How to Charge Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5 instruction in Russian. an overview of the possibilities and features of their use on the updated in 2019 fitness bracelet from a popular Chinese brand.

How to Charge Honor Band 5

How to check Honor Band 5 for originality

  • serial number;
  • IMEI or MAC device.

After entering the data on the official website of the manufacturer.

How to set up Honor Band 5. instructions in Russian

Setting up the device involves two steps. The first option allows you to create a device that focuses on meeting individual needs: taking into account personal parameters and plans. The second option for setting up the Honor Band 5 is designed to maximize the use of the device’s capabilities or to save its charge.

  1. Fill out a personal profile: enter the personal information that the system asks for: height, weight. for an accurate calculation of calories.
  2. Fill in the “Goal” tab for motivation during training and getting the desired result.

What application to download

To activate the gadget, download and install Huawei Health. a professional sports application that will allow you to develop a schedule of effective workouts based on body indicators. And also follow the success of friends.

  1. Go to the App Gallery, Google Play or the Apple App Store (depending on the manufacturer and model of the phone).
  2. Enter the name of the application in the search and download to your mobile device.
  3. Open.

Another option involves scanning by any application the QR code that is displayed in the provided instructions.

At the first start, you need to familiarize yourself with the standard set of mandatory requirements: user agreement and so on. Also, for the application to work correctly, you must agree that the system has access to geolocation and calls.

Switch language

Initially, work with the device is not in Russian. But after contact with a smartphone, it is automatically Russified. If a language is selected on the phone that is not supported by the device, the device works in its standard version. Chinese.

Time and Date Setting

The time and date are set in the main menu when certain shortcuts are selected. It is necessary to select the data corresponding to reality with a touch button.

Setting up Honor Band 5 notifications

All notifications are configured in Huawei Health.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Click “Settings.”
  3. Select Notifications.

Look at the proposed notifications and put “Enable” or “Turn off” in front of them, depending on the need.

If you have any questions or have complaints. please let us know

Adding a watch face

Manufacturers suggest using one of 4 types of digital dials or with arrows. Digitally displays the time, date, day of the week, distance traveled, number of steps and calories burned. Arrow. time, day of the week and date. Amoled display with IP68 protection.

Weather setting

Weather notifications are configured using the touch button in Huawei Health. It’s important not to forget to allow the device to use location data. And also make sure that the application is not included in the list of those whom the device puts into sleep mode to save battery.

Camera control

The camera is only available remotely for Huawei smartphones.

Heart rate measurement

It captures the heart rate in real time. The company has developed a special application TruSeen, thanks to which the device continuously captures the performance of the heart.

Use temperature

According to the manufacturer, the device is resistant to the negative effects of steam, hot water and high temperature.


To reset all results and return the device to the factory settings, you need to reboot it.

Does NFC work and how to use. Is there GPS and how to use

This function is not yet provided. But it is possible to appear in new models.

How to remove the Honor Band 5 strap

Initially, the strap in the models was fastened with special small bolts. But the new model is offered with a bracelet, which is fixed to the dial with special plastic jumpers. Thanks to which the user can easily change the strap to another if mechanical damage occurs or if he wants to change the color. The latch in the form of a jumper is characterized by an original design. Such a solution is few where you can see, except on the products of Huawei. Thanks to what the bracelet reliably envelops a wrist, and does not move from place to place.

How to charge Honor Band 5

To charge the device, you must use a special mechanism with a port, which is fixed on the strap. The gadget is equipped with a special USB cable that allows you to charge the smart tracker from a computer or laptop. To charge the Honor Band 5, insert the hole on the bracelet strap. As soon as the device sees charging, the corresponding icon is displayed on the screen. You do not need to turn on the smart device yourself after connecting the charging. the process is automated.

A few hours are enough to fully charge. With the economical use of the bracelet, the Honor Band 5 on a single charge lasts up to two weeks. With active use. up to 6 days.

How to untie Honor Band 5 from the phone

If the bracelet is lost or stolen, it can easily be untied from the phone without user intervention. This feature is useful when you need to change your phone model to another. The connection between the gadget and the smartphone is via Bluetooth.

  1. Open the main menu and click on “Settings”.
  2. Then select “Disable” and confirm your decision.

This completes the process of disconnecting the phone from the mobile device. The novelty is equipped with more features than its predecessors. From now on, playing sports with such a device is more pleasant and effective.