How to Charge the New Xiaomi Phone Correctly

Many people are really afraid of a depleted battery, and for someone it causes a wild panic, even having a new phone. At the same time, we think little about how long she can live (probably from three to five years). But still there are certain methods to keep the battery in excellent condition for many years. We present to your attention several modern and widely used ways to keep Xiaomi batteries, and, in principle, many others in good condition.

How to Charge the New Xiaomi Phone Correctly

The big question is how to properly charge the battery, and you probably heard the most popular answer more than once, but you often missed your ears. The fact is that charging the battery is recommended from zero to 100%, often the advice falls on the first charge after buying the device. The main reason for this method of completely discharging and charging is called the “memory effect” of the battery.

What is the effect of battery memory?

A rechargeable battery is a battery that “remembers” the remaining charge if you do not allow it to discharge quickly enough to the maximum. In this case, the battery, which often charges from 20 to 80%, can “forget” about 40% remaining uncharged (from zero to twenty percent and from eighty percent to one hundred). It sounds strange, but the way it is, it is true only for nickel batteries, and not for lithium-ion batteries in the phone. Lithium-ion batteries do not have the memory effect we are considering, so you need to handle them with completely different methods: charge in small iterations, without leaving the phone in this state for too long. Do not allow it to fully discharge and then fully charge.

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Do not cycle completely

The main rule with lithium-ion batteries is to keep its charge at about half. That is, at the moment when the charge drops below 50 percent, you need to recharge the phone a little, if possible. A few short exercises per day is the best option. But do not charge it fully. Of course, many of us find it difficult to adhere to such a regime, because we are used to charging the phone at night and one hundred percent. This is not deadly for the Redmi 5 Plus battery, and most of the other new devices in the series. But it is worth remembering that regular charging of the phone from minimum to maximum battery capacity will shorten its service life. Therefore, a good option for charging a lithium-ion battery is from 40% to 80% at a time. Try to prevent the battery from falling below 20%.

When do I need to fully charge the battery?

Experts advise conducting a full battery charge cycle from zero to one hundred percent approximately once a month. This recalibrates the battery. the process is similar to a complete restart of the system for the computer and summer leave for a working person.

How dangerous is night charging?

Almost all current smartphones are equipped with systems that allow you to stop charging when the battery level reaches maximum, so you can not put the phone at night. But some experts recommend removing covers from Xiaomi, since over a long period of charge, the cover can become a catalyst for overheating of the device, especially if the device lies on a surface that perfectly retains heat, for example, on a pillow, clothes.

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Should I use fast battery charging?

A certain number of devices on the Android operating system have a quick charge function. Such devices are equipped with chips, specially programmed, and enabling the competent interaction with the charger. In moments of fast charging, he directs a higher voltage to it. Everything looks and sounds pretty interesting, safe and convenient, but the accuracy of the information regarding the benefits or harms of such a charge is difficult to determine, so decide for yourself whether to use it or not. Most likely, this type of charging does little good for the battery. Do not use fast charging often. Use it only if you are in a hurry. Because when you quickly charge the battery, you can damage it.

Should I use any suitable exercises?

It goes without saying that it is better to use the device that comes with the phone for charging. Cheap charges of unknown production will sooner or later fail and lead to a problem. Repeatedly, there were cases when, due to third-party charging, the chips in the phones were burning, the batteries exploded, or the charges themselves could light up during operation.

Do not let your phone overheat

Heat is perhaps the worst enemy of lithium-ion batteries that most smartphones use. You should take basic precautions, for example, do not keep your phone on the windowsill, where it can be additionally heated by the sun. You should also avoid charging your phone while passing toys, because it will also increase the temperature of the phone and may damage the battery. In general, avoid using your phone while charging. This is called parasitic charging, and this use seems to be very damaging. A small amount of load on use prevents the battery from entering the full charge cycle, damaging the battery. The ideal charging temperature is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.

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Battery Life Tips

  • Do not let the lithium-ion battery discharge completely. Try to keep charging somewhere around 40-50%.
  • These batteries run out by about 5–10% per month while they are offline, that is, when they are not used at all. If you are going to postpone a phone due to a change or other beliefs, first charge it halfway. Even with this condition, you should not leave the device lying in the box for more than six months, it is better to get it out, use it a bit, charge it and put it back in a long drawer.
  • It is unlikely that you will leave your Mi A1 smartphone in a box for a long period, but if this happens, try to leave it at least half charged.

Proper charging of the smartphone is necessary to maintain the performance of your battery and ensure a long battery life and increased safety in the long run. Therefore, do not charge them at night and keep the battery level at half, perhaps these are the most useful and effective tips that can only be given regarding phones like Redmi 4x and the mass of other devices on the market. Remember, the first charge on modern phones does not have to be the same as it was before. Batteries, like phones, are constantly being improved, they are becoming better, and therefore the rules for handling them are changing. Our tips will definitely help keep your batteries longer, so remember them, and re-read the article for more effect.