How to change the ttl on the router Huawei

How to Configure the Huawei E8372h-153 USB Modem. 3G-4G (LTE) Internet Connection

If you have several computers at home, but only one Ethernet cable, in this case it is recommended to buy a wireless router. A good device of this type is the Huawei HG8245H router.

Router settings, as we know, are made through the control panel (web interface). But what is the password and IP address of the device HG8245? After all, these data are necessary for access to the admin. Below we will learn what to enter when authorizing, how to install and configure this network switch according to the instructions.

How to convert a modem into a phone

Many users often wonder how to make a modem to be defined as a phone.

To turn it into a regular phone, you need to perform a number of sequential operations:

  • Connect your smartphone to PC via USB cord;
  • to choose the connection in modem mode;
  • Wait for the automatic installation of the software;
  • if it is impossible to perform the previous step it is required to download official drivers or use the installation disk;
  • turn on the Bluetooth app to automatically add a new device;
  • to create a remote connection to organize the master prompts;
  • choose how to configure it (depending on your operating system) through “Programs-Standard-Communications”;
  • to change manual connection setting after connection to the Internet;
  • Among the presented names of modems to choose their own;
  • In the “Properties” tab, select the link for additional parameters;
  • to cancel the allocation of components.

Pay attention! Thus above it was shown how to make the modem is defined as a phone.

Performing manipulations with the modem Huawei E5576-320

change, router, huawei

Indeed, modems and routers from Huawei have become very popular with users. And it’s not even about the brand, but the really high quality and speed characteristics that have traditionally developed modems and routers of this brand. And this despite the fact that they cost more than their competitors.

The fact that the modems from this company was quite easy to modify, in order to overcome all the artificial restrictions that have been introduced by some mobile operators, has played no small role in the choice.

But with the latest modems from this company there were difficulties. They do not lend themselves to traditional modifications. And this is no accident. The fact is that the main supply of routers the company carried out the mobile operators, which have already sold them to their customers. And the routers, being shipped to the operators, were programmatically blocked from working with “foreign” SIM cards.

But the protection was very weak, due to which the subscribers bought these routers, unlocked them en masse, changing the IMEI and fixing ttl and used them with the desired operator. Naturally, this state of affairs did not suit the operators, and so the company progressively began to lose supply contracts.

The company seriously thought over the issue of locking their equipment from modification. And the solution applied is hardware-software, which means that no firmware restrictions can not remove, nothing in the new modems can not change.

And for this reason there are no solutions to modify modern routers from Huawei. What to do in this situation? You can look at competitors’ products, you can look for older Huawei models on sale, which do not have such hard locks from modifications. On AliExpress they are sold quite a lot, but you must be careful. Details and nuances are described in detail in the article “Does it make sense to buy a 4G modem or router from AliExpress?

There are no other options, expecting that suddenly someone will be able to overcome the software and hardware protection is hardly rational. The company has changed its policy, and this decision is irrevocable.

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ZTE MF79U Modem Analogue of the modem Huawei e8372h-153. Wi-Fi modem. Supports LTE 4G, 3G, 2G. Connectors for external antenna (2 TS-9 connectors) supports all operators. Choice of frequencies. Flashing for Smart.tariffs.

4G Wi-Fi router Nuawei E8372h-153 is a compact network device, which includes the functionality of wireless Wi-Fi router and 4G USB-modem. This device supports SIM-cards of mobile operators Megafon, Beeline, MTS, Tele2, Rostelecom and others. Router E8372h-153. Advanced model of the modem E8372 working from any USB port. Supports all mobile operators and any tariffs. The device works on a standard size SIM-card. No drivers need to be installed. The case is equipped with two ports for external antennas, you can use two external antennas simultaneously to improve the signal. The device weighs only 40 g, but it has an impressive technical characteristics, allowing to work in 5 modes: Frequency: 2G: GSM / GPS / EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 3G: UMS / DC-HSPA / WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz 4G: Vand 1/3/7/8/20 LTE 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz WI-FI Data transfer rates: 150 Mbit/s (direct channel) 50 Mbit/s (reverse channel) For modem operation it is necessary to insert a standard size SIM card. The advantage of this model is the built-in WI-FI module and SMS service support. Up to 10 external devices can be connected simultaneously over a Wi-Fi network. Built-in antenna for LTE/3G/2G 2 connectors СRС9 (TS-5 in terms of Нuаwеi) for an external antenna

WI-FI router Netis MW5230. Shelf life 6 months. Works perfectly with USB modems. Fits modems: ZTE MF79U, MF79RU. Huawei e3372h-153, e3372h-320, e8372h-153. Quectel EP06-E.

4G LTE modem HUAWEI E8372h-153 universal modem-WI-FI router Sold as is, as pictured. No top and side covers.

Huawei e8372h-153 (universal) Works as a modem, and as a wi-fi Works with all operators. No cap and box

Router. Modem Huawei E8372-153. Busy, all operators. Wi-fi sharing up to 10 different devices Works even in the car. The alternative to more expensive wired Internet. Modem new.(there are white and black) There are plans unlimited internet Beeline 210R subscriber 500R to the modem

New (not used) There are 2 pieces The price is for 1 piece The main advantages of this model. No dependence on its own battery;. The modem supports both 3G UMTS/HSPA and 4G LTE;. Ability to connect to Huawei E8372 “Bolt” an external antenna when the signal level is poor (eg, out of town);. There is no need to install drivers and software. Thanks to HiLink technology, developed specially for this purpose by Huawei, the modem will be detected as a network device and will automatically start distributing the Internet;.Huawei E8372 “Bolt” works with any carrier (Megafon, MTS, Beeline, Tele2, Yota, and others).

Sell Huawei modem 4G e8372h-153. BOO, used a little. There are several pieces available. There are no caps. At the current day, this version is probably the best solution among all current 4G modems. Any test on your equipment and your sim card. Only self-delivery.

4G Wi-Fi router Huawei E8372h-153 is a compact network device that includes wireless Wi-Fi router and 4G USB-modem functionality. This device supports SIM-cards of all mobile operators. Suitable for all tariffs. Router E8372h-153. Advanced model of the modem E8372 working from any USB port. The device works on a regular SIM-card of standard sizes. No drivers needed to be installed. The case is equipped with two ports for connecting external antennas. The maximum download speed reaches 150 mbps. The transmission speed is up to 50 mbps. Modem has a Hilink web interface, through which you can perform fix ttl settings and change IMEI. The page on which the modem is available, is located at Modem works with all tariffs of all operators. Modem supports MIMO technology. Store “Zvezda” on Leninskom 27 We highly estimate and we buy (permanently or temporarily) your home appliances of different categories, electronics, tools, as well as jewelry made of Au (gold) and Ag (silver) of different samples. Priced at a fraction of the price of the original Swiss watch. You are always welcomed by competent and courteous staff with a high rate of assessment. Provide warranty on the entire range of products! We point out the detected defects, if any, and complete information in the ads and in the showcase. We have a flexible system of discounts, which will not leave you without buying. Huge selection of goods in our profile! Sign up so you don’t miss storefront updates or price drops on items you’re interested in! We are located at: c.Voronezh, Leninsky Prospekt 27, near the stop Pauline Osipenko, working hours 24/7. Entrance to the store on the main street. Feel free to ask any questions in the chat room or by calling. Our staff will promptly tell you all the information you need. We work with all the TC. Have a nice shopping experience and see you soon!

Modem with Wi-Fi, you can connect to any power source and get a full-fledged Wi-Fi point. almost new condition! Fits any operator! Firmware is correct! Bought for 5 tons

4g WI-FI modem HUAWEI E8372h-153 Unlocked for all carriers firmware to work with any service plans for smartphone (phone) and modem unlimited.Supports all frequencies 4g and 3g operators firmware and interface modem can change the IMEI and TTL. Convenient external antenna setup through the modem interface. Two outputs for external CRC antenna.9 Patch from MTS and Yota. Huawei E8372h-153 support: LTE FDD: Band 1(2100 MHz)/Band 3(1800 MHz)/Band 7(2600 MHz)/ Band 8(900 MHz)/Band 20(800 MHz), DC-HSPA/HSPA/HSPA/UMTS: Band 1(2100 MHz)/Band 8(900 MHz) EDGE/GPRS/GSM: Band2(1900 MHz)/Band3(1800 MHz)/Band 5(850 MHz)/ Band 8(900 MHz)

Connect HUAWEI 3372h to the router for Internet

Enter Padavan web interface. Open the USB application. tab Modem. Activate the slider “Enable USB modem?”.

Set the modem type to NDIS: LTE and other and save.

Connect the modem to a USB port and check the network map tab. Using the IP address of the WAN gateway you can enter the web interface of the modem. Do not forget to change it if it coincides with the IP of the router, so as not to catch the conflict of IP addresses.

Article is being updated. If you have any new information on how to connect the Internet in a private home, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we’ll discuss.

Was is DAS?!

While watching the onboard from the new Mersedes AMG F1 W11 EQ Performance car the journalists noticed one interesting thing: on certain parts of the track the pilots pull the steering wheel towards themselves or vice versa. If you look at the front wheels, they do some movement.

At first glance, it seems that this is how you switch modes of convergence. But is it not an active suspension, which was banned back in 1994?

We began to wait for the reaction of Mercedes and the FIA. Mercedes said it was OK, only the wheels move, not the levers, which is in line with the regulations. The FIA are aware and have given their approval. The FIA have confirmed that they do not mind.

James Allison, technical director at Mercedes AMG:

I probably won’t shed any more light on our solution than you’ve already seen in the telecast. We do have such a system on the car, it’s a new idea. We call it DAS (Dual Axis Steering). This system introduces an extra dimension to the process of car management, and we hope that we will use it as the season goes on. But how exactly we use DAS and for what purpose. this information we keep to ourselves.

Our development is not news to the FIA, because we have already discussed it with them for some time. The regulations are very clear about what is allowed in the steering, and we are confident that our development meets all these requirements.

I am glad that DAS appeared in the car. It seems like a working solution, and in the next few days we’ll assess how DAS can benefit us

Later, someone from the Mercedes camp was specifically said that they use this system to cool the rubber on the straights. Unfortunately, I can not find a specific interview from which the legs of this information grows, but many technical experts and that’s what they thought, seeing pictures of DAS.

There are more prosaic versions of how this system could be used.

Gary Anderson, former Jordan technical director:

The cars in Formula 1 usually use a negative toe-in of the front wheels, which allows you to enter the turn a little less aggressively, but on the straights at these settings tire starts to scrape on the asphalt and overheat for no apparent reason.

“Mercedes, it seems, introduced a system in which the acceleration of the rudder leaves closer to the pilot, and the wheels stand in parallel, and you should hit the brakes, and the wheel recedes deeper and returns the negative convergence to enter the turn. That’s very clever. On the one hand, it gives speed on the straights, on the other hand. provides traction in the corners. On tracks like Monza, such a system can give a really big advantage.

Meanwhile, people have re-read the requirements of the regulations for season 2021 and made a conclusion that, most likely, this novelty will not be next year. The thing is that the new rules clearly say: you may change the angle of wheel turning only by turning the steering wheel. Probably, Mercedes lobbied this amendment themselves, to have no reason for competitors to repeat DAS for the next year

This brings to mind the story of the McLaren steering wheel-brake. A trivial detail that burned the whole peloton’s arses off. The competitors had no idea what it was, but wouldn’t stop complaining until someone pointed a finger in the sky and guessed it was an auxiliary system to make it easier to get out of corners. Only then did the FIA decide to ban it. Team leaders motivated their reluctance to come up with something better or to reproduce the steering-brake on their cars by the fact that they didn’t want to drain millions of y. е. on research and development to do what they wanted to do. I don’t know what. The laughing thing was that this steering wheel brake was almost worthless and was made of sheep and sticks. It just took a little bit of ingenuity.

Now it’s about the same in Red Bull’s camp. They thought they were. were the only ones building a 2020 car with full commitment, because everyone else was already focused on 2021. But Mercedes isn’t going to just give up one year, even a transitional one.

Teach your phone not to decrease the TTL

This method requires root rights (instructions) on an android phone or jailbreak on an iOS. Т.к. I did it on an Android, then I will describe how to do it for it. There won’t be an instruction about iOS here.

For different devices, the procedure will be different, I will try to tell you what these differences will be. In this example I use OnePlus 3 and Android 8.0 Oreo

So, we have an Android phone with root rights. Find out if the kernel of the system can work with TTL. For this we look through the content of the two files on the phone (for example with the help of ES Explorer application, it can look through the system files):

In both of them there should be a mention of TTL. In my case there was no mention of ttl in ip_tables_targets. This means that the kernel does not know how to change the TTL. To teach it, we need to build a kernel module from source and load it into the phone.

answers to “Modems from AliExpress. Huawei E8278s-602 Mobily / MTS. flash, change IMEI, TTL

Case in point ! I BOLT the firmware thanks to your video ! All by the beauty

I heard a rumor that the firmware on the 3372-320 is almost done. Have you heard about this

I will say nothing, t.к. I have not got my hands on this version yet. and by the way, it is possible that scolded 320. modification exactly for its unflashability

@Avitodor no often found that it does not work well with the router crashes after a while.The only thing that helps is to power off the router

I have not tested it myself, I do not know what I hear

Well, the fact that it does not work well with the router. the problem may be in the modem, as well as in the router. The more so that e3372-320 is brand new and it came out very recently.

Thank you very much. It’s working. Tarifishe gives out. There will be a video on 874ft ?

And with ZTE MF 192 can do something? Unlock and change the imei.

Good day! In the settings of modifications, Auto Switching: what is the best choice if used as a modem and connected to the router by USB?

@Alexandr Alexeev got it wrong I meant CDC.

I have a problem with the modem 8372 can you come with me on

@SHO Well, I don’t know what’s wrong. There are a lot of complaints on t2, apparently some new trick has been introduced.

@Avitodor but over the phone when you distribute everything is fine

Help advise how to upload binary file for update to the modem 8372h-153 file 21.328.62.00.306 I have the firmware 21.321.01.00.306.

@Derric Derric forget it. The main thing is that the firmware is installed. And so with the Zong firmware was always such a mess.

328 6 @Avitodor Please tell me if this web interface will work ( 14,25 MB )

@Derric Derric not tried it, so can’t say for sure. But I don’t think so.

how to change the imei e8372h. 608 was bought on alishka 3-4 years ago. bake a review ! Please! )))

Make a video about the antennas, which are better, which are worse, which should not buy and all that. It is also desirable on which MHz to work, etc. It will be useful to know. I have bought 3 antennas, namely 3 antennas 2 minus 1 USB mini. The bottom line is that the antenna bypass for 3500 works better than for 6400 I do not know why, maybe it’s all in the operator, for 3500 is megaphone for 6400 yota. The speed of both there barely gets up to 10-15mb in Wed 8mb / sec. Who reads the commentary if you want to have backup Internet in the apartment first buy a USB antenna for 1000r difference between it and the antenna for 6400 24dbi is very small. for 1000r gives 7mb for 6400 9mb

I will not get to the antennas, to put it mildly.

@Avitodor Hi, but if ttl 200, won’t the operator stink the modem if the Windows phone has 128 and smartphones have 64.

Ttl 200 is corrected on the INPUT packets, t.е. on the packages that the operator has already given the modem. But the TTL of the OUTPUT packets will be correct, i.e.е. 64 or 128.

I flashed it, rebooted, wifi is down. started logging into the IP address does not enter the settings. Can’t get in. What’s wrong?? Now it just works as a normal modem without wifi. what to do.

hi, can you do ttl modem zte mf79u

hai sir, im stuck at install patches. all step work, but the last step problem. can you help me?

Good afternoon. Ask me about this device. When I connect it to my computer it is detected as a flash drive. It is possible to connect it as a modem (not via WI-FI)

you can. install drivers in the virtual drive, which it is actually defined.

@Avitodor Thank you. Got it. And to the router Asus rt-n66u not how to connect it.

Did you check the list of supported modems for this Asus? (if it supports modems at all)

@Avitodor Modems support, E8278 does not. I gave it up. Thank you for your participation Good man.

Modem 8278, it worked for several years, but lately does not give out internet, neither via Wi-Fi nor via USB. Also reflashed, fixed ttl, but now for some reason has ceased to work. Locking ttl on the PC does not help either. It’s a little scandalous?

does the modem flashed as above work in the router, for example ZyxelKEENETIC?

Ask the router manufacturer

Tell me plz, there is a modem, will your instructions work for it? Modem unlock, I understand that I do not need to change the imei, I want to make it a proxy, with the ability to forward ports and use out. Thanks for the reply

Thank you very much @Avitodor for your reply, I only need to flash and change the webui, I do not need to do the procedure of changing?

@Dima Sushkov it depends on used tariff. If the tariff will be a modem, it is possible not to change it.

Please advise which web interface can be used in this modem to correctly display TTL packets I get 200. After applying the scripts. I tried to fix the muzzle before applying the script gets 50. I have to use 200. How you can caricature it to a norm of 64 or 128.

1) the answer should be 200, regardless of whether it is set to 64 or 128. 2) none, t.к. The firmware itself for the fixing of TTL through the web-mind is not sharpened.

@Avitodor Understood thank you very much. Happy New Year. All the best of luck and health !