How To Check Meizu For Authenticity

Chinese-made smartphones have long established themselves in the electronics market. One of the big companies is Meizu. Despite its popularity, fake versions are often found among smartphones. In order not to be disappointed with the purchase, we will consider how to check Meizu for authenticity. The article will present several ways in which everyone can verify the device.

Why might this be needed

The check will allow you to find out if the original Meise model is in your hands or not. The disadvantages of using a “gray” phone are that it has a Chinese (“left”) firmware version. Official Flyme Services (account, cloud and search for a lost phone) will not be supported on such a device.

If the smartphone is stolen, blocking can be done quickly by informing mobile operators of their IMEI.

In this case, the device will become useless “brick“Until you unlock it. An attacker will not be able to use it by installing any SIM card.

Method 1: How to check Meizu phone for IMEI authenticity

You can check your Maize by IMEI through a special application. But if the smartphone does not have enough memory or for other reasons, downloading is not possible, you should check in the phone settings.

The indicated digital code on the device does not mean that it is genuine. Skillful scammers put fake numbers on gadgets, misleading users.

How to find out your IMEI (on the box using the code # 06 #)

Where the identifier may be:

  • On the box next to the barcode.
  • In the device, using the special number # 06 #.
  • Under the battery.
  • On the warranty card. Official sellers always stick there an IMEI identifier.

As a rule, the number is indicated on the box from the device. If IMEI is not found, you can use a special command. A special code is entered on the phone in the dialing window ” # 06 #”. It should be remembered that if there are two SIM card slots on the phone, then two identifiers will be indicated accordingly. So, the identifier was recognized, but this is not enough.

You need to compare the numbers on the device and on the box to find out if it is real or fake.

If the code matches, you can use the following verification method.

Check IMEI on

How To Check Meizu For Authenticity

There is a special service for checking the identification number. The service is English-language, so you can use Google Translate to avoid problems. On the main page of the site there is a window where you need to enter the IMEI number and click the “Check“.

The check will show the name of the device and basic information about it. A photo of your smartphone model should also be displayed. If the information does not match, this may mean that you are holding a fake in your hands, and not the original device.

If the identifier is “pirated”, then a large inscription “We’re sorry, but at this moment we can’t find required number” will be displayed on the site. This means that your phone is not genuine. Maybe you could make mistakes with numbers when entering. To double-check the data, enter the number correctly again.

Check IMEI on the official website of the company

On the official website of the Meizu company, a special service allows you to quickly check the device ID. The description is completely in Russian, so there will be no problems with verification.

If the phone is equipped with two SIM card slots, you must enter the identification number of the first slot, you do not need to enter the second.

When the smartphone is genuine, information about it will be displayed after verification. In other cases, a window will appear that “This IMEI was not found in the certified device database.”

Method 2: Check Maze for originality by serial number

You can check the originality of the gadget by serial number. It is also indicated on the box and in the phone.

  • Open the dial window.
  • Enter a code # 0001 #.

If the number matches the one indicated on the box and in the documents, then it is unlikely that the smartphone is fake. A similar method is also suitable for checking MEID, but this code is not indicated on all devices.

Method 3: Distinguish Meizu fake when linking a smartphone to a Flyme account

The last way, which allows you to determine the authenticity of the smartphone Meizu. The official version of the phone always has a Flyme OS installed. The “pirate” phone will have a third-party version of the operating system. The device will be able to bind to Flyme services, and successfully pass authorization only if the operating system is original.