How To Charge Galaxy Buds

How To Charge Galaxy Buds

In February, Samsung revealed the new Galaxy Buds wireless headphones.

This time, the South Korean company managed to make Bluetooth headphones that can adequately compete with the popular AirPods.

Further, all the pros and cons of both models.

1. Ease of connecting to a smartphone and setup

Convenient and intuitive application. Apple, see how you can.

The most important work by Samsung specialists was carried out with software, in particular, improved pairing with smartphones.

Now the algorithm for connecting Galaxy Buds to a smartphone is identical to manipulating with AirPods. The owner opens the cover, and a window appears automatically on the smartphone screen with information about the headphones and a proposal to connect them.

Without it, it was hard before.

Galaxy Buds can boast of the introduction of touch panels (instead of the tapping system in AirPods) as well as the presence of a special proprietary application in which you can fine-tune the headphones. For example, adjust the equalizer or notifications. Apple headphones have nothing of the kind.

At the same time, Galaxy Buds are cross-platform, many control chips are supported when connected to iPhone, while when connected to Android devices, AirPods are no longer so good.

Conclusion: Samsung’s product is not only inferior in terms of ease of use of the reference AirPods in this regard, but also surpasses them due to its versatility.

The score is 1-0 in favor of the Galaxy Buds.

2. Headphone design and convenience


It is obvious that Samsung engineers, developing a new product, took as a basis the previous generation of their Gear IconX 2018 wireless headphones.

The shape has not changed much, but the size has decreased. Galaxy Buds look much neater and do not protrude from the auricle.

Everyone is used to this headphone design.

When designing AirPods, Apple built on its wired EarPods. With the exception of the absence of wires, the shape of both of these “droplets” is the same.

Galaxy Buds involves an in-channel landing, which has become more convenient, and interchangeable ear pads, allowing you to “fit” the headphones for themselves.

Universal AirPods cannot surprise with additional “settings” during landing; these are standard open-type headphones.

In the future, other colors should appear.

Galaxy Buds at the time of sale are presented in three colors Onyx (black), Cream (white) and Citrus (yellow). AirPods are still only sold in white.

Conclusion: New from Samsung is friendlier to the future owner. The kit includes additional ear pads for the ability to “tune” headphones. In addition, the presence of various color solutions will allow you to choose an accessory to suit your style and taste.

The score is 2-0 in favor of the Galaxy Buds.

3. Sound and other features

AKG. Why not?

It is worth noting that the Galaxy Buds were developed in conjunction with specialists from AKG, a member of the Harman International Industries concern. This is reminiscent of the inscription on the headphone case.

Apple also owns Beats, a well-known headphone and speaker manufacturer, but its engineers did not take any part in the development of AirPods. At least this has never been stated.

Galaxy Buds boasts an Ambient Sound mode, when activated, the owner will hear everything that is happening around. This is achieved by turning on external microphones in this mode. In addition, in a special application, you can adjust the sound in the equalizer.

There are no such capabilities in AirPods, but in the updated version of the headphones, the Siri assistant can be called by voice.

Conclusion: Both models will not surprise with surround sound. In general, parity, but Samsung give some freedom thanks to the equalizer.

The score is 3-0 in favor of the Galaxy Buds.

4. Case. Design, dimensions, practicality

Samsung has not yet achieved complete similarity, and there are no branded magnets.

The charging case Samsung Galaxy Buds has dimensions of 26.5 x 70 x 38.8 mm, weight. 40 grams, compared to Apple’s product is more compact and slightly lighter. 44.3 x 21.3 x 53.5 mm, 38 grams. Both containers fit into your jeans pocket without any problems.

Samsung’s case is matte, which means there will be no disgusting scratches that appear on the AirPods case even of the most accurate owner.

Charge wireless headphones wirelessly. Logically damn it.

The main advantage of the novelty case is that it does not need wires to charge it.

It is enough to use either a standard wireless charging station, or, thanks to Wireless PowerShare technology, charge directly from a smartphone. For the traditional charging method, the USB Type-C port is provided in the case.

USB Type-C. In 2019, this is the norm.

In the Apple product, unfortunately, wireless charging appeared only with the update of the gadget. Corporate cover with wireless charging will cost 6,990 rubles.

Pay attention to the external indicator, which is so lacking in the first version of AirPods.

Finally, the Galaxy Buds has an external indicator that shows whether the charge is on or not. At AirPods, an indicator is installed inside the case, respectively, to make sure that the headphones are charging, you have to open it. Inconvenient solution.

In the updated version of the case, the indicator appeared outside, the question is that it (if you are the owner of the first version of AirPods) will have to be purchased separately.

Conclusion: Samsung engineers overtook and overtook Apple. Their case is slightly larger, but at the same time it is more practical due to matte plastic, and you can charge it wirelessly. Tell Johnny Ive that not all people live in white, sterile rooms.

The score is 4: 0 in favor of the Galaxy Buds.

5. Work time

A fully charged Apple case makes it possible to listen to music for a whole day (after several recharges). From a single charge, the headphones can work up to 5 hours.

In turn, Samsung headphones allow you to enjoy music for only 13 hours, and one full charge gives 6 hours of music wirelessly.

The fast charge function of the South Korean product also lags behind. In 15 minutes, AirPods will be given 3 additional hours, their competitor. only 1.7 hours.

Conclusion: An additional 11 hours of sound is a serious argument in favor of AirPods. But with a full charge, Samsung headphones will work an hour longer.

The score is 4: 1 in favor of the Galaxy Buds.

Friendship won. Galaxy Buds vs. AirPods 4-1

A decent product that can fight the trendsetter.

Galaxy Buds stand 9 900 rubles while the price of airpods is 13 990 rubles.

The updated version with a case with wireless charging costs already 16 990 rubles.

Samsung product more interesting due to features customize them physically and programmatically. In addition, the presence of wireless charging adds points to a novelty from South Korea.

Together with Samsung Galaxy Buds, the buyer receives a charging case, ear pads of several sizes and a wire for charging. AirPods do not imply any abodes or fixings. Although the protective case for the charging case would definitely not hurt.

However, AirPods remain two years later one of the most coveted wireless headphones. They are convenient in everyday use and their charge lasts for 24 hours, unlike Galaxy Buds.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy Buds:

additional settings
several colors
more practical case
Ambient Sound Mode

Pros of Apple AirPods:

greater autonomy
Convenient magnets in a case for fixing headphones
built-in Siri

Most importantly, we really have plenty to choose from. Finally, an excellent alternative to AirPods has appeared for owners of Android smartphones.

Which headphones are better, what do you think? Samsung Galaxy Buds or Apple AirPods?