How to check the charge of the iPhone headphones

How to display the level of Bluetooth devices on Android

than half of familiar devices (headphones, audio speakers, keyboards, gamepads, Smartwatches, and others) can now be used wirelessly. They’ve been replaced by wireless channels. Bluetooth connection is popular due to its ease of use and relatively low cost of devices with this technology. But wireless devices have one significant disadvantage. limited battery life. The problem could be easily solved if all peripherals were equipped with battery charge indicators. Not all gadgets have such an indicator, and low battery often catches the user unaware. How to check the charge of wireless headphones and other mini-gadgets in this situation? You can insure yourself against troubles with the help of special applications or with the built-in functionality of the connected device.

In the development of modern technology and production of devices for mass consumption over the past decade a steady trend. Inventors are trying to create high-tech innovations that will facilitate the daily activities of the user, free him from routine tasks, contribute to the creation of comfort and order in his home. Giving up wires is a big step towards the comfort and quality of life you want.

How do you find out what’s charging your Airpods?

The easiest way to check your Airpods’ charge is to open the case to see how much power is left in it using the charge indicator LED. You will see one of two colors: green means the headphones are fully charged, orange means the headphones are charging. And if you want to know how much power your Airpods have: just take the headphones out, and the light will let you know the battery status of the case. If it’s green. full charge. If it is orange. less than one charge left.

Hold your Airpods up to your iPhone to see the Airpods Charge window pop up

Another classic way to check Airpods’ charge is to hold your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and open the charging case. You’ll see a charge status window showing the charge level in each earbud, as well as the percentage of charge in the case.

The Battery Widget on iOS

The Batteries widget lets you see the remaining battery life of paired iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices, including the Apple Watch, at any time.

  • When your Airpods are connected to your device, swipe to the right and the widget screen will open.
  • By default, the Battery Widget is not there. Tap the “Edit” button, select a widget from the list, and tap the “Done” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • The widget will show general information. To see the case charge and separate readings for the left and right earbuds, put one of them in the case.

Connect to your iPhone

Try the sound from your smartphone to the headset to see the battery status. Plug it in and you’ll see a notification on the iPhone display with information about the battery level of the headphones in detail.

If you take the Airpods out of the case, you can see the percentage of the headphones separately.

How to check if an accessory is charging on the “Today” screen

If you need to know the exact charge level of your accessory, use the widget on the Today screen.

Apple has added widgets for iPhone in iOS 8. Widgets have improved in iOS 14 so you can add widgets to your homescreen, resize them, and more.

With the Battery widget, you can easily see the charge level of all your connected devices. First, you need to add a widget.

Swipe to the right from your Home screen to open the Today screen.

Press any widget to open edit mode. Press “” icon in upper left corner to open menu with available widgets.

Find the widget Battery and select it. Three available sizes will be offered, so choose the right size and click Add Widget at the bottom of the screen.

The widget displays the charge levels of any connected accessories on your smartphone. If you select a large size for it, the names of accessories will also be displayed.

How to view Airpods’ battery level on Android

The utility is able to display a connection pop-up window when the charging case cover is opened. In the options you can select the Airpods model you use to include the appropriate graphics.

Works with all generations of Airpods and some Beats models.

▶ An alternative way to track Airpods’ charge level is the MaterialPods utility.

App has a lot of visual display options, dark and light themes and handy widget. The info sheet lets you check Airpods charge level right on your desktop or lock screen.

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▶ You can also install the free and open source OpenPods utility.

Application is as simple and lightweight as possible. Utility displays headset charge level in notification center or system switch bar.

How to increase battery life

To increase the operating time, it is important to adhere to such rules and take into account the recommendations:

  • Headphones should lie in a case if no one is using them.
  • The case with headphones is better to connect to the electric network, if there is such a possibility.
  • Frequent opening and closing of the case may reduce battery capacity.
  • After a fall or prolonged exposure to water, the headphones may lose their autonomy. They will drain faster after that.

To view Airpods’ power on your MacBook

If the Airpods headphones are connected to the Apple computer, it is not more difficult to see their charge level than in the situation with the iPhone. It is enough to click on the top panel on the Bluetooth icon, and then in the drop-down menu point the mouse on the connected headphones. After that, you will see information about their charge level.

If only the information of the specific earphone in use is displayed, you must open the case to see its charge level and the charge level of the second earphone.

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