How to check Samsung s10 for authenticity

How to check Galaxy S10 by IMEI (serial number) for authenticity

Hey! At the very beginning of any article, it is customary to write very commonplace things. They say that checking the Galaxy S10 by serial number for authenticity is very important and any owner of the “tenth Galaxy” simply must know how to do it.

And if he doesn’t know, then. how can you live with it??!

Agree, complete nonsense. But nothing can be done, “in these your Internet” this is exactly what is customary. you have to put up and write all sorts of nonsense at the beginning of the article.

However, do not rush to leave. the obligatory nonsense is over and really useful information has begun.

So, all the ways to check Galaxy S10 (S10e, S10 Plus) by IMEI are already here. Go!

How to find the serial number of the Galaxy S10?

“Any theater begins with a hanger,” and verification begins with a serial number. How do you recognize him? There are four options:

  • Look at the box. Like every normal device, the packaging of any Galaxy S10 has a special sticker with all the information we need.
    check, Samsung, authenticity
  • View on the back of the Galaxy S10. Yes, there is also a sticker there. the information on which, by the way, almost completely duplicates the “box”.
  • Through settings. We turn on the smartphone, open “Settings. Information about the phone”, we get all the information we need.
  • Through a special code. We enter (like a regular phone number) the command # and. the cherished numbers on the screen!

Needless to say, the last two ways to find out the serial are the most reliable. After all, stickers (on the box and on the smartphone) can be easily re-pasted, but fixing the “brains” of the device. this is a task for some super hackers.

And of course, ideally, use all of these options and make sure that the IMEI is the same everywhere. So safer.

Everything, one thing is done. we learned the serial number. Now the authentication can be done! Let’s get started.

How to know if your Galaxy S10 is real?

There is nothing difficult. First, let’s use these methods:

  • Checking on the Samsung website. We follow this link, see a special form, drive in the serial number and email. After a while, we receive an official letter from Samsung about whether this serial is genuine and to which device (S10e, S10 or S10 Plus) it belongs.
  • No Internet? Too lazy to rewrite IMEI? Do you want to talk about the weather and discuss all life problems about your device and find out all the necessary information? No problem! You can always call Samsung technical support at 8-800-555-55-55 (open from 7.00 to 22.00 Moscow time). The staff will not only help you verify the Galaxy S10 for authenticity, but will also advise on many other issues. We ourselves periodically call them. normal guys 🙂
  • Are you the ultimate “power user”? Samsung has a myriad of other support options. live chat, email, and many social media presences. Write and do not hesitate. they will help, tell, guide you on the right path.
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And in principle, all this would be quite enough, if not for one “but”.

No, well, really, technology does not stand still, and even Samsung warns on its website:

A successful IMEI check does not guarantee that the device is original. After all, scammers can find out the original IMEI and bind it to a fake device.

Therefore, for those Galaxy S10 (S10e, S10) owners who, even after the above checks, still doubt the authenticity of their device, we wrote here such a useful (hopefully) instruction. how to distinguish a real Galaxy S10 from a fake.

We pass, read, check our Galaxy S10 again, rejoice at its originality. victory!

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus S10 checking and testing before buying second (2nd) hand phones. हिन्दी।

IMEI check

Any phone (regardless of cost and manufacturer) has its own personal code, called IMEI.

It is assigned to the device during manufacture, refers to international identifiers of mobile equipment and allows cellular operators to identify phones in their network.

To check Samsung by IMEI on the official website, you need to find out the specific model number. As a rule, it is indicated inside the warranty card, on the seal with which the box is sealed, or under the battery near the barcode.

For smartphones of the old generation (not older than the Galaxy s7 model), a different method is relevant. If you do not know how to find out IMEI Samsung, dial # on your smartphone.

After that, the screen will display a 15-digit numeric code. It must be entered into a special verification form located on the official website of the company.

First turn on

How to verify Samsung for authenticity? Be sure to turn on the proposed device and check the sequence of the information that appears on the screen:

  • Brand name;
  • Operating system name (platform logo);
  • Specific device model name.

Advice! If at least one of the named elements is not highlighted, refuse to purchase.

Also pay attention to the structure of the screen. The main feature of Samsung smartphones are special AMOLED matrices with subpixels of different sizes. They can be seen under a strong magnifying glass.

Service Codes

A service code or specialized team is one of the main ways to determine the authenticity of a phone.

In the case of Galaxy s9 and other South Korean devices, the entrance to the engineering menu is carried out by dialing #.

This combination of numbers is fundamentally different from the standard options, so a fake will not react to it in any way, while the original device will immediately enter the component testing menu.

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Another specialized command is the # character sequence. It is not reflected in any official instructions, but it works quite successfully.

When you enter this code, the screen will display the smartphone model (for example, Samsung Galaxy s8), its production date, build number and other important information.

How to check a Samsung phone for authenticity?

Having become one of the world leaders, the smartphones of this famous South Korean company have become a favorite copying object.

How to check a Samsung phone for originality and not fall for the bait of scammers?

This can be done in several effective ways. Let’s consider each of them.

External evaluation

When conducting a visual inspection, you should pay attention to several important points:

  • Packaging. the original smartphone is sold in high-quality sealed packaging, which contains instructions, a warranty card and a charger;
  • Stickers. not only confirm the authenticity of the product, but also allow you to keep the manufacturer’s warranty. Remember, the real phone should not contain the names of other companies and logos of foreign mobile operators;
  • The body and small parts are intact, strong, well secured;
  • Front camera. expertly fitted, with white LED bulbs, most models, including the latest Galaxy s9, are in the center;
  • Screen width and height. to determine them, you can use a ruler or caliper (allows you to determine these indicators with millimeter accuracy);
  • Power button. a sinking and inconveniently located ON / OFF button indicates a fake;
  • The number and format of SIM cards. for 2021, most smartphones work with micro-SIM and have 2 slots;
  • Image quality. ask to turn on your smartphone and take a close look at the quality of the images. they should be clear and even;
  • OS version (operating system). the same as that indicated in the instructions;
  • Font size. must be the same for all sections;
  • Side lighting. all Samsung smartphones, be it Galaxy s7 or Galaxy Win 2, simply do not have it! To check it is enough to put a black splash screen on the entire screen. the original will remain without backlight.
  • Localization and language are different for each country. The main thing is that all the inscriptions that are on the phone or on its packaging correspond to the grammatical norms of a particular language.
  • Before buying a phone, be sure to visit the official Samsung website and study the appearance and main characteristics of the model you like (weight, dimensions, logos, stickers, a palette of available colors, etc.).

    Mobile applications

    If you were unable to verify Samsung by serial number, use special applications with which you can authenticate a particular device.

    The most popular are:

    • GFXBench;
    • GPS Test;
    • Antutu;
    • CPU-Z;
    • Geekbench.

    Mobile applications show the performance of the device, analyze the processor’s performance and the state of the device’s system, and also determine the state of the GPS sensor. Then all this data is displayed on the screen.

    If you doubt your own awareness, ask for help from someone who is familiar with the products of this company and is well versed in modern gadgets. This is the only way you can protect yourself from scammers.

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    How to find out IMEI

    There are several ways to find out the IMEI:

    Check IMEI

    You can check the IMEI of your Samsung phone and tablet on the company’s official website. To do this, you need to specify the IMEI and email address.

    Samsung: How to check, if your Phone is Original or Fake? 2 Codes to check, if it is real or not

    An important note from the manufacturer states that checking the IMEI does not guarantee originality, since this number can be tied to a fake device.

    But if the IMEI fails the check, then the device is guaranteed to be fake.

    Check Samsung for originality by serial number

    What is IMEI

    IMEI. stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. which translated from English means the international mobile device identifier).

    The number is unique to identify mobile devices supporting GSM, WCDMA and IDEN, etc.

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