How to check RAM on a laptop

Laptop ka ram kaise check kare/computer | how to check laptop ram in hindi windows 10

Symptoms of RAM errors

There are a significant number of indicators of RAM failure, among the most common are the following:

  • Frequent occurrence of BSOD. Windows blue screen of death. It is not always associated with RAM (more often with the operation of device drivers), but its errors can be one of the reasons.
  • Crashes during intensive use of RAM. in games, 3D applications, video editing and working with graphics, archiving and unpacking archives (for example, the unarc.dll error is often due to problem memory).
  • Distorted image on the monitor. often a sign of video card problems, but in some cases caused by RAM errors.
  • The computer does not boot and beeps endlessly. You can find the beep tables for your motherboard and see if the audible squeak corresponds to memory faults, see Computer beeps at startup.

Once again, I note: the presence of any of these symptoms does not mean that the problem is in the computer’s RAM, but it is worth checking it. An unspoken standard for performing this task is the small memtest86 utility for checking RAM, but there is also a built-in Windows Memory Diagnistics Tool that allows you to perform a RAM test without third-party programs. Both options will be considered below.

Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 Memory Diagnostic Tool

The Memory Checker (Diagnostic) Tool is a built-in Windows utility that allows you to check RAM for errors. To launch it, you can press the WinR keys on your keyboard, type mdsched and press Enter (or use Windows 10 and 8 search by starting to type the word “check“). A Detailed Utility Tour: How to Use the Windows 10 Memory Checker.

After launching the utility, you will be prompted to restart your computer to perform a memory check for errors.

We agree and wait for the scan to start after the reboot (which in this case takes longer than usual).

During scanning, you can press the F1 key to change the scan parameters, in particular, you can change the following settings:

  • Check type. basic, regular or wide.
  • Cache usage (on, off)
  • Number of test passes

Upon completion of the verification process, the computer will reboot, and after logging in, it will display the scan results.

However, there is one caveat. in my test (Windows 10), the result appeared a few minutes later in the form of a short notification, and they also report that sometimes it may not appear at all. In this situation, you can use the Windows Event Viewer utility (use search to launch it).

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In Event Viewer, select “Windows Logs”. “System” and find information about the results of the memory test. MemoryDiagnostics-Results (in the details window by double-clicking or at the bottom of the window, you will see the result, for example, “Computer memory was checked using the Windows Memory Checker; no errors found “.

How to check the RAM of a computer or laptop

It may be necessary to check the operability of RAM in cases where there are suspicions that the blue screens of Windows death, oddities in the operation of the computer and Windows are caused precisely by problems with RAM. See also: How to increase laptop RAM

This guide will look at the main symptoms of memory failure, and will describe step by step how to check the RAM in order to find out exactly if it is the case using the built-in memory check utility in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7, as well as using third party freeware memtest86.

Checking RAM in memtest86

Note: there are two sites on the Internet at the request of memtest. with the memtest86 program and the Passmark Memtest86. In fact, they are one and the same (except that the second site has a paid product in addition to the free program), but I recommend using as source.

  • The next step is to burn the ISO image with memtest (after unpacking it from the ZIP archive) to a disk (see How to make a bootable disk). If you want to make a bootable flash drive with memtest, then the site has a set for automatically creating such a flash drive.
  • It is best if you check the memory one module at a time. That is, we open the computer, remove all the RAM modules, except for one, and check it. After the end. the next and so on. Thus, it will be possible to accurately identify the faulty module.
  • After the bootable drive is ready, insert it into the drive to read the discs in the BIOS, set the boot from the disk (flash drive) and, after saving the settings, the memtest utility will be loaded.
  • No action is required on your part, the check will start automatically.
  • After the memory check is complete, you will be able to see which RAM memory errors were found. If necessary, write them down so that you can later find on the Internet what it is and what to do about it. You can interrupt the check at any time by pressing the Esc key.

If errors were found, it will look like the picture below.

Memory errors detected during the test

What if memtest detects RAM errors?. If failures seriously interfere with work, then the cheapest way is to replace the problematic RAM module, besides, the price is not so high today. Although sometimes a simple cleaning of the memory contacts helps (described in the article The computer does not turn on), sometimes a problem in the operation of the RAM can be caused by malfunctions of the connector or components of the motherboard.

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Windows 10 : How to Check RAM Memory System Specs [ PC / Laptop / Computer ]

How reliable is this test?. reliable enough to check RAM on most computers, however, as with any other test, you cannot be 100% sure of the correctness of the result.

I have two 4 GB memory in my PC. Memtest 86 gives an error when both memory is installed, but separately everything is in order, the most interesting frequency is the same both at 1600 MHz. What could be the reason?

Is there a problem with one of the slots? Not so inserted. i.e. for example, the manufacturer of the motherboard in the instructions recommends a different order of installation of several modules, but you installed in your own way. Well, overclocking in the BIOS, if any is present, can affect.

And what about GoldMemory, it has always been better than those in the article?

3-4 planks stopped working. 2 work. (according to the instructions, I checked all the workers. in the mode 1.2-1.3-1.4-2.4-3.4 (everything works, but in the place. no)). I sin on my mother (as an option). Can’t tell you what to do?

And there are considerations after what happened? BIOS did not try to update and reset parameters?


A very famous utility for comprehensive PC testing, including RAM diagnostics. The popularity of the program brought “hairy donut”. a tool for performing a stress test of a video card.

As for the direct testing of the OP, you can adjust the testing duration and set other parameters. The utility is distributed free of charge and has, among others, a Russian-language interface.

Methods for checking the computer’s RAM for operability

The fact that RAM plays a significant role in the operation of a computer is known to many. The speed of the PC depends on the amount and type of memory, with its help Windows multitasking is realized. In a word, along with the central processor, “RAM” is the hardware that provides high computer performance.

And although the memory strips do not have mechanical components, and all the work on exchanging data with the processor and drives is carried out via an electronic interface, this component is also not eternal, it also has troubles that bring malfunctions to the PC. Today we will look at ways to independently test RAM for errors in its operation.


A program that works in all versions of Windows. To be able to check the RAM for operability and display the characteristics of the RAM installed in the computer on the screen:

  • its type;
  • real volume;
  • operating frequency;
  • used interface type.

Checking RAM for operability is carried out in several stages, based on the results of testing, a list of bad blocks will be generated.

The number of test types is 9, but they are all performed in a loop, and you need to manually set their number. In addition to memory diagnostics, MemTest allows you to overclock the system. The program is Russified.

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Third party RAM testing programs

A lot of such software has been written, and a good half of the utilities are free. Consider the most famous of them.

WinUtilities Memory Optimizer

Good software for checking how RAM works on weak computers / laptops. Allows you to perform RAM diagnostics in automatic mode or with user-defined parameters. Test results are logged.

Windows 10. How to check RAM/Memory. System Specs. Free & Easy

Memory Optimizer has a good set of tools to speed up your PC by optimizing the use of RAM. To do this, the utility should be run in the background. it can clear unused cache and unload unnecessary processes.

There is even a mode that improves performance when running “heavy” resource-intensive games.


If you are looking for a utility that allows you to check RAM on a weak laptop, then RamSmash is perfect for this. it can free RAM if it is used by other unused applications, also unloading background processes.

The program allows you to significantly increase the performance of the PC, as well as check the memory for bad blocks. She knows how to synchronize with Windows, while using the backup resources of the OS.

Causes of OP malfunctions

We have already noted that RAM is a completely electronic component, therefore, there are not so many memory faults:

  • there is poor contact between the strap and the slot;
  • The contact comb can oxidize if the bar is not in the computer or in the original packaging for a long time. This problem is indicated by the darkening of the contact group;
  • brackets are installed that are incompatible with other modules or PC components;
  • the memory slot has mechanical defects;
  • you installed factory defective RAM.

The easiest way to check RAM on a PC is to visually inspect the strips. The side mounts must be snapped in, the bar must not wobble in the slot. If there are traces of oxidation on the contacts, try carefully cleaning them with a regular school rubber band. The problem persists. move the bar to another slot if available.

You can also try going into BIOS and reset to default settings.

If these measures did not bring results, you need to move on to software methods for diagnosing memory.

RightMark Memory Analyzer

A feature of the program is a low-level check of Windows 10/8/7 RAM. Despite the limited testing functionality, the utility is capable of diagnosing the entire PC, including the CPU and chipset. Test results are written to the log, logs are not automatically deleted.

Memory Analyzer can be used to determine the characteristics of hardware (memory capacity, disk subsystem, processor frequency, power parameters).