open the Mainboard and look for a line with the word Chipset, the value of this line is the version of the chipset of this device. If the Snapdragon 801 chipset shows, then the phone is real.

Nokia Phone Authentication

Chinese copies of Nokia phones usually have a built-in TV receiver and cannot recognize Java applications, as well as Sis or Sisx files. In addition, the IMEI verification command does not work, and the Store icon is either absent or does not lead to the Store.

Check iPhone

The huge popularity of Apple products has spawned many scammers who make cheap fakes, very similar to popular gadgets. IPhone Authentication Criteria:

  • iPhone screen size cannot be less than 3.5 inches;
  • iPhone-4 has SIM slots on the side wall, and the model only supports micro SIM cards;
  • the serial number of iPhones consists of 12 digits, and not of 15, like other gadgets;
  • the serial number needs to be activated, if it was turned on immediately, it means that someone has already used the phone or it is fake.