How To Check Phone For Android Tapping

The smartphone of a modern person stores a large amount of personal and working information that the user is not always ready to provide for general viewing. One of the most common ways to share important information is through telephone calls. That is why mobile calls can be tapped. How can cybercriminals listen on my phone? How to know that a smartphone is being tapped? How to check the phone for wiretapping (android and iphone)? The answers to these questions are further in the article.

How are phones tapped?

There are many ways to listen to smartphones. The most common are the following:

  • Using special software. Fraudsters can install malware on the gadget they are interested in using mobile Internet, Wi-Fi connection, MMS messages, etc.
  • Using special equipment. Only “respectable” spies can afford to wiretap by this method, since listening equipment will cost a lot. Plus, in order to cope with such a system, you need to have special skills.
  • Using the complex to listen. This is the most expensive and professional method of listening, which allows you to listen to mobile calls of any subscriber in real time. Only professional signalmen can work with this type of listening equipment.
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How to find out what a smartphone is tapping: 5 easy ways

If the user notices the following nuances in the work of the gadget, then there is every reason to believe that his smartphone is being tapped. There are five common signs of tapping your phone:

  1. Unusual screen work. If the mobile screen blinks, does not go blank when locked, then this may indicate the presence of a malicious program. In some cases, such symptoms can also occur due to problems with the software, or other malfunctions of the gadget itself. Reliable smartphones and touch phones at the link.
  2. The noise in the phone. The noise in the handset during a mobile conversation is one of the most reliable evidence of listening to the gadget. The noise may be in the form of distant cod, hiss or a dull gurgle. Such sounds are usually very obvious and the user immediately draws attention to them.
  3. Constant overheating of the phone. Overheating of the gadget is allowed during intensive work with complex applications, during long telephone conversations, in the presence of a large amount of “garbage”. Find out how to clean android from garbage in a separate article.
  4. Long connection. A delay in connecting or ending a call indicates that malware appeared on the phone that records conversations. If the phone heats up very much in quiet mode, then this may indicate the background work of spyware.
  5. Inadequate Internet traffic consumption. If you notice that the usual amount of mobile Internet is no longer enough, and the frequency of its use has not changed. this is the reason to check the gadget for listening. The smartphone may be hidden malware, which uses your megabytes.
How to Check Phone for Android Tapping

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How to check the phone for wiretapping (android)?

If the smartphone user is worried that his gadget may be tapped, then you should check whether this concern is justified. Since you can check the phone for wiretapping (android) without any additional devices and each owner of the gadget can do it yourself. To do this, you can:

  • Contact the operator who services the smartphone. Telephone companies have the necessary equipment and can find out if the device is being tapped.
  • Diagnose the gadget with the help of special programs. For example, EAGLE Security FREE, Darshak, CatcherCatcher and others.