How to Charge an Iphone 6 Without Charging

Apple’s iPhone smartphone series has gained worldwide recognition for its reliability, functionality and unique software. iPhone, as a platform for installing various applications, can work as a full netbook.

How to Charge an Iphone 6 Without Charging

Active use of applications leads to a rapid discharge of the battery in the iPhone. If the charger is not available, you can try using alternative methods. You can charge your iPhone without charging using a USB cable, using a special case, as well as an iQi Mobile device.

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USB connection

To charge your iPhone via a USB cable, you will need a device equipped with the appropriate connector (tablet, computer or radio). To charge your smartphone via USB:

  • Connect the USB cable to the device;
  • Connect iPhone;
  • Wait until charging starts.

With this charging method, you can slightly recharge the battery energy (a special adapter may be needed to charge).

Charging case

Apple has released a convenient device to maintain battery power. a case with built-in charging Juice Tank Helium. Such a device has the following features:

  • Allows you to maintain battery charge 80% longer;
  • The battery is hidden in a thin durable case that protects the iPhone;
  • Allows you to switch from charging mode to standby mode;
  • It makes it possible to track the level of charge with the help of indicator lights.

for cases with charging are low, and a variety of models allows you to choose a cover that is suitable in appearance and functionality.

iQi Mobile

In 2014, Apple released a new product. an ultra-compact device for wireless charging iQi Mobile. Its action is based on the principle of magnetic induction. This type of charging has the following advantages:

  • Allows you to charge your iPhone anywhere, without the use of wires and sockets;
  • Almost invisible and does not spoil the appearance of the smartphone;
  • Suitable for charging other Apple devices (iPad, iPod touch, etc.).
  • It has a low cost.

iQi Mobile consists of:

  • Thin magnetic plate;
  • Plume;
  • Ports under the Lightning connector;
  • Compact charging stand.

The plate and cord can be easily removed under a soft protective cover, making them invisible.

Using iQi Mobile

To charge your iPhone using your iQi Mobile device, you must:

  • Attach a plate to the back cover of the smartphone;
  • Pull the cord and connect the port to the Lightning connector;
  • Remove iPhone in a protective case;
  • Put the smartphone plate on the charging stand;
  • Wait for battery power.

The only drawback of iQi Mobile can be considered low efficiency compared to chargers (iPhone via iQi Mobile takes longer to charge).

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