How To Charge Mi True Wireless Headphones


There are many questions about the materials for the headphones, but they are almost completely covered by the sound.

The headphones are designed on a 7.2 mm dynamic radiator with a frequency range of 20-20000 Hz and a sensitivity of 104 dB. Sound is transmitted to them by Bluetooth 5.0, but alas without audio codecs.

How To Charge Mi True Wireless Headphones

The sound of such a tandem turned out to be very, very good, considering the price. It is, of course, not detailed, but balanced. At the same time, oddly enough, the bass is well felt, its weight in the compositions is noticeably displayed and transmitted. The middle range is a little blurry, but also bearable, but the high frequencies sometimes whistle, but this does not interfere with prolonged listening.

The trick of Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic is that the headphones can work not only in tandem with each other, but also separately. This became possible due to the lack of optical sensors in the design, but because of this there is no function to stop playback when you pull one of the headphones out of your ear.

Microphone Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic

Each earphone has a microphone with DSP technology. On the street, the interlocutor hears you well, noises are cut off well, but if the wind blows or a car passes very close, then all this will be heard by the interlocutor.

Complete set Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic

The earbuds are delivered in the SIMplest box, which is very SIMilar to the packaging from Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro, the only difference is in marking.

Since this is a budget model, the equipment is quite SIMple: headphones with a case, three pairs of interchangeable ear pads, instructions.

It is difficult to say how much the abandonment of the charging cable makes Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic cheaper, but definitely a modern buyer may no longer have a “lanyard” with a microUSB connector, which is needed to charge the case, and will have to be bought separately.

Variations of this model

Xiaomi has several variations of this model, so it’s worth explaining and telling what their differences are.

There are only three versions:

  • Xiaomi Mi AirDots
  • Redmi AirDots
  • Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic

And if Xiaomi Mi AirDots with Redmi AirDots are the same, like two twin brothers, but differ only in brands and inscriptions on the box, then Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic is just a SIMplified model. In it, they decided to use ordinary buttons, and not touch ones, like in older models, and cut the package bundle by removing the microUSB charging cable.

Appearance of Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic

The earbuds are entirely made of matte plastic, and their shape and overall appearance is very SIMilar to the mono-Bluetooth headset Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Earphone Mini.

In terms of usability, the earbuds have a comfortable fit and are hardly felt in the ears thanks to the weight of 4.1 grams per earpiece. I was glad that they do not protrude beyond the auricle and look harmonious in ears of different sizes.

The inner side of the headphones is equipped with medium-length contact pads and sound guides, which have notches to hold the ear cushions.

As I wrote above, this model uses physical buttons, not touchpads. Alas, the headphones cannot control playback, the buttons are used to accept and reject a call, as well as to connect to audio devices.

The buttons have a small stroke and a slight click, but since they are located throughout the body of the headphones, when pressed firmly, there is unpleasant pressure on the ear.

If everything is more or less clear with the headphones, then the case seemed to me too unreliable. It all starts with the fact that the difference between the lid material and the rest of the case is already visible by eye, it is darker and thinner. But it doesn’t matter, the lid hinge raises more questions, it is plastic and has a slight backlash from the box. Perhaps the thinness of the plastic and the backlash are a consequence of the SIMplification of the design, but they took care of fixing it in the closed position and added magnets to the design.

When you open the case, you can see two headphone jacks. I was glad that they also magnetize to the contact pads if you bring them close, and most importantly, the headphones will not fall out if you turn the case over.

Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic are Xiaomi budget fully wireless headphones. Autonomy

Each earphone managed to fit a 40 mAh battery, which is enough for 4 hours of music playback. The case received a 300 mAh battery, and allows you to add about 10 hours of autonomy to the headphones. They charge from the case in 20-30 minutes, but to recharge it you need a little more than 1.5 hours.

Precautions and Tips

The breakdown of the built-in battery is a very frequent and sad phenomenon, since in this case the device will most likely have to be SIMply thrown away. Replacing a battery in a service can cost almost as much as new ears. Therefore, in order not to be tormented by the question of why wireless headphones are not charging, you need to follow the operating rules:

  • Do not use while charging.
  • Replenish the battery within 20-30 minutes before first use.
  • You can leave AirPods or SIMilar models in their charging case when the battery is 100% full.
    There will be no harm.
  • But you should not leave a connected and already charged device through the adapter for a long time.
  • Do not try to replace the battery yourself.
  • Charge wireless headphones to full 100%, and then wait until almost completely empty.
    In this case, an optimal service life can be achieved, which averages 400 charges.
  • You can use a PC, laptop or universal power bank for charging, but third-party adapters are best avoided.
  • Without having to turn the volume up to 100%.
    The quieter the music, the longer the battery will last. Also, optimally good sound ends up somewhere around 80%.
  • Do not connect third party cables.
  • Bluetooth does not work while charging.
    If you happen to discover this, don’t panic.
  • Noise cancellation, various sound enhancers and special effects gobble up battery power very quickly.
    They are energy-intensive, therefore, when the discharge is close, they automatically turn off. To save battery, it is better not to use complex functions all the time.
  • The indicator can be deceiving.
    If the battery controller fails over time. Focus not only on him, but also on the time indicated in the instructions.
  • Cold and heat have a detrimental effect on the battery.
    The optimal temperature range for normal operation of the device is 5-35 degrees.
  • Also, do not forget your ears near heating devices or in the sun.
  • When the device is idle for a long time, it still needs to be charged periodically.
    Otherwise, then it will SIMply stop taking charge.

If you can’t charge your wireless headphones, then you need to find the source of the problem. Test the device with a different cable and power supply. If everything is OK, then the problem is in the components. We also check them with other devices separately. If, with another charge, the ears are dead, then you need to go to the service.

Charge time

How much to charge wireless headphones is written in the instructions. Depending on the model and manufacturer, this time is 1-4 hours. Depends on what you power the device on. Charging from the mains using original accessories is the fastest option. Battery recharges slowly from a PC or laptop.

Features of charging Beats models

Modern devices are equipped with a good battery, which lasts for 8-12 hours of operation and more, up to 20 hours. For example, the Beats Studio3 Wireless earned a record 43 hours of battery life in Bluetooth mode during testing. However, when ANC technology was activated to improve sound, this time was reduced to 24 hours, which, in general, is also quite a lot. However, charging wireless headphones from an Apple subsidiary and listening to them at the same time will not work. But replenishing the battery again is easy and short-lived. If you use original components. Power adapter and cable, it will take about 1.5-2 hours depending on the model. This is subject to mains power, but if a power bank is used, it will take more time.

A cable for wired transmission is also included with the ears, but what is interesting, you will not be able to listen to discharged headphones. The battery savings will be significant as Bluetooth is a power-hungry thing. But, in fact, the power cable does not provide, only sound.

Beats are some of the best, so it’s no surprise that the battery level can be easily identified by the display:

  • Indication is not turned on. The device does not work or is completely discharged;
  • Flashing red warns that the battery capacity is almost zero;
  • When the charge is low, but not yet critical, the red light is on continuously;
  • If the battery is 100% full, then 5 white indicators are on.
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Basic principles of charging wireless headphones

Bluetooth devices are designed for convenience, to get rid of long wires that constantly cling to everything. But comfort came at the cost of using power supplies that require recharging or replacement. It is clear that if the ears are running on batteries, then they periodically need to be replaced with new ones. But if you have your own battery, you will need timely charging. Different methods are used to charge headphones:

  • Via a mini USB, Type-c or other cable.
  • Using a special case through the contact of contacts. This technology is used in AirPods. In this case, the case must also be charged. And if there is 1 full charge in the ears themselves, then in the case there may be 2-5.
  • Wireless charger. Here are the popular Qi chargers on Aliexpress

For the device to last a long time, you need to charge your wireless headphones correctly:

  • Disconnect from the feed only when reaching 100% of the battery capacity;
  • Do not bring the emptying of the battery to zero when the device is SIMply turned off;
  • When the ears are connected to the charger, do not turn them on and use them.

The charging aLGorithm is different for different models, so we will describe a universal way of how to charge wireless headphones when a cable is used:

  • We connect one plug to the ears. Includes cable with 2 plugs on one end for individual plugs or earbuds.
  • We connect the second side to a power source. Power bank, PC, power supply.
  • Leave the device alone for the time specified in the instructions.
  • By the end of the period, we check the indication. The color, the blinking should change, as stated in the instructions.

Many people are interested in whether it is necessary to charge wireless headphones in advance, when the indicator does not yet show that the battery is empty? Of course, this can be done if it is inconvenient at another time. But as soon as the indicator lights up, confirming the end of the process, the device should be turned off. It is correct to almost completely discharge, and then to fully charge the devices to extend the battery life.

Wireless charging cord

The charging cable for wireless headphones is very important. The wire is adapted to the device by its characteristics. It is more correct to use the one that comes with the kit. It is also permissible here to use cables from other devices of the same brand. Since components are usually produced in the same format.

The plug may also vary slightly in size and shape. Probably, they noticed that a non-native plug is held in the socket too loosely or, on the contrary, tightly. As a result of such exploitation, the connector quickly breaks.

How to charge wireless headphones

For Bluetooth devices to work at all, they need to be charged periodically. How to charge your wireless earbuds correctly to increase their lifespan and avoid unexpected breakdowns. I will talk about the rules for adequate charging, as well as the features of recharging the battery of some popular models.

Features of charging Jbl models

This brand is very common, as unlike others, it produces high-quality Bluetooth devices and sells them a little cheaper. Like Beats, JBL also comes in full-size and in-ear models. And the batteries here are not inferior in capacity up to 24 hours without recharging.

Charging for wireless headphones is standard. Via a cable from the network or a power bank. While the battery is being replenished, the indicator will indicate this in red, then it will change color, depending on the model. JBL can be charged urgently, 10 minutes will give 2 hours of device operation.

Features of charging Apple AirPods

Airpods only charge in their own case. There are contacts on the ears themselves. When installed in a case, they come into contact with the contacts in it. The design of the box is such that it excludes incorrect or loose position of the device.

A single beep sounds intermittently when AirPods are running low. Before mute, the sound is double. If they are paired with an IOS device, then the battery of the case and ears can be checked as a percentage on the screen.

How to tell if your AirPods are charged:

  • Install them in the case;
  • Leave the lid open;
  • Look at any of the indicators;
  • One beacon is located on the outside of the case, the other inside, between the compartments for the ears;
  • Lit green? It means they are already charged;
  • Yellow? Not yet;
  • If it is empty inside the case, the indicator will evaluate the battery of the case itself. And yellow in this case signals that it is time to feed the box from the network.

The case is enough for 5 charges, one full charge of the ears for 3-5 hours, depending on the way of use.

What charge is possible from

When the question is how to charge headphones, many do not think about how important it is to use native components. A cable and adapter. An external power supply unit can gradually kill the battery. You can charge the device in this way, but later the battery will start to malfunction, discharge quickly, incorrectly show the charging status.

When you have to use a third-party power supply, make sure that the voltage and current are correct. If there is no certainty about these data, then it is better to use a power bank, laptop or PC.

Charging the headphone case

Connect the Micro USB Power Cable to the JBL Tune 120 TWS Headphone Case.

Connect the other end of the cable to a charger or USB port.

✓ JBL Tune 120 TWS case can be charged with or without headphones.
✓ Fully charging the case takes approximately 2 hours.
✓ Battery charge level can be checked by LED indicators (read in this manual).

How to charge wireless headphones

Choose a section

Headphone charge

When the earbuds are charging, indicator 2 glows red and turns off automatically when the earbuds are fully charged.

Place the earbuds in the left (L) and right (R) compartments of the charging case and close the top cover.

Checking the battery charge level. (TWS i12)

Battery indicator is displayed on iOS or Android phone.

When the battery is low in the smartphone, a corresponding notification appears.

Checking the state of charge. (Apple AirPods 2)

An indicator light shows the charge status of AirPods 2 while in the case. Otherwise, the indicator shows the state of charge of the case.

Charging the JBL Tune 220 TWS earphone case

Connect the Micro USB charging cable to the JBL Tune 220 TWS earphone charging case.

Connect the other end of the cable to a charger or USB port.

✓ You can charge the JBL Tune 220 TWS case with or without headphones inside.
✓ JBL Tune 220 TWS charging case fully charges in about 2 hours.
✓ JBL Tune 220 TWS does not support wireless charging.

Charging the JBL Tune 220 TWS earbuds

When the JBL Tune 220 TWS headphones are discharged, you will hear a voice prompt. You can also identify a low headphone level by the headphone LED indicator (flashing white). To charge the earbuds, place them in the charging case (case).

Charging the earbuds (QCY T1 Pro TWS)

When the battery level is low, the device emits a characteristic beep.

The indicator lights up red while charging. After the device is fully charged, the indicator turns blue.

Insert the headphones into the case (the spring-loaded contacts must be seated properly).

Charging the case

Put your headphones in the case.

Charge the case with the Micro USB cable.

How to connect Mi true wireless earbuds?

The device comes in a convenient plastic charging case. The headset is designed in such a way that the ear pads can be used independently of each other. The headphones are placed securely, without causing discomfort to the listener, as they have a design that matches the structure of the human auricle. For a more secure fit, the set includes two additional pairs of ear pads. If you want to know more about Mi true wireless earbuds, how to connect them, then read our article.

Before using the device, remove the film protecting the contact surfaces and place them in the charging case. While the battery of the gadget is charging, the indicator light will glow red, which, when fully charged, changes to a white tone that disappears after a minute.

Connection Xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds basic

To connect headphones, you need a smartphone with a Bluetooth interface. The headset turns on when you remove it from the case and turns off automatically when you return it back. When the gadget is turned on, the left earphone also automatically connects to its partner. The indicator of the latter starts blinking in white.

Let’s start with the smartphone. Activate Bluetooth to discover available gadgets. Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R is the device we need (right earphone). Click it and accept the headphone pairing request, where you give permission to exchange contacts.

As soon as the connection is confirmed, the menu will display information about the status of the headset and the state of charge of its battery. The connection ended successfully. You can play your favorite melody and listen to it.

Upon completion of all actions, the headphones will automatically be connected to the previously connected gadget if Bluetooth is activated.

If the operation is unsuccessful, remove the headset from the charging case and make sure it is turned off. Now press the buttons on the headphones and hold them for 15 seconds. The indicator light should flash three times alternately in red and white and blink again. Release the buttons, put the headphones in the case. Remove the headset from the list of paired gadgets on your phone, if any, and repeat the steps again. Now you know how to connect Mi true wireless earbuds.

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There is also the option of connecting a mono Bluetooth headset. The sequence of pairing steps is SIMilar to the previous one. To connect the earbud, SIMply remove it from the docking station and it will automatically turn on. Its indicator first starts blinking quickly, and then blinking white more slowly. Search for an available device and select one, which will be called Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R or Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_L and by clicking on it, confirm the pairing request.

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How to connect Mi True Wireless Earphones

The new development is delivered in a miniature box from the company: the device itself is drawn in front, the key differences of the novelty are shown on the sides, and the specifications and device parameters are written on the back, as required by the production standards. The entire description is written entirely in Chinese. How to connect Mi True Wireless Earphones read the article below.

On the sides of the headphones there are holes that suppress noise from the outside, on top, at first imperceptible, due to the plastic layer, a white indicator diode. Below you can see several contacts, they are needed to charge the headphones and connect the main microphone.

Instructions for connecting Mi True Wireless Earphones

If you are interested in the question “How to connect Mi True Wireless Earphones?”, Then everything is easy. To connect, you need to open the case, then hold down the button on it, literally for 2-5 seconds, after which the headphones will appear in the list of available devices for your smartphone. Then everything is SIMple: press the line of headphones you need, and they connect very quickly.

In the future, the connection will be even faster, just take one of the headphones out of the case.

Headphone control is very SIMple:

  • If you hold on to their touch zone for 3 seconds, the sound suppression system will turn on,
  • If you touch the headphones in this way again, the system turns off.

If you touch the earphone from the right ear 2 times, then the music will either turn on or stop, however, when a call comes to your device, the same double touch will allow you to talk to the caller, when the conversation ends, you must also double-tap the right earpiece.

  • If you interrupted listening to music by a call, then after it ends, the song will start playing from the same place.
  • When you double-tap the earpiece on the left, you will call the voice assistant, each operating system has its own.
  • If you wear only one of the headphones, then it will always be responsible for music and conversations with people.

The downside is that the headphones cannot be controlled by voice and there is no way to switch songs. Although the manufacturers can be understood, because they were limited to control options. Only 2. However, you can switch songs using the same Mi True Wireless Earphones, for this there are several programs on Android.

However, do not worry so much: at the same presentation, where the Mi True Wireless Earphones were shown, another novelty was presented. Mi Smart Band 4, but they already had the opportunity to control music with voice and switch songs using headphones. This is a great commercial move.

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# 127911; How to connect Redmi AirDots wireless headphones to a smartphone

Wireless headphones are becoming an essential part of everyday life. The absence of wires provides maximum ease of movement. Xiaomi has already released several models of wireless headphones. And now we will tell you how to connect the Redmi AirDots model, which is also known as Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic to a smartphone.

Before using the device, you must remove the protective film from the contact surfaces of the headphones, place them in the case and charge them. The indicator glows red while charging. When fully charged, its color turns white, and after 1 minute it goes out.

To connect, you need a smartphone with Bluetooth support and Redmi AirDots. The headphones are turned on and off automatically when they are removed or inserted into the case.

To connect, remove both earbuds from the charging case at the same time and wait 2 seconds until they turn on. After switching on, the left earbud automatically connects to the right one, the indicator of which starts flashing white.

Moving on to the smartphone. Turn on Bluetooth and search for available devices.

The device we need is called Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R. This is the right earpiece. Click on this name and accept the pairing request, in which you can allow the exchange of contacts.

After successful connection, information about the status of the device and its charge level will appear in the menu of paired devices. Headphones are connected, turn on the music and enjoy.

After the first successful pairing, Redmi AirDots will automatically connect to the previously paired device if Bluetooth is enabled on it.

If for any reason you are unable to pair with the headphones, remove the headphones from the charging case and make sure they are turned off. Press and hold the buttons on both earbuds for 15 seconds. After the indicator flashes red and white alternately three times (then flashes again), release the buttons and return the headphones to the charging case. Remove Redmi AirDots from the list of paired devices on your smartphone, if they are there. Then pair again.

It is also possible to use the headphones alone as a Bluetooth headset. The pairing aLGorithm is exactly the same. To connect only one earphone, you need to take it out of the charging case and wait for it to turn on automatically. The headphone indicator will start flashing white quickly and then slowly. Searching for available devices. Depending on the headphone you choose, the device will be called Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_L or Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R. It remains to click on the device name and accept the pairing request.

Enjoy music wirelessly with Xistore!

Author: Andrey Kalinovsky

Mi True Wireless Headphones Review

Mi True Wireless Headphones. This is Xiaomi’s attempt to gain a foothold in the segment of truly wireless headphones. With a design very SIMilar to AirPods, the Mi True gives you wireless freedom along with gesture support, splash-proof, active noise canceling at a very attractive price of € 80.

The design of the Mi True Wireless Earbuds is very SIMilar to that of the AirPods. They come in a floss-like box that opens from the top. However, the case is not as compact as the AirPods, and while it is the same width and height, it is almost twice as thick.

The front of the case houses a white LED that blinks in different colors to indicate different states such as pairing or battery status. On the right side of the case is a button that you can press and hold to pair. Below is a standard USB-C port for charging.

The cover is attached to a spring-loaded hinge and snaps into place when the magnet is pressed. The hinge moves too freely and does not open wide enough, and also always strives to fall down in the open position. However, when closed, it stays securely in place even if you shake the headphone box vigorously.

Inside the case are two large headphone compartments. Charging contacts at the base of the compartments are SIMilar to the AirPods case.

Now let’s move on to headphones that are significantly larger than AirPods. The Air Mi True has thick, tall legs that house the electronic and radio modules for Bluetooth. Inside the main speakers are additional electronics along with a battery and driver.

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Unlike AirPods, Xiaomi Air Mi True has an in-ear design with silicone inserts. The inserts come in three sizes. However, these headphones cannot be called in-ear headphones. While the AirPods just sit in the ear, the Air Mi True is only slightly inserted into the ear. This means that while they have better sealing than AirPods, which don’t have one at all, the Mi True Wireless Earbuds have only a slight seal.

All three sizes of the eartips that came with the earbuds were tested and none achieved a proper seal, only the largest came close to the correct design of the earbuds. To be clear, they don’t fall out of your ears, but imperfect sealing affects sound quality.

Like AirPods, Mi True Wireless Earbuds can detect when you put them in your ears and play a small signal at the same time. They automatically pause music playback when you remove at least one of your headphones, but do not resume playback, whereas AirPods do.

The side of the earbuds is also a touchpad that you can touch to perform various functions. You can double tap to play / pause music or activate the voice assistant. You can also press and hold to activate or deactivate active noise canceling.

Finally, the Mi True Wireless Earbuds are also IPX4 certified, making them sweat and splash resistant, something AirPods sorely lack.

In terms of comfort, the Xiaomi Air Mi True works very well. They are comfortable to wear for long periods of time and after a while you even forget that you are wearing them, which is perhaps the best compliment you can say about headphones when it comes to comfort.

They’re bigger than AirPods or some other truly wireless earbuds, which means that if you use them in bed, for example, and turn on your side, you can feel them in your ear. But other than that there is nothing to complain about.

As mentioned earlier, the Air Mi True can be controlled using the touchpad on the side of each earbud. The controls don’t always work well because you have to hit a fairly small spot on the side that you can’t see and it is quite easy to miss a bit. But the main problem with them is the same as with any other SIMilar headphones. Tapping what’s in your ears just isn’t very pleasant. Even if you tap lightly, the sound goes directly to the eardrum.

Mi True Wireless Earbuds do not have a companion app, so you have no additional features to set up with them. There is also no way to update the software in them and the internal software that you get out of the box will be in your headphones until the end of their operation.

Xiaomi Air Mi True has an active noise canceling function that can be activated or deactivated by pressing and holding any touch panel of the earbud.

Unfortunately, the noise canceling function on these headphones is not very good. It works with some sounds, especially in the low frequency range, such as the hum of an air conditioner, but outside of this range it is largely ineffective. Plus, it also adds a kind of whooshing noise, SIMilar to what you hear when you put a seashell on your ear. This often sounds more annoying than background noise.

In most cases, it is very difficult to tell if the noise canceling function is on or not. The headphones make a sound when you switch between the two modes, but it’s just a short, quiet sound. Therefore, from time to time you have to enable / disable this function to really determine whether it is enabled or not.

Xiaomi Air Mi True Wireless. A decent pair of headphones. In some ways, they sound better than AirPods, and in some. Worse. It’s all pretty individual.

Bass. This is a definite improvement over the AirPods. Apple headphones do not have deep bass expansion due to their design, so they lose out at low frequencies. Mi True Wireless Earbuds have much richer bass. However, they also do not handle the lower frequency range very well, due to the poor sealing of the silicone earmolds. The bass is also slightly raised in the mid-bass region, making it boom and muddy on some tracks.

The middle range is good, but also a little upbeat. This helps project vocals more clearly, which will be an advantage for some listeners, especially when listening to podcasts or audiobooks. But for music, they can sometimes get a little aggressive and, together with the middle bass, dominate the sound signature.

The high frequencies are comparatively weak. This makes the sound a little dark and muddy, especially when compared to the AirPods, which have a pretty lively high-end response. It’s not too bad, but those who prefer a little more gloss and air at a high level will be disappointed.

With these headphones, the sound image quality is pretty good and the soundstage is decent, but can’t compete with the large open headphones. Even AirPods have a wider soundstage due to their slightly more open design.

One of the main concerns for Mi True wireless earbuds is latency. Of course, this is not noticeable at all when listening to music, however, video content is almost impossible to watch due to significant discrepancies in the synchronization of video and audio. This has been tested on multiple devices and platforms and was consistently poor on all of them.

The battery life of the Xiaomi Air Mi True Wireless is not impressive. Despite the larger body and larger footprint of the earbuds themselves, they can only last 3 hours of continuous playback and 10 hours with a battery in a case, compared to the 5/24 hours of AirPods. It takes about an hour to fully charge the battery.

The Air Mi True wireless earbuds cost 79.99 euros. At this price, it is easy to forgive some of the shortcomings of these headphones, including some degradation of sound quality at high frequencies, sound quality, short battery life and high audio latency.

For the price, you get a fully wireless pair of headphones that are also water resistant. If you’re only going to use them while exercising at the gym, then you should be happy with the sound quality as well as the battery life.

We also had no quality or reliability issues with these headphones. Considering that they are literally half the price of AirPods, and the fact that they still manage to be quite a decent product, it is worth considering buying the Xiaomi Air Mi True Wireless.

Support for Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic

Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic (Redmi AirDots Global version). Budget wireless earbuds from Xiaomi. Juicy sound for modest money.

On the current page, you will learn how to use Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic, how to charge, how to connect, how to disconnect, how to wear correctly, etc. Navigation:

How to set up, use and tips:

How to charge. Page. Use the cable to charge the charging case. Indication: low charge. The indicator flashes in red every 3 seconds; charged. The indicator of the charging case is white.

How to turn it on. Page. 2 ways: 1. Automatically turn on when you take it out of the charging case; 2.Press and hold the touch pad for 1 second until the indicator turns white.

How to connect. Page. You can sync both 1 earphone and 2:

  • Using 2 headphones: Remove both headphones from the case at the same time and they will automatically connect to the smartphone, if it does not work the first time, repeat the action several times. Did not help? Manual connection: Turn off Bluetooth on the smartphone, and manually turn on both headphones, the indicators flash briefly in white, and on the right earphone, the indicator slowly flashes white after pairing between the headphones. And now turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Use 1 earphone: To do this, remove only one earphone from the case, preferably the right one (the left one takes a long time to connect). On your smartphone, select “. Earbuds _R” or “. Earbuds _L” and sync. If done manually, the principle is the same as with two headphones.

How to turn off. Page. There are 2 ways to disconnect: 1. Put them in the charging case; 2.Press and hold the touch pad for 5 seconds, wait for the red indicator light.

How to insert. Page. To be comfortable to wear and not to fall out, follow the instructions on page 2. Gently insert the wireless earbud and make sure it does not fall out, shake your head to be sure, and align so that the microphone is open and turned towards your mouth (when talking on the phone).

Manual Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic

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From the document you will learn: device overview, wearing, charging, turning on and off, using one and two headphones, factory reset, overview of functions, safety measures and warnings.

How to download the application manual

The Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic TWSEJ04LS user manual can be easily downloaded from our website. On the current page find the picture “Download”, click on it. A PDF file will open in a new tab in your internet browser, which you can save to your device or read online. The document is very easy to download, for free.

Super, now you know how to use Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic. The instruction in Russian is optimized and maximally compressed for easy reading on all popular devices. Easy to download in 1 click, no registration required.