How to Charge Acer Iconia Tab Tablet Battery

The main problem is the charger, since the connector has an unusual updated design that combines two elements. The first, small connector is for connecting a charger. The battery is charged from the network at 220 volts.

The standard output voltage is 12 V, like a Cube U30GT tablet. But the second element is a connector for data transfer via USB. It does not work to charge the tablet. Too small contacts are quite easy to damage even with the sharp end of the key. Repairing Acer Iconia Tab in such cases requires a complete replacement of the connector.

A second common reason for handling is standard: mechanical damage. This is a hit of water, shock, fall. The appearance of spots on the screen, failure to turn on, network loss are common problems, and it is often difficult to get components.

How to Charge Acer Iconia Tab Tablet Battery

1 Main stages of repair

It is difficult to generalize the algorithm of actions of the master in all cases, but the general principles of repair are as follows. You need to remember that you will almost always need to disassemble the tablet, even if there is no visible damage.

  1. The back cover is removed. This is done simply, you just need to pry off the clips. A visual inspection is carried out, condensation from water is suddenly visible, “unauthorized” disconnection of the cable or connector.
  2. Loops and connectors are disconnected from the motherboard. Wi-Fi is removed.
  3. Be sure to remove the motherboard. As a rule, at this stage of repairing Acer Iconia Tab tablets, it’s already clear what’s happening with the high-tech “patient”.
  4. If a broken connector is detected, it is evaporated, and then a new one is installed. The small connector of the contacts in it will not allow them to be restored by soldering.
  5. In the presence of water, the actions may be different. It all depends on how long the fluid has been there. If the liquid has recently spilled, then the tablet is disassembled and dried. In the presence of corrosion, the elements are replaced.

2 Acer Iconia Tab Tablet Repair Tips

To disassemble the tablet, it is better to have a set of miscellaneous screwdrivers and a magnifier. Quite often, the bolts are so small that they are difficult to see. Also, many masters still work with gloves. leaving greasy spots on the cable or the back of the screen is not allowed. Yes, and working dust after previous repairs can also have inside the tablet, especially if it is Acer Iconia Tab B1-A71 or Acer Iconia Tab W510.

Repair Acer Iconia Tab, if moisture got into it, and this happened relatively long ago, should begin with an examination of the conductive tracks and legs of the chips. Corrosion loves them.

It is definitely worth checking the charge controller if the tablet refuses to charge. To do this, remove the battery and try to charge it bypassing the controller. In the meantime, check for less than 3.2 on the controller. If so, then it was he who was to blame.

Use only original chargers when connecting the tablet. For tablets from Acer, it is typical to charge only the original charges.
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2.1 How to disassemble Acer Iconia Tab.. 2.2 How does the service work?

Any competent service will first conduct a diagnosis. Sometimes it is free, but more often it costs 10-20 cu Tablet repair will cost 100-200, if you need to replace an expensive part (they broke the display, for example), then add its cost here. Acer Iconia Tab A110 tablet and Ainol Novo 7 Legend tablet will cost the same.