How To Check Apple iPad

How To Check Apple iPad

Due to the long term of support and service, Apple devices have become one of the most popular in the world. Of course, usability also deserves attention, the quality of workmanship and the filling of the gadget, in particular, the iOS mobile operating system, which is one of the main reasons for buying apple devices. And more often than not new ones, namely second-hand ones, because the price of gadgets decreases significantly over time and you can get a cherished iPad for reading, games, surfing or watching movies much cheaper. In this article, we will give some advice from UiPservice engineers to those who are going to buy a used iPad, but don’t know what to look for when buying and what pitfalls they can wait for.

The main rule in buying used gadgets is not to rush. A quick inspection of devices and a quick purchase can not only spoil the overall impression of the device, but also make you spend extra money on repairing or replacing spare parts. Taking a used iPad in hand, the first thing to do is conduct an external inspection for chips and scratches. Be sure to pay attention to the geometry of the case. The iPad should be flat, without bends. Check the edging of the display module around the perimeter. If you notice that the glass is sticking out a bit, you must definitely ask the owner about the history of service.

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Immediately pay attention to the equipment. The lack of a box and original accessories should alert. Most often, such devices turn out to be stolen, and in most cases the charger and headphones are cheap fakes. If the box is still available, be sure to compare the serial number glued to it with the same number in the iPad settings (or on the back of the tablet). The 16-digit code must match.

Unfortunately, the iPad (except for the first generation) does not have moisture sensors, as in the iPhone and iPod, therefore it is possible to determine whether the tablet was “drowned” or not only by opening and thorough inspection. However, an initial inspection and verification of the operation of all external connectors in this case will help to identify problem areas. To do this, we recommend taking headphones with you and, if possible, meeting with the seller in the room to check charging from the outlet (while checking the operation of both the complete accessories and the 30-pin / Lightning connector). But you can get by with an external battery, the main thing is that the power of the output current exceeds or is equal to 1A, because you can’t charge from the iPad laptop (the standard USB output of the computer gives 0.5a).

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Next in line is the touchscreen. The easiest and most effective way to check the operation of the sensor is to hold the icon on the display to call up the “jitter” menu and slowly drag it across the entire display area. If the shortcut moves without problems, then everything is in order with the touchscreen. Otherwise, the icon will simply come off the finger on the non-working area. Such a scenario is also possible after installing a low-quality display module, so once again carefully inspect the docking points between the display and the case, compare the color of the frames and buttons. They should match and not differ in shade. If the seller claims that the display still changed to “original”, then we recommend reading our article on the “originality” of displays for the iPhone, which is also relevant for the iPad.

After inspection, it is necessary to test the operation of all the mechanical elements of the device, and this is the Home key (combined with the Touch ID sensor in Air 2 and younger), the volume buttons and the mode lever (starting with iPad Air 2 it is absent). If the tablet is equipped with a fingerprint scanner Touch ID, then you need to check its performance by saving your own fingerprint in the settings.

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After that, you must definitely test the operation of wireless modules: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G (if the model is equipped), as well as the iPad camera. Prepare in advance for such a check and take a suitable SIM card with you.

One of the most important procedures is decoupling from the accounts of the previous owner in Settings → iCloud and → App Store. It’s better to additionally go to the Apple website and check the activation lock, because in one version of iOS the iCloud field can be hidden at all.

Recall that in the UiPservice workshops you can use the pre-sale diagnostics service both on the part of the buyer and the seller. All you need is to contact one of our offices in Kiev.