How To Charge Huawei Fitness Bracelet

Knowledge of how to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is necessary for each user of this fitness bracelet in order not to suddenly lose the usual conveniences of using the device: a pedometer, electronic clock, as well as indication of calls and notifications.

How to find out the current charge of Mi Band 2

You can find out the battery status in several ways: on the device itself or using a special application.

How to Charge Huawei Fitness Bracelet

Using button

For this method, you only need the bracelet itself. Touch the round touch button located on the display several times. Each time you press, the information on the screen will be different: hours, number of steps, heart rate and charge level in percent. This list is changing. in addition, the distance traveled, as well as the number of calories spent for the current day, can be displayed. The list is configured in the Mi Fit application.

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Using the Mi Fit App

Download and install the Mi Fit app. At the first start, create an account and configure pairing with “Xiaomi Mi Band 2”. After that, go to the “Profile” section. the percentage of charge will be to the right of the name of the fitness bracelet below the “Devices” heading.

Ways to charge the bracelet

To put Mi Band 2 on charge, you must first remove the oval capsule (the working element of the bracelet) from the strap. On this part of the device there are 2 small contacts. The capsule must be placed in the compartment of the charging cable that comes with the bracelet, which is specially designed for this. Its contacts should be adjacent to the metal plugs.

At the second end of the standard charger is a USB connector. It can be connected to the USB port of a desktop computer or laptop. Another option is to use a specific USB socket or a familiar 220 V socket by connecting a device to it through an adapter.

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Charging rules

In order for the smart device to last longer, you need to follow several simple rules for charging it:

  • use the charging cable that comes with the bracelet;
  • if there is no standard device, and the gadget is on the verge of shutting down, do not select power supplies with an output current of more than 1 A to replenish the charge level;
  • do not allow the device to completely discharge;
  • after charging the battery, unplug the Mi Band from the network.

How much is full charge

Manufacturers promise the operation of the bracelet without recharging for 20 days. However, the battery life depends on the mode of use of the device. So, the most energy-intensive function is the periodic monitoring of the pulse. In addition, the battery will run out faster if you configure too many options for various notifications from applications that the gadget will respond to.

On average, from 100 to 0%, the battery is discharged per month.

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What to do if Mi Band 2 does not charge

It happens that with a device connected to a current source, the charge level does not increase with time. Not always in this situation requires the replacement of “Mi Band 2”. To solve the problem, you can consistently use the following methods:

  1. Make sure that the contacts on the capsule and in the charging cable are snug against each other. Try to squeeze them harder, but do not press too hard so as not to bend the elements. If the method does not help, clean the contacts on the capsule: do this without the use of abrasive materials or corrosive chemicals. Wipe the metal elements of the charging cable with a soft cloth, dampening it with alcohol first.
  2. If it’s not about the contacts, try to cool the gadget by placing it in the freezer. This process will speed up battery drainage and reset the system.

The specialists of the service center will help solve the problem with charging in cases where the previous options did not fit.