How To Charge Iphone Without Wire

Civilized methods of charging phones

First, we’ll take a look at more traditional and simpler charging methods using modern technology.

How to charge your phone using an external battery

Powerbanks are portable batteries that, as a rule, have a much larger charge volume than mobile phones. With their help, you can easily charge a completely shrunken gadget several times.

How To Charge Iphone Without Wire

Modern power banks allow you to carry around 10,000 mAh

Naturally, provided that the external battery itself was pre-charged. The charging process is simple. Simply connect two devices with a USB cable

How to charge your phone without electricity using folk methods

Next, we will consider less technologically advanced and even extreme methods of charging a smartphone battery. You need to use them only as a last resort, if there are no other options left.

How to charge your phone battery without charging using a USB cable

As a rule, most modern chargers are the simplest USB cable. They can be used as a last resort, if you need to charge your phone.

Any computer, laptop or more or less new TV has a USB port on board, with which you can connect your smartphone to the device, thereby charging it. This is the most affordable and obvious way to charge your phone battery without charging, since the average house or apartment is abundantly saturated with different electronics.

We charge the phone without charging. 9 ways to solve the problem

How to charge a phone battery without a phone using a power bank (frog)

The simplest frog looks like a small power supply. In fact, she is. On one side of the device there is a plug for the socket, and on the other there is a special clip for bringing the frog’s contacts exactly to the battery contacts. Overall, a handy and versatile piece.

A typical charging frog universal device

Its only inconvenience is to remove the battery from the phone, and this feature is not present on all modern gadgets. But you can charge the battery without a phone and without factory charging with it, since it absolutely does not depend on either the manufacturer of the gadget or the model.

The charging process itself is quite simple. The frog clamp can change the distance between the contacts, which represent the output, and the battery must be removed from the phone and the frog contact tongues must be set at the same distance as they are located on the battery, and in accordance with the polarity designations. Then you need to clamp the battery with a clip and connect the finished structure of a frog and a battery to the mains.

You can install almost any battery

The charger usually has at least one indicator, usually green. If it lights up after plugging into the network, then charging has gone. If not, it is worth checking the polarity and tightness of the contacts. This is a pretty simple and affordable way to charge your phone wirelessly.

How to charge iPhone without charging

Reading time: 6 minutes

Every user of modern gadgets has come across a situation when the charger is not at hand or is out of order. The problem is serious, because our smartphones are focused on everyday life, work, shopping. The owners of iPhones are not used to being discouraged in such a situation and come up with how and how to replace accessories from Apple. There are many experts on the network who offer alternative ways to charge an iPhone without charging using additional energy sources and even fruits. It is dangerous to believe such statements; inept actions can easily ruin the device. Therefore, we will take a closer look at ways to restore iPhone activity with improvised means.

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From water

The energy of water has been known to man for a long time, today the streams of water in the stream are used not only to power power plants, but also to much smaller objects of smartphones and tablets. The device is placed in a river stream and held on a rope. The mechanism converts the power of water into energy.

Power bank

Power bank portable charger or power bank. The device is specifically designed to extend the operating time of a smartphone or tablet. Power bank is a 1500 mAh battery or more.

If the gadget has sat down, connect the smartphone to the Power bank using a USB cable.

From the sun

Solar panels appear to be the energy source of the future. In the near future, gasoline and gas will recede into the background, but for now, provide all of humanity with electricity only with the help of radiation from the nearest star. But in some areas, solar panels have found application. Apple plans in the future to create a hybrid smartphone that could work simultaneously from the electrical grid and from the sun. But so far it remains only a project.

From computer

The first and obvious way to charge an iPhone 5S without charging is to use a personal computer. Each charger consists of two adapter elements and a USB cable. In the absence of the first part, the gadget is connected using a wire to USB to a similar output on a PC.

Alternative energy sources

Another way to charge your iPhone if there is no charge is to use the gifts of nature. Modern technologies are presented today in a smaller, portable version. Mini batteries, pocket wind or solar generators.

In search of promising technologies

First of all, the question requires some specification. After all, each of us knows that without the influence of a certain type of energy, none of the known inventions “human genius” will not be able to function. Therefore, the question of how to charge an iPhone without charging does not yet have a full answer. Of course, some attempts by developers to change the principle “life support” phones were crowned with success. It goes without saying that the standard charger will undergo drastic changes in the near future. Problem “expedient versatility” already has several fundamentally different solutions. However, today it is still not possible “globally untie” mobile units from habitually used power outlets. However, how to charge an iPhone or other “brainchild” electronics industry when there is no access to “the benefits of civilization”, is already a feasible reality. But the low efficiency (efficiency) of the developed and, among other things, mass-produced devices and, at the same time, not thorough thoughtfulness “mechanism” supplying a certain charge power is somewhat removed from being a full-fledged alternative to a 220 W source or another nominal value of the generally accepted standard of centralized electrification. As a result, we are witnessing an ever-increasing need for alternative energy sources and genuine interest of manufacturers.It is these facts that push developers to research the most acceptable technological solutions.

Several arguments in favor of a wireless charger

  • No mechanical moment of connection (direct contact).
  • Possibility of safe operation in hostile environment (moisture, dampness).
  • Comfort of use (mostly).

Review of the most effective ways “power stations” without using a standard power supply

Perhaps, let’s start with the most elementary, but not always available option for powering a mobile device. You may not know how to charge your iPhone from your computer. Therefore, let’s consider this charging method, which, as you understand, involves the use of a laptop, tablet or a device equipped with a USB connector. If the operating level of the battery has become critical, and your device “tired” to warn about this, the screen blinked and went out, you need to connect it to any available device that has the necessary port. Thanks to which you will be able to answer the question of how to charge an iPhone without charging, with a practical action.

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Not a demanding way

Today you can buy a case with a charger. That is, the design feature of such a device will be the presence of a built-in battery, the capacity of which varies from 1500 to 3200 mAh. That allows you to use the phone for quite a long time without recharging. The comfortable cover is not only ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. The demanded device will help to effectively solve the problem of how to charge an iPhone without charging, and will also give an anti-shock property to the device. over, protection against mechanical damage to the back of the iPhone is guaranteed in any version of the charging case. An indicator on the front of the device shows the battery level, thanks to which the user can always visually determine the level of performance of the auxiliary battery.

A little about the disadvantages

  • Cost, size and weight are increasing.
  • The time parameter of the efficiency of electrical energy significantly exceeds the standard version (taking into account the efficiency of the original charger).
  • Can’t use the phone while charging the battery.

How to charge an iPhone without charging? Charge your iPhone without a charger

Today it is impossible to imagine a modern person without a mobile phone. However, it is impossible to imagine an electronic gadget without additional devices accompanying the full-fledged operation process, the presence of which is a must. For example, a failed charger will certainly doom “dependent” apparatus on “energy death”. However, the question of how to charge an iPhone without charging, given the great popularity “fruitful” the Apple brand requires special coverage. Several of the most original technological innovations will be presented to your attention, allowing “pump” Californian gadgets much-needed electricity for their batteries, of course, without “participation” standard storage.

Summing Up, or Energy Prospects for iPhone

You know how to charge your device from a computer. But what about when you are on a hike or find yourself in a situation where there are no standard power supplies available? Today, there are devices on the free market that are able to charge mobile devices using alternative methods of generating electricity. These are original technological solutions in the form of converting devices that convert mechanical, thermal, kinetic, magnetic and other types of energy into the voltage and current required for your device. Of course, there are many more minuses and flaws in the available devices than we would like. Price, weight, size and other disadvantages hinder the path to achieving absolute perfection. But time passes, and technology develops

Walking way to charge your phone

The previous methods described how to charge the phone at home if the socket is broken and there is no “frog”, but what if the situation turned out to be exactly the opposite: you urgently need to call at the dacha or on a hike? And in this case, there is a way to make a call, if, of course, you have the necessary materials at hand. In order to make the charger yourself, you will need a few metal plates, a small piece of copper wire, and salt water. If you are going on a hike, for example, you can take everything you need with you in advance in case of an emergency. The described method will be able to recharge the phone by 5%.

The plates are buried in the ground and wrapped with copper wire. The structure is watered with salt water. The charger is ready. In case there is no iron, it can be obtained as follows: metal pins are stuck into existing products, for example, lemons or apples and wrapped with wire.

Is it possible to go to extreme measures

The following methods of charging the phone, if the socket is broken and there is no “frog”, it is recommended to use only in extreme cases, they can damage the battery. For the rest, it is better not to spare your time and take your mobile phone to the service.

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How to charge your phone if the socket is broken: several ways to charge without a charger

The mobile phone has become so firmly established in our life that many no longer imagine how they could do without it. Each owner is familiar with the situation when you need to make an important call, or receive a message, and the cell phone battery is treacherously discharged, or even worse, there is a charge, but nothing happens. How to charge your phone if the socket is broken?

Method four

The described method will tell you how to urgently charge the phone if the socket is broken. Take an ordinary knife and heat it over a fire. Attach it to the battery. Due to the increase in temperature, the battery will recover for a short time. This method is best used only when the call is more important than the cost of the battery. Observe the rule: when heating the battery, act quickly and carefully, otherwise it may swell. Heating the battery itself will make it possible to make a call lasting about 5 minutes, but the battery will have to be replaced.

Method two: help a frog

The next way to charge your phone if the charging socket is broken is very expensive and does not justify the cost, but it will work if you or your loved ones have a “frog”. This is a universal charger with a special groove where the mobile battery is inserted. This method has its drawbacks:

Self-replacement socket or service center?

Can the charging socket be repaired by myself? In theory. Yes. But do not forget about the functions that this connector performs:

  1. Files are transferred from the phone to the computer and vice versa through the charging socket. This is perhaps the most important function, besides charging the gadget, considering how much important data can be stored in a memory card.
  2. Through the charging socket, you can charge the phone directly from the computer using a special cord that comes with the mobile.
  3. Through the charging connector, you can connect your mobile to a TV to view photos and.
  4. Some other possibilities.

Heat-shrink tubing

Then, in short-term approaches, heat it with a lighter until it wraps around the wire as tightly as possible. Attention! Do not overheat the wire, otherwise you risk getting even more insulation problems.

Breakdown reasons

As a rule, damage to the charging cable appears at the folds near the connectors. The main reasons for this problem are: careless use or storage of an already fragile cord, as well as pets who love to play with all kinds of wires.


If the damage cannot be repaired with insulation, you can resort to using a soldering iron.

  1. Remove some outer insulation and strip the wires as shown in the picture.

Do not use this method if you are unsure of your abilities, improper installation may damage the phone itself!

Cable repair

You can fix the wire from charging the iPhone quickly and with your own hands in 3 main ways: using electrical tape, heat shrinkage and by soldering.

Insulating tape

Perhaps this is the easiest way. As soon as you notice the slightest violation of the insulation of the wire, you urgently need to stop the spread of the damage. To do this, you need to take a simple electrical tape and wrap the cable in tight rings in the place of damage, and then carefully cut off the excess. It will not look very aesthetically pleasing, but the cable will perform its functions properly.

How to fix a wire from an iPhone: three easy ways

Apple makes iPhone wires from environmentally friendly materials, which, however, are quite impractical: they break, tear and quickly fail. In this regard, the owners of apple phones often have the question of how to fix the wire from Aion themselves without the help of service center specialists.