How To Change Your Avatar On Youtube On Phone

How To Change Your Avatar On Youtube On Phone

If you often upload interestings on YouTube to the network, and try to attract a lot of subscribers on your channel, then you can not do without a beautiful design. Important on YouTube is not only the main splash screen of the channel, but also its avatar. a small square image that users see when they watch yours. This image is also shown in the comments, so your recognition will depend on how you create it. If you want to quickly change your ava, but you don’t have the opportunity to do this from a PC, it’s quite simple to install youtube avatar from your phone

So, to begin this step, first you need to go to the app store and download the Google mail application from there. Then, enter your data from the mailbox and open the mail settings field. Automatically google mail opens before you all your unread letters.

To get into the settings you need to touch the icon of 3 horizontal lines on the left side of the gadget. After:

  1. Next to the mail name, tap the cog sign.
  2. Directly in front of you will be the image of the previous avatar and under it the inscription “Change photo”
  3. Touch this area. In the window that appears at the bottom of the screen, select the option to select or take a photo. After loading a new ava, refresh the page.
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Go to YouTube and see what happened. The picture that you put from the gadget was highlighted as your ava on YouTube.

How to put an avatar on YouTube

For a more detailed design of the channel, you can carefully select the appropriate image on popular stocks or select it from the original groups in VK and then, put an avatar on YouTube from PC. This is also done through Google mail.

To change Ava, tap the round image in the right corner on your mail. Right below it, on a gray background, you will see the inscription “Change.” When you click on it, you can select absolutely any photo from your PC and upload it to Google. Since Google and YouTube are interconnected, Ava on hosting will change automatically. And you can please your subscribers with a new picture, thereby increasing the number of comments on YouTube.

Avatars for youtube

As avatars for youtube Your person’s picture is best. It is desirable that this was a high-quality and clear photo, where your face is clearly visible. By exposing your photo, you will increase your popularity on YouTube. When you enter a query and search fors, it will be easier for users to find you.

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Don’t downplay your avatar, especially if you collect receive money for views on YouTube. For maximum inclusion of the audience, it is important to properly arrange all the details and create a general style of the channel. Thus, you will quickly get into the TOP, find new fans and seriously promote your brand on the network. Also good for promotion intro for youtube.