How to check lenovo phone authenticity

Finding LENOVO A1000 IMEI

  • Unlock the screen and open the phone dialer.
  • Enter the following secret code: #
  • As a result you should see a window with the IMEI number.

You can find more methods to check IMEI HERE.

The second way to find instructions to check the IMEI and serial number. check out this tutorial:

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The above tutorials should give you an answer to the following questions. How to get LENOVO A1000 IMEI number? How to access IMEI in LENOVO A1000? How to check the IMEI number in LENOVO A1000? How to read IMEI information in LENOVO A1000? How to check serial number of LENOVO A1000?

The box, its appearance and packaging

Considering the ways to check the Xiaomi MiBand 4, whether it is a copy or the original, you should first pay attention to its box. It should be sealed in a clear film and closed tightly. On the top side (on the cover), there should be no inscriptions or stickers other than the “Mi” logo. On the bottom, too, no stickers and inscriptions, except the factory, with information about the device and a barcode.


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Standard package of the original Smart bracelet includes:

A careful inspection of the contents of the box will help determine with great accuracy the authenticity of Xiaomi MiBand 4, how to distinguish a fake? Pay attention to the quality of the materials. As a rule, manufacturers of copies use the cheapest and lowest quality materials, which are often easy to identify even by their appearance. This is especially noticeable on the strap. A fake it is unpleasant to the touch, and more like rubber, rather than medical hypoallergenic silicone, as in the original. Many owners of genuine “Xiaomi MiBand 4” fitness bracelets, note that they are very light, soft and pleasant to touch, and some even call them “velvet.

Important. on the capsule itself and the charger has the “Mi” logo, and under the strap (on the capsule). XMSH07HM. is a product code. For the version available for the European market, the serial number is stamped on the side of the capsule and reads as follows. 23742/, where instead of stars are numbers 0-9.

If there is no serial number, it means you are a fake.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to check the authenticity of Xiaomi MiBand 4 by serial number. To do this, click on the link on the “Xiaomi” website. Then enter the digits of the device serial number in the field that opens, then click “Check”. After this, you will see the results of the test. If it is a version for Western markets, the inscriptions confirming the authenticity will be in English. If you see Chinese characters, you can translate them with Google Translator. For the original, the following entry should pop up. “Congratulations! You can be sure that you have purchased the official international version of the device.“!


If you put two Xiaomi MiBand 4 bracelets next to each other, it’s easy to distinguish the original from the copy.

  • A fake has a slightly larger size.
  • The copy is made it is not very accurate, and sometimes even clumsily.
  • The original device has a heart rate sensor, has a darker shade in the working mode.
  • The cushioning material in the box should be quite soft and black, in boxes with copies it is usually much stiffer and of a grayish hue.
  • The connection cable of the fake is glossy and longer, while the original is black and matte.
  • The original device is available only in black, while the fakes are grayish.
  • on the original Smart-Bracelet, when you measure your heart rate, 2 separate LEDs light up green, while the copy only one.
  • The original, on the back of the capsule has the logo “Mi”, the fake does not have it.
  • The charging contacts of the original are slightly shorter than the fake.
  • 100% waterproof.

Determine the authenticity of Bluetooth and the application “Mi Fit”

When searching for available devices via Bluetooth, the genuine Smart Bracelet will appear as “Mi SmartBand 4”. Copies can be called anything.

If you are still undecided, Xiaomi MiBand 4 how to distinguish the original from the fake, you can do this with a 100% guarantee by using the official application “Mi Fit”. To do this, you need to follow a series of steps.

  • Go to the manufacturer’s website. “Xiaomi.
  • Download the application “Mi Fit” and install it on your smartphone.
  • Execute synchronization.
  • In the corresponding fields, enter the verification code and serial number (located on the side of the capsule).
  • Wait for the result.

Authentication for the original version of the device is a message of appropriate content in English or Chinese. For the Chinese version the text will be displayed as hieroglyphs, which you can translate using the Google-translator.

It turns out that to recognize the original Xiaomi MiBand 4 fitness bracelet from the copy is not so difficult. You just need to pay attention to all the details and know how to use the application correctly. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience.

How to find out the wear and tear of a smartphone or iPhone battery

For mobile devices with the iOS operating system, you can also check the battery performance in several ways:

One of the most popular iPhone apps is Battery Pro. It allows you to find out the battery capacity, nominal performance and % of battery wear and tear in a few seconds. By installing it on your device, you can effectively monitor battery performance in real time.

A special program was developed for Windows, which allows to diagnose the battery of the iPhone connected to a PC. It should compare the two main characteristics of the battery:

  • DesignCapacity (nominal capacity value according to the passport data);
  • FullChargeCapacity (actual capacity value at the time of diagnosis).

You can also check the iPhone battery virtually with a multimeter. The method is absolutely identical to the one for the Android smartphone. We have considered the most popular and accessible ways, how you can check the capacity of your phone battery and determine the level of its wear and tear at home.

Serial number

The serial number must be on the box, in the warranty and on the bottom cover of the notebook. It is important that they match.

The serial number should be checked on the official website directly in the store:

  • Go to:
  • Then enter the number from the laptop body in the corresponding line.
  • If the product is actually made at the Lenovo factory, then the screen will display the necessary data and parameters of the model purchased.

Unlocking phone memory

Some phone models allow you to separately lock access to various files that are in memory (either the phone or, more often, an additional memory card).

In this case, again, it is possible that you will not know (or remember) the password set and the functionality of the device will be partially inaccessible to you. It is very unpleasant when the information you need seems to be at your fingertips, but at the same time is not available to you.

To solve this problem you will have to deal with unlocking the memory card. There is such an option as formatting, which will quickly resolve the issue of not knowing the code. But it will not solve the question of information recovery, because all of it will be destroyed by formatting.

So this option is not suitable for everyone. All other ways to unlock phone memory are based on the use of additional software.

You will need a cable that came with the phone (or was purchased additionally) to connect it to your computer, or a card reader (a small device that allows you to read information from a memory card by connecting it to your computer separately from the phone).

One of the programs you can use to unlock it is JetFlash Recovery Tool. You can download it from the official website of the developers. It can also be used to format your memory card.

The most important thing is that you are aware of what you are doing and know what you are doing. Otherwise you can simply disable the phone, which can not always be restored.

So if you do not know how to unlock your phone, to do any other actions with it, it is better to ask for professional help. But I hope that you will not encounter such problems and that you will treat your phone wisely.

How to know the model of your Lenovo phone

The easiest way to determine the model of your smartphone is to find information about it on the device. Sometimes this information is located on the back cover of the device.

If the inscriptions on the body of the phone are absent, completely or partially erased, and it becomes problematic to read them, in this case, the phone model can be looked inside itself. The panel under the battery always shows the serial number, make and model of the smartphone.

Some devices do not have the ability to remove the panel and look under the battery. If you have this particular Lenovo device, then you can find out the phone model by looking for its box. The boxes always have a sticker that indicates the serial number, make and model of the gadget.

If none of these ways will help you, you have no information about the phone, and the device does not give signs of life. refer to the service center on repairing Lenovo phones, which will be able to determine the phone model and other information about the device.

If the box from the device is lost, then all information about your smartphone should be on the warranty card, which was issued to you by the store where you purchased the smartphone. In addition to the warranty, you should have a manual, which also has information about the model of the device.

If you have lost the entire set of documents, the phone has no inscriptions and there is no way to look inside, there are software ways to determine the model of smartphone.

In the settings of each cell phone there is a section where you can find all the information about the device, from the model and manufacturer, to the processor performance and remaining battery power. To find out this information, go to “Main menu”. “Settings.”. “About the phone.”.

If it happens that the set of documents is lost, and the phone is defective, but you still need to know the model of the device, you can go to the manufacturer’s site, visually estimate the model range, and compare with the device that you have.

This method will be useful if, for example, you found a phone and you need to know its model in order to submit a finder’s notice.

Check the serial number

One viable and simple option. Check the serial number of your device immediately. You can find out the serial number on the bottom of the packaging of the device. If for some reason it’s not there, you can’t see it, or you’ve lost the package and can’t be sure, try the following.

The number can also come directly from the tablet settings. Go to settings and select the “About tablet” option. Then select “status” and in the list that appears, look for the serial number.

The inner packaging, packaging and design

The headphones themselves are in a plastic case, made of black matte plastic of medium quality. Most of the fakes on the cover you can find the inscription Mi, instead of Redmi, as in the original. Second, be sure to pay attention to the joint and the location of the connector for charging (microUSB), which is located on the back side of the case. Already on this alone you can determine whether you are facing Xiaomi Redmi AirDots original or fake. If it is a copy, the joints will be clearly visible, and the socket will not be located evenly. The original case is smooth, the connector is placed neatly and evenly, there are no obvious joints. Thirdly, on the front of the case there is an indicator which is only visible when charging is on, in the absence of power, it is absolutely not visible.

Also comes with 3 pairs of ear cushions and instructions. Important. In the original headphones, the supplied charging cable is not included. But many copies are bundled and have a cheap charging cable.

The headphones in the case are placed in special sockets, which are equipped with connectors for charging. For ease of removal of headphones, the lid opens at an angle of 90, and the fake, usually this value is less, that is, not all the way, which already causes some inconvenience. Each earphone has a status light, which lights up red or white.

To understand what headphones Xiaomi Redmi AirDots original or fake, in front of you, pay attention to their shape. It should be in the form of a capsule, and the headphone itself is equipped with a mechanical key designed to control the functions of the gadget. In particular:

In standalone mode, the original headphones can work for about 4 hours. This is another factor that allows you to find the difference between the Redmi AirDots original and fake, because in the second case, this time will be much less. From the case, wireless headphones can be charged 4 times to 100% charge.

In fact, independently determine which headphones Xiaomi Redmi AirDots a copy and the original, is not very difficult. You just need to look carefully at the packaging, the case and the product itself, read the inscriptions and draw the right conclusion. The original will always have a higher quality package, and enough attention is paid to the various details, which the enterprising Chinese producing fakes, simply ignore. For example, the standard seals and production date. So be as careful as possible and do not forget. warned means armed.